Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention (NA)

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention (NA) Trophy Guide
Guide By: professorstotch and unnxandros
There are 54 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Road Map

Difficulty: Community Vote: 6.36/10 (Vote here!)
Time to Platinum: >60 hours
Offline trophies: 54 (48, 3, 2, 1 )
Online trophies: 0
Playthroughs needed: 1
Missable trophies: None. However, a couple trophies are much easier to get in certain levels.
Glitched trophies: None
Do Cheats disable trophies?: There's no cheating, only "shortcuts"
Cross-save feature?: Nope, unfortunately.


First of all let me welcome to the wonderful world of Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention. If you think of Final Fantasy Tactics as Tactical Role Playing Game, Disgaea is a Tactical RPG on steroids! Before I start with this road map I want to clarify some points. First of all, this is not the only way to get the platinum. Based on previous experiences I did find this the best way. In here I won't baby you in every step; the Disgaea World is so HUGE and deep, and so many EXCELLENT guides have been written that I won't even try to "compete" with them. To those familiar with the PS3 version, you'll be happy to know there are no longer trophies for hunting
down those darn Pirates!

00. Your First Trophies

There are some trophies that can be obtained in the first ten minutes of the game and can be acquired with no knowledge of the game mechanics:

A Single Step
Shut Up Already!
Finger Flicking Good!
As the World Turns
I Got Gummed
Hop, Step, Jump

Yes, you can get these 6 trophies without entering your first real fight!

01. Complete the Main Story

The main story in Disgaea 3 isn't very long or difficult. You can really play through the entire main section of the game with just the default characters you’re given. By the end of the game, you’ll most likely have the following:

Ch. 1 Netherworld Honor Student Complete
First Setback
The Towertastic Ten
Ch. 2 Mao's Heart Complete
Master of the Chain (Chapter 2-1)
Omni Bonus! (Chapter 2-3)
Ch. 3 The Freshmen Leader!
Puzzle Master – Chapter 3; Level: "Board Conspiracy"
Ch. 4 Almaz the Hero Complete
Ch. 5 Grand War Complete
Ch. 6 The Reckoning Complete
Ch. 7 An Eye for an Eye Complete
Finale Complete

02. Grinding

One of the staples of the Disgaea series is the ability to level you characters all the way to 9999. This is no doubt a long process, but with the right combinations of items, characters, and patience, you’ll start racking up levels in no time. Grinding in this game is all about collecting the right combination of weapons and accessories, levelling them up through item world, and making them home to certain Innocents. You can check here for a small guide on grinding and collecting some awesome items, weapons, and monsters.

03. Character recruitment and post-game maps/missions

Once you’ve brought your characters to the levels you feel comfortable with, you can start to tackle some of the post-game story stuff. There are several characters to recruit and several additional missions to complete. All characters must be recruited in order to fight the Tyrant Baal. See PE Teacher Destroyer for more info on this.

You should be able to get the following in your post game run:

Raspberyl Version Complete
Majin Academy Complete

04. Item World, Command Attack, Survival Mode, Reverse Pirating…when does it end?!

There’s still a lot to do. Reverse Pirating is a science on its own, and can be very difficult if you’re not prepared. See the Reverse Pirates! Everything is Mine! section for more info.

With your Uber characters, you should be able to take on pretty much anything this game can throw at you. If you’ve followed the mini guide from the levelling section, you should have at least a couple 9999 characters by now, several strong monsters from LoC, and weapons that’ll make even the toughest foes tremble in your presence. You can take on Item World CA, Class

World CA, complete all extra maps, and recruit every last character. From there, you’ll be ready to take on the two Baal enemies. All of your running around in the Item World should eventually lead you to a lot of the special Mystery Rooms as well. All of these trophies are covered in more
detail in their specific sections.

05. Mop Up

At this point you probably have very few trophies left and you should be able to mop up most of them with little trouble at all.

 [PS3T Would Like to Thank professorstotch and unnxandros for this Road Map]

Platinum Trophy
Congratulations on getting all the trophies! (5) 
Secret Trophies
Item Spelunker
Congratulations on reaching the 100th floor! You're on the right track to become a hardcore player! 

Complete floors 1-100 in Item World without exiting. You can access IW pretty early in the game, starting around Chapter 3. You’ll need to find a Legendary item to be able to go for 100 floors. While on the screen to enter the Item World, it’ll show you at the bottom the levels you can expect enemies to start at. They will increase steadily with each floor, and if you’re not careful you run the risk of being out-levelled.

One good strategy is to create a "runner". A good option is a Masked Hero, as he has a high move count to start and his flying movement type allows him to go through enemies. Throw three pairs of shoes on him, and he can go pretty much anywhere. Any level that doesn’t have a gatekeeper, just send him right for the exit.

Trophy Shopper
I've been waiting for you in this Mystery Room! (4) 

Hopefully you can get this while going for Item Spelunker. Once you get to floor 91 in Item World, you have the chance to encounter a new mystery room. Talk to the NPC in this room, and the trophy will pop:

Reaching the 100th Carnage! (1) 

To get to the Land of Carnage, you’ll need Illegal Tickets. You’ll need a total of 25 of these, and then you’ll have to complete 25 X-Dimension levels. Illegal Tickets can be obtained by defeating pirates in Item World, or bought from a Reaper in Item World. X-Dimension maps are the same maps as the regular story…only more difficult. Once you get to LoC, prepare for a the long hall in reaching the 100th floor.

A Single Step
Welcome to Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention! We welcome new and returning players alike! Enjoy! (2) 

Easiest and first trophy in the game. Just start up a new game, and you have it!

Ch.1 Netherworld Honor Student Complete
I am indeed the No.1 Honor Student! 

Finish Chapter 1.

Chapter 1 contains the following levels:

Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
Tutorial 3
Strongest Entrance
Strongest Hallway
Strongest Garden
Strongest Crossroad
Strongest Overlord

Ch.2 Mao's Heart Complete
I was supposed to pour salt and pepper on it, instead of hot sauce! 

Finish Chapter 2.

Chapter 2 contains the following levels:

Tutorial 4
Tutorial 5
Tutorial 6
Childhood Memories
Heart Vault
Dragon's Rest
Cooking Corridor
Home Ec. Kitchen
Grudgeful Memory
Heart Vault

Ch.3 The Freshmen Leader! Complete
Boss! Boss! Boss! 

Finish Chapter 3.

Chapter 3 contains the following levels:

Blazing Firestorm
Student Chaos
Threatful Abuse
Nightmare Days
Forceful Education
Board Conspiracy
Assault! PTA

Ch.4 Almaz the Hero Complete

Finish Chapter 4.

Chapter 4 contains the following levels:

Freezing Soul
Chaotic Chill
Eternal Teardrop
Murderous Intent
Psycho Room
Futile Revenge
Heart Vault

Ch.5 Grand War Complete
Hot Hot Sensitive Tongue Slash! Kiiiiiaaaaahhhhh! 

Finish Chapter 5.

Chapter 5 contains the following levels:

No Running Hallway
Organized Corridor
Audio-Visual Room
Chain Death Battle
Rotten Grudge
Victims' Ecstasy
Waking Nightmares
Captain's Location

Ch.6 The Reckoning Complete

Finish Chapter 6.

Chapter 6 contains the following levels:

Evil Mind Vortex
Howl of Agony
Heart Vault
Legendary School
Vile Voodoo Doll
Pool of Bloody Tears
Cruel Destiny Plan

Ch.7 An Eye for an Eye Complete
Gimme an autograph later! 

Finish Chapter 7.

Chapter 7 contains the following levels:

Hearty Comeuppance
Unsated Thirst
Corpse Eaters
Grieving Death Knell
Wandering Hunter
Death's Path

Finale Complete
I will...become the Overlord! (1) 

Finish the Finale.

The Finale contains the following levels:

Super Hero's Requiem
Super Hero's Apostle
Super Hero's Desire
Last Battle

Raspberyl Version Complete
You all graduate, today! 

Talk to Parallel Worlder to complete these new chapters.

Majin Academy Complete
I shall take over this Academy! 

Talk to Parallel Worlder to complete these new chapters.

Eryngi Baal Slayer
I'm not going to get my "a" back? 

This is a super boss that becomes available after completing the various extra maps in post-game. Once you’re done with these, the last one will have Eryngi Baal. Beat him up and you’ll unlock this.

PE Teacher Destroyer
It's always been a dream to defeat a PE teacher... (4) 

This is for beating the Tyrant Baal. You’ll unlock this fight for completing the following:

  • Raspberyl Questline
  • Majin Academy Question
  • All Extra Maps
  • Diez Gentlemen Question
  • Additional Character Recruitments
  • Item World Command Attack, Class World CA, and Survival mode

Doing all of the above lead us towards the real goal of:

Unlocking EVERY character

You'll need to clear IWCA and CWCA in under 150 commands to unlock special characters. Also, there's a character that must be unlocked by completing certain actions in Survival mode. While in Survival mode, you'll start to come across Level Spheres. You'll have to get 7 of these. If you're flying through Survival Mode, an easy way to capture a Level Sphere is to run a character over to it, have them pick it up, and then have another character exit the level through the portal...or kill all enemies. If you're holding the sphere when you finish the level, you should get rewarded for it.

Once you have 7 level spheres, you'll unlock a special Mystery Room. In here, a green dragon will grant you a wish. Choose the option for "I want a mascot girl" and you'll unlock a new character.

Shut Up Already!
I'll never stop talking! (4) 

Go to Homeroom, pick any character and spam the :cross: button. Eventually this will pop up.

Finger Flicking Good
Mooove! My fingers are on fire!!! (2) 

In the Main Academy area, just find some NPCs and see if you can flick them around. Prinny's work well for this. Use the touch screen to flick them over and over until this unlocks.

Shopping Spree
As a proud demon, I'll buy everything at the store! 

Straightforward. Buy everything at any store. I found that the Bribes Shop in the Item World works really well, as they never have a lot in stock, and everything is fairly cheap.

First Setback
That was just a warm. Now I'm ready to go! (1) 

Get your first Game Over. Easy enough, and you’ll most likely get one these without even trying for it.

Super Honor Student
The HQ at this school is truly amazing. (4) 

HQ is easily raised by playing the same map over and over. You’ll probably get this while power levelling. In the process of grinding out 7-3, keep playing it over and over and this will unlock once your HQ hits ~300, this will unlock.

There's also some sort of feature built into the Vita GPS that’s supposed to raise your HQ. If anyone has any info on how exactly this works, let me know. I recently took my Vita on a trip from Boston to Atlanta, with the GPS enabled, and didn’t notice any change in my HQ the entire time.

BGM Lover
How 'bout buying some music for a change? (1) 

In the Item World, you’ll eventually come across a Mystery Room that contains a Music Shop. You don’t have to actually buy the music, just spam the option to listen to the songs until this unlocks. You’ll get it around 50 previews, and you don’t have to listen to the entire song.

IWCA Flyweight Champion
You are the Item World Champ! 

Finish Item World CA, which is unlocked in the Epilogue, and secure a place in the rankings. See Commando King for more details on Command Attack.

Commando King
Now you're the Class World King! (2) 

Finish Item World CA, which is unlocked in the Epilogue, and secure a place in the rankings.

Command Attack modes can be pretty challenging if you have an unprepared party. Make sure to go into this with decently levelled and developed characters.

You can clear a CA level in one of two ways: (1) Kill all the enemies on the map; (2) move the required amount of characters to the grey blocks (usually between 3-6), kill the gatekeeper that appears, and exit through the gate.

Make sure to have characters with high movement, and movement increasing accessories like shoes and hyperdrives (best option!) Masked Heroes and their respective tiers are great, as their base movement is very high, and they’re considered flying-type characters, which means they’ll pass right through enemies and other characters instead of having to go around them.

You can get command bonuses for killing the gatekeepers, so this is definitely a priority. Killing a keeper on floors 1-9 gives you a 5 command bonus, which basically takes 5 commands off your total. Killing the keeper on the 10th floor results in a 10 command bonus. Say a floor requires 5 folks to gain access to the gate. Once the gatekeeper appears, have one character kill it, and move through the gate. You can really keep movements down if you’re flying around the map and killing gate keepers on each floor.

To get those trophies you need to beat both IWCA and CWCA in under 100 commands. Item World is pretty simple but CWCA is a little bit harder but there's a workaround:

  1. Get a Magic Knight to Tier 4. A Magic Knight can be created after passing the "Make a Magic Knight" bill in Homeroom. This bill is available after you obtain both a level 25 male/female fighter and a level 25 skull (witch)/mage.
  2. Create 9 Magic Knights and a Runner (I use a Moth with 3xShoes with improved movement, but said shoes are not necessary, 3 regulars shoes will do since CWCA levels are pretty small)
  3. Teach those 9 Magic Knights Fire/Ice/Wind +8 (So they can use a 3x3 attack) and their ECHO evility which allows em to Cast twice (25% chance).
  4. On IWCA, Use a Magic Knight and Cast your magic +8/9 trying to get as many blocks and enemies as you can. DO NOT EXECUTE or END TURN:
    • a) On the upper-left corner of the screen you'll see who's attacking and how many times, if this is done correctly your character's tile should appear twice, if not press circle twice and roll your character again.
    • b) Deploy your other 8 chars and try to double cast with em all the time.
    • c) In a perfect scenario -and there's no such thing in Disgaea - you'll be able to clear the room of enemies and blocks in 1 or 2 rounds. This will grant you +9 commands for moving 9 Magic Knights +9 commands for attacking -10 commands for clearing the room of blocks -5 commands for killing the "boss" +1 command for moving to the gate (+4 Commands which is hardly the case).
    • d) Your objective is to end every level in under 10 commands, so when you get to Level 10, you'll need to be < 90 commands.
    • e) Depending on the level layout and the amount of commands left you can either kill every enemy and go for the gate (I made it to Level 10 with 80 commands so I just killed every one and went for the gate) or kill every and clear every block which will grant you -25 in the last level.
Survival Class: Passed
You truly are the Survival Master! 

As with anything in this game, a decently levelled party will get you wherever you want to go.

Survival Mode is quite different from Command Attack. Each floor has certain actions you can complete to get score points. These include stealing items, tower attacks, etc. Completing these actions will also open up a gate that let’s you move on to the next level. I just kept playing through until I got bored, and once I connected to the rankings the trophy popped. You need to make to to at least level 150 of Survival Mode for this to unlock.

Omni Bonus!
It's only natural for a demon to take everything. (4) 

Get all rewards from the post-battle bonus gauge. This can easily be obtained the first time you play map 2-3, Grudgeful Memory. Grab the blue geo block, throw it to the other blue blocks and sit back as the bonus gauge fills up.

As the World Turns
If it spins, it's only natural to want to spin it. 

In the Main Academy, just stand there and spam the or shoulder buttons to turn the camera. Eventually this will unlock.

It's Da Bomb!
Playing with bombs in Homeroom? You're quite an honor student. (1) 

While trying to pass a Bill in the Homeroom, you’ll have the option to bribe the voters. Bring a Bomb into the vote with you, and give it to one of the voters as a bribe, causing them to explode. Trophy unlocked.

The Shamshank Redemon
I'm just testing your loyalty. 

In Homeroom, you have the option to select “Punish Them” on the topics menu. This costs no Mana, so it’s pretty easy to get this. Once you have at least 10 extra characters, punish all of them during one trip to Homeroom, without exiting, and this will pop up. You can bring them right back from Detention afterwards.

Playing Favorites
Aren't you happy to be surrounded by your favorite characters? (1) 

Create 10 characters while in Homeroom.

Treasure Hunter
Don't your legs feel stronger from all that jumping? (1) 

In Item World, you’ll come across a Mystery Room that has a ton of chests on top of some pillars. Grab all the chests and you’ll get this. To make Mao jump higher, you’ll need to level, level, level. Also, having the Birdmen Watcher’s Club unlocked will double the jump height:

Kneel Before Cat God!
*blush* Oh, you can stand, meow. 

Another Mystery Room trophy. In this one, you’ll be in a room with a couple chests and a giant pillar in the middle of the room. If Mao is in the Birdmen Club (available after finding this room for the first time) and at a fairly high level (1500+) you can reach the top of the pillar and talk to a cat and unlock this trophy:

Reverse Pirates! Your Treasure is Mine!
Reverse Pirates, yeah! All that treasure's just for me! 

See Reverse Pirates! Everything is Mine!

Reverse Pirates! I Shall Take Your Innocents!
Reverse Pirates, yeah! We're taking all the Innocents with us! 

See Reverse Pirates! Everything is Mine!

Reverse Pirates! Everything is Mine!
Reverse Pirates, yeah! Nothing is left in our wake... (4) 

Reverse Pirating! Fun stuff! Eventually you’ll start to encounter pirates in the Item World. Your best bet to run into them is to head into a legendary item and be on floors 31+. Defeating a group of pirates and all other enemies on the map will grant you a pirate ship as a reward. You can now start to reverse pirate!

Once you have a ship, you can choose to reverse pirate on floors 20+ of an item. To get these trophies, you’ll need to move all innocents, level spheres, and treasure chests to your ship within a ~3 turn limit. Not as easy as it sounds.

Make sure you have a couple Cheerleaders that can boost both the movement and throwing abilities of your characters. Starting off with characters who have decent throwing and movement will really help out too. Make sure to not kill the enemies on the map, as this wastes turns and will result in the level ending early if all die.

In my opinion, these are the three toughest trophies in the game. I know others will disagree, but I struggled until I got a pattern down and really figured it out.

Mega Damage!
You gotta train! For starters, a million damage! 

See Tera Damage.

Giga Damage!
More training! You can do more! 

See Tera Damage.

Tera Damage!
Even more training! Good job! (5) 

These trophies are for reaching certain damage amounts i.e 1 million, 100 million and 10 billion. You'll come to these after a long while of grinding and getting some awesome equipment. Check here for some tips on how to accomplish this.

Follow the guide and this could be you!:

Cross Fists as Friends
It's a story about a friendship born through fisticuffs. (2) 

You’ll need 10+ counter-attacks for this one. You can take characters with high counter skill and have them duke it out against each other. Another option is to take a character with a high counter, and have them fight their dropout in the Class World. Dropouts are exact copies of the character you’re in the Class World for. Cheerleaders have the ability to learn the Counter Attack Up skill, and fist weapons also increase this skill as well. Get it as high as you can, and let the character loose on the dropout.

In post-game, you can recruit a character named Zetta, who has a base counter state of 9.

To make this trophy easy, just reincarnate him (or use him in level 100, shouldn't be a problem) in Class world and find his dropout as suggested. Boost their counter and defense with a Cheerleader and have them go back and forth until this unlocks.

Puzzle Master
Erase everything! Train that brain! (3) 

Clear all geo panels with a chain of 5+. Best option seems to be the Chapter 3 mission, Board Conspiracy, but once you move past this you’re unable to go back until you start a new cycle. All panels must be cleared, and the chain has to get to at least 5. Item World has maps with tons of geo panels. With some clever rearranging, you should be able to get this one without too much trouble.

Master of the Chain
Do massive chains! Use your brain to the max! (1) 

This is the equivalent of the 10 Block Combo trophy from the PS3 version, so the strategy works exactly the same. On map 2-1, Childhood Memories, set up a row of 10 blocks, stacked 2 high. Use alternating reds and yellows so that no two of the same color touch each other. Start with a red block on the space closest to the home panel, and finish with a yellow at the very end. From here, take a single red block and toss it next to the red panel near the base panel. Touching them will set off a chain reaction that results in a trophy.

Y | R | Y | R | Y | R | Y | R | Y | R
R | Y | R | Y | R | Y | R | Y | R | Y

Picture coming soon!

Hardcore Gamer!
Thanks for playing! But we suggest you take a break. (6) 

Play for 10 hours straight. A lot of people have trouble with this for some reason. It's not 10 cumulative hours, it’s 10 hours straight. You can put the Vita to sleep and come back later. You can even go to the main Vita menu, browse trophies, etc as long as you don't actually close the game (done by pressing the PS button and swiping the corner down from the right) your time will keep adding towards the 10 hours.

I Got Gummed...
Why me...? (1) 

There's a giant statue in the main area of the Academy. Talk to it from behind, and after about 10 tries, you'll get hit with some ABC Gum. The Academy changes its layout from chapters 5-Finale, but the statue comes back in the Epilogue.

10 Piece Combo Meal
Destroy your enemies with evil teamwork! (1) 

This one isn't too bad. Basically, you need to kill an enemy with a combo of at least 11. Theoretically, you could stack 10 of your pals on top of each other and unleash the combo, but even if everyone were to land a hit, you’re only looking at a combo of 10.

There's a char that you can create called "Baciel" that has a base Evilty that allows em to attack twice as long as they haven't moved. Create 6 of these (just to be sure, you will be making them attack a stronger enemy and attacks can fail), deploy them and a stronger character in battle and make them all attack a single enemy. They should kill the enemy with 13 hits in a perfect scenario.

Hop, Step, Jump
Isn't jumping sooo much fun? (2) 

Ever notice you can jump by pressing the button? Just keep pressing it over...and over...and over...and trophy!

The Towertastic Ten
This is the epitome of a tower! (2) 

Very easy. Dispatch all units into a tower by having them stack on top of each other. Once you have a stack of 10 high, attack an enemy, and this should unlock. You don’t have to use the lift command, just move one character to the same panel as another, and you should see them climb up.

I Had an Axeldent!
Axel never stops working! Even in the Item World! (1) 

This mystery room only appears starting on floor 61. You’ll meet a character named Axel inside. Talk to him, get trophy:

Demon King: Have It Your Way
Force your will on them, like the demon your are! (1) 

When you’re trying to pass Bills in Homeroom, sometimes you’ll get denied. From here, you can give up or persuade by force. Using the persuade option leads to a battle against all the voters who gave you a Nay. You’ll have to win the battle to get the approval and the trophy.

Just a word of warning on this one...some of the voters can have really high levels, so if you’re going for this trophy, make sure you’re prepared. One other option is to scout out the high-level voters and bribe them to make sure they're really likely to give you an Aye. Any voter that gives an Aye doesn’t have to be killed in the battle, so if you’re lucky enough to initially persuade these high-level folks, you don’t have to worry about fighting them.

If you're having trouble finding bombs, you can buy them from a vendor in the Item World:

Combo No. 255
I won't stop hitting until you stop getting up. (1) 

Lonesheep's strategy from the PS3 guide works here:

You may notice that if your character doesn't move but continues to attack from the same spot a combo counter builds up above his picture. Your goal is to get this to 255. Counter attacks will add to the combo. Go to X-Dimension Chapter 1: Strongest Crossroads or any map with contiguous invincibility panels. Kill all but 1 enemy, and then have your strongest character lift the last one. This will prevent the battle from ending yet also prevent the enemy from interfering. Send out two characters with high counter attack rates and have them stand next to each other either the reverse healing panels or the invincibility panels (depending on what map you choose to get the trophy). See the Attack of the Counter 10 trophy to maximize your counter attacking ability. Have the two characters hit each other until the combo reaches 255. This will take a while.

Yay! You got a new ally! (2) 

You can capture enemies by throwing them on your home panel. The monster will put up some resistance once in the base, so make sure the characters you have are stronger than the one you’re throwing in there and you shouldn't have any trouble. The enemy you're trying to capture must be a class you’ve unlocked already, and their level must be lower than Mao's.

Transform! Yeah! (1) 

Create 5 monsters, and put them into clubs with 5 human characters. As long as a monster is in the same club as a human, they’re able to magichange with each other. You just need to magichange (combine a monster with a human) 5 times in one battle for this to unlock.

All-Pro Receiver
Let's cross this continent! 

See Call Me Nacho Cinco.

Call Me Nacho Cinco!
We're going to outer space, baby! (2) 

These two are the same as the PS3 version, which require you to receive 4 and 9 times, and move 20 and 60 panels. Check out Lonesheep's video which involves using slimes on the Practice Map:

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US April 17, 2012
Europe April 20, 2012
Japan December 17, 2011

Players: 1
ESRB: Teen
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