Dishonored Trophies
You assassinated the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows

This trophy will unlock if you choose to kill Lord Regent during mission six. This trophy CAN be missed should you decide to broadcast the Lord Regent's crimes rather than killing him.

This mission sees you return to the place where the Empress was assassinated. You must infiltrate the heavily guarded tower and eliminate Lord Regent. You will begin swimming in water and must make your way upwards to the main courtyard, which is very heavily guarded. If you stick to the left hand side you can traverse it without being seen, which will benefit you because Lord Regent will retreat should you be spotted in the courtyard.

Follow your waypoint into the large main chamber, and then Blink the chandeliers up and to the left to make it out onto the roof. Kill/avoid the guards up here, and then Blink into the window on the right side of the building ahead, which will lead you to Lord Regent talking to somebody. Deactivate the wall of light, enter the room and kill Lord Regent to unlock the trophy.

Please Note that this trophy and Political Suicide can not be earned at the same time. If you wish to earn both trophies in one playthrough, make a manual save once you enter the large main chamber with the chandeliers. Choosing to assassinate the Lord Regent will also negate the Poetic Justice trophy should you be attempting that too.

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User Comments
 Comment #1 by Bonzai0311
Friday, January 03, 2014 @ 04:30:07 PM

If your trying the non lethal play through, then right after completing the requirements for 'political suicide', head down stairs. Two guards will be arresting the lord regent. Save your game and execute the lord regent in your manner of choice: possession, rat swarm, pistol, crossbow, however you wish. You can earn this and the political suicide trophy as little as a minute apart. Kill him and reload your game. This is the preferred method as you don't have to fight your way through his tower to reach him.

 Comment #2 by core N
Wednesday, April 08, 2015 @ 06:32:22 PM

Another option is to Blink onto the left light. Blink to the left railing. Jump onto the bookshelf before the stairwell to the roof. Save & Wait. After the speech, you should soon hear a door unlock and footsteps. This is the Lord Regent and a Music Man w/ Dog. Simply wait till they pass and then Blink-Kill the Lord. Now, following in Bonza0311's footsteps, reload your save and start the section in Clean Hands, Ghost, Mostly Flesh & Steel, or Shadow.

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US October 09, 2012
Europe October 12, 2012
Japan October 11, 2012

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