El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Trophy Guide
Guide By: AloysiusPriest
There are 50 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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-Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 9/10
-Offline: 49 (1, 2, 8, 38)
-Online: 1 "Battle for Honor" (Only connection to the PSN required; No Actual Online Play)
-Downloadable Content: None
-Approximate Time To Platinum: 35-50 hours (Depends heavily on your platforming ability.)
-Minimum Number of Playthroughs: 3
-Number of Missable Trophies: None (Chapter Select is Available)
-Glitched Trophies: None
-Do Cheat Codes Disable Trophies: N/A
-Does Difficulty Affect Trophies: Yes (Difficulty Trophies Stack, But Normal Must be Cleared to Unlock Hard and EXTRA)

Step into the shoes of the heavenly servant Enoch as he sets out with a mission to find and capture seven Fallen Angels in order to save humanity from annihilation in a great flood.

Playthrough 1

Normal Difficulty Playthrough:
The majority of the game's trophies can be unlocked simply by playing through the game, so play through on Normal or Easy (beating the game on Normal unlocks the two highest difficulties) and mostly just enjoy the story.

The game is comprised of 11 Chapters and your first playthrough will probably take somewhere in the neighborhood of 9-11 hours, depending upon your platforming ability and how you fare against the game's bosses. Keep your eyes open for Freemen and the notes they hand you, although if you happen to miss one (some are a little out of the way), it's no big deal, because you can pick them up in a later playthrough.

Throughout the course of the game you will use three different weapons (four when counting your bare hands): the Arch, the Gale, and the Veil. There are trophies for each weapons (300 kills with the Arch, Gale, and Veil and 100 kills with bare hands), and throughout the course of this playthrough you will get a fair amount of kills with each, most notably the Arch, whose trophy will most likely just come with time and little effort. There are trophies for both Guard Breaks and Perfect Guards, as well. Guard Breaks are attacks used to break through a guarding opponent's defenses, achieved by slightly delaying your attack timing. These are not particularly easy to achieve, and you will most likely find yourself having to focus on executing them before you unlock this trophy. Perfect Guards are achieved by guarding just as your opponent strikes, which will stagger them and allow you an opening in which to attack them. Anyone familiar with Soul Calibur, God of War, and any other multitude of melee-based games will recognize this tactic and most likely find them easy to execute. Remember to Purify ( by default) your weapons as you use them or they will lose their effectiveness against your enemies. When your weapons are shining white, they are at their best. The more they fade, the less effective they are.

Things to keep in mind during your first playthrough:

  • It is highly recommended that you focus on acquiring the Bones of Ishtar found in the game's six Underworld levels, since finding all six will unlock Enoch's 'Special Armor' in Costume Select, an armor that nullifies all damage while worn, allowing for easy acquisition of the "I'm Not Afraid of Watcher..." trophies as well as the "Living Miracle" trophy. The locations of the Underworld entrances can be found under "I Will Mourn You". Know that if you enter the Underworld and are unable to locate the Bones, the entrance will not close and you may immediately make another attempt. Most of the time you can get a pretty good idea of the Bones' orientation in relation to your starting position when the camera zooms out as the Underworld level is revealed.
  • During Chapter 7, try to acquire the "Time In The Spotlight" trophy for killing 50 enemies during Armaros' dance routine. Using the Veil's lock-on smash (hump into the air and hold Attack) is an easy way to achieve this if you move quickly.
  • Try to complete Chapter 8 without dying, but if you cannot, you can always come back to it in a later playthrough, or simply use Chapter Select to jump to it and complete it.
  • Make a special note to steal every weapon from every opponent on Chapter 10, as this will unlock the "I'll Take The Best You Have" trophy upon the Chapter's completion.

Playthrough 2

EXTRA Difficulty Playthrough:
So you've beaten the game and unlocked Chapter Select, Costume Select, Score Ranking, On-Screen Gauges, Costume Select, and the two highest difficulties: Hard and EXTRA. Assuming that you followed recommendations and acquired the Special Armor by collecting the Bones/Prophecies of Ishtar, this playthrough will be made much easier by the armor's nullification of damage taken while wearing it. Obviously, falling in the platforming sections is still a no-no. (Note: Keep in mind that the beginning of Chapters 6 and 9 as well as the whole of Chapter 8 do not allow the use of the armor, and as such are going to be much more difficult.)

Do not worry yourself with your score rankings on this playthrough. When wearing the Special Armor, certain scores are restricted, making it impossible to garner the highest rankings. Plus, EXTRA difficulty is actually unnecessarily hard, as the "Conqueror" trophy only requires that you play on Hard. Score Ranking chapters is best left for your third (or later) playthrough.

  • Since it is very likely that you gained the "Arch Master" trophy in your initial playthrough, it is advisable to try and focus on using the other weapons throughout this playthrough, switching up as necessary if an additional trophy is gained. It is also wise to try and rack up Guard Breaks and Perfect Guards throughout this playthrough toward the "Show No Mercy" and "Counterstrike Artist" trophies.
  • Gather any Freemen's Notes you may have missed. Descriptions of their locations can be found under "Good Listener".
  • In Chapter 10, do not steal weapons from any of your enemies, instead working your way through the level with your bare hands for the "Is the armor okay? If not, I could..." trophy. (Taking weapons from the pearls during the battle with Boola does not count against you.)

Third and Further Playthroughs:

Score Ranking and Finishing Any Unfinished Business:
You will most likely have the majority of the trophies by the time you start your third playthrough, so this playthrough will function mostly as clean-up. (Note: Hard is recommended.)

Score Rankings
Here is where you will want to try and achieve G-rank in each chapter. Note that the "Conqueror" trophy only requires Hard mode (not EXTRA) and difficulties stack, so your optimum difficulty for this playthrough is Hard. When attempting to garner a G-rank in each chapter, you need to make sure you:

  • Do Not Fall During The Platforming Sections. Falling greatly diminishes your final rank, so it is advisable to attempt to never fall, backing out to the Main Menu and reloading if necessary. In Chapter 8 especially, do not allow yourself to fall even once, as this will keep you from getting the "My Acrobatic Friend" trophy.
  • Pick Up All Available Large Flames. There are 3-5 of these in each Chapter, usually inside a breakable object or in a (slightly) out-of-the-way place. By your third playthrough you will know the locations of the majority of these.
  • Steal Weapons From Enemies and Go For High Combos
  • DO NOT WEAR THE SPECIAL ARMOR. As previously stated, the Special Armor nullifies as great portion of your score and will make it impossible to achieve G-ranking


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Lord of the Metatron
Earn all of the Trophies. 
Finish all chapters at the EASY difficulty level. 

See "Principalities"

Finish all chapters at the NORMAL difficulty level. 

You will receive this trophy at the end of your first playthrough (assuming of course that you played on Normal, as is recommended). Note that unlocking this trophy also unlocks "Angels".

Finish all chapters at the HARD difficulty level.  

See "Seraphim"

Finish all chapters at the EXTRA difficulty level. 

Complete the game on the EXTRA difficulty to unlock this trophy, as well as any for difficulties below it that you may not already have ("Dominions", most likely). If you found the Bones/Prophecies of Ishtar in the Underworld/Darkness levels during your first playthrough, this trophy can be gotten easily by wearing the Special Armor, which nullifies damage, making you invincible during combat. Make note that chapters 6, 8, and 9 do not allow the armor to be worn, making you vulnerable to attack during those stages.

Benevolent Missionary
Defeat more than 500 enemies. 

See "Benevolent Savior"

Benevolent Savior
Defeat more than 1000 enemies. 

This trophy will come naturally as your play through the game, most likely as you are completing your second playthrough. Remember to kill all possible enemies that you face and this is only a matter of time.

I'll take the best you have.
In Chapter 10, take all weapons from all enemies and complete the chapter. 

Rather self-explanatory, during Chapter 10 you will be faced by several groups of enemies. Just make sure to steal the weapon of every opponent as you progress. If done correctly, the trophy will unlock when you have successfully completed the level.

Take 100 weapons from enemies. 

This trophy is not difficult to unlock and just takes some time. If you want to hurry the process along, during combat steal every weapon as you fight. You will know you can steal a weapon when an enemy falls to a knee and is surrounded by a bright circle of light. At that time, simply move close and Purify ( by default) in order to steal the weapon. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

Living Miracle
Finish all chapters without a single Game Over. 

It is not recommended that you try to get this trophy on your initial playthrough. An Easy playthrough or a playthrough utilizing the Special Armor is best suited for unlocking this trophy. Simply never allow yourself to hit a Game Over screen. The Game Over screen is black and gives the options to Continue and Main Menu. You will most likely see this during your initial playthrough and know what to avoid later on. Note that a recovery is -not- a Game Over; a Game Over only comes when you run out of recoveries or are consumed by the vileness in the Underworld platforming levels. In the case of the latter, it may be necessary to exit to the XMB, restart the game, and reload from a previous save/auto-save in order to continue without penalty. Falling repeatedly in the regular platforming stages can eventually result in a Game Over, but it takes a great many falls to accomplish this, so it will probably not be an issue.

Time In The Spotlight
Defeat 50 enemies during Armaros show. 

Probably the easiest way to obtain this trophy is by playing through Chapter 7 on Easy with the Gale equipped. When you reach Armaros and his show begins, just start going nuts with the Gale. On Easy mode, especially with good timing of your attacks, you should get the trophy well before the show comes to its conclusion. This is also a great place for fiery orbs and high combos.

Earn a G rank in every chapter at the Easy difficulty level or higher. 

See "Conqueror"

Earn a G rank in every chapter at the Hard difficulty level or higher. (4) 

These two trophies are what make the Platinum difficulty so steep, and as such, are best left for last, after all others are completed so that you can focus solely on your performance during the chapter. The two hardest trophies in the game to obtain are "Conqueror" and "Adept", but because difficulties stack, both can be acquired by earning a G rank in every chapter on Hard mode. (Note that it is not necessary to play for Score on EXTRA difficulty.)

Score is based upon your difficulty, time taken to complete the level, combat prowess, platforming ability, with a bonus given for secrets found during the chapter. Here are some tips for obtaining the best possible rating:

  • Do Not Fall During The Platforming Sections. Falling greatly diminishes your final rank, so it is advisable to attempt to never fall, backing out to the Main Menu and reloading if necessary. In Chapter 8 especially, do not allow yourself to fall even once, as this will keep you from getting the "My Acrobatic Friend" trophy.
  • Pick Up All Available Large Flames. There are 3-5 of these in each Chapter, usually inside a breakable object or in a (slightly) out-of-the-way place.
  • Steal Weapons From Enemies and Go For High Combos
  • DO NOT WEAR THE SPECIAL ARMOR. As previously, the Special Armor nullifies a great portion of your score and will make it impossible to achieve G-ranking.

Secret Trophies
The Journey Begins
Finish Chapter 00. 


Enoch is guided by Lucifel from Heaven to begin searching for the Seven Fallen Angels.

Journey's End
Finish Chapter 01. 


After 300 years of searching, Enoch has discovered that the Watchers are hiding in a tower wrapped in a veil of distorted space. Enoch moves on in his mission, determined to locate and capture the Fallen.

Welcome to the Tower
Finish Chapter 02. 


Having made his way through the city's air corridors, Enoch arrives at the entrance to the first level of the tower. Advised by Lucifel that each level of the tower is inhabited by a member of the Fallen, Enoch heads into the first level, that of Ezekiel.

An Unfriendly Greeting
Finish Chapter 03. 


Unable to capture Ezekiel on her level of the tower, but having defeated her beloved servant beasts, Enoch moves on to Sariel's realm.

Nephilim Party
Finish Chapter 04. 


With Sariel purified and imprisoned in Heaven, Enoch enters Baraqel's realm, a place overrun by Fire Nephilim who, in their attempt to find death, are reigning destruction upon everyone within.

Visitor from Beyond Time
Finish Chapter 05. 


Having discovered that Baraqel was consumed by the Fire Nephilim, Enoch is aided by Methuselah and destroys the Fire Nephilim, granting it death and saving the remaining inhabitants of that level.

Unnatural Evolution
Finish Chapter 06. 


Enoch falls into Azazel's traps, but is able to overcome them and escape, pursuing his quarry on the next floor, the realm of Armaros.

A Warm Welcome
Finish Chapter 07. 


Enoch finds and battles his 'old friend' Armaros, but before their battle can be concluded, the Darkness rises and ensnares Nanna, leading Enoch to plunge himself into the Darkness after her. Lucifel witnesses Armaros' grief at Enoch's descent and devises a plan to rescue Enoch, using an unexpected ally.

Aren't You Happy, Too?
Finish Chapter 08. 


In a surprising turn of events, Armaros descends into Belial's Temptation to rescue Enoch and Nanna. Nanna is found nearly unharmed and is taken away by Lucifel as Armaros continues in search of Enoch, who he finally finds and must fight in order to free him from the vileness that ensnares him. Sadly, though Enoch is saved, Armaros falls victim to and is consumed by the vileness.

Welcome Back, Enoch
Finish Chapter 09. 


Years pass as Enoch struggles to purify himself from the vileness. As his soul reflects on previous strife, he begins to doubt his mission, but his doubts are eventually dispelled by the Elder Angels' counsel and seeing the suffering of the World below. Once again intent on the capture and imprisonment of the Fallen, Enoch rushes on into Arakiel's realm to aid Nanna, who has become the avatar of Ishtar battling against the Fallen.

My Beautiful Children...
Finish Chapter 10. 


Enoch discovers that Arakiel did not survive the Fallen's descent from Heaven, his body strung up on an altar. Meanwhile, Ishtar battles desperately against Ezekiel as Enoch rushes to her aid. Perhaps too late to save Ishtar, Enoch is able to defeat Ezekiel before moving on to the final level of the tower, the realm of Semyaza, leader of the Fallen.

The Last Job
Finish Chapter 11. 


Enoch searches through Semyaza's Dream for the last of the Fallen, but is confronted by Azazel and forced into battle. Enoch defeats both of Azazel's forms, but watches in horror as the Fallen claims to have evolved past being just a Fallen Angel, but as he looms before Enoch, something rises up, brutally devouring Azazel. A thing of the Darkness, but could it be? Finally, Enoch must fight his former rescuer Armaros, whose soul has been ensnared and transformed by the vileness. Aided at the last minute by the gravely weakened Ishtar, Enoch is able to defeat Dark Armaros, freeing his soul from its torment. Enoch is able to cleanse the vileness from Ishtar's body before the two move on to find Semyaza, only to discover that he too did not survive the Fall. With the power of the Fallen overthrown, humanity is finally free to evolve as they were intended, choice and freedom restored unto them.

Escape From The Darkness
Finish the Darkness stage. 

Enter the Darkness through one of the six Underworld entrances. Successfully make your way out by platforming upward to be awarded this trophy.

What's Yours Is Mine
Acquire all the Pearls from the servant beasts. 

Collect weapons from the colored pearls during the fight with Ezekiel's Foola & Woola servants (the two giant armored pigs at the end of Chapter 3). Each color pearl holds a different weapon: blue for the Arch, green for the Gale, and yellow for the Veil. Collect them during the course of the fight to unlock this trophy.

I Will Mourn You
Obtain all entries in the Prophecies of Ishtar. 

The six Prophecies of Ishtar are found with Ishtar's Bones, one in each of the game's six Underworld platforming levels. It may take multiple tries to acquire the Bones, depending on the path you take as you platform upward. If you don't get the Bones on your first attempt, don't worry. Simply reach the top and exit the Underworld, where the entrance will still be, offering you the opportunity to try again. Check the spoiler for descriptions of their locations.

Chapter 2 - In the section of the city after encountering Silversarge and Goldsarge and acquiring the Gale, you will eventually find yourself activating a switch to start a nearby binary platform to start spinning. Make your way over to the platform and hop on. Off to the right you will see a stranded section of walkway. Ride the platform and leap out across the chasm when it is closest to the stranded section. Use the Gale's 'Special Move' (R1 + Cross or Circle by default) to cover the remaining distance. Walk forward and you will discover the first entrace to the Underworld.

Chapter 3 - After your brief encounter with Sariel, make your way across the appearing blocks until you reach the next section of walkway. You will notice an overhang above your head that forms the ceiling. You can jump up onto this, then follow its curve to the Underworld door.

Chapter 4 - After the third side-scrolling section, you will be back on the floating platforms where you meet Lucifel. You will have to fight a group of enemies and then a staircase will reveal itself and Lucifel will appear on the upper-left platform. Rather than going towards the stairs, run toward the camera and a lost soul will appear, along with the Underworld entrance.

Chapter 5 - After the confrontation with Ezekiel, make your way forward and jump up to the third tier of the platform and you will notice that the floor wraps around to your right. Follow it around the corner and a lost soul will guide you to the Underworld, which is just around the next corner.

Chapter 7 - You will make your way forward, fighting one group of enemies and then moving on. Just after you walk across the section of walkway that falls away beneath you, you will reach a wide platform and Nanna will appear. Rather than move toward her, look to your left. You will see a dark set of cascading pools. Jump over to them and climb to the top, where you will see the lost soul and subsequent entrance to the Underworld.

Chapter 10 - On the fourth floor of The Grave of Arakiel, you will come to a platform where you can save with Lucifel and then move on to a moving block path that you must navigate. In order to proceed in the level, you must make it to the far side of the chasm as the blocks move under your feet. To reach the final entrace to the Underworld, ride the puzzle halfway instead, jumping on the platform on your left to find the lost soul.

Good Listener
Obtain all of the Freemen's Notes. 

Collect the notes from each of the Freemen you run across in the game. There are nineteen in total, and descriptions of their locations are listed under the spoiler.

Chapter 01

  • After you make your way through the waterfall, you will enter into a battle with Azazel. Once it is completed, you will find yourself on a ramp that curves to the left. Follow the ramp and on your right will be an alcove with the first Freeman and the "Heavenly Messenger" note. The game will direct to this one.

Chapter 02

  • In the third section of the city, you will activate a switch that will lower three platforms, allowing you access to a higher level and another switch. Activate this second switch and climb to the next level. As you move forward, there will be a fork in the road. Take the left fork for the second Freeman with a note entitled "The Tower".
  • In the fourth section of the city, you will reach a Lucifel save point situated at a branch in the road. The third Freeman is plainly visible on the left branch and his note is titled "Observer in the Sky".
  • At the beginning of the section after the battle with Silversarge and Goldsarge, you will notice that the path branches in two. On the left side, you will also notice that there is a section of walkway out past it, separated by quite a gap. You should be equipped with the Gale at this point, so run and double-jump out across the chasm. At the height of your jump, use the Gale's 'Special Move' ( + or by default) to dash across the remaining space. Having reached the other side, collect the "Sariel" note from the fourth Freeman.

Chapter 03

  • After your encounter with Azazel, move forward across the rising platforms until your reach the next section of walkway. You will notice an overhang above your head that forms the roof. You can just onto this, and if you follow the path upward you will run across the fifth Freeman and his note, "Ezekiel".
  • You will almost certainly run straight across this next Freeman. In the 2D sidescrolling section, you will come to a point where you must jump across falling stone platforms in order to cross a chasm. The sixth Freeman will be standing just before you, ready to present you with the "Search for a Hero" note.
  • In the second sidescrolling section, make sure to pick up the Gale as you make your way through the level. Continue until you reach a point where Gabriel (the female angel voice) tells you to jump down. When you do so, you will find that the platforms fall away beneath you. On the third collapsing platform, rather than jumping to the stairway that leads to the exit, use the Gale's special move to jump over and past it. You should land on a platform that rises up beneath you. Take a moment to get your bearings and then move forward, cautious of collapsing sections. Eventually you will reach the seventh Freeman with his "Three Large Pigs" note and a second exit, which you may proceed through.

Chapter 04

  • In the second sidescrolling section of Sariel's realm, past the giant rotating puzzle, you will come to two columns with Nephilim pushing blocks where Gabriel will instruct you to climb up. On the right side of the fourth tier, plainly visible, is the eighth Freeman. His note is titled "Nephilim".
  • In the next sidescrolling section, advance until Gabriel addresses you saying, "You should go up." Continue upward until she says, "Search the area well." When she does so head to the right side of the stage and you will see Freeman #9 on the nearby ledge. Hop over to him to receive his note on "Sariel's Beloved".

Chapter 05

  • As you make your way through the tumultuous ruin that is Baraqel's realm, you will come to a point where Michael will inform you to search for higher ground. Just ahead of you is bridge with a chunk missing in the middle. Make your way across it and turn left behind the column on the left side of your screen. The camera will pan, revealing a path of narrow ledges that leads down. Follow them to receive Freemen Note #10, "Freemen".
  • In the first sidescrolling section, at the first moving platform, ride it to the right and hope up onto the ledge with the clearly visible Freeman to receive Note #11, "Fire Nephilim". (Note: the titles for the notes for the next two chapters have been mixed up, with each note bearing the title of the one that came before it. However, the mixup is only in the title text of the notes themselves; the content of the note as well as the entry title in the Library are still correct.)
  • Make your way through the sidescrolling section that comes after a confrontation with Azazel. Keep going until you reach a point where you must make your way left across the screen, traveling across four moving platforms before reaching a lift. Ride the lift up and when you come to the top, head on down to the left and you will eventually arrive at a Freeman ready to give you your twelfth Note, entitled "Baraqel".

Chapter 06

  • Once the opening cutscene is finished, the game will direct you to travel forward to meet Lucifel and get the motorcycle. But before you do that, look just ahead of you on the left and you will see a staircase. Climb the staircase and meet the thirteenth Freeman for the Note "Future".

Chapter 07

  • Make your way through the level, past the collapsible bridge until Nanna appears. She will show you which way you are to go. Before you can follow, a battle will ensue. After your enemies have been defeated, do not head on immediately. Instead, look to your right and you will see a large tree. Head down the ramp toward it. When you arrive in front of the tree, another group of enemies will spawn. Dispatch them and then turn your attention to the river on the right side of your screen. Jump across to it and make your way against the current (toward the camera), until you reach the fourteenth Freeman with the note "Armaros". (Note that here the notes' titles become correct again.)
  • Not too far from the last Freeman, you will have to face Azazel once again. Once the confrontation is over, move on until you reach a door. Pass through it and you will find yourself in a straight corridor heading right. After disposing of a group of enemies, you will run right past Freeman #15 sitting in plain sight offering you the note "Water Nephilim".
  • Once you pass a brush with Ezekiel you will exit the corridor into another sidescrolling platformer section. Now, there are two distinct paths through this area, but the top path is what you want. So run forward and double-jump to make your way across that first rather sizable gap. Follow this upper path, making sure not to fall. Keep going until you come to a ledge in front of you with a fiery orb hanging in the air. Jump across to the ledge and follow it to meet up with Freeman #16 and collect the note entitled "Nanna".

Chapter 10

  • Make your way through the level, past the sidescrolling section backdropped by Ishtar and Ezekiel's battle, and you will come to the moving tile puzzle. Starting at the beginning proceed as follows (in relation to the camera): Forward, Right, Right, and Back in order to come to Freeman #17 and the note "Arakiel".
  • Continue onto the jumping tiles and keep going (past a Lucifel save point until Gabriel tells you to search the area well. Here there will be two jump-tiles, one on the same level as you and the other just below you with an open hole above. Drop through the hole and head right onto the platform with the hole in the middle. There on the right side of the hole is the eighteenth Freeman with the note "The Legend of Ishtar".
  • Just up ahead from where you picked up the last note, you will bounce off a jump tile through a very small hole that opens onto a wide platform that stretches in both directions. Head left and fight a group of enemies before arriving at another jump-tile. Hop on and bounce to the top (it's another small hole and it may take you a couple of tries) to reach the very last Freeman with Note #19, "Small Nephilim".
My Acrobatic Friend
Finish Chapter 08 without dying. (1) 

This will probably take some time. As Armaros, do not allow yourself to fall during the rather intense platforming of Chapter 08. Should you fall, simply drop to the Main Menu and reload from a previous save. Remember that, much like Enoch while carrying the Arch, Armaros has the ability hover slightly in the air by holding the jump button while airborne.

Out of Control
Break 100 destroyable objects. 

Simply break every jar, urn, altar, etc. that you come across throughout your gameplay and you will unlock this trophy. Chapters 2, 7, and 11 have a great many such containers.

Counterstrike Artist
Execute 100 Perfect Guards. 

Perfect Guards are achieved by hitting Guard ( by default) just before an enemy's attack lands, causing them to stagger and giving you an opening during which to attack. Utilize this tactic most often when confronting single, easy-to-read enemies and focus deliberately on using it, and in time you will unlock this trophy. Enemies utilizing the Gale are well-suited for racking up multiple Perfect Guards.

Show No Mercy
Execute 100 Guard Breaks. 

Possibly the hardest of the combat-related trophies to unlock, this trophy is awarded for 100 Guard Breaks. Guard Breaks are achieved by implementing a slight delay (attack, pause, attack) in your attacks against guarding enemies. Enemies utilizing Arches seem to guard more and their guard animation is highly visible, however be wary because their attacks are very quick and can interrupt your Guard Break. The Veil-specific creatures (giants who always carry Veils) are also good for this. Deliberate focus and attention will be necessary to achieve the necessary 100 Guard Breaks.

Your Weapons Are Your Best Friends
Have your weapon destroyed. 

This trophy will come fairly naturally in the course of the story, most notably during your encounters with the Fallen. Particularly strong attacks from them will cause your weapon to shatter, unlocking this trophy. One of the Nether bosses will almost certainly shatter your weapon at some point, so this trophy really requires no effort at all.

Quite a Find
Collect the Eyes of Truth. 

A seemingly random mid-combat drop, this item will appear for the first time in Chapter 04. The purpose they serve, aside from allowing Enoch to accessorize a la Geordi La Forge, is to highlight advantage/disadvantage against enemies present depending upon what weapon you have. A colored ring above the enemy's head indicates whether you are at an advantage (blue ring), on equal ground (purple ring), or at a disadvantage (red ring), allowing you to seek out a different weapon if necessary. Simply pick them up at any point to unlock this trophy. Note that even if you collect them once, they are not permanent and will be lost, but may appear in subsequent battles.

Rest in Peace
Defeat 50 of Souls of the Beloved 

These rather irritating spirits of the Fallens' human worshippers like to attack and possess your body, causing you to slump on the ground until you cast them out by moving your body (continuous rotation of the analog stick until the spirit is expelled works best) appear most notably in the realms of Ezekiel and Sariel (Chapters 3 and 4, respectively). The 2D platforming sections of Chapter 4 are where they are most numerous. Kill all the ones that you run across (the Gale is the favored weapon for dispatching them, since it is ranged and the risk of possession is lower), repeating the chapter if necessary, until the trophy unlocks.

I'm Not Afraid of Some Fallen Angel 1
Defeat Nether Sariel without executing a recover. 

See "I'm Not Afraid of Fallen Angel 4"

I'm Not Afraid of Some Fallen Angel 2
Defeat Nether Ezekiel without executing a recover. 

See "I'm Not Afraid of Fallen Angel 4"

I'm Not Afraid of Some Fallen Angel 3
Defeat Nether Azazel without executing a recover. 

See "I'm Not Afraid of Fallen Angel 4"

I'm Not Afraid of Some Fallen Angel 4
Defeat Dark Armaros without executing a recover. 

It is not recommended that you try to get these trophies in your initial playthrough. While probably seeming quite difficult to accomplish, these four trophies are not hard to receive on Easy mode once you become familiar with the attack patterns of the Fallen. Alternatively, it is made laughably easy by acquiring the Special Armor during your first playthrough, then equipping it for your subsequent playthrough. The Special Armor negates damage, meaning you will not take damage, meaning you will never be faced with having to recover.

Arch Master
Defeat 300 enemies with Arch. 

Since the Arch is the first weapon you are given, most common amongst your enemies, and the most helpful as far as general maneuverability is concerned, you will probably use the Arch for the majority of the game, especially on your first playthrough. This trophy comes fairly naturally with time, most likely during your first playthrough, or early on in your second.

Veil Master
Defeat 300 enemies with Veil. 

A shield/gauntlet weapon big on defense and destructive power but slow in attack speed, this weapon may be your favorite or least favorite weapon depending on your individual play-style. Your attacks are considerably slower during combat, but the attack power is second to none and you have superior defense thanks to the weapon forming a shield when you guard. Should you find yourself having not yet unlocked the trophy, simply focus on using the Veil over all other weapons as you play through the chapters and in time it will unlock. Chapters 5, 7, and 10 are good chapters during which to utilize the Veil.

Gale Master
Defeat 300 enemies with Gale. 

A ranged weapon with lightning-fast attacks but low damage, this is a great weapon for crowd-controlling multiple enemies at once, or just for keeping your enemies at range. This weapon's special move (R1+Triangle or Square by default) allows you to make a dash forward, either on the ground or in the air, allowing for quick evasions or position changes, as well as some improved helpfulness during the platforming sections of the game. Should you find yourself having not yet unlocked the trophy, simply focus on using the Gale over all other weapons as you play through the chapters and in time it will unlock. Chapters 2, 4, and 5 are good chapters during which to utilize the Gale.

Martial Arts Master
Defeat 100 enemies with bare hands 

This fighting style can be a pain, since your hands are considerably weaker in comparison to the weapons available. There are times when you will be left without a weapon (most notably during Chapter 8), and it is good in these instances to make sure and dispose of every possible enemy. If you have not unlocked this trophy by the time you complete Chapter 8 during your second playthrough, consider replaying the chapter multiple times, as no weapons are available during this level.

There is an area toward the end of Chapter 8 where you will notice that the path splits quite obviously in two separate directions, one going up and to the left, another going slightly to the right and down. Choose the right-hand path and make you way down. On the far side, many Ramps will spawn in waves, allowing you to collect a good number of kills in a short time.

Pushing the Limit
Launch an Overboost. 

This tactic will be presented to you by Uriel during the final battle of Chapter 4. Simply activate it to unlock this trophy.

A Reliable Friend
Raise your boost level to 10. 

Your boost level is raised by collecting the small fiery orbs that you collect from enemies and breakable objects throughout the game. A great many are needed to get your boost level up to 10, requiring several playthroughs. Replaying chapters with large orb counts is advisable. It should also be noted that fiery orbs are worth more and fill up the gauge much faster on lower difficulties.

No Problem
Finish any chapter without collecting any armor-recovery items. (1) 

This is most easily accomplished in Chapter 1. Break -no- containers and after your first meeting with Azazel, when a path opens across a chasm to a cave behind a waterfall, simply jump carefully across the platforms, avoiding the armor-recovery item (the blue heart) on the middle platform. It is possible to land on the platform but not pick up the item by just making sure to land near the edge and not move to the center before jumping to the next platform.

Indomitable Soul
Execute 50 recovers. 

This trophy will almost certainly come during your initial playthrough, but if for some reason it does not, all you need to do is fare badly in combat. Just make sure not to allow yourself to run out of recoveries and find yourself at a Game Over screen if you are trying for the "Living Miracle" trophy.

Battle for Honor
Register for the SCORE RANKING. 

This feature is unlocked after you complete your first playthrough. Just make sure you are signed in to PSN, start a new game, and complete any chapter and this trophy should unlock.

The armor okay? If not, I could…
Finish Chapter 10 without taking any weapons from enemies. 

This trophy is most easily obtained by playing through Chapter 10 on Easy mode with the Special Armor equipped. This allows you to take the extra time it takes to defeat enemies without a weapon without having to worry about your health, making this trophy much easier to get. (Note: acquiring weapons from pearls does not count against the trophy.)

Game Info


US August 16, 2011
Europe September 09, 2011
Japan April 28, 2011

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Players: 1
ESRB: Teen
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