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Guide By: greenzsaber
There are 31 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated Difficulty: 5/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Approximate time: 10-20 hours (Dependent on skill and whether or not you use a walkthrough)
  • Trophy Breakdown: 31 (16, 9, 5, 1)
    • Offline: 31 (16, 9, 5, 1)
    • Online: 0
  • Minimum number of playthroughs required: 1
  • Difficulty Trophies Stack: No difficulties
  • Missable Trophies: None, chapter select is available
  • Glitched Trophies: None
  • Cheats: No cheats

Dokuro is a neat little 2-D platformer with puzzle elements. It has a retail version in Japan but is available only through PSN everywhere else. In this game you control the titular character, a lowly skeleton in the Dark Lord's army, who suddenly falls in love with a princess the Dark Lord wishes to marry. His newfound affection causes him to rebel against his master and he is determined to save the princess from the Dark Lord's wrath at all costs. Along the way he finds a potion that allows him to transform into a princely figure for a limited time, and it is only then that the princess will be able to see him. Gameplay consists of guiding Dokuro and the princess to a goal, noted by a flower at the end. The princess is very limited in her actions, and can only move forward, and cannot climb or drop down ledges. You'll be switching between Dokuro's skeleton form and hero form and using the unique attributes of both forms, as well as using 3 magical pieces of chalk, to clear the levels.

The trophies for this game are very straightforward and you will earn over half of them just by completing the game. The rest can easily be achieved in less than 5 hours. Overall, if you're looking for some old school platforming action, or are looking for a quick , you can't go wrong with this game.

Differences between skeleton and hero form
Skeleton form

  • Can double jump from the beginning.
  • Melee attack pushes enemies back.
  • Shorter height means he can pass through certain areas and has a better chance of getting past rising and falling weights.
  • Can fit through small gaps, useful for moving things.

Hero form

  • Melee attack can kill enemies, damage bosses.
  • Can carry princess.
  • Can only double jump after a certain point in the story.
  • Taller height means he won't die in some areas with low water levels.
  • Can cross over small gaps.

Useful Links
Dokuro Wiki - Here you will find a video walkthrough courtesy of Heartless141. If you ever get stuck on a stage you can look here to see how all the stages can be completed. I wouldn't recommend using it for the entire game however, as there are some trophies for dying.

- As soon as you get the chance, head over to options, and under Transforming, set it to the button instead of double-tap. It will save a lot of frustration in the long run, especially during boss battles or segments where you'll be switching forms a lot.

- Carry the princess whenever you can. Dokuro walks much faster than she does, and will shave off plenty of time for Master of the Castle.

- You can double jump while falling if you walk off a ledge. You'll need to use this to get some of the coins.

- Skeleton form can pass through small gaps while hero form can walk over them. This is important to remember as you can save yourself some time by arranging crates a few spaces apart instead of next to each other and still be able to traverse the princess through them.

Step 1: Beat the game and collect as many coins as you can

Just go through the game, making sure to keep an eye out for any coins in the level. Each level has exactly one coin, with the exception of 14-1 to 14-5, which have none. Most of the coins are in plain sight, while some are covered by objects, behind blockades, or just high above the area.

If you find yourself taking too long on a stage, you may want to just take the time to figure out the solution then restart the area and use this newfound knowledge to clear the stage while it's still fresh in your mind. Doing so will greatly aid you in getting Master of the Castle, which requires you to clear all stages in under 250 minutes. If you're really stuck, you can choose to skip a stage and come back to it later.

After completing this step, you will unlock:

A Cornered Rat...
Call Me Speedy
Happily Ever After
Treasure Hunter
Who Keeps Dropping These?
Newbie Knight
Master Knight
Lucky Find
I'll Just Hold on to These
Bulging Pockets
Aw, Shucks
Friends with Death
With Friends Like These...
White Chalk Master
Red Chalk Master
Blue Chalk Master

Step 2: Clean-up

After beating the game, you might be missing the following:

  • Level-specific trophies
  • Kill-related trophies
  • A few coins
  • Some level run times may need to be shortened

Now's the time to take care of those. The game features a level select so you can just go back to a stage and get any trophies/collectibles you've missed. It shouldn't take more than 5 hours for this step.

After completing this step, you will unlock:

Dark Lord's Treasure Complete!
Master of the Castle
Go Big or Go Home
A Hero is Born
Hide 'n' Seek
Dark Lord? No Biggie
Batting 100%
Shining Skeleton

[PST Would Like To Thank greenzsaber for this Roadmap]

Shining Skeleton
Earn all other Dokuro trophies to unlock this platinum trophy (3) 

Like every other platinum, earn all other trophies to unlock this lovely prize.

Dark Lord's Treasure Complete!
Collect all coins 

There are a total of 142 coins in the game. Every stage has exactly one coin except 14-1 up to 14-5, which don't have any. For the most part, coins are in plain sight and are easily obtainable without too much trouble as you progress through the level. Some coins may require you to blow up a wall, or are placed below a ledge requiring you to double jump while falling, or are placed in an optional area. Occasionally, some coins are hidden behind boxes and enemies or are placed high above the area, so try moving crates or looking up if the coin is not visible.

Getting a coin only registers after you've cleared a level while getting it. If you die during the stage you'll have to get it again until you beat the level. All stages that you've acquired a coin in will have a coin image at the bottom right corner of the level select icon, so use that to find which stages you've missed any coins in.

Master of the Castle
Complete all areas in a total of 250 minutes or less 

You'll need to make sure your best times across all areas add up to less than 250 minutes. You can view your times at the bottom of the screen when selecting a stage. This trophy will more likely than not, pop after beating the final boss if you've been diligent about restarting an area once you've found a proper solution. The game is very generous with this time requirement so you should only have to replay a few stages, if any at all.

If you're worried about taking too long on a stage, here are my times for all the stages if you need a reference point for what a decent time to complete a stage is.

1-1 00:35
1-2 00:49
1-3 00:54
1-4 00:45
1-5 00:42
1-6 00:55
1-7 00:27
1-8 01:19
1-9 00:40
1-10 01:08

2-1 00:56
2-2 00:50
2-3 00:18
2-4 01:24
2-5 00:48
2-6 00:45
2-7 02:10
2-8 01:21
2-9 01:00
2-10 00:30

3-1 00:19
3-2 01:07
3-3 00:13
3-4 00:51
3-5 01:08
3-6 00:53
3-7 00:28
3-8 01:03
3-9 00:43
3-10 01:41

4-1 01:30
4-2 01:26
4-3 01:20
4-4 00:58
4-5 03:18
4-6 04:06
4-7 00:46
4-8 02:09
4-9 00:43
4-10 01:27

5-1 00:27
5-2 00:41
5-3 01:57
5-4 00:51
5-5 00:50
5-6 00:44
5-7 01:31
5-8 01:05
5-9 00:57
5-10 00:45

6-1 00:34
6-2 01:09
6-3 00:53
6-4 01:20
6-5 00:47
6-6 00:51
6-7 00:55
6-8 01:10
6-9 01:13
6-10 01:25

7-1 01:12
7-2 01:47
7-3 00:44
7-4 00:55
7-5 00:50
7-6 01:00
7-7 01:50
7-8 01:03
7-9 00:43
7-10 00:48

8-1 00:53
8-2 01:50
8-3 01:04
8-4 00:48
8-5 01:02
8-6 01:24
8-7 03:51
8-8 02:07
8-9 03:03
8-10 02:50

9-1 00:51
9-2 00:49
9-3 01:01
9-4 01:03
9-5 01:01
9-6 02:07
9-7 01:34
9-8 01:13
9-9 01:52
9-10 01:43

10-1 01:39
10-2 00:33
10-3 00:39
10-4 01:34
10-5 01:06
10-6 01:18
10-7 01:32
10-8 01:26
10-9 01:07
10-10 02:39

11-1 01:34
11-2 02:23
11-3 02:16
11-4 01:42
11-5 03:21
11-6 02:00
11-7 02:18
11-8 02:16
11-9 01:56
11-10 01:21

12-1 01:28
12-2 01:34
12-3 00:44
12-4 01:57
12-5 00:38
12-6 01:23
12-7 03:00
12-8 01:27
12-9 02:40
12-10 02:11

13-1 01:46
13-2 01:37
13-3 00:31
13-4 02:13
13-5 01:58
13-6 00:37
13-7 00:39
13-8 00:40
13-9 00:56
13-10 00:58

14-1 01:24
14-2 01:45
14-3 01:52
14-4 01:13
14-5 03:33
14-6 00:45

15-1 02:17
15-2 03:23
15-3 06:25
15-4 01:56
15-5 02:37
15-6 00:46
15-7 02:21
15-8 02:21
15-9 03:51
15-10 04:04

16-1 03:03

Total time: 214:41

A Cornered Rat...
Defeat 100 monsters in Skeleton Form 

This will probably be the first gold trophy you get. Skeleton form's attack can't kill anything directly, so all of your kills will be through indirect means, such as knocking an enemy into spikes or dropping a crate on top of an enemy. You'll likely get this by playing through the game normally, but if you somehow haven't acquired it by the end of the game, you'll definitely get it when going for Batting 100%.

A way to get this trophy early is when you get to 6-6. Simply stand near the lit candle and a group of green wisp enemies will approach the candle and be destroyed. They respawn after some time so you can just leave your Vita idle until you get the trophy. I got this trophy once enough of these guys died, so they definitely count as kills.

A Hero is Born
Defeat 1000 monsters in Hero Form (3) 

Just use Hero form a lot and kill stuff whenever possible and you should have no trouble getting this. If you still don't have this by the time you get every other trophy, then head to 13-5 and at the start of the stage, flip the gravity and leave your Vita idle while staying in Hero form. There should be a constantly respawning enemy that will fall into the spikes which I believe counts towards your kills. I left my game on for about an hour on this screen before I progressed the story and managed to get the trophy around 15-6.

Light 4 torches with a single red chalk (1) 

This trophy can be done in 6-6. After the first lit candle there are 5 other unlit ones. You'll need to get the lit candle and 4 of the unlit candles on the screen at once like shown below, then while equipped with the red chalk, draw a line connecting all 5 candles. You can then move around to avoid the enemies, it doesn't matter if the candles are off screen at this point. The trophy will pop once the 4th candle is lit. Take care not to get hit while the chalk is doing its thing because doing so will remove whatever chalk there is on the screen, ruining your attempt at the trophy.

Call Me Speedy
Complete all areas in a total of 350 minutes or less 

See Master of the Castle for more details.

Fall from a great height 

Fall from a high place so that Dokuro goes offscreen for a bit and survive the fall to get this trophy. I used 7-10 for this. While descending, after the last sword enemy you'll see some spikes below. Jump off the elevator and go to the spot shown in the picture below and fall straight down. You'll get this trophy once you land. You can also get there by just falling off the ledge where the sword guy is and double jumping to the left.

Treasure Hunter
Collect 135 coins 

See Dark Lord's Treasure Complete! for more details.

Collect 120 coins 

See Dark Lord's Treasure Complete! for more details.

Who Keeps Dropping These?
Collect 100 coins 

See Dark Lord's Treasure Complete! for more details.

Complete stages 1 to 4 

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed. You'll have to fight two bosses along the way, the Guardian and Chef. See Go Big or Go Home for more details on defeating these two bosses.

Newby Knight
Complete stages 5 to 8 

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed. You'll fight the Servant and Lady Dark along the way. See Go Big or Go Home for more details on defeating Servant.

Lady Dark strategy:

She'll start by walking across the room. Stand next to her feet to avoid contact. She'll then kneel down and summon three flying enemies who will track you while she shoots a laser from her finger three times. Keep moving and jumping to avoid everything. The minions will disappear shortly and she'll shoot a heart at you. Let it grab you and it'll revert you to skeleton form and you'll be in a trance walking slowly towards her. A heart shaped dust also fills the screen so just rub off as much as you can quickly to end the spell. Quickly change to hero form and attack her hand which will stun her, allowing you to combo her. Repeat until she's beaten.

Complete stages 9 to 11 

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed. You'll fight the Gatekeeper at 11-10. See Go Big or Go Home for more details on defeating it.

Lucky Find
Collect your first coin 

Coins look like the image in this trophy. This one is practically impossible to miss, as most coins are usually in plain sight and some are even placed in areas where you need to go to progress.
See Dark Lord's Treasure Complete! for more details.

I'll Just Hold On to These
Collect 10 coins 

See Dark Lord's Treasure Complete! for more details.

Collect 25 coins 

See Dark Lord's Treasure Complete! for more details.

Collect 50 coins 

See Dark Lord's Treasure Complete! for more details.

Bulging Pockets
Collect 75 coins 

See Dark Lord's Treasure Complete! for more details.

Aw, Shucks
Pick up the Princess 200 times 

While in hero form, press to pick the princess up. Do this 200 times to get the trophy. You'll likely get this before beating the game, as many puzzles require it, so there's no need to grind it.

Friends with Death
Die 100 times 

As the trophy states, just die 100 times. Dying in either form counts. You should get this normally while playing the game.

White Chalk Master
Use white chalk successfully 

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed. You'll first obtain the white chalk at 1-5. To use it, find a detached rope and draw a line from it to a platform/box/stone using the touch screen. The trophy will pop shortly afterwards.

Secret Trophies
Go Big or Go Home
Complete stage 14 without taking any damage (4) 

Probably the hardest trophy in the game. You'll need to complete 14-1 to 14-6 without getting hit. All the levels except the last consist of previous boss battles, each of the old bosses have some new tricks up their sleeves. See below for the boss strategies. If you get hit, you'll need to quit the stage and select 14-1 again. I'm not sure if getting hit during 14-1 then restarting the area will void the trophy, but if this happens play it safe and just quit and select 14-1 again.

14-1 Guardian
Walk right, then when its life bar appears head left. He'll jump and land on the cracked patch in the middle. Wait for him to jump then go under him. He'll then stomp the ground and two boxes will drop down. Push or pull the box that has spikes to the nearest cracked patch, then wait for him to land on it. He'll lose health and get stunned. You can land about 3 combos on him before he gets back up. Repeat the process until he's beaten. Make sure to keep your distance from him because he'll do a melee attack if you get too close.

14-2 Chef
The hardest part of this boss is just getting him into melee range. Keep hitting the bell and dodge the explosive swordfish by double jumping over them. Once you get him within striking distance he'll only do two moves: a pepper spray and a cleaver chop, both of which can be avoided by staying left of the bell. Wait for him to do the cleaver attack then once he finishes head over and strike him twice, then move to the safe spot and wait for him to do the cleaver attack again. Hit the bell occasionally to prevent him from moving away from you.

14-3 Servant
The hardest boss of the run. This guy only has two attacks: a shower of bones and a fire demon/TNT barrel summoning followed by a laser that instantly kills you. To damage it you'll need to push the TNT barrels it summons under its chin as it's charging the laser, then head to the pit on the opposite side of the arena and stay in skeleton form to avoid getting hit by the laser. When it fires the laser the TNT barrel will explode, stunning him. Doing his 3 times will beat it. The bone shower attack is very slow and easily avoided. The hard part is dealing with the summons and getting enough time to push the barrel to hurt him.

Fortunately the minion spawn locations are fixed and I'll outline how to deal with each wave.

Wave 1: Very easy, just hit it in hero form as it's jumping. One hit and it's gone, then push the barrel under the boss's chin and head into the pit as skeleton form.

Wave 2:

Stand as shown in the picture, then kill the first minion as it stands, then head into the pit and stay left. The second minion should land on the right edge above the pit. Strike it down, then the final minion will land on the opposite edge above the pit. Kill it, then push the barrel.

Wave 3:

Stand between the barrel and the minion as they spawn, as shown in the picture, then wait for the minion to jump and land next to the barrel on the left, detonating it. Kill it in hero form as it lands, then push the right barrel into place and head to the pit and watch the boss destroy itself.

14-4 Gatekeeper
This shouldn't be a hard battle as he has very predictable attacks, which are listed below. You can damage it by standing on the switch which will raise some stakes above the boss. When the light above the stakes turns red, pull the lever above which will drop the stakes and stun it. You should be able to kill it in two stuns as long as you relentlessly attack whiles it's stunned.

List of Boss attacks
Feather attack - A wind will start blowing and it'll shoot 5 feathers at you. Double jump over one and you'll dodge the next one, and so on.

Huge Sword - It starts roaring at the sky and the screen starts shaking, then it'll attack with a HUGE blade which will instantly kill you if it connects. Get to high ground to avoid this.

Lasers - Its eyes glow either red, blue, or yellow and three spots will appear shortly after and will fire lasers. They will either fire down (red) or diagonally (blue, yellow). Simply get out of the way once you see the laser spots appear.

14-5 Dust Eater
Start by heading to the platform where the switch is. The boss's only attack pattern is to dash towards you twice, then fire an explosive harpoon at the platform you're on, then lunge at you from below the water. Double jump to avoid it as it dashes by, and head to an adjacent platform when it's going to do the harpoon attack, and when it retracts the harpoon, stand on the switch, which will move a conveyor belt and drop a barrel of TNT. There'll be some rumbling which means it will lunge at you from below. You'll need to wait at the platform the TNT is on then jump to another platform as the rumbling stops. The boss will collide with the barrel and be damaged. Just repeat this until it's gone.

14-6 Dark Bishop
Joke boss. Just take it slow and kill all the minions one by one. Keep your distance from the jumping fire enemies and strike only when they land. When you reach the red knight bait him into attacking by standing next to him then attack only after he finishes his move and pulls out his weapon. As for the boss, just stand next to him and mash and he'll die after two combos.

Hide 'n' Seek
Complete stage 11-5 without being discovered once (1) 

You'll need to finish the stage without you or the princess getting sucked in by an enemy on this stage. It's okay if you get seen. There are 6 enemies on this stage and 4 of them respawn after some time. One strike with the sword from hero form can kill them easily and you can push blocks to cover up their spawn portals temporarily. In order to get the princess across the first wall you need to make a tower of two blocks and place her on top of it as shown below. Just make sure you kill the two enemies that don't respawn before attempting to make the tower to make things easier.

From there you'll come across an elevator and two enemies. Kill both of them and push the block above down to the middle level where the switch is and use that to cover up the spawn portal, as shown below. Before you get the princess on the elevator, wait for the enemy above to respawn, then kill her again. Now you can step on the switch to get the princess on the elevator. Once you're at the bottom, just push the block that's in the way all the way to the right and you're home free.

Happily Ever After
Complete all stages 

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed. After earning Master Knight you'll have one more level to play through, which is the final boss battle. Beat it and the trophy unlocks, assuming you cleared every other stage beforehand. See Dark Lord? No Biggie for more details on this battle.

Dark Lord? No Biggie
Defeat the Dark Lord without taking any damage 

The Dark Lord is the final boss of the game, and has quite a few attacks up his sleeve. Luckily they're easy to read and avoid. Just take it slow and only attack him when he's doing his platform attack and subterranean worms attack and you should get this trophy without too much trouble. Note that touching his horns and purple cape won't hurt you, but touching any other part will, so watch out when attacking his legs as he will return to his standing position after he finishes an attack, causing you to bump into his arms.

Weapon strike - Weapons appear from his belly. He'll lean forward before he does this, as shown below. Stay a good distance from him to avoid this.

Platforms - He'll raise his fist and create a wind to blow you into the pit, and platforms appear above. Head to the platform closest to his face and start hitting it to stun him and do some big damage. You want this attack as it's the best way to damage him. Don't jump when trying to hit his face as that will result in just getting hit. Just move forward and strike his face when you're close enough. It takes 4 hits to stun him and this counter only resets after he's been stunned, meaning if you hit his face 3 times before the attack ends, the next time he does this attack, a single hit to the face will stun him. As his health gets lower he will start charging a laser which can be avoided by staying above him.

Chomp - After he recovers from being stunned he'll summon a huge pair of jaws, which automatically kills you if it connects. Start moving to the left once he is about to recover to avoid it. The attack takes a while to execute so there should be plenty of time to avoid it.

Worm summoning - His most annoying attack. He raises his fist and summons two undead worms on the field. As soon as you see him do this head over and attack them to disable them. They disappear over time, but they can really mess up this trophy if you let them be.

Subterranean worms - He'll lean back, and spikes will appear from the ground (touching them won't hurt you), then worms will appear and move at an arc before returning to the ground. As his HP gets lower, he'll summon two worms at once. Standing next to the spikes will let you avoid them as they pass by. When he summons two worms, stand between the spikes as shown below to avoid them. If he summons a single worm, feel free to take a few stabs at his leg for some

Power Up - He'll raise his fist and a dark aura appears. Doesn't hurt you, but it does make a couple of his attacks deadlier. He'll do this twice. The first time he will power up his subterranean worms attack and summon two of them at once, and the second time he'll start charging a laser during the platform/wind attack.

Master Knight
Complete stages 12 to 15 

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed. You'll get this trophy after clearing 15-10. You'll have to fight the Dust Eater at 12-10 then all the previous bosses again as you progress through these levels. See Go Big or Go Home for more details on defeating them.

Batting 100%
Successfully deflect boomerangs 100 times (3) 

I'm not sure if you actually need to kill the enemies with their own boomerang for it to count, but to be safe, I recommend doing this in skeleton form. Hero form will bounce the boomerangs at an angle and will miss the enemies. The best place I've found to do this is 7-10. At the start there's 3 boomerang enemies, so as you descend the elevator just wait until they get a ! over their head then press to attack and deflect their boomerang. Once they're gone, restart the area and repeat until the trophy pops. You can also get A Cornered Rat... this way if you don't have it already.

With Friends Like These...
Let the princess get knocked out 100 times 

As the description states, just let the princess get killed 100 times and you'll get this trophy. This will likely come naturally as you go through the game.

Red Chalk Master
Use red chalk successfully 

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed. You acquire the red chalk during 3-7. Use the touch screen to draw a line connecting a flame source (can be candles or even the fire demon enemies) to either an unlit candle, explosive barrel, or a cannon. The red chalk will act as a fuse and the trophy will pop after it lights something up.

Blue Chalk Master
Use blue chalk successfully 

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed. You acquire the blue chalk during 9-1. With it equipped, use the touch screen to draw a straight line across a pit, which will create some water that rises depending on how high your line was drawn. The trophy will pop after you do this once.

Game Info
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US October 16, 2012
Europe January 30, 2013
Japan July 05, 2012

Players: 1
ESRB: Everyone 10+
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