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After Coldridge Prison, you eluded 5 pursuers at once without killing them or leaving the map

There are several opportunities throughout the game to unlock this trophy, the first of which being in mission two: High Overseer Campbell. At the start of this mission you will notice some guards throwing bodies off a bridge above you. Two the left of those guards is a Wall of Light. Make your way, undetected, to the wall and disable it using the electrical box nearby. Run into the newly opened area and get the attention of as many guards as you can. Once they are chasing you, return to the bridge where the guards were dumping bodies. Those guards will now be chasing you, and should have more than five attacking you now.

With the guards giving chase, Blink you way over the existing wall of light and make your way to higher grounds, and soon you should lose the guards and the trophy will unlock.

Another good location is mission four. Once you reach the bridge, disable the Arc Pylon and get the attention of guards. There are easily more than five here, so once they are giving chase climb/Blink to the top of the bridge. The guards can’t follow you this high up, meaning you can elude them and unlock the trophy.

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 Comment #1 by nightlysentinel
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 @ 02:36:14 AM

Hey there. I thought I'd pass some potentially helpful tips along for those having trouble getting this to pop. I didn't have luck with the guard method on the bridge in Mission 2: High Overseer Campbell. I tried out distillery method (during mission 2 so that they are hostile) referenced in several videos like this one,

I had some trouble and I think I figured out why. When you run around to get the thugs to chase you, don't go up the stairs to attract the attention of the two guards near the red "KEEP OUT" sign. This meant more guards appeared from the other area who remained aggressive even after the others had given up and said, "He's gone."

 Comment #2 by Jaccident
Sunday, May 10, 2015 @ 11:45:44 AM

Very easy way to get this in "The Loyalists".

Minor Spoilers ahead:

In The Loyalists mission the back courtyard of the Hounds Pit will be filled with around 6 soldiers. (2 tall boys, 4 officers).

1. From the roof of Piero's workshop blink into the middle of the courtyard (I aimed for the area at the top of the steps).
2. Get detected.
3. Stop time.
4. Turn left about 90 degrees and Blink to the steps leading down into the sewer.
5. Open the grate and drop down.

Wait a few minutes and the trophy will pop.

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