Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness (EU)

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness (EU) Trophies
Ultimate Destroyer
Requirement: Defeat Pringer X in LoC Mode. You are the King of Chaos!

Despite what the trophy description states, you’ll actually need to defeat Pringer Z to obtain this trophy. If you return to Prinny Land X after defeating Pringer X, you’ll be greeted with four Pringer Zs, which is the fight you must win in LoC Mode. Defeating the first battle with Pringer X in LoC Mode will NOT earn you this trophy.

At their lowest power in LoC Mode, each Pringer Z will have 3 billion HP and 30 million in all other stats. While this might seem intimidating, the battle is not really that difficult if you’re properly set up. To prepare for this fight, you’ll need to do the following:

- Acquire a Lollipop (steal from Cougar Pirates) and Broken Cellphone (randomly found from Item Gods in LoC Mode).
- Get a Rank 40 staff and level it up to 300.
- Get 255 weapon mastery with the staff or until your main unit's INT when equipped with the staff reaches at least 1 million. Farm “Sparring Partner” innocents to reach this quicker.
- Obtain several 300 level Statisticians, one 300 level Trainer and one 100 level Pharmacist (optional, but recommended).
- Obtain one 100 level Firefighter and one 100 level Professional, and have your main unit learn Tera Fire, then level the skill up so that it has its 3x3 area.
- Make a Catsaber with the evility Softening Aura.
- Make 6-7 Shamans with the evility Cursed Dance.
- Level up one (or ideally 2-3) Shaman until she learns Poison, Charm and Resist Break, then level up both skills until she gets at least the 3x2 area.
- Make one Ifrit with the evility Heat Depression.
- Make one Mothman with the evility Poison Accelerator.

If using a male unit, having 3 of the Shamans or 2 Shamans and Lanzarote steal Artina's "Angel Glitter" evility is recommended.

I'll use Laharl as the main unit for the rest of this explanation. Have him steal Valvatorez's Absorption evility and equip the Genesis Wand and Broken Cellphone on him. Next, turn on Rasetsu Mode and LoC Mode, and set the monster strength to one star.

Head to CoO6, then bring out your Shaman with Poison then use it on the 3x2 group of enemies. If you can get at least one of them poisoned, then bring out your Mothman with Poison Accelerator and wait 3 turns. The poisoned enemy will now have 10% HP.

Next, recall your Mothman and bring out your Ifrit, Lanzarote, and all your Shamans, then move them behind the Base Panel. Bring Laharl out and move him behind the Base Panel as well. If any units have Angel Glitter make sure to move them adjacent to Laharl. Now have Lanzarote cast Magic Boost on Laharl and the Shaman use Resist Break and Charm on the enemies until one of the low HP ones gets afflicted with the status. Once that happens, have Laharl keep using Tera Fire until one of the enemies fall. With Absorption kicking in, he should have no problems clearing the rest of the enemies with Tera Fire.

You’ll notice that Laharl’s HP will rise a significant amount after clearing the stage. The idea is to keep doing that stage until Laharl’s HP reaches 1 billion. Next, you’ll need to max likeability with the Catsaber, then pass the bill to take his Softening Aura Evility. Once that’s done, equip the Lollipop and Broken Cellphone on Laharl and enter the Pringer fight.

Once there, you’ll probably want to send Laharl out and have him kill off 9 of your other characters to raise his stats. With the high HP, Lollipop, and evility, all the damage the Pringers do to him will be healed back the next turn, and from there you can just chip away at their health until they’re all dead. Sometimes the Pringers will also use Pringer Beam X and damage their allies. Take care not to stay in one place for too long, as over time the Pringers’ combo and damage will increase if they haven’t moved, which will result in death if left unchecked.

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