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Well Mannered
You completed the Boyle Estate mission without spoiling the party

In order to unlock this trophy you must dispose of Lady Boyle during Mission 5: Lady Boyle’s Last Party, either by assassinating her or using the non-lethal option, without alerting any of her guests or guards. To avoid alerting them to your presence and “spoiling the party”, you must do all of the following:

  • Never have a guest or guard discover a body
  • Never be witnessed killing or pickpocketing
  • Never be seen carrying Lady Boyle around, or any other body
  • Never be seen on the second floor by a guard, or exiting the second floor area
  • Never show your weapons in front of anyone
  • Never use powers other than Bend Time 2 in front of anyone

To accomplish this, talk to guests of the party to learn which Boyle is wearing which colored dress. Explore the rooms further until you come across Lady Boyle’s lover, Lord Brisby, that is wearing a weird rat looking mask with hair sticking out of it. Speak to him in private and he will inform you that he knows of your mission, and proposes to you that if you bring Lady Boyle to the cellar alive, rather than assassinating her, he will make her disappear resulting in the same outcome as if you were to kill her; this is the non-lethal method. He will identify exactly which Boyle is ‘Lady Boyle’. Once you have her marked speak to her until she leads you upstairs to a bed.

NOTE - Make a save point here. At this point you can go with either the lethal or non-lethal route.

  • Non-lethal - Choke Lady Boyle, pick up her body and travel to the bottom of the stairs you just came up. If you come across any guards use Bend Time to get by them. Take an immediate right when you enter the kitchen, and follow the path to a switch that opens a gate to the cellar. Carry her body into the cellar to find her Lover on a boat, who will then take her from you. With that done simply make your way back to Samuel’s boat. The trophy will unlock during the end mission stats screen.
  • Lethal - Slice her throat, and then exit her bedroom to the gardens via the narrow door next to the bed. Kill the guard in front of you, and then Blink across to the building on your left. Climb down the chain, open up the door to your left, sneak behind the guard here and pickpocket his key. Turn around and go back inside the building you were just in, but go up the stairs and unlock the door with your new key. Escape through the window and Blink your way to the ground, and then navigate your way towards Samuel. The trophy will unlock during the end mission stats screen.
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User Comments
 Comment #1 by veryHoudini11
Sunday, October 28, 2012 @ 04:43:58 AM

I got this pretty simply while killing guards upstairs guarding the bedrooms, dual the wolf masked guy in the garden, but shooting him with a sleeping dart instead, and eliminating the target by persuading her to follow me into the cellar. Pick pocketing guests too often, using magic in front of guest or any other way of upsetting them or the guards obviously will void this trophy.

 Comment #2 by DarkAwesome
Saturday, July 12, 2014 @ 04:36:54 PM

Actually, it is not set where lady Boyle will led you/be led, as it is different with each Boyle. This trophy is easiest to get with Waverly, as with some smooth-talking she will follow you, so you can lead her right to the cellar and not arouse any suspicion. Saving right before you enter the mansion (the gated off neutral area does not count, the gardens do) will let you go after a specific target without restarting, because which one is your real target is picked at random. The dual with lord Shaw does not count disrupting the party, no one even cares if he dies (though it will negate "clean hands".) Void gaze will not disrupt the party either, neither will having your sword out if you don't use it.

 Comment #3 by necronom
Sunday, April 26, 2015 @ 01:42:57 PM

I just got this after fighting and killing guards upstairs, and pickpocketing people in full view of lots of others (who commented on it). I was also seen by someone with the dead target (her boyfriend) in the basement/sewer.

I was going to go for this trophy on the next run, so was totally surprised to get it just now.

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