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Deadliest Warrior: The Game Trophy Guide
Guide By: T_l_M_B_0 / DLC by Backlash24
There are 15 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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-Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
-Offline (breakdown): -1 -2 -8
-Online (breakdown): -1
-Approximate amount of time to /100%: 8-12 Hours, depending on skill. (Estimated Time to 100%)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 8+ (once with each warrior) + Clean Up
-Number of missable trophies: None.
-Glitched trophies: None so far.
-Do cheat codes disable trophies? None.
-Does difficulty affect trophies? Yes but only for "Whose Deadliest Now?"

Deadliest Warrior is an old school arcade style fighting game based on a T.V. show which pits history's greatest warriors against each other to determine who is truly the deadliest warrior. This game expands upon that, giving you 8 different warriors from across history for you to battle with. From the ancient battle tanks that were the Spartans, to the terrors of the seas know as Pirates. They each have unique play styles, so pick your favourite and lets jump on in:

Step 1: Arcade Mode.

Here you will want to go through Arcade Mode with each of the warriors. When you get to the Knight, Ninja and Viking, be sure to set the difficulty to "Deadliest" beforehand via the options screen. You can have it set on any difficulty you want for the other warriors. This will earn you "Whose Deadliest Now?". While you are playing though, try your best to accomplish the challenges within Arcade Mode. This will take a fair chunk out of "Deadliest Arsenal", as well as possibly earn you some of the various trophies for doing random tasks.

Step 2: Deadliest Arsenal.

Now you will want to focus on completing the challenges within Arcade Mode for each character to unlock their alternate equipment. See "Deadliest Arsenal" in the guide below for more information. This will also possibly net you a few more of the random task trophies.

Step 3: Online

In this step you will head online and tackle "Tournament to Kill", which requires you to win 10 online tournaments. If you would like to boost this head on over to the boosting thread here: Trophy Boosting Thread. Or you can get it the normal way. See the guide description for "Tournament To Kill" trophy for more tips and info on this step. This also may get you a few of the various random task trophies.

Step 4: Clean Up

This is the most time consuming of the 4 steps. Here you will go after any of the various task trophies you may have left such as "Pin Cushion", "Flesh Wound", "Black Knight".... etc.... These can all be done in a Local Match with a second controller or if you don't have a second controller, they can be done online with a friend, or in any of the single player modes. They are by far easiest in a local match, however. At some point, head on into Survival Mode for the "Against All Odds" trophy. If you have been following this roadmap and guide, you should have 100% of the trophies after this step.

[PST Would Like to Thank T_l_M_B_0 for this Roadmap]


Fan Favorite Warriors Pack DLC:



  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 (personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 3 (1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 1 (1 )
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3-4hrs
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Online match and numerous offline ones.
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None available.
  • Extra peripherals required? Yes, 1 additional Joypad.


Deadliest Warrior, the game based on the popular television show featured on Spike TV, now has had its first and only downloadable content pack, entitled the "Fan Favorite Warriors Pack", released on disc and through the PlayStation Network. This pack can be purchased from the PSN store or can be found installed in the Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat retail compilation. This DLC adds three new characters including the Shaolin Monk, the Zande and Rajput, whom was voted into the game through an online poll. These additions come packaged with the Skirmish game mode, taunts for medium range weapons, a replay feature and new profile titles for players to achieve.

This DLC has three character specific trophies that can be accomplished in any order and is not difficult whatsoever. It is also not all that long as the only real grind required occurs in step 3 as listed below. Additionally, as noted in the trophy guide, it is highly recommended that you obtain the step three trophies in combination with the original ones in the game.


Step 1: The Shaolin Monk

Aggressive Pacifist is an offline trophy that requires a second controller to be used in a local four warrior skirmish match, the exact match settings are explicated in the trophy specific section below but won't take more than 5mins to obtain.

Step 2: The Zande

A Zande to Remember is the only online trophy in this DLC and although only one other player is required, you will likely have to boost it due to the lack of online activity. The full explanation of how to save a replay of a won online match as the Zande is listed below.

Step 3: Rajput: The Grind

This is where the meat of the time spent on the DLC lies as it requires you to get 1000 total kills with the Rajput across any of the non-challenge game modes. The quickest method to obtain the Rajputtin' You to Shame trophy takes just over three hours in battle mode (either against a CPU or 2nd controller) if the time saving settings and attacks listed in the trophy specific section are employed.

As previously noted, it is highly recommendable that you integrate earning trophies from the original game into this step but especially A Head of the Competition, Tournament to Kill and That Was Sparta!

[PST Would Like to Thank Backlash24 for this Roadmap]

A Head of the Competition
Decapitate 100 enemy warriors as the primary player. (1) 

There are a few different ways that are most effective for decapitating an enemy. The easiest I have found so far is to use the Spartan equiped with the default sword, run instantly up to the enemy and press , which will make a strike to your opponent's neck. Press until the enemy either dies, or loses his head. Don't continue the combo by pressing again, that may hinder the decapitation. Press it once, then wait and press it again. Another easy way is to use the Pirate, weaken the enemy, then throw a bomb with and at the same time. This will almost always decapitate the enemy.

A few general tips:

  • Fight against an enemy with little to no armor. This makes the Apache the perfect target for decapitations.
  • Play against yourself. Go into a local match and turn on a second controller, and have the other warrior just sit there while you attempt to decapitate him. Each match has 2 rounds, and after them, simply hit rematch.

This trophy will take a while, but it is by no means difficult. You will probably get a few of these in your time spent in Single Player, but you most likely won't get even nearly 100, so this will take a little bit of grinding.

You can check your progress on this on the statistics page via Options-->Battle Statistics.

That Was Sparta!
Kill 300 Spartans as the primary player. (1) 

This one will take a long time. You will likely get a decent amount of Spartan kills through Single Player but not anywhere near 300 so we turn to our good friend the Local Match. Set a match against the Spartan and be whichever warrior you like, it doesn't matter, then kill the Spartan in the first round and again in the second round to end the match. That adds 2 kills to your total. Now click rematch and keep on grinding this out. It will take a while but it's mindless work and not difficult at all.

You can check the statistics to see how many you have killed via Main Menu-->Options-->Battle Statistics.

Tournament to Kill
Win 10 online tournaments as the primary player. (2) 

For this trophy you need 2 tournament fight wins in a row to unlock the final, then win the final for it to count as a tournament win. If you lose a tournament fight, then you will need to start your 3 win streak over. This means you will need to win 30 matches, in sets of 3 in a row. The easiest way is to boost this since the online is so dead but if you want to get it the real way, refer to the tips in Whose Deadliest Now? If you want to boost this trophy, go to this thread here: Trophy Boosting Thread

Pin Cushion
Stick 4 projectiles in a single opponent as the primary player. 

This is a very, very simple trophy. There are 2 incredibly easy ways to do this:

1) Start a local match against another controller and just leave him sitting there. (Preferably as an Apache, due to its lack of armor.) Choose the Samurai for yourself. As soon as the battle starts, walk over to the Apache and press . This will make the Samurai shoot an arrow from his Yumi bow and the odds are, this arrow will stick into the enemy. You have 5 arrows, stick 4 of them into the enemy and this trophy will unlock.

2) Start a local match against another controller just like in the previous strategy (against the Apache again) but this time, choose the Apache for yourself. He has a bow as well so pressing will fire an arrow into your enemy. Stick 4 arrows in the enemy and this trophy is yours.

You may very well get this just by playing through single player but if you don't, then it can quickly be gotten in local play.

Against All Odds
Defeat 25 warriors in Survival Mode as the primary player. 

This one is actually pretty difficult. Survival Mode is just like it sounds. You choose your character and then have endless enemies sent in one after another until you die. You can unlock it by beating Arcade Mode with every warrior. You need to kill 25 enemies before you die to unlock this trophy. Make sure the difficulty is set to normal as well if you want this to be as easy as possible.

You should pick whichever warrior you are best with but I personally recommend using the Spartan. He is able to take a lot of damage, strike with a lot of power and move pretty quickly. If you get a combo in before the enemy has a chance to hit you, you're pretty much set, so strike quickly using the combo a lot. If you do this after unlocking better equipment for him, this will be even easier.

The best tip I can give, is to pick a warrior with a shield so you can block poison arrows and blowdarts. You get hit by one of those, your health will continue to drop every second. You will be dead much sooner than you will be able to kill 25 enemies.

If you are having trouble, refer to the general tips in Whose Deadliest Now?

Flesh Wound
Perform a final strike on an opponent after your arm has been sliced off as the primary player. 

You will possibly get this in your time in Single Player but if you didn't, then simply set up a local match. This one can be kind of tough. You need to play on the second controller and slice of an arm, then quickly switch over to your main controller and kill the enemy with a final strike before you bleed to death. Once you have a dismembered limb, your health slowly depletes so you have to be quick. I recommend using a more heavily armored warrior so he doesn't take as much damage, meaning you can get more strikes at the arms.

The Viking has a nice downward slash by using which has a decent potential to chop off arms, so I recommend using that. It can be done with any character using middle attacks () but it's easier with the Viking in my personal experiences.

A very important thing to do first is to weaken the Viking or whatever warrior you are using to cut off the arm, so that you can dispatch him quickly. Once you manage to get the arm cut off, you need to get the kill with a "Finishing Blow". Just killing the enemy the standard way isn't enough. The final blow is done with different buttons for most warriors, so press and go to your moves list if you don't know what it is. It will be the very bottom attack and always involves pressing 2 buttons at the same time. If it lands, you will kill your opponent, and the trophy will unlock.

As I said, this one is a bit difficult, so it will likely take quite a few tries, but keep at it and it will happen.

On Death's Door
As the primary player, kill and opponent while at critical health, with your leg and arm injured. 

You will most likely get this by playing through Single Player. If not, you can easily get it in a local match.

Start as an Apache so you have little armor, and choose whomever for you opponent. Control your opponent and run up to the Apache and use low attacks () to damage the Apache's leg. 2 hits should suffice. Then switch and attack the arms using middle attacks. (). 2 or 3 hits and the arms should be sufficiently damaged. Now switch back to the other conrtoller and finish off your enemy. If the limbs were damaged enough, the trophy will unlock.

If the trophy didn't unlock, then the odds are you didn't damage the limbs enough. You can see visible wounds on the limbs that will tell you whether the limbs are hurt enough. Also, look at how he walks. If he is hobbling, you should be damaged enough on the legs at least. If one of the arms go limp, it is damaged enough as well, so look for these key details to make sure you will get the trophy.

Right on Time
Perform only perfectly timed strikes to defeat an enemy as the primary player. 

This one is also best gotten in a local match, although it will most likely come from just playing the game. Perfectly timed attacks mean every strike hits the opponent, and the combos are timed correctly. Playing against yourself in a local match ensures that the enemy will do nothing but sit there so you don't have to worry about them moving or blocking. Simply run up to them and hit them with a combo of , then wait for the opponent to recover, then hit them with the combo again. Rinse and repeat until your opponent is dead. If all of your attacks hit the enemy at the right time, the trophy will unlock.

I got this trophy without even trying, so it will probably come naturally, but if you don't get it by playing through Single Player, it can easily be gotten in local matches.

Black Knight
Remove all four limbs from the Knight during a single match as the primary player. 

There is basically one way to do this. The only weapon with enough "boom" to get this done is the Pirate's bomb. Start up a match against the Knight and pick the Pirate for yourself. To use the bombs, press and at the same time. Make sure to be pointing in the general direction of the Knight or the bomb won't hit him and the odds are that the first bomb won't kill him but you have infinite bombs so just keep on throwing them until your opponent gets blown up. If he lost all of his limbs (which he almost always does) then the trophy will unlock. See here for a video Guide (credit to nelo ornelas):

Deadliest Arsenal
Unlock every weapon and armor available for every warrior as the primary player. 

Every warrior has 4 unlockable pieces of equipment, which are unlocked by doing challenges. Challenges are done in the Arcade Mode. The challenges are:

  • Pig Carcass Challenge (unlocks main weapon, requires you to chop down a few pig carcasses in a certain time).
  • Fight Against Yourself in Arcade Mode (unlocks armor).
  • Limb Removal (unlocks secondary weapon, requires you to kill the enemy in a short time period, each strike removes limbs).
  • Beating Arcade Mode (unlocks projectile weapon.)

Arcade mode can be done multiple times if you don't manage to complete the challenges the first time, so don't worry. Once you have unlocked all 4 pieces of equipment for all of the warriors, this trophy will unlock.

If you are having trouble, then refer to the general tips in Whose Deadliest Now?

Remove an enemy's head with a projectile and stick it into a wall as the primary player. 

Again, you may get this by playing through single player but if not then we resort to the trusty Local Match. There are a few ways to do this that I found the most effective. Both of them involve going against the Apache.

The first, play as the Spartan and use the heavy throwing lance (this must be unlocked, it is not a default weapon). Throw it straight at the Apaches head from a fairly close distance. If the lance goes through the enemy's head and decapitates him, the trophy will unlock. You don't need the head to actually stick to a wall or anything - if the head comes off, the trophy will unlock. The default throwing spear will work as well but your chances are better with the secondary spear.

The second method is virtually the same, but you use the Viking. Once again, you will have to unlock his secondary projectile weapon, the double spear throw. Same as before, get semi-close to your enemy and throw the spears. If it sticks through the head and takes the head off the trophy will unlock. If not, kill him and try again. Just like before, the head doesn't actually have to stick to the wall. The default projectile (single spear) will work as well but it's easier with the double spears.

This trophy is not difficult, but getting the projectiles to work like you want can be a little annoying and it may take quite a few tries to actually get it to work.

Who's Deadliest Now?
Defeat Arcade mode on the Deadliest difficulty as the Ninja, the Viking, and the Knight. 

This one is very self-explanatory. Switch the difficulty to Deadliest from the main menu, then begin and finish Arcade Mode with the Ninja, Viking and Knight. If you lose a match, then you can retry so you won't have to start from scratch if you die so it isn't too bad but it can be difficult.

Gerenal Tips:

  • Don't forget about your projectile weapons! If your opponent is across the battlefield, why not send a few projectiles their way? Sometimes they will land, giving you some nice free damage on them! Also, sometimes the projectile will stick through the enemy's head and instantly kill them. Bonus!
  • Don't forget you can change weapon in the middle of the battle. Pressing will switch to a different weapon with a different range. If you're having difficulty getting close enough to use your close range weapon, switch to one with a little more length.
  • Use your finishing blow attacks. You can see what these are through the moves list. These pack a very powerful punch, so take advantage of any breaks in your opponent's guard and use it. They don't need to be in critical health, it still does a lot of damage, but if they are in critical health it will perform a nifty execution.
  • Blocking is absolutely key. If you aren't attacking, I recommend always having your block up with or . You still take damage while blocking but it is significantly less. Blocking is the difference between a win and a loss in this game. Don't forget to use it! You'll be surprised how big of a difference it makes.
  • The right stick () allows you to dodge roll, or sidestep. This is almost as essential as blocking. It allows you to roll out of the way of an incoming attack, and leaves your opponent's back open to a strike of your own. You can dodge roll away from the enemy if you are in critical health. There's no shame in pulling out (that's what she said). Backing away from the enemy will give you time for your stamina to build back up, allowing for better attacks, blocks and sidesteps. A good dodge will can save your life and know when to pull out.
  • Your opponent not letting their guard down? Throw a leg sweep or shield bash! Press to sweep the ground/smack them with your shield to knock your opponent of his feet or break his guard. This can give you precious time to strike.
DLC: Fan Favorite Warriors Expansion
Cost: 4.99 Trophies: 3
Aggressive Pacifist
Win a 4v4 skirmish as the monk without being hit. 

Skirmish mode can be played locally from the multiplayer menu with 2 controllers. Each side picks four warriors to battle with and once a warrior is defeated he is replaced with the next combatant in the order that they are picked. The survivor, who must engage in battle with the next combatant, has no equipment and only minimal health replaced. This game mode ultimately ends when one player's team has been completely eliminated. For this trophy to unlock, select the Shaolin Monk as your first character and simply kill, in succession, the four idle, opposing human controlled warriors.

This trophy can also be unlocked if the Monk is not your first combatant but defeats your opponents last character without being hit.

A Zande to Remember
Win an online game as the Zande and save a replay of the match. (1) 

The online for this game is almost entirely dead, and thus finding an online opponent is nearly impossible meaning that you will likely have to use the boosting thread in order to find a game. Once you do, select Zande as your character and win the set number of rounds in any mode (player, ranked or tournament) to win the match. Once you complete the match a menu with two options will appear. Scroll down to click on "save replay" and then input a name for the video. The trophy unlocks a few seconds after the replay saves.

Your opponent does not have to have the DLC for you to use the DLC characters online.

Rajputtin' You to Shame
Obtain all three Rajput titles. 

The three Rajput titles are unlocked sequentially by killing 100 (Rajput), 500 (Kshatriya) and eventually, 1000 total enemies (King). To look at your profile titles, while connected to the PlayStation Network, go to Multiplayer to Online Battle to Warrior Titles to Page 3/3. If they are darkened out, then you have not earned them as of yet. You can additionally check your specific kill statistics by going from the main menu to Help & Options to Combat Statistics to Rajput and then scrolling down the 'Kills' section.

Although you have to be online to view your titles, you can earn them and the related trophy entirely offline.

These kills can be earned on any difficultly and in any non-challenge game mode, online or offline, meaning that all kills except those in the survival modes count in earning this trophy. Thus, before you begin grinding it out, you will want to go to Help & Options to Settings to Game Settings and make sure the difficultly is set to normal and that the battle rounds are set to 5.

The quickest can then be done either against a second controller (Multiplayer to Local Battle) or against a computer controlled opponent (Single player to Battle). It is noteworthy that, on average, there is really no significant time saved between the two methods as the benefit of having the computer opponent try and attack you is matched by the extra movement your character has to make in order to stay in close range of an idle human opponent.

Regardless of the mode you choose, you will want to enter the battle as the Rajput with his default weapons, the Khanda and Charkham projectile, equipped against the Apache whose lack of armor leaves him quite exposed to all attacks.

You will want to subsequently skip all posturing that occurs before and after each round by pressing . Once the battle begins, as illustrated in the video below, you will want to immediately move forward while throwing your projectiles as it yield quite a few one-hit kills in the opening seconds of battle. If you do not kill the Apache instantaneously, the attack will still cut his health in half, and thus he is quite easily defeated.

With the aforementioned method, you will easily kill your opponent three straight times. After the match, hit rematch, which restarts the game without players having to go through any menus.

Credit to Josh McCaul for the video.

This trophy does take a fair bit of grinding, clocking in at approximately three hours, but nonetheless it can be combined with the trophies available in the original game. If you have not earned the 'That was Sparta' or the 'A Head of the Competition' trophies then fight against a Spartan warrior using the same settings as listed above.

If you are doing this, you should note that although there are several effective methods for weakening the Spartan, the best route to take for decapitations is to spam your + attack that swipes at the Spartan under his shield. You should then finish him off with the Rajput's final strike, the decapitation Katar Cut + .

Please be advised that for the decapitation to count in your statistics, you must watch the subsequent sequence that ends the match in which Rajput slices off the head of the enemy.

Lastly, you can also combine this trophy with the 'A Tournament to Win' online trophy. If this is the case, complete the other trophies and then grind out the remaining Rajput kills against the Apache.

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US October 05, 2010

Resolution: 720p
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Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2
ESRB: Mature
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