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Dragon Age II Trophy Guide
Guide By: olsen77
There are 66 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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-Trophy Guide
-DLC Trophy Guide
-Quest Flow Charts
-Dialogue Guide: Prologue/Act 1 Main Plot Quests
-Act 1 Main Plot Quests (cont.), Companion Quests, and Secondary Quests
-Act 1 Secondary Quests and Act 2 Main Plot Quests
-Act 2 Companion Quests
-Act 2 Companion Quests (cont.) and Secondary Quests
-Act 2 Secondary Quests (cont.), Act 3 Main Plot Quests and Companion Quests
-Act 3 Companion Quests (cont.) and Secondary Quests

-Estimated trophy difficulty: 5.3/10
-Offline: 51 (1, 1, 15, 34)
-Online: No online
-Downloadable Content: 15 (6 9)
-Approximate amount of time to platinum: 45-55 hours with an Origins save, 60-80 without
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+ with an Origins save, 2+ without
-Number of missable trophies: King of the Hill, That Thing Has Legs, Dragon Slayer, Exorcist, Demon Slayer, Unstoppable, Financier, Master Craftsman, Mogul, Crowning Glory, I Got Your Back, Birthright, Supplier, Archeologist, Flirtatious, Romantic, Chantry Historian, A Worthy Rival, Great Minds Think Alike, Loyalty of the Prince, Memento
-Glitched trophies: Supplier, Epic
-Do cheat codes disable trophies? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect trophies? No


Welcome back to Ferelden. If you're anticipating a true sequel to Dragon Age: Origins, you may be disappointed. Instead of your Grey Warden, you are following Hawke and his rise to power in Kirkwall. The story of this game is broken up into three Acts and a Prologue. Not only is this game structured differently than Origins, but the trophies are as well. They are a bit more complicated in this game and will take more preparation.

Playthrough 1 - Completed and Fully Supplied

If you have a save from Origins, you're in luck. It doesn't need to be complete as any save will do. As long as you import a save from Origins, you basically cut your platinum time down significantly.
The goal of your first trip through the game is to do basically everything. You will need to be set up to accomplish everything you will need to do in the later two Acts. For That Thing Has Legs, Flirtatious, Romantic, Dragon Slayer, Supplier, Archaeologist, Chantry Historian, Great Minds Think Alike, Arcane Defender, Mage Hunter, and The Exiled Prince DLC, you are building the foundation to ensure that you get them later. For many of these, the quests determine what you can get and what you can't. Certain items are only available in certain quests and other quests need to be complete before other quests open up later. Make sure to check out the Quest Flow Charts for each Act.

By the end of Act 1, make sure that you have every companion available to use in your party (except for Sebastian since you can't get him in your party until Act 2). Anders, Merrill, Fenris, and Isabela have to return in Act 2. Be sure to complete all of main quests and companion quests. On each quest, search thoroughly for resources and recipes laying around. The resources and relationships will be your biggest concerns. Supplier is a buggy trophy now that glitches randomly. You can utilize The Black Emporium to buy what you missed, but that is risky as it can bug the trophy.

The other thing that you will have to be aware of is your choices between the mages and templars. There are seven choices in the game that count for this trophy. Three are in Act 1. If you want to get this in one playthrough with a bit of creative saving, then make the decisions two on one side and one for the other. Keep track of which one you already sided with. See Arcane Defender and Mage Hunter for more info.

On a typical completionist run, but the end of Act 1, you should have: Talented, Tag Team, Craftsman, Financier, A Friend in Need, Enchanter, Mogul, Immigrant, Delver of the Deep, Birthright, Darkness Falls, Explorer, Knowledgeable, Tale Within a Tale, Full House, Friend and/or Rival, Gift Giver, Mercenary or Nefarious, Treasure Hunter, Stone Cold, Retribution, and potentially Unstoppable.

Act 2 is where things begin to get more complicated. It's much shorter than Act 1, but you will have to start making some decisions about who you want to romance. Your choices are Merrill, Anders, Isabela, Fenris, and Sebastian. However, Sebastian can only be romanced if your Hawke is female while with the others, you can be male or female. When you visit them for the first time in Act 2, flirt with the party member of your choice (the dialogue option with the heart). Once they're friendship or rivalry is at 50%, then complete their quest "Questioning Beliefs". Again, you'll have to make sure that Anders, Merrill, Fenris, and Isabela return. The most critical of them is Isabela. She HAS to have her friendship or rivalry over 50% by the end of Act 2. There are consequences if that doesn't happen.

As with Act 1, there is a choice between the mages and templars in Act 2. There is only one quest like this though. Whichever side you chose once in Act 1, side with them in Act 2. You want to head into Act 3 with both sides having two choices. Make an extra save before beginning "Demands of the Qun" and complete everything else beforehand.

By the end of Act 2 on a completionist run, you should have: That Thing Has Legs, Exorcist, Weapon Master, Dedicated, Specialized, Spelunker, Friends in High Places, A Worthy Rival, Great Minds Think Alike, King of the Hill, Avenged, Loyalty of the Prince, and Memento.

Act 3 is by far the shortest portion of the game. All of the things that you have been setting up in the first two Acts will begin to pay off here. Again, Isabela, Anders, Merrill, and Fenris have to return. Your companion of choice to romance, get their friendship or rivalry up to 100%. You won't be able to seal it and get Romantic until the closing portion of the game though.

During the opening sequence of Act 3, you'll have to make a decision between the mages and templars. The next two main plot quests also have decisions to make. Align yourself with the same side all three times for the trophy. Then reload your save before "Demands of the Qun" and go through the same quests making the opposite decisions.

For the most efficient way of getting all of the Act 3 trophies, side with the templars during "The Last Straw". By the end of Act 3, you should have everything except for Mercenary or Nefarious, Mass Exodus, and possibly Epic if you don't have an Origins save.

Playthrough 2 (If necessary)

This is if do not have an Origins save to import. Speed run through the game to get Epic. Complete only what you have to so that the game goes as quickly as possible. The main plot quests and certain companion quests are all that you will need to make it through. If you need to playthrough a second time, be sure to align yourself with the other group from the Prologue. If you went with the mercenaries the first time, go with the smugglers and vice versa.

Prologue Clean Up

Once you're done with everything else, then it's time to go for the remaining Prologue trophies (or trophy). On one, playthrough just far enough to get into Kirkwall and decide which group to align yourself with. Go with the group that you didn't go with the first time through.

If you didn't need a second playtrough for Epic, then it's just a matter of reaching Kirkwall with the third class. If you didn't, then all you have to do is reach Kirkwall with the final class for your platinum.

I didn't specifically mention The Exiled Prince in any portion of the road map as it's done concurrently to the main game. There is one quest for Sebastian in each Act and the other two trophies can be attained in Act 2. It's just a matter of meeting him the first time in the Chantry. His quests in Acts 2 and 3 will become available at the start of those Acts.
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The Ultimate Reward
Completed all Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies (15) 
Congratulations on your platinum!!
Upgraded a spell or talent. 
On the various ability trees that Hawke has, you will see some upgrades that are denoted by a small icon right next to the larger ability icon. Those are the upgrades that are available. There will be perquisites for all of them. Most require that you be a specific level, and all require that you have the base power before upgrading. When you level up, choose one of those that you have available.
Tag Team
Used teamwork to perform a cross-class combo. 

Cross-class combos are those that mix the powers of two of the three in game classes, warrior, rogue, and mage. There are three types of combos that different classes can initiate. The three combos are stagger (initiated by warriors), disoriented (initiated by rogues), and brittle (initiated by mages). When an enemy has successfully taken the first part of a combo, one of the symbols below will be hovering over it's head. You will need the ability upgrades to be able to take advantage of these combos. Other upgrades (Elemental Mastery, for example) are extremely helpful and should also be added to your mage's abilities.

= Stagger = Disoriented = Brittle

Depending on what your class is, the easiest way to get this is to wait until another party member initiates the combo. I had no luck playing as a companion and trying to start the combo, and then finishing it with Hawke. Once you see what the symbol is, use an appropriate ability of Hawke's to finish the enemy off. The list of combos is below. The main power is in italics and the upgrade (if available) is listed next to it.

Stagger combos - Initiator abilities (Warrior)
Shield Bash & Pummel (Weapon and Shield)
Cleave & Claymore (Vanguard)
Pommel Strike & Pommel Blow (Warmonger)
Tremor & Aftershock (Warmonger)
Sunder (Two Handed)
Devour & Voracious (Reaver specialization)

Stagger combos - Mage abilities
Chain Lighting & Chain Reaction (Primal)
Crushing Prison & Paralyzing Prison (Arcane)
Fist of the Maker & Maker's Hammer (Force Mage)
Hemorrhage & Paralyzing Hemorrhage (Blood Mage)

Stagger combos - Rogue abilities
Explosive Strike & Merciless Strike (Dual Weapon)
Lacerate & Maim (Dual Weapon)
Kickback & Backlash (Marksman)
Vendetta & Blood Feud (Duelist)

Disoriented combos - Initiator abilities (Rogue)
Pinning Shot & Disorienting Shot (Archery/Bianca)
Fatiguing Fog & Overpowering Fog (Sabotage)
Confusion & Chaos (Sabotage)
Disorientating Criticals (Shadow)

Disoriented combos - Mage abilities
Stonefist & Golem's Fist (Primal)
Spirit Bolt & Spirit Strike (Spirit)
Walking Bomb & Corrosive Walking Bomb/Virulent Walking Bomb (Spirit)

Disoriented combos - Warrior abilities
Assault & Battery (Weapon and Shield)
Scatter & Disperse (Weapon and Shield)
Devour & Insatiable (Reaver specialization)


Brittle combos - Initiator abilities (Mage)
Winter's Grasp & Winter's Blast (Elemental)
Cone of Cold & Deep Freeze (Elemental)
Petrify & Desiccate (Primal)

Brittle combos - Rogue abilities
Bursting Arrow & Shattering Arrow (Archery/Bianca)
Archer's Lance & Punishing Lance (Archery/Bianca)
Assassinate & Annihilate (Assassin)

Brittle combos - Warrior abilities
Mighty Blow & Shattering Blow (Two-Handed)
Scythe & Reaper (Two-Handed)

That Thing Has Legs
Found and killed a varterral. (1) 
(Missable) There are two spots to kill a varterral. The first is in Act 2 though. First though, you must complete "Blackpowder Courtesy". That unlocks Merrill's companion quest, "Mirror Image". After speaking with Merrill, take her with you to Sundermount and visit the Dalish. The Keeper will tell you of the varterral. Head through the camp and to the fork, taking the left path to the cave. On the way to the varterral, the only enemies that you'll face are various forms of spiders.

The varterral is pretty easy and has only a couple of attacks. One is a purple ooze that it spits out and the other is a jumping attack. During the fight, the varterral will summon spiders. Even with the additional spiders, the fight still isn't much of a problem.

You can also face a varterral in "A Murder of Crows" in Act 3, but this quest won't be available to everyone though. If you import a save from Origins where Zevran died, then this quest will not be available.
Dragon Slayer
Found and killed a high dragon. (3) 
(Missable) This is available in Act 3. You can access this quest in one of two ways. You can either complete "Bone Pit" in Act 1 and "Inside Job" in Act 2. Both quests are given by Hubert in Hightown. Once in Act 3, you can accept "Mine Massacre". If you haven't completed the quests in Acts 1 and 2, then just travel to the Bone Pit to begin it.

Before heading to the Bone Pit, prepare. Make sure you have plenty of health potions. Depending on what class your Hawke is, the companions you take will be different. If your Hawke isn't a warrior and you need a tank, take Aveline. If your Hawke is a mage that specializes in healing, then take Merrill with you. If you're a mage that specializes in elemental magic, then take Anders. Whether you want an additional tank or a ranged companion (Varric or Sebastian) is up to you.

Once you make your way down to where the high dragon is, it will fly down when you hit the bottom of the basin. The high dragon has two stages to its attack. The first is to jump around the basin, using its tail as a whip, picking up your companions with its mouth, and launching fireballs.

Three times during the fight, the high dragon will fly away to a perch. Dragonlings will swarm and attack you. The second and third times it flies away, one small dragon and then two small dragons respectively will attack in addition to the dragonlings. Once they are all down, the dragon will shoot fireballs from its perch until it feels ready to use the same attacks again.
Found and killed the undying Xebenkeck. (1) 
(Missable) This is a multi-step process to get Xebenkeck to even appear. You will need to begin the "Forbidden Knowledge" quest in Act 2. If you spared Idunna in the "Enemies Among Us" quest in Act 1, then you will receive a letter at your estate. If you killed her, then you will have to locate one of the five evil tomes to interact with. Either way, once the quest is underway, you will have to locate and destroy all of the evil tomes. There are five in all. The locations of the five tomes are below. You HAVE to destroy all five books or else this quest will end long before Xebenkeck will arrive.
  • The Chantry - From the entrance of the Chantry, head straight ahead and take the first set of stairs on the left. At the top of the stairs, make a left and then another. There will be a table with two banners behind it. That is where the evil tome is.
  • Viscount's Keep - After you enter the Keep, continue going straight ahead, up the stairs in front of you and up either side. Continue going straight ahead from where you entered. You'll pass through two sets of double doors. When you pass through two pillars, turn to the left, and the tome will be sitting on a bench.
  • The Bone Pit - Follow the paths around until you reach the workers camp. Instead of going to the left like you did previously, continue going straight until you see another set of cart tracks. Follow them until the tracks branch to the left and follow that set of tracks. When you see an open path to your right, continue along it until you reach a cave entrance that you can enter. Once in the cave, head straight until you hit a wall and turn left. The evil tome will be behind a camp fire.
  • Wounded Coast - When you arrive at the Wounded Coast, keep moving to the left side of the map (your right for the entrance). When you can see the very left side of the map, there will be a path that branches down towards the bottom of the map (it's the second to the last path). The cave that you're looking for is on the left. Inside the Dank Cave, follow the path around. You'll encounter some spiders and a dragon before reaching the evil tome.
  • Sundermount - Head through the Dalish camp and when the path forks, take the left fork. You'll find a cave called A Recently Opened Passage near the exit from Sundermount. Once inside, pass through the fire trap and take the first left. Kill the golem and go through to the next room. Kill the shades, demons, and the golem. Then, take the right exit to the center area and again, kill all of the shades and demons. The evil tome is sitting in one of the corners.
After you have destroyed all five tomes, return to Darktown. Find the Evil Pit in the northern section of Darktown. If Hawke is not a rogue, then you will need to bring Isabela or Varric as you have a door to pick the lock on. Continue straight ahead in through the Evil Pit, fighting through enemies and traps. When you at last find the Fell Grimoire, you will have the same three choices of what to do. All three will summon Xebenkeck and the other demons. Destroying it has no extra effect. Reading it gives you two attribute points. Taking it allows you to eventually find the Book of Forbidden Lore item.

When Xebenkeck arrives, she will also come with rage demons and abominations to start with. Her form is that of a tough desire demon. Once the first set of rage demons and abominations are destroyed, another set along with a revenant will be summoned. As Hawke, do your best to take down the other demons and keep everyone healed. Your companions can take care of Xebenkeck.
Demon Slayer
Found and killed the ancient demon, Hybris. (2) 
(Missable) In order to find Hybris, you must find three scrolls in Act 3. Two of the scrolls are in Sundermount and one is in the Wounded Coast. Once you find a scroll, then you have to find the spot on the map labelled "Hidden Lair". There, you will have to fight a combination of enemies (each one is different). You can collect them in any order you want as well.
  • Scroll 1, Wounded Coast - The first one is easy to find. From the main entrance to the Wounded Coast, head south and take the first left. It will be at the end of this path. The Hidden Lair is further away. Continue south along the main path until it turns to an east-west path and take the last branch on the right. Once you begin to see corpses rise from the ground, you are in the correct spot. Kill them as well as the arcane horror, Medan.
  • Scroll 2, Sundermount - For the sake of efficiency, collect this one after scroll 3. Once you've taken care of scroll 3's Hidden Lair, look behind the small wall just to the north of the campfire. There is scroll 2. To get to the Hidden Lair, go through the mountain cavern and into the graveyard. This fight is about halfway up the mountain and is by far the most difficult of the three. If one unique enemy wasn't enough, then you should know that there are three, one corpse (Bysmor) and two revenants (Gifre and Beacon). In addition to them, you'll have dragonlings to contest with. If you can carefully move up the slope enough to draw Bysmor down, that helps a bit. You will have to deal with the other two at once though. Take out the dragonlings first and then worry about the two revenants.
  • Scroll 3, Sundermount - From the entrance to Sundermount, head to the Dalish camp. In the last side path on the left before the camp is where you will find the third scroll. The Hidden Lair is further up the mountain. Go through the Dalish camp and take the right fork near Keeper Marethari. Continue up the mountain until you reach a campfire just below the cave that takes you to the graveyard. There will be an arcane horror and some shades waiting for you. This is the easiest of the three fights.
Now, once you have all three scrolls, you unlock the quest for Hybris ("The Awiergen Scrolls: Pride Unbound"). Travel to Anders' Clinic. You can travel to Darktown as well if Anders has left, but if you can go straight to Anders Clinic, it's a very short trip to the Hidden Lair. Turn around from the front doors to the Clinic. There is a lamppost off to the right side with an open door that has a ladder inside of it. That is the Hidden Lair. Make your way inside to the center room. Hybris is a very tough pride demon that will also summon shades and rage demons to assist. Like with the fight after scroll 2, clear the extra enemies away with Hawke and let the other three focus on Hybris. His attacks are standard for a pride demon, but he will also use his vortexing, focused, crushing prison quite a lot. If you find yourself stuck in the vortex, do what you can to get out. You will lose a good amount of health though. Once Hyrbis is done, then you will get this trophy.
Weapon Master
Mastered a weapon style. 
On the abilities screen, there are various skill trees that you can abilities to Hawke’s repertoire. There are 10 abilities per skill tree, and you get one ability point per level. You won’t be able to get this until level 10 at the earliest. Every time you level up, you are adding to this. Focus your points on one of the following skill trees (Weapon & Shield, Two-Handed, Dual-Weapon, and Archery) to get this at the earliest possible time. If you are playing as a mage and don't have access to any of these, then fully upgrading one of your companion's skill trees will also get you this trophy.


Completed a full year in Kirkwall without any party member being knocked unconscious. (3) 
(Missable) While this trophy is an annoying pain at times, all that you have to do is keep all of your party members from running out of health through an entire act. Act 3 is the shortest of them all, but any of the three will do. I think Act 1 is your best bet for this. Yes, it's the longest of the Acts, but if you're intending on doing most of the trophies on your first playthrough, then you want to avoid trying on Act 3 since the enemies get much more difficult.

Keep plenty of health potions on you and switch to any party member that is low on health with or to give them a nice boost. If you can't use a health potion, then run around with them for a bit until cooldown from the potion wears off. Having Anders around as a healer is also handy. Obviously, this is easier on lower difficulties.

If you do die, then reload your last save file. Reloading won't affect unlocking the trophy.
Acquired your first crafting recipe. 
When you begin Act 1 and find yourself in Hightown, speak with the dwarf Worthy. He will give you a crafting recipe. He is in the market in Hightown behind some pillars. Before you speak with him the first time, he will be marked by an exclamation point on your map. You can also get a recipe from Lady Elegant in Lowtown or Tomwise in Darktown.


Became a partner in a Deep Roads expedition. (4) 
(Missable) Before you do this, be sure that you have every quest taken care of and you're not leaving any loose ends. When you have collected 50 sovereigns and Anders has given you the Grey Warden maps, go see Bartrand in Hightown. Once you give him the sovereigns, then this will unlock.

You should know that if you take on the "Friends in Low Places" quest and accept a loan from Dougal, then this trophy will not unlock.
Reached Level 10. 
You will need to earn an additional 9000 xp to reach level 10 after ranking up to level 9. If you’re doing every plot, companion, secondary, and side quest, you can easily get this by the end of Act 1. There is also an infinite xp glitch in Act 1 that you can take advantage of to reach it quicker. See Legendary for more info.
A Friend in Need
Upgraded the armor of one of your party members. 
In various quests and shops, you will find armor upgrades for your companions. As soon as you find one, the upgrade is applied and worn by the appropriate companion. The first ones that you will find are in the ”Birthright” quest for either Bethany or Carver. They will be in the vault, in the same chest as your grandfather’s will. As long as you complete “Birthright”, you will get this trophy. See I Got Your Back for the complete list of armor locations.
Enchanted an item. 
The first time you find a rune and have a weapon that can hold the rune, head up to Hightown. Just to the east of the market, you’ll see some old friends from Origins. They can do the enchanting for you.

In case you miss them in Hightown, they will accompany you on the expedition into the Deep Roads and then will be at your estate from Act 2 onwards.


Master Craftsman
Crafted all of the items from a single crafting tree. 

(Missable) There are three different crafting trees that you can collect items from. Potions, runes, and poisons and bombs are three different types that you can find or purchase. The potions are the easiest to complete as there are only six of them. That is opposed to eight poisons and bombs and 20 runes. For the sake of completion, all are listed below as well as their location, and Act. The potions are most definitely the easiest though and should be the ones that you go after for the trophy. Once you have all of the recipes for a crafting tree, then you will have to purchase them and that means ensuring you have enough resources. See Supplier for more info.

 (Click on the images to see a larger version.)


Had 100 or more sovereigns in your purse. 
(Missable) Sovereigns are the gold coins on your inventory screen. It takes 100 bronze coins to equal one silver and 100 silver coins to equal one sovereign. So yes, it will take some saving to get to. If you sell extra items, complete almost every quest in Act 1, loot everything that you can, don’t spend unnecessarily, and save your payment to Bartrand until the last minute, then you can get to 100 sovereigns by the end of Act 1.

There is also an infinite money glitch. It is the same as the infinite xp glitch. See Legendary for more information and a video.
Crowning Glory
Became the viscount of Kirkwall. (5) 
(Missable) During "The Last Straw", side with the templars at every dialogue opportunity. The choices will be rather obvious since you will basically be agreeing with whatever Meredith says. This will unlock during the closing portion of Varric's story.
Took two class specializations. 
When reach level 7 and again at level 14, you will have the opportunity to add a specialization to your class. Only Hawke can do this. The specializations add additional skill trees that you can add abilities to. There are three per class. They are listed below.

Warrior: Reaver, Templar, Berserker
Rogue: Assassin, Duelist, Shadow
Mage: Blood Mage, Force Mage, Spirit Healer
I Got Your Back
Completely upgraded the armor of one of your party members. 

(Missable) In various quests and shops, you will find armor upgrades for your companions. As soon as you find one, the upgrade is applied and worn by the appropriate companion. There are four upgrades per companion (except for Bethany and Carver who have one each…they don’t count for this trophy, by the way). You will need to collect all four for one companion. Listed below are the companion, armor piece, the shop where it is purchased or quest it is found in (quests are denoted by quotation marks), the Act, and the specific location.

(Click on the image to see a larger version.)


Reached Level 20. (5) 
You will need to earn an additional 19000 xp to reach level 20 after ranking up to level 19. If you’re doing every plot, companion, secondary, and side quest, you can easily get this during Act 3 at the latest. Of course, there are quicker ways of leveling up.

There is an infinite xp glitch. Any mission that doesn’t end with a cutscene will do (all Find and Deliver quests). One in particular is “The Remains of Sister Plinth” in Act 1. Her remains are in Darktown and you will find them on the “Wayward Son” quest. When you deliver the body to the Chantry, don’t move and repeatedly push . The xp will be flying as well as 50 silver at a time. Make sure that you stay completely still. Do not move the at all.

Note: Patch 1.01 removes this exploit. You can delete the patch and start a new game with it, but you cannot play on a game that was saved while version 1.01 was installed. You will not be able to load it. Thanks to Padraig_81 for confirming.


Became a resident of Kirkwall. 
Story related. If you want more info, continue reading. Otherwise, know that this will unlock through the natural progression of the story.

After you escape from Ferelden, you will arrive in Kirkwall. However, the city will be closed to all immigrants. The only way to gain entry is for your Uncle Gamlen to sell you and your sibling into servitude for one year. You will have to decide between working for Meeran and the mercenaries or Athenril and the smugglers. See Nefarious and Mercenary for more details. After you make your decision, return to Gamlen and speak with him again.
Delver of the Deep
Explored the Deep Roads. 
Story related. If you want more info, continue reading. Otherwise, know that this will unlock through the natural progression of the story.

Your first task upon arriving in the Deep Roads is to find your way around a cave in to reach the thaig. You will also have to find Sandal who has wandered off. Going through the caverns requires defeating some darkspawn and spiders. Once Sandal is safe and you've found the way around to the thaig, this will unlock.
Kicked the slavers out of your ancestral mansion. 
This is a semi-story related quest. You can skip it, but if you are on a completionist run, then you will not. “Birthright” becomes available as a quest after completing “A New Home?”. All that is required to complete that quest is to visit Gamlen’s home for the first time. “Birthright” will become available after the conversation ends.

To reclaim your family’s mansion, head to Darktown and find the entrance into the cellar. Kill all of the slavers that you fight downstairs in the basement. There are standard guards, archers, a mage, and an assassin. Once the cellar is clear and you have the vault key, head upstairs and into the vault. There, you will find your grandfather’s will. Return it to your mother at Gamlen’s home to complete the quest.
Darkness Falls
Toggled the map from day to night. (1) 
When you access the World Map, push once to change the map and select Kirkwall at night. The easiest way to do this is to enter the Chantry and leave it. This will bring up the World Map.
Left Kirkwall to explore the outlying regions. 
When you access the World Map, push once to change the map and select the Free Marches. Choose one of the icons on the map and travel there. The trophy will unlock once the area loads. The easiest way to do this is to enter the Chantry and leave it. This will bring up the World Map.
Visited 10 caves in Kirkwall and the surrounding area. 
There are more than 10 caves around Kirkwall, so by completing companion and side quests, you’ll go through enough fairly quickly. You can only enter caves on quests. Even though you'll see some around, you can't go in unless you're in the right quest. The list of caves and quests is below:

Act 1:
  • “Long Way Home” - Sundermount
  • “Blackpowder Promise” – Wounded Coast
  • “Wayward Son” – Wounded Coast
  • "Act of Mercy" - Wounded Coast Approach
  • "The Bone Pit" - The Bone Pit
Act 2:
  • "Forbidden Knowledge" - The Bone Pit
  • "Forbidden Knowledge" - Wounded Coast
  • "Forbidden Knowledge" - Sundermount
  • "Blackpowder Courtesy" - Darktown
  • "Mirror Image" - Sundermount
  • "Dissent" - Darktown
  • "A Bitter Pill" - Holding Caves
  • "Cave Crawling" - The Bone Pit
  • "Cavern of Dead" - The Bone Pit
Act 3:
  • "Justice" - The Bone Pit
  • "A New Path" - Sundermount
  • "A Murder of Crows" - Sundermount
  • "Gamlen's Greatest Treasure" - The Sink
Mass Exodus
Reached Kirkwall with each character class across multiple playthroughs. (1) 
All that you need to do is complete the prologue with a warrior, a mage, and a rogue for this trophy to unlock. You will have to play the game twice anyway, so use different classes. After completing the game twice, create a new character that is the third class you haven’t used and play through the Prologue. This will unlock once you get off the boat in Kirkwall.
Unlocked 100 codex entries. 
This will unlock over time. Almost everything that you interact with adds a codex entry. There are plenty of codex entries to find around Kirkwall and the surrounding area. If you’re exploring and completing side quests, this should unlock in the middle of Act 1.
Treasure Hunter
Opened 50 chests. 
This description is slightly misleading. You will encounter way more than 50 chests in the game. Fortunately though, you will get this long before you even see 50 chests. Everything counts as a chest in this game, so a more appropriate description would be 50 containers. That includes dead bodies, crates, bone piles, and yes, chests.

You will also encounter a good number of chests that are locked. To pick them open, you will need a rogue with a high cunning stat.
Found every variety of crafting resources. (12) 

(Missable) Meet the new version of Traveler from Origins. This trophy is more complicated than it needs to be and if that wasn't enough, it's glitchy. It won't unlock the same way for everyone and even for people that collect every resource, it may not unlock properly. So, this one trophy will be the one that can add extra playthroughs onto your platinum.

There are 12 varieties of resources and 66 total resources to collect (29 in Act 1, 26 in Act 2, and 11 in Act 3). Not every resource will be available outside of quests. You will need to do some preparation beginning in Act 1 to be able to collect all of them. You will need Fenris, Anders, Isabela, and Merrill as companions as well as completing side quests like "All that Remains", "The Bone Pit", "Forbidden Knowledge", and "Cave Crawling". For your companions, you will need them to stay as companions through Act 3.

Any items that you miss can be purchased from The Black Emporium (provided you have the DLC). This can only be done for the missed resources from the previous Act, so it can be done at the beginning of Acts 2 and 3. If you go this route, then you will have to find all of Act 3's resources. Of course, by using The Black Emporium, it can glitch the trophy. Do it at your own peril.

You can check how many of each resource you have at Tomwise's stand (Darktown), Lady Elegant's stand (Lowtown), and Worthy's stand (Hightown) in Act 1 for each of the three different types of crafting items. After you speak with them, you will also be able to check in Gamlen's house and in your estate in later Acts. Go to the order screen for each one to see how many of each you have. The full list of how many of each resource is in each Act is below. See the Crafting Resources Guide for further information.

One of the technicians at Bioware has provided some further info on this trophy. Thanks to technole for passing it along.

So I did a little investigative research here at the studio to get some info on this trophy. To dispel any speculation you need >=66 Ingredients to get this trophy. As has been stated, the Black Emporium ones count towards this total - my guess is that for some of you, one or more just didn't register properly. My suggestion is to go to Black Emporium, save, and then buy out every ingredient until the trophy fires (if you should have it) and then reload the save.

Hope that helps.

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During each year in Kirkwall, discovered 3 secret messages from the Band of Three. 
(Missable) There are four secret messages in each Act. You only have to find three of them in each Act for the trophy. You are looking for the Enigma of Kirkwall. Their locations are listed below.

Act 1:
  • Viscount’s Keep: From the entrance, head up the stairs and go to the left, continuing to the upper level. There will be a double door with a guard on each side to your right when you reach the top of the stairs. Go through the door and turn left. Go through the door directly in front of you (Seneschal Bran will be on the right side of the door). On the right side of the room will be two paintings with a red vase in the middle. Approach the painting on the right and push .
  • Lowtown (Night): You will need to head to the Elven Alienage. It is in the upper right corner of the map. When you approach the Alienage, you will be heading down a set of stairs with a large tree in front of you. The tree will be painted red and white along the base of it. Directly across and behind the tree from where you enter is a sewer grate. The Enigma is between the grate and the wall.
  • The Gallows: When you enter the Gallows, head towards the stairs in front of you, but at the base of the stairs, make a sharp right and go straight ahead. On your right, there will be an opening with a closed gate. The Enigma will be at the bottom of the stairs in a pile of bricks.
  • The Bone Pit: To access The Bone Pit, you'll need to complete "Birthright" and then visit Hubert in Hightown. Once in The Bone Pit, head all the way to the southeast. There will be an L-shaped piece of track on the ground. The Enigma is near the bend.
Act 2:
  • The Chantry: Take the first set of stairs on the right side of the Chantry that you come to. At the top of the stairs turn right and then turn right again. There will be a long dining table next to a fireplace with a book on it. The Engima will be at the end of the table. It's the exact spot where the History of Chantry was in Act 1.
  • Darktown: Go up the stairs directly in front of you and go up the first stairs on your right. Continue ahead into the passage that is slightly to your left. The Enigma will be behind two people talking, neat the Leave Area opening.
  • Docks: Enter the Qunari Compound. The stairs in front of you branch to the left and to the right. Go to the left and at the top of the stairs, go left and then left again to head in the direction you came in. The Enigma will by laying in front of a shack.
  • Gallows Dungeon: At the exit to Darktown, there is a path that branches to the right. Go straight down this path and the Enigma will be right in front of you at the wall.
Act 3:
  • Sewers ("Justice") - This can only be found during "Justice". From the entrance, go to the right up the stairs and around to the southern most sela petrae deposit. The Enigma will be next to the bottom of the stairs leading up to the deposit.
  • Templar Hall ("On the Loose") - This can only be found during "On the Loose". It is also a hidden one, so you will not see the text to indicate its location. When you enter Templar Hall, go up the left set of steps and through the only door that you can go through. Enter the second door on the right (just past the plot point indicator). Immediately turn around and push in front of the torch on the right side of the door.
  • Smetty's Fish Guttery ("Gamlen's Greatest Treasure") - This can only be found during "Gamlen's Greatest Treasure". When you reach the point in the quest where you are sent to Smetty's Fish Guttery, go inside and to the left when you reach the warehouse floor. The Enigma will be on the dock, between two boats and next to a crate.
  • Docks ("The Last Straw") - This can only be found during "The Last Straw". When you arrive in the Docks, you will see a large statue in front of you. After doing battle with some enemies, look at the base of the crates to the right of the statue for the final Enigma.
Tale Within a Tale
Listened to Varric begin his tale of the Champion of Kirkwall. 
Story related. If you want more info, continue reading. Otherwise, know that this will unlock through the natural progression of the story.

Varric begins the tale of Hawke during the escape from Lothering. The opening of the Prologue describes Hawke and his/her sister against the darkspawn and an ogre. After Cassandra interrupts Varric, this will unlock.
Full House
Recruited four party members. 
There are more than four party members available, but after you recruit the first four, you will receive this trophy. The first three are given to you automatically. The fourth will be recruited after completing “Long Way Home” or “Tranquility” quests in Act 1. The party members and how to recruit each one is listed below.
  • Bethany/Carver: They are Hawke’s siblings and will be by your side automatically during the Prologue and beyond.
  • Aveline: She is found in the Prologue as you escape from Lothering.
  • Varric: He is found while walking around the Hightown district of Kirkwall at the beginning of Act 1.
  • Merrill: She is found in the Dalish camp on Sundermount. You have to complete “Long Way Home” to recruit her.
  • Fenris: You will receive a letter at Gamlen’s house giving you the “Bait and Switch” quest after completing "A Business Discussion". Complete it and then visit Fenris one more time to complete his recruitment.
  • Anders: Complete "Tranquility" in Act 1. Available after completing "A Business Discussion".
  • Isabella: Complete "Fools Rush In" in Act 1. Available after completing "Tranquility".
  • Sebastian: Complete "Duty" in Act 1 to get an introduction to Sebastian. He can't fully join your party until you begin "Repentance" in Act 2.
Friends in High Places
Met Grand Cleric Elthina, Viscount Dumar, Knight-Commander Meredith, and First Enchanter Orsino. 
Story related. If you want more info, continue reading. Otherwise, know that this will unlock through the natural progression of the story.

Grand Cleric Elthina and Viscount Dumar you will meet in Act 1. Elthina you will meet as a result of dealing with Sebastian and the "Duty" quest. Dumar you will meet as a result of "The Unbidden Rescue".

Knight-Commander Meredith you will meet once you reach Hightown in "Demands of the Qun". First Enchanter Orsino you will meet a few minutes later, also in "Demands of the Qun."
Gift Giver
Gave a gift to one of your party members. 

As you complete quests and explore, you’ll find gifts to give to your companions. After you find one, speak to them in their home to give it to them. The first one that you will get is the Portrait of Your Mother or Tobrius’ Documents for Bethany or Carver, respectively. Whichever you have, either gift will be found in the “Birthright” quest. Speak to Bethany or Carver after you return to Gamlen’s house to give your sibling the gift. Gifts also provide a huge friendship boost and are extremely helpful in getting Great Minds Think Alike, Flirtatious, and Romantic. The list of gifts, who gets it, the quest or shop they are in (quests are marked with quotes to avoid confusion), the Act, and their location are listed below.

(Click on the image to see a larger version.)


Flirted with one of your party members and began a romance. 
(Missable) Flirting with your companions and beginning a romance isn't as easy as it was during Origins. You can flirt with them in Act 1, but the trophy won't unlock until you flirt with them in Act 2. You also already have to be on the friendship path with one of them. You can flirt and romance any of the following characters: Anders, Merrill, Isabela, Fenris, and Sebastian. Of those, only Sebastian requires that you be female. With all of the others, it doesn't matter as much. Anyway, during one of their companion quests in Act 2, if you see a dialogue option with a heart in the center of the conversation wheel, choose it.
Earned the friendship of one of your party members. 
To earn the friendship of any party member, you have to get their status bar 100% to the left. If you want to check your progress at any time, go to the pause menu and select Characters. Use and to cycle through your current companions.

Friendship does work slightly differently than in Origins. You will rarely have chances to talk to your companions. Their feelings about you are reflected by what choices you make in quests, completing companion quests, and giving gifts. Each companion has different tendencies that you want to pay attention to get their friendship to 100%. In Act 2, there will be a quest called "Questioning Beliefs" for each companion when you reach 50% friendship or rivalry.

The easiest character to get to full friendship if you’re a rogue or a warrior is Bethany. Once you complete “Birthright” and give her the gift you find, it’s very easy to get her friendship by the end of Act 1. Just have her as a permanent party member and always pick helpful or diplomatic dialogue responses. If you don’t have Bethany because you’re playing as a mage, then Varric is the easiest. As long as you’re not a petty or cruel person, you will naturally gain Varric’s friendship over the course of the game. It is possible the other companions, but those two are by far the easiest.

For specific friendship increases, see the Friendship/Rivalry Guide.
Earned the rivalry of one of your party members. (4) 
To earn the rivalry of any party member, you have to get their status bar 100% to the right. If you want to check your progress at any time, go to the pause menu and select Characters. Use and to cycle through your current companions.

Rivalries work exactly the same as friendships, but you're doing the opposite tendency. You want to choose dialogue options and quest decisions that will annoy your other party members. As a general rule, choose the lower right dialogue option to gain some loyalty points. If you're playing as a mage, then Carver will be a natural rival to you. Support the mages and you'll eventually gain enough rivalry points with him. In Act 2, there will be a quest called "Questioning Beliefs" for each companion when you reach 50% friendship or rivalry.

If you don't have this by the end of Act 1, then Sebastian's Act 2 quest will provide an easy opportunity to get it. After you complete the main thrust of "Repentance" and have arrived back at the Chantry, do not speak to Sebastian. Instead, go straight to High Cleric Elvina. Go through the dialogue with her and choose "You're useless". You will get +5 rivalry points with Sebastian. You can repeat this as much as you want to get to the full 100% rivalry, as long as you don't speak to Sebastian.

For specific rivalry increases, see the Friendship/Rivalry Guide.
Completed a romance with one of your party members. 
(Missable) Like friendship, romances also work differently than in Origins. It's the same build up in that you have to get their friendship or rivalry meter up (see Friend or Rival for more details as well as the Friendship/Rivalry Guide). But you can't really start to romance until Act 2 and you can't fully complete it until Act 3. It's a long process and you'll have to decide which character to go after early on. Your choices are Anders, Fenris, Isabela, Merrill, and Sebastian. Of those, only Sebastian requires that you be a female. You can go for multiple characters at a time, but only focusing on one will give you a better chance. Anders and Merrill have an effect of locking out other possible romances. Isabela and Fenris will not move into your estate. Sebastian will not sleep with you, but you can complete the romance with him.

Before you complete "Questioning Beliefs" (50% friendship or rivalry in Act 2) for any of those characters, be sure to flirt with them. During Act 2, visit your estate with your romance choice in your party. This will begin the sex cutscene. After you have completed their 100% friendship or rivalry quest (also "Questioning Beliefs"), speak with them just before the end in the Gallows during Act 3 to complete the romance.
Chantry Historian
Found all four chapters of 'The History of the Chantry,' by Brother Genitivi. 
(Missable) The four chapters are scattered throughout the game. You will have visit the Chantry during the day to find Chapters 1, 2, and 4. The third is found during the “Following the Qun” quest in Act 3. The locations are as follows.
  • Chapter 1 – In Act 1, enter the Chantry during the day. Take the first set of stairs on the right side of the Chantry that you come to. At the top of the stairs turn right and then turn right again. There will be a long dining table next to a fireplace with a book on it.
  • Chapter 2 – In Act 2, enter the Chantry during the day. Run straight ahead from the entrance towards the center dais. Along either side of it will be stairs that lead up onto it. Sebastian and Grand Cleric Elthina will be up there. The second history will be laying on the floor just to the side of the pulpit.
  • Chapter 3 – In Act 2, during "Finding the Qun", the book will be right in front of you on the dais, almost in the same spot that Chapter 2 is in. However, you will be in combat and probably unable to grab it normally. Press or hold (depending on your settings) and move the reticule so that the book is highlighted and push to pick it up.
  • Chapter 4 – In Act 3, enter the Chantry during the day. From the entrance, go straight and take the first stairs on the left. At the top of the stairs, turn left, and then left again. In the open area, the last history will be sitting on top of some crates.
A Worthy Rival
Earned the Arishok's respect. (1) 
(Missable) This is a multistage trophy that will be available in Act 2. You will need to gain the maximum amount of respect from the Arishok before "Demands of the Qun" begins. The steps that you need to follow are below.
  • Complete "Blackpowder Courtesy". After you have completed the request, visit the Arishok at the Docks. Tell him "Your delegate is missing".
  • During "Offered and Lost", after you have killed Ser Varnell, tell the Viscount "Do no hide it. He'll know."
  • After you have completed "Offered and Lost", return to the Arishok and speak to him. Say "The abuse of zealots." The trophy should unlock here.
  • However, if it does not unlock, then during "Demands of the Qun", tell him that "Isabela has it" and later reply with "Yes it is".
Great Minds Think Alike
Earned the friendship or rivalry of four party members. (4) 
(Missable) Start off by reading through Friend or Rival for more information. You need to have four companions maxed out at 100% at the same time and it has to be either full friendship or full rivalry. You cannot have a combination of the two. The good thing is that as long as Bethany or Carver make it through the Deep Roads, they count towards this trophy. If you managed to get either of them to 100% before the end of Act 1, then you just need three more companions to go in the same direction. The other piece of good news is that when a companion reaches 100% in either direction, then they are locked in there and their friendship or rivalry won't change.

To get all of the friendship/rivalry trophies, then you will need to have four at full friendship and one at full rivalry or four at full rivalry and one at full friendship.

For specific friendship increases, see the Friendship/Rivalry Guide.
Champion of Kirkwall
Completed Dragon Age II. 
Story related. If you want more info, continue reading. Otherwise, know that this will unlock through the natural progression of the story.

Once you complete "The Last Straw", this will unlock during the credits. In the end though, you will be fighting Meredith. See Conqueror for more information. To avoid spoilers, I won't say any more details about this quest.
Allied yourself with the mercenaries upon arriving in Kirkwall. 
This is semi-story related. You will have to choose between working with the mercenaries or the smugglers after you arrive in Kirkwall, but you can only choose one. To work for the mercenaries, after you are introduced to Gamlen, speak with Meeran and complete the task he gives you. Speak with him again and you will be working with the mercenaries for the next year.
Allied yourself with the smugglers upon arriving in Kirkwall. 
This is semi-story related. You will have to choose between working with the mercenaries or the smugglers after you arrive in Kirkwall, but you can only choose one. To work for the smugglers, after you are introduced to Gamlen, speak with Athenril and complete the task she gives you. Speak with her again and you will be working with the mercenaries for the next year.
Completed Dragon Age II twice, or completed it once with a save imported from Dragon Age Origins. 
If you have completed Dragon Age: Origins, then at Hawke's creation screen, choose to import one of your characters. It doesn't matter which you choose. You can also choose to use an incomplete save. Even by simply creating a character, starting a new game, and saving, you can import the save and get this trophy.

If you are playing Dragon Age II and import an Origins save from a different region, then there is a chance that this trophy will glitch on you. Those that do not have an Origins save also have had this trophy glitch on them randomly. If it happens to you or you are concerned about it glitching, then the best solution for right now is to make an extra save before completing "The Last Straw" and waiting for a patch from Bioware. They are aware of the problem, so an update should come soon.

This will unlock after Champion of Kirkwall during the credits.
Secret Trophies
Stone Cold
Defeated the rock wraith on your expedition into the Deep Roads. 
Story related. If you want more info, continue reading. Otherwise, know that this will unlock through the natural progression of the story.

You will encounter the Ancient Rock Wraith towards the end of your expedition into the Deep Roads. The rock wraith has only a couple of attacks, the biggest of which is the easiest to dodge. There are four pillars around the room. Utilizing these will be essential to your survival. When the rock wraith is in the middle of the room, it will start to power up it's arcane blast, which is pretty devastating if you're not behind one of the pillars. Get Hawke and your three party members behind a pillar. The corners of the room are free from being hit by the wraith's attack.

After the arcane blast is fired, the core of the rock wraith will be exposed. This is when you want to hammer away at it. Use as many powers as you can to knock down its health as quickly as possible. When the wraith's core is exposed, it will also summon a few of The Profane (mini rock wraiths) each time. The number of Profane summoned increases each time as well. By the time the wraith's health will be almost gone, about eight to 10 of The Profane will be summoned. They are killed fairly quickly, but continue to focus most of your attention on the rock wraith. Once it goes down, all of The Profane will too.
King of the Hill
Defeated the Arishok. (2) 
(Missable) This fight occurs at the end of "Demands of the Qun" at the end of Act 2. There are two possibilities for this fight, and it depends on how far along you are with Isabela. If you have completed Isabela's "Questioning Beliefs", then follow the method below. If you haven't, then skip to the method below that.

With Isabela:
  • Choose the dialogue options: "Let them go.", "I'm glad you came back.", "You can't have her.", and "I will fight you." in that order.
  • Now for the fight. It is one on one, Hawke vs. the Arishok. The bad news is that he's big, tough, and powerful. The good news is that he only has a couple of attacks and is generally stupid. You can run around the two pillars and have the Arishok chase you around the room. After a few seconds of this, he will go into a dashing attack. Make sure that you get out of the way. When he comes to a stop, hit him from behind a few times and run away again. Repeat as necessary. Make sure you have plenty of health and stamina potions available.
  • You HAVE to fight the Arishok to get this trophy. If you just give up Isabela, you won't get it. You have to defend her in a fight.
Without Isabela:
  • Choose the first option, "Let them go." Now you have a choice, you can fight the Arishok one on one. It's tough, but doable with the method listed above. When the Arishok asks how you want to settle this conflict, choose "On the battlefield." and that will begin the one on one fight. If you choose "By returning the book" followed by "When you put it that way" for a full party battle. That battle isn't nearly as bad as you have your whole party. Of course, so does the Arishok. Use the methods that you've used during the entire game for large scale fights and you'll get through it without much trouble.
Defeated Meredith, knight-commander of Kirkwall's templars. 
Story related. If you want more info, continue reading. Otherwise, know that this will unlock through the natural progression of the story.

No matter which way you side in "The Last Straw", you will have fight Meredith at the end. For the most, she's pretty easy. She will jump around the courtyard quite a bit, but you can do a good amount of damage on her when she's standing still. At 75% health and again at 50% health, Meredith will leave battle area and will summon two large statues to aid her. Both are also pretty easy and they have one attack to beware of. They will have a spinning weapon attack that will hit anything near it.

After Meredith is below 50% health, she introduces a new ability. When she glows red, back away because she is about to explode and knock everyone back. She will also summon every other statue in the courtyard to her aid. Since all of your companions are there as well as some representatives of the faction you sided with fighting Meredith, focus on the statues to avoid your party getting hit from behind.

Once you have her health down to roughly 5-10%, the fight is over and the cutscenes take over.
Arcane Defender
Sided with the mages five times. (2) 
There are seven quests spread across the three Acts where you will have to choose the outcome. All of these choices are between mages and templars. You will have to choose the mage side five times for this trophy. The choices and quests are listed below. There is also a method for getting all of these in one playthrough. That method is listed below the quests and the necessary outcomes.

Act 1:
  • "Wayward Son" - Send Feynriel to live with the Dalish.
  • "Act of Mercy" - When you speak with Grace in the cave, agree to kill Thrask.
  • "Enemies Among Us" - Ask that Keran be allowed to stay in the Templars.
Act 2:
  • "Night Terrors" - Encourage Feynriel to control his magic.
Act 3:
  • "Showdown" - Say "Orsino is right".
  • "On the Loose" - Tell Emile in the Hanged Man "I could let you go."
  • "Best Served Cold" - Say to Cullen "Give Samson another chance" and say to Orsino "She must be overthrown."
Note: The decisions you make in "The Last Straw have no effect on this trophy."

Since there are seven quests and five choices that you have to make, you would typically need two playthroughs. However, this method makes creative use of your saves. Basically, you will be going into Act 3 having sided with the mages and templars twice each. In Act 1, you will side with one faction twice and the other once. In Act 2, the faction that you sided with once will be your choice for the lone quest. Before you begin "Demands of the Qun", make an additional save. Finish Act 2 and quickly complete those three quests. Reload and complete those same three quests siding with the opposite side.
Mage Hunter
Sided with the templars five times. (2) 
There are seven quests spread across the three Acts where you will have to choose the outcome. All of these choices are between mages and templars. You will have to choose the templar side five times for this trophy. The choices and quests are listed below. There is also a method for getting all of these in one playthrough. That method is listed with Arcane Defender.

Act 1:
  • "Wayward Son" - Send Feynriel to the Circle of Mages.
  • "Act of Mercy" - Do not help Grace and have the rogue mages arrested by the templars.
  • "Enemies Among Us" - Ask that Keren be kicked out of the Templats.
Act 2:
  • "Night Terrors" - Make Feynriel tranquil.
Act 3:
  • "Showdown" - Say "Meredith is right".
  • "On the Loose" - Tell Emile in the Hanged Man "Turn yourself in.", followed by "No."
  • "Best Served Cold" - Say to Cullen "Kill them all." and to Meredith "I'll name names."
Note: The decisions you make in "The Last Straw have no effect on this trophy."
DLC: The Exiled Prince
Cost: 6.99 Trophies: 5
Confronted the culprit behind the Vael family's murder. ('The Exiled Prince' downloadable content) 
At the beginning of Act 2, Sebastian will want to speak with you again. He will again be in the Chantry, on the center dais with High Cleric Elvina. Speaking with him will begin "Repentance". You can now also select him as a companion. When you leave the Chantry, head to the Harrimann estate in Hightown. Passing through the estate, you'll see the inhabitants exhibiting some bizarre behavior. When you get to the wine cellar, be sure to grab The Starkhaven Longbow off of the dead mercenary to make sure you get Memento.

Once you're through the first fight in the wine cellar (shades and rage demons), then you will enter the underground passage. There will fight more shades, corpses, skeleton archers, rage demons, and revenants. None of these fights are overly difficult. At the end of the tunnels, you will find Lady Harrimann speaking with a desire demon. The demon will summon some more help, but after you kill them all, return to the Chantry and speak with Sebastian. If you also intend on getting Loyalty of the Prince, make sure that you get that trophy before speaking with Sebastian.
Cloak and Dagger
Met secretly with the agent of the Divine. ('The Exiled Prince' downloadable content) 
At the start of Act 3, visit Sebastian in the Chantry to begin "Faith". This quest is pretty short and sweet. Go from the Chantry to the Viscount's Keep and then back to the Chantry to speak with Grand Cleric Elthina when you're done. Of course, there will be a combat involved, but you should be used to that by now. After that conversation, the trophy will unlock.
Loyalty of the Prince
Earned either a friendship or rivalry with Sebastian. ('The Exiled Prince' downloadable content) (4) 
(Missable) You can go about this the easy way or the hard way. The hard way is through dialogue, quests, and his gift. He doesn't like Anders, so disagreeing with or supporting Anders will lead him in whichever direction you'd like.

Of course though, there is a quick exploit that you can take advantage of. After you complete the main thrust of "Repentance" and have arrived back at the Chantry, do not speak to Sebastian. Instead, go straight to High Cleric Elvina. Go through the dialogue with her and choose "You're useless". You will get +5 rivalry points with Sebastian. You can repeat this as much as you want to get to the full 100% rivalry, as long as you don't speak to Sebastian.
Gave Sebastian a family heirloom. ('The Exiled Prince' downloadable content) 
(Missable) During "Repentance", you will find The Starkhaven Longbow. This is the gift that you will want to give to Sebastian. As you're going through the Harrimann estate, you will eventually come to a wine cellar with an exit to an underground passage. At the base of the stairs going down, you'll see a dead mercenary. The bow is on his corpse.

After you complete the quest, return to the Chantry. After speaking with Sebastian to end the quest (and then another time for his "Questioning Beliefs" quest if you used the rivalry exploit), speak with him again to give him the bow.
Secret Trophies
Dealt with the mercenaries that killed the Vael family. ('The Exiled Prince' downloadable content) 
In either Act 1 or Act 2, you will have to complete the “Duty” quest. To trigger it, head over to the Chantry in Kirkwall. Sebastian will be standing outside posting a job offer on the Chantry board. Accept it to begin the “Duty” quest. This MUST be completed in Act 1 or 2.

There are three groups of mercenaries that you will have to kill. Two of them are outside of Kirkwall. One is on The Wounded Coast and the other is on Sundermount. The third are on the Kirkwall docks, but they are only there at night. Kill all three groups to avenge Sebastian’s family. After they are dead, return to the Chantry and speak with Sebastian.
DLC: Legacy
Cost: 9.99 Trophies: 5
Defeated an ancient evil in the Vimmark Mountains. ('Legacy' downloadable content) (1) 

Corypheus is the final boss of this DLC. Be prepared for a longer fight, but nothing too difficult. He will start the fight using standard attacks, knockback and normal melee, and teleport around the room a bit. Once he teleports into the center of the room, he will absorb powers from one of the four guardian statues around the outside of the room. When that happens, he will slowly spin around in a circle shooting fire out his hands in a straight line.

You will have to go and hit each pillar, destroy two shades per pillar, to stop him from using this attack. The first time will be just fire. The second time, there will be rocks added to the room that you'll have to go around. The third time, the rocks will become electrically charged and ice stalactites will fall from the ceiling.

Once he's out of the center, that is your chance to attack him. His final attack is an area attack that does quite a bit of damage, but if you continue hacking away at him, he will go down without much trouble.

Deep Roads Safari
Killed a genlock, genlock alpha, hurlock alpha, bronto, and deepstalker in the Vimmark Mountains. ('Legacy' downloadable content) 

All of these you will encounter at some point during Legacy and can't be missed.

  • Bronto - During the initial fight with the Carta, inside the first gate that you open there is one. There are two others at the start of the second area.
  • Genlock - Once you're through the Carta Hideout, you'll go deeper in to the mountains and encounter the redesigned genlocks.
  • Hurlock - You'll encounter a hurlock at the same time as the first genlocks.
  • Genlock Alpha - The first time you'll meet one of these will be after opening up the first seal. The look and fight similar to the regular genlocks, but they have armor and a shield to go along with their greater amount of hit points.
  • Hurlock Alpha - On the second level of the tower, you'll find this alpha for the first time. It will be the tallest of the hurlocks in the room and will have a large axe as well as a helmet that covers it's entire face, but the mouth.
  • Deepstalker - At the beginning of the third tower level, you'll encounter the deepstalkers. They're the same swarming little lizards that you remember. Once you kill a deepstalker, the trophy will unlock.
Family Legacy
Applied three effects to Hawke's Key. ('Legacy downloadable content) (1) 

Hawke's Key is actually a massive sword. At three points in the prison, you'll have to use the key to open up a seal. After doing so and defeating the demon that spawns in, you will have the option of selecting effects to add to the key. They work like a rune and add similar powers (fire damage, cold damage, etc.). There will be one at the end of each tower level. Once you open the third seal at the bottom of the third level (Tower Base), then this will unlock.

Family Outing
Completed the main quest in the Vimmark Mountains with Bethany or Carver in the party. ('Legacy' downloadable content) (2) 

(Missable) Since the DLC can be completed at any point in the game, you'll be able to easily complete this with Bethany or Carver alive. If you've completed the game with one of them becoming a Grey Warden, then select them to be in your party. If they didn't make it out of Act 1, then you'll have to start a new game. Once you arrive at Kirkwall and arrive at your uncle's house, then you can begin the DLC. Either way, you just have to keep one of them in your party for the the entirety of the DLC.

Shortly after completing Corypheus and the scene cuts back to Varric, this trophy will unlock.

Tower Sweeper
Completed every side quest in the Vimmark Mountains prison tower. ('Legacy' downloadable content) (4) 

(Missable) There are three side quests that you'll need to complete, "Malcolm's Will", "Altar of Dumat", and "Paragon's Heir".

"Malcolm's Will" involves breaking three seals and destroying shades or demons that Malcolm Hawke sealed in the prison. You will acquire the quest at the beginning of the first level of the tower. You will see glowing red vortexes called Mark of the Binder. There will be two that you have to switch off and then one on the invisible wall that holds the shade or demon. The first one is a shade that will spawn in more shades. The second is an abomination that spawns in profanes. The last is a desire demon that spawns in corpses and skeleton archers. All three will be along your main route and should not be missed.

"Altar of Dumat" will be acquired after fighting the hurlock alpha in the second level of the tower. You will have to collect four items of Dumat's and bring them to the altar. The Crown of Dumat will be off in a side room on the right side of the main room where you attack the hurlocks. The Dagger of Dumat is also in the second level and is in a small room on the left side after taking care of the final demon in "Malcolm's Will". The Scroll is near the altar at the bottom of the third level of the tower. There will be a room that juts off to the lower left side of the map. On the way to the room, there will be stairways that you can go up. The scroll is at the top of these. The Urn of Dumat is in at the lowest portion of the map in the center, just before the long bridge that takes you to the last seal. It's in a small, circular room. Once you have all four, bring them to the altar and choose to perform the sacrifice. Upon reaching the altar, you can also defile it, destroying the altar and receiving credit for completing the quest.

"The Paragon's Heir" will be acquired after finding two journal entries from legionnaires in the third level of the tower. When you find the third page, the location of Tethras Garen will appear on your map. Once you find his body, walk up to it and push to perform the dwarven last rites on it to complete the quest.

DLC: Mark of the Assassin
Cost: 9.99 Trophies: 5
A New Day
Tallis joined the party. ('Mark of the Assassin' downloadable content) 

Story related. If you want more info, continue reading. Otherwise, know that this will unlock through the natural progression of the story.

After this initial scene, introduction of Tallis, fight, and first conversation with Tallis, she will join your party and this will unlock.

Chasing the Game
Lured and killed an alpha wyvern near Chateau Haine ('Mark of the Assassin' downloadable content) 

(Missable) Upon arriving at Chateau Haine, you will take part in a wyvern hunt. To draw out the alpha wyvern, you will need to find five items that are just off the main path in both hunting grounds areas to use as bait. Once you collect them all, head to the clearing where you can place the bait. You HAVE to choose to use all of the items at once. Any other option will not work. Once the wyvern is dead, the trophy will unlock. Listed below are the locations of all five baiting items.

Hunting Grounds West:

  • Dragonling Corpse - When you enter the Hunting Grounds, take the first set of stairs up to the right. At the top will be a group of dragonlings and two dragons. After you kill all of them, go to the highlighted dragonling corpse and interact with it to take it.
  • Blood - After fighting the dragons, take the right path down the hill. If you pass by an altar on the right side, you're going the right way. The blood will be out in the middle of the path. Interact with it to collect some.
  • Mating Call - Once you're back on the main path, you will encounter a hunting party in your path. Shortly after there will be a second hunting party. Just before them, there will be a path to the left that is shown on your map. Go up the path and you'll hear a wyvern mating call. Hawke will ask Tallis if that can be recreated.

Hunting Grounds East:

  • Halla Corpse - When you arrive in the eastern part of the hunting grounds, take the path off to the right. You'll come to a large clearing where you'll have to fight some ghasts. The halla corpse will be on the left side of the map near a large rock and some trees.
  • Wyvern Dung - The eastern part of the hunting grounds has a lake that you walk along to reach the wyvern. In a small clearing, there will be a large steaming pile of wyvern dung just sitting there. Pick it up for the last bit of bait.
Blackjack Subtle
Evaded vault security in Chateau Haine. ('Mark of the Assassin' downloadable content) 

(Missable) This takes place after you acquire the key to enter Chateau Haine. You must agree with Tallis that being quiet and sneaking is the best approach. Use the shadows to your advantage and hide in them. Throw rocks to distract the guards () and move them out of your path. You can even knock them out () from behind if you have to. Be warned that these two moves take a bit of time to recharge. Each guard will have a red arc in front of them that shows where they are looking. It will take a bit of timing to get the guards where you want them and then to distract them.

You will have to evade security through several areas. The cook that you can talk to does not count as security and will not affect the trophy. If you are seen by a guard, you will be teleported back to where you started and you will have to try again. However, this doesn't affect the trophy. Save often and be patient. Watch the guard's normal movements and direct them out of the way with distractions.

Once you complete the gate puzzle and enter the vault, the trophy will unlock.

The Take
Disarmed the fire traps in Chateau Haine's vaults. ('Mark of the Assassin' downloadable content) (1) 

(Missable) After entering the vault, you will be captured and taken to the dungeons. After you escape, you will have the option of escaping through a fissure that leads to caves or through the Chateau's vaults. You MUST go through the vaults.

Once you enter the vaults and complete the first fight, follow the halls north into the vault. You'll enter a huge room with fire surrounding four pillars. Around the fire are three floor panel tiles that switch on and off the different levels of fire surrounding the treasure. It doesn't matter which order you flip the tiles over in, but you just have to turn them over in the correct pattern. All three solutions are below.

Once these three are flipped and the treasure can be reached, the trophy will unlock.

Puzzle #1 - North side of the room.

Puzzle #2 - East side of the room.

Puzzle #3 - West side of the room.

Secret Trophies
Mark of the Assassin
Defeated Duke Prosper, with or without Tallis. ('Mark of the Assassin' downloadable content) 

Story related. If you want more info, continue reading. Otherwise, know that this will unlock through the natural progression of the story.

At the end of the caves, you will have a choice to go with Tallis or to leave her behind. Either way, you will get this trophy.

Follow the paths until you reach the final boss fight of the DLC, Duke Prosper and his pet wyvern, Leopold. If you plan ahead, you can make this fight a bit easier by poisoning Leopold when you reach the cook. Follow the recipe to spike Leopold's food (Lutefisk - 4, Navet - 5, Old Cheese - 3).

The fight is pretty easy and if you took down the alpha wyvern earlier, you won't have much trouble. Once Leopold initially joins the fight, you'll have to take his health down. As soon as the Duke rides him, both of their health bars will be combined into one and completely reset. The only trick the Duke has is to fire arrows into the ground that will later explode in sequence, but is easily avoided.

After the fight, the scene switches back to Varric and Cassandra, the trophy will unlock.

Game Info
Electronic Arts


US March 08, 2011
Europe March 11, 2011
Japan February 02, 2012

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Players: 1
ESRB: Mature
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