Dead or Alive 5

Dead or Alive 5 Trophy Guide
Guide By: Kagerasimaru & Setsuna
There are 48 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 10/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Trophy Breakdown: 48 (36 /8 /3 /1 )
    • Offline: 37 (29 / 6/ 2)
    • Online: 11 (7 / 2/ 1/ 1 )
  • Approximate amount of time to : 50-60+ (Greatly Skill Dependent)
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheats
  • Special peripherals or multiple controllers needed? Second Controller and Controller w/Turbo Feature Recommended

Welcome to Dead or Alive 5 the newest installment in the Dead or Alive franchise and also the first of the series made without the input of its series creator Tomonobu Itagaki. This is the first multi-platform Dead or Alive release since Dead or Alive 2, Playstation hasn't gotten a Dead or Alive title since. Anyone familiar with previous Dead or Alive titles should be able to pick this up fairly easy though there are some new features veteran players should know about.The game also features guest appearance characters from Virtua Fighter and new characters to the series such as MMA fighter Mila.

Trophy-wise the game has its share of easily doable trophies for modes such as Story mode and various misc. tasks, grind based trophies such as 1000 Online Matches and unlocking 300 titles for Alpha-152 and then difficult trophies like completing each Fight mode in all the difficulties (or courses as the game calls it) and unlocking all the costumes for every character.

Triangle System
This may not seem like that big of a concept but something important to consider when playing Dead or Alive is the “Triangle System” which is basically a form of Rock-Paper-Scissors with the basic moves of Dead or Alive. Here is how the Triangle System looks:

  • Strike beats Throw
  • Throw beats Hold
  • Hold beats Strike

There is a bit more depth to this such as holding a high/mid/low strikes and of course poorly timed moves will lose despite the Triangle System. Watch your opponents habits and ultilize the Triangle System to beat it.

For more in-depth information in regards please check out these two threads from the FreeStepDodge forums:

Fightstick Button Configurations

A lot of regular players of the fighting game genre own a fightstick now, if you are new to Dead or Alive and would like to know the proper button config for fightsticks please refer to the display below:

PS3 Controller Button Configuration

In this guide the buttons from the actual game will be used such as P/K/T/H. You can use the example above to see which input each button is mapped to. If the picture is ever broken please refer to the button legend below:


As usual with this game being a fighting game there are no missable trophies so there's no wrong or right route when trying to unlock your , you can however follow the modes laid out to make each task more convenient than the next.

During Story Mode you will be playing through various scenarios following Helena who is recruiting fighters for the Dead or Alive tournament, Kasumi who is on a quest to finish off her weaponized clone Alpha-15 once and for all and the point of view of every individual fighter in the game during these events. The amount of matches may seem long but they fly by quite quickly, here are some notes you want to keep in mind while you are playing story mode:

  • Do not press and skip the scenes for your Insomniac trophy.
  • During each story mode match there will be an optional “bonus mission”, these bonus missions give you titles. Complete as many as you can so they can go towards the 300 titles needed to unlock Alpha-152 and the The Ultimate Hyper Clone trophy.
  • While playing lose at least once during each characters scenario, this makes completing the trophy Failure Teaches Success much less of a hassle later.

Besides that little tidbits play and enjoy the story, as forced. During this step you will unlock the following trophies:

Akira Yuki
Sarah Bryant
The Curtain Rises
Ninja Battle
...And Then THIS Happened!

If this is your first step in your quest to complete Dead or Alive 5 you will also unlock the following trophies when you play story mode (some assuming you complete the appropriate bonus mission for it):

Fighting Entertainment
First Tag Team
Blow 'Em Away
Down You Go

During Training Mode your main objective will be to clear everyone's Command Training resumes (or most of them since you also require Alpha-152 for the trophy). There are other tasks you must do in this mode but they are nothing but playing around with a couple settings in the training mode menu as well as one for playing the mode for an accumulative hour (which will probably be done while doing the Command Trainings). During this mode you will unlock the following trophies:

Training Hard
How Do I Fight?
How Do I Fight Like a Pro?

When you are not trying to complete your Command Trainings and are connected to PSN, if you have the Throwdown Challenges on you can wait in Training mode for matches towards the following trophies:

You Asked for It!
Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere

During this step you will be clearing all the courses for each mode in both Solo and Tag Match, there are a total of 8 difficulties for each mode and because you have to complete them all in Solo and Tag that means you have a total of 48 runs you must make to obtain all these trophies. On the plus side completing these modes will also net you titles needed to unlock Alpha-152 later. During this step you will unlock the following trophies:

Arcade Cleared
Arcade Master
Time Attack Cleared
Time Attack Master
Survival Cleared
Survival Master

During this you will completing 100 Versus matches but also this will be a good chance to go ahead and knock out a lot of titles for your progress to unlocking Alpha-152. There is a title for each character for doing the following:

  • Land a Power Blow
  • Land a Power Blow during a Critical Burst
  • Land a strike during a Cliffhanger
  • Land a throw during a Cliffhanger

Multiply this by the amount of characters in the game prior to Alpha-152 that's a free 92 titles which is almost ? of the required amount for the character and trophy. During this step you will be unlocking the following trophies:

Fledgling Fighter
The Fight Never Ends

You can also unlock the following trophies while you are already in versus mode grinding out these titles.

Tango Kilo November
A Fight to Remember
Safety First
Cliffhanger Comeback
Failure Teaches Success
I Read Every Move

While this isn’t the last task, you have quite a grind ahead of you so why not knock out some easier trophies before you move on to the grind. You’ll be doing simple tasks such as going into spectator mode and taking pictures and even simpler things such as viewing your Fight Record then you’ll be going into versus and performing 50 different character specific tag throws (assuming you haven’t already). During this step you will unlock the following trophies:

On the Edge of Your Seat
Fighter, Know Thyself
Ahhh, Memories
Say Cheese!
The Power of Two

Online will be quite a grind, you have to do simple tasks such as play each online match type but then you have tedious tasks such as playing 50 players through invites and then playing 1000 overall matches online (which can be boosted easily if you have two players with turbo controllers). This will be a long step but definitely not a hard one, during this step you will unlock the following trophies:

Rival Rumble
Rival Rampage
DOA5 Is My Life
My Fight, My Rules
Get out there and Fight!
Fighting For Real
Jump In
First Throwdown

Remember the game does require an online pass to obtain this trophies, if you are playing with a used copy or rented copy of the game you will have to purchase the online pass separately from the Playstation Store. There is a 2 day free trial for online mode for Dead or Alive 5 when you enter the mode for the first time so if you can complete it within that time span you can avoid needing to buy the online pass.

This step will be a clean up step for some sort, you will be finishing up any trophies you might have skipped and go back and earn titles you need to unlock Alpha-152 and then complete her command training. The biggest grind about this trophy will be unlocking special costumes which can only be done Legend difficulty of Survival Mode, the mode will be a test of perseverance, skill and reaction. During this step you will unlock the final trophies completing the game:

Fighting in Style
The Ultimate Hyper Clone
Exercise Newbie
DOA5 Master

Conclusion to Dead or Alive 5

While the difficulty of Dead or Alive still lives even in its newest title its trophy difficulty is pretty watered down compared to its predecessor Dead or Alive 4 which was exclusive to the Xbox 360. Despite that though the game is a very long tedious platinum to complete and gives players another notable trophy to brag about upon completing it.

[PST Would Like to Thank Kagerasimaru and Setsuna for this Roadmap]

DOA5 Master
Unlock all trophies. (11) 
Fighting Entertainment
Have your first fight outside of Training or Versus modes. 

This will unlock during your first match in Fight Mode, Story or Online.

Register 5 fighters in your Fight List. 

To register a rival, you must meet them first online. After online matches there will be a selection in the menu after to register your opponent into your Fight List however you can also join a Lobby Match and in the lobby hit to open the menu. Once there just click on the register rival and you will add 1 person to your rival list. Do this to five different people and you will earn the trophy.

Rival Rumble
Fight online 10 times. 

Please refer to DOA5 Is My Life for more information.

Rival Rampage
Fight online 100 times. (3) 

Please refer to DOA5 Is My Life for more information.

DOA5 Is My Life
Fight online 1000 times. (23) 

For this trophy you must play out 1000 online matches, as simple as this sounds this is quite the grind so of course there must be an easier way to doing this. Universally trophies such as these are dealt with with the aid of Turbo controllers however if you lack one you are in for quite the grind.

Grinding Method
Using whatever character you want, a strong character such as Eliot, Gen Fu or Rig will do against a boosting partner using whomever he wants. Set the lobby settings to the following:


  • Health: Smallest
  • Rounds to Win: 1
  • Timer: 30 Seconds

From here just let one person do all the work of press repeatedly, this will be a long boring grind .

Turbo Controller Boosting
If you have a Madcatz Fightpad, Fightstick or any other third party brand controller with a turbo feature you can easily boost this with someone in the Trophy Boosting Thread. Before starting the session go into your options and make sure is set to that way in the matches played online your character will be set to repeatedly and have the opposing playing do the same but have set for his. Create a Private Lobby with the settings from the section above and leave the game on, the game will repeatedly press your inputs and start your matches while you do whatever else you want.

My Fight, My Rules
Create your own online lobby. 

Go into the Online section, then navigate to lobby and hit create. Once created you will earn the trophy.

Get out there and Fight!
Play a Lobby match. 

Either create your own lobby like in the ”My Fight, My Rules” trophy and invite someone or be invited into a lobby match and play a complete round for the trophy.

Fighting For Real
Play a Ranked match. 

Go into the Online section and select Ranked Match. Search for an opponent and fight. Win or lose you will earn this trophy.

Jump In
Play a Simple match. 

Go into the Online section and select Simple Match. Search for an opponent and fight. Win or lose you will earn this trophy.

Trigger the Special Danger Zone in The Show. (3) 

For this trophy and Tango Kilo November you must basically perform a Charged Power Blow in order to trigger the Special Danger Zone for those respective areas. If you had Danger Zones turned off when you were doing the Safety First trophy remember to turn it back on. Here are the trophies for each respective area:

Gesundheit!: The Show
Tango Kilo November: Hot Zone

In “The Show” when you perform the Power Blow the clown head in the background will glow orange and the opponent will be hit into it and be launched back out unlocking your trophy. For more information in regards to Power Blows please refer to Down You Go

Special Notes for Tango Kilo November
In order to trigger the Special Danger Zone for this trophy you must be in the starting area of the stage, if you are hit over the barricade you have gone too far. From that first area have your life reduced for the requires of the Power Blow and then use it and the opponent will be hit into a flashing helicopter that appears above the barricade.

Tango Kilo November
Trigger the Special Danger Zone in Hot Zone. (1) 

Please refer to Gesundheit for more information.

You Asked for It!
Fight 10 people through invitations. 

Please refer to Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere for more information.

Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere
Fight 50 people through invitations. (20) 

For this trophy you must fight 50 opponents through online Throwdown Challenges, whenever you enter Arcade Mode or Training Mode there will be an option to turn on the Throwdown Challenges. If you’re familiar to Super Street Fighter IV’s Fight Request system for its respective trophy its basically the same thing where you can be challenged to online matches via Simple Match while you are playing Arcade and Training. After playing through 50 of these the trophy should unlock.

First Throwdown
Send a Throwdown Challenge to someone in your Fighter List. (11) 

After you have added someone to your Fighter List send them a Throwdown Challenge through the menu of your Fighter List and the trophy should unlock. On some occasion the game will say it hasn’t gone through, keep repeating until the trophy pops.

Akira Yuki
Unlock Akira. 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. You unlock Akira Yuki once you defeat him in story mode and conclude chapter 13. It is the final match for Kokoro’s storyline and once he is defeated you will earn the trophy.

Sarah Bryant
Unlock Sarah. 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. You unlock Sarah Bryant once you defeat her in story mode and will earn the trophy after completing chapter 19.

Arcade Cleared
Clear 1 course in Arcade mode. 

Please refer to Arcade Master for more information.

Arcade Master
Clear all courses in Arcade mode. (4) 

For this trophy as well as all other Fight Mode trophies you must clear all the courses for each mode on both solo and tag (Survival is solo only). Here is a list of the courses in each mode for solo and tag:


  • Rookie
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Champ
  • True Fighter
  • Master
  • Legend

This may sounds like a difficult task especially with the A.I of Dead or Alive 5 how almost read our every move however there is an abusable method to completing all these modes.

Lei Fang "Exploit"
Using Lei Fang you can abuse her + which is basically a whiff punish move. How this “exploit” works is that from full screen A.Is then to run up and do a move, you can react with Lei Fangs + and she will step back and push his fist forward, this is a relatively strong move for a punish and does even more when they are hit against the wall. So long as you know how to space your + well then completing even the hardest courses will be a thing of the past.

Tag Mode Alternate Partners

  • Hitomi: +
  • Ryu Hayabusa: > and +
Time Attack Cleared
Clear 1 course in Time Attack mode. 

Please refer to Time Attack Master for more information.

Time Attack Master
Clear all courses in Time Attack mode. 

For this trophy you must complete all of the solo and tag courses in Time Attack Mode. Time Attack is essentially Arcade Mode with a timer. For easy abusable tips to take on Time Attack Mode please refer to Arcade Master for more information.

Survival Cleared
Clear 1 course in Survival mode. 

Please refer to Survival Master for more information.

Survival Master
Clear all courses in Survival mode. (10) 

For this trophy you must complete all of the courses in Survival Mode (Solo only). For easy abusable tips to take on Survival Mode please refer to Arcade Master for more information.

Survival like most others is a a nonstop wave of opponents thrown at you and you must defeat them all with one character, after each defeated character you are given a slight health increase but if you take too much damage it may not be enough sometimes. Here is the count of opponents you'll have to face in each Survival Course:


  • Rookie: 10
  • Easy: 20
  • Normal: 30
  • Hard: 50
  • Champ: 100
  • True Fighter: 100
  • Master: 100
  • Legend: 100
Fledgling Fighter
Fight 10 Versus matches. 

Please refer to The Fight Never Ends for more information.

The Fight Never Ends
Fight 100 Versus matches. (3) 

For this trophy you must simply play out 100 versus matches, they can be against an A.I opponent or a 2nd player. The best way to grind out the 100 matches would be to do it while you are grinding out titles to unlock Alpha-152, the procedure is detailed under The Ultimate Hyper Clone. After you have completed all those titles you can finish the rest yourself. Whether you have a second controller or not you can easily do it by setting the Fight Settings to the following:

  • Com Level: 1 (if you don’t have a second controller)
  • Max Health: Smallest
  • Time Round: 1
  • Solo Round: 1

And from here just mash Punch if you wish to until you complete the amount of matches you need.

If you have a turbo controller go into the Controls settings and set your controller to custom with set to . Put something to hold down the button so it repeatedly inputs, this will spam for you and hit rematch for you after every match so you can just leave it there and come back later with easily over 100 matches finished for the trophy.

Training Hard
Play Training mode for 1 hour. (2) 

For this trophy you must play in Training mode for an accumulative time of 1 hour, you can't sit idle you must have some sort of activity in the mode. Due to the amount of Command Training excercises you have to do you will more than likely unlock this just going for Exercise Newbie .

Exercise Newbie
Perform all moves for all characters in Command Training. (3) 

Upon starting Training Mode you can press and there will be an option to start a characters “Command Training. Command Trainings are basically movesets you must perform for every character from their Move List, nothing combo-esque such as other fighters like Street Fighter or Blazblue. A majority of the casts command trainings range from more or less 100 commands, some significantly longer or shorter then others. As easy as this trophy may be it is quite a grind and will take a while. Also keep in mind that Alpha-152 is also required for this trophy so you cannot unlock this until after you have the The Ultimate Hyper Clone trophy.


Whenever you start a characters command training you must complete all of their moves before backing out of that training mode session otherwise your progress for that characters command training will not save.

Additonal Notes:


  • Most of the inputs are done relatively fast so if you move is coming out trying pressing the buttons faster (Rarely do you have anyone who involves timing such as the Virtua Fighter characters)
  • You can hold down to preview the move if for some reason you cannot perform it and would like visual aid to catch the timing for the input if there is one.
  • More a majority of the cast there will always be a point in time during the training where they ask you to perform a move with your back facing the opponent however they don’t tell you how to get in that initial position. If you can watch out for what moves put the character into this position during the earlier commands otherwise if you have a second controller you can back out of the command training and turn on 2P control over the fight dummy and have him side step to your other side so that your back is now facing them, resume the training from here and perform the required move.

Virtua Fighter Specific Tips
As noted above most of the cast have near mashable commands however with the Virtua Fighter characters they have some moves that require a slight delay on some of their commands and this will be easily notable when you fight you can’t mash it out for completion.

Another specific tip will be fore Akiras 1 frame release attack, some players seem to be confused by this. The best way to do it is to “piano” the inputs and fast and keep doing this until Akira performs the move for the command training progress.

For visual aid on each characters Command Training you can refer to these videos by DEVILRYUUJIN:


On the Edge of Your Seat
Play Spectator mode. 

For this trophy you must simply go into Spectator Mode and select Com vs Com (or Fight Viewer if you have any saved replays) and the trophy will unlock after you have selected the characters or the replay video.

Fighter, Know Thyself
View your results in Fight Record. 

You can do this literally before you start playing the game. Just navigate to the Extras option on the main menu and view the fight record and you will earn this simple trophy.

Ahhh, Memories
View your photos in the Album. 

Once you have a picture taken during the ”Say Cheese!” trophy go into yourself albums and you will have to upload it to your album as it is saved to your XMB from Spectator Mode. After saving it it will now be in your album and your trophy will unlock.


Say Cheese!
Take a photo in Spectator mode. 

While watching a match in in Spectator mode for your On the Edge of Your Seat trophy, you can snap a picture by pressing to earn this trophy. Save this photo you just took and then back out to view your Photo Album as you will be using it for your ”Ahhh, Memories” trophy.


How Do I Fight?
Display the Move List. 

For this trophy you must display the Move List, this trophy is not for viewing a characters move list. To do this you must be in Training Mode, once in press and in the menu select “Fight Screen Info” and then “Move List” (to the left or right, either or works) and back out to the screen. A list of moves will be displayed and your trophy will unlock.


You can also unlock this whenever you go into Command Training as the Move List is automatically displayed for you as well.

How Do I Fight Like a Pro?
Display the Move Details. 

For this trophy you must display the Move Details. To do this you must be in Training Mode, once in press and in the menu select “Fight Screen Info” and then “Move Details” (to the left or right, either or works) and back out to the screen. A box will be displayed on the screen and your trophy should unlock.


This box will display Frame Data for all your attacks, Max Damage on all your combos and all the little things that are important to competitive players.

A Fight to Remember
Save a replay. 

To save a replay you are not required to be online, after even a local versus match or any online match there will be an option on the bottom of the menu that prompts after to save the replay. Click it and the trophy will unlock.

Safety First
Turn Danger Zones off on the Stage Select screen. 

During any mode such as Versus mode, after you have selected the characters you will be prompted for a stage select. Notice in the bottom left corner there is an icon indicating to toggle to turn off danger zones. Simply hit and the trophy should unlock.

Fighting in Style
Unlock all costumes. (4) 

For this trophy you must unlock every characters costume, here is the costume count for each character (excluding special DLC costumes):


  • Akira Yuki: 2
  • Alpha-152: 3
  • Ayane: 6
  • Bass Armstrong: 4
  • Bayman: 5
  • Brad Wong: 5
  • Chrisite: 6
  • Eliot: 5
  • Gen Fu: 2
  • Hayate: 4
  • Helena Douglas: 5
  • Hitomi: 6
  • Jann Lee: 5
  • Kasumi: 6 (2 from Story Mode)
  • Kokoro: 6
  • Leifang: 8
  • La Mariposa: 7
  • Mila: 6
  • Pai Chan: 2
  • Rig: 4
  • Ryu Hayabusa: 4
  • Sarah Bryant: 2
  • Tina Armstrong: 7
  • Zack: 4

How to unlock Additional Costumes:
To unlock different costumes for each character you must complete a course with them that you haven’t already completed between Arcade, Time Attack and Survival. For example you could get the costumes for a character in these different ways:


  • Rookie Arcade, Easy Arcade, Normal Arcade
  • Rookie Arcade, Easy Arcade, Beginner Time Attack

Providing it's a different course, then it will unlock for them upon finishing it with that character. To determine how many courses you need to complete for a character subtract 2 from the amount of costumes they have total. Just in case you are confused, "course" translates to difficulty.

Tag instead of Solo
You can also play Tag runs of Arcade and Time attack instead of solo. Not only are the matches 1 round to win and only 5 stages in the course but you can also make progress towards your The Power of Two trophy if you have not yet.

Legendary Swimsuits
Though this is not their appropriate name its only fitting since these costumes can only be unlocked playing through Legend mode of each mode. During the last stage of the mode (solo) the respective character should be your opponent (wearing the swimsuit in question).


  • Arcade: Tina
  • Time Attack: Christie
  • Survival: Lisa

The catch to unlocking the character as an opponent is to make it to the last stage without using any continues (this obviously only applies for Arcade and Time Attack). The chance that they’ll be your opponent isn’t 100% so don't feel discouraged if you don't run into them after such hard work. You can use any character during these attempts.

For tips on completing these modes on Legend please refer to Arcade Master for more information.

Dead or Alive 5 1.03 Patch Update
If you sign onto PSN you will prompted to update the game, with a 1.03 patch, this patch includes many things however one of the biggest advantages to this patch is that is makes the extra costumes (Legendary Swimsuits included) much easier to unlock. For every 10 ranked matches you play with a specific character you will unlock a new costume for them until you have unlocked them all.

For the Legendary Costumes you no longer have to grind Arcade Mode or suffer going through Legend mode on Arcade, Time Attack and the horrifying Survival. You will just have a long grind playing ranked matches:


  • Tina's Legend costume (swimsuit) Fight 50 ranked matches. The characters used do not matter.
  • Christie's Legend costume (swimsuit) Fight 100 ranked matches. The characters used do not matter.
  • La Mariposa's Legend costume (swimsuit) Fight 200 ranked matches. The characters used do not matter.
First Tag Team
Play Tag Battle. 

For this trophy you must simply play a Tag Battle, you can earn this by playing a Tag Match in one of the Fight Modes or in Versus. If you are playing through the story mode first the trophy will automatically unlock during the last fight of Mila’s chapter where you have a tag match with Tina against Brad Wong and Eliot.

The Power of Two
Perform 50 kinds of character-specific tag throws. (2) 

For this trophy you must perform 50 different character-specific tag throws, with the cast characters will perform special attacks when paired up with certain other characters when you press in Tag Matches with them, there is a specific throw going from one character to the other sometimes not vice versa. Most pairs have character specific tag throws with each other so it is possible that you can get this within 25 teams.

This can be done easily in versus with another controller and even if you lack another controller playing against an A.I with the lowest difficulty settings should be enough as well. Below is a list of all the characters and the characters they have character specific tag throws with:

  • Akira Yuki: Kokoro, Pai, Sarah
  • Alpha-152: None
  • Ayane:Jann Lee, Hayate, Kasumi, Hayabusa
  • Bass Armstrong: Ayane, Bayman, Gen Fu, Jann Lee, Kasumi, Lisa , Mila, Rig, Tina Armstrong, Zack
  • Bayman: Bass, Christie, Gen Fu, Tina Armstrong, Zack
  • Brad Wong: Eliot, Kokoro, Zack
  • Christie: Bayman, Gen Fu, Helena, Hitomi
  • Eliot: Brad Wong, Gen Fu, Leifang
  • Gen Fu: Ayane, Bass, Bayman, Brad Wong, Eliot, Helena, Kasumi, Leifang, Tine, Hayabusa, Zack
  • Hayate: Hayate, Brad Wong, Christie, Hayabusa
  • Helena Douglas: Christie, Kasumi, Kokoro, Leifang, Hayabusa
  • Hitomi: Hayate, Kokoro, Leifang, Zack
  • Jann Lee: Bayman, Gen Fu, Leifang, Rig, Hayabusa
  • Kasumi: Ayane, Helena, Hayabusa, Zack
  • Kokoro: Akira, Ayane, Eliot, Hayate, Helena, Hitomi, Lisa
  • La Mariposa/ Lisa Hamilton: Bass, Hitomi, Tina
  • Leifang: Helena, Jann Lee, Pai, Tina
  • Mila: Bass, Tina
  • Pai: Akira, Sarah, Leifang
  • Rig: Bass, Jann Lee
  • Ryu Hayabusa: Ayane, Bass, Bayman, Gen Fu, Hayate, Jann Lee, Kasumi, Tina
  • Sarah Bryant: Akira, Pai, Tina
  • Tina Armstrong: Bass, Bayman, Kasumi, Leifang, Lisa, Mila, Hayabusa, Sarah, Zack
  • Zack: Bass, Bayman, Hitomi, Leifang, Hayabusa, Tina



Special Notes

  • When doing this in Versus make sure you finish the match for the game to register the characters specific throws into your count. Also take note, if you haven’t done so already these matches can count towards your 10 and 100 versus matches trophies.
Blow 'Em Away
Successfully land a Power Blow. 

For this trophy you must successfully land a fully charged Power Blow, the input for the Power Blow vary between characters but most of the casts Power Blows are done by holding + (you’ll have to check the characters Command List otherwise).

To perform the Power Blow at its full charge your health must be flashing red which occurs once your health goes below 50%. Against a second controller or an easy A.I opponent you can easily stand in front of them and perform the Power Blow and they won’t block it however if you are facing a harder opponent you can stun them with Critical Burst Stun state you will have enough time to charge the Power Blow and land it before they recover off the stun.

Down You Go
Successfully attack during a Cliffhanger. (1) 

The same as the ”Cliffhanger Comeback” trophy, except in this trophy you switch places. This time you are the one attacking. Once you knock your opponent and they are hanging from a ledge attack them with or and you will earn the trophy (assuming they don’t block it but the chances are low against A.I set to the easiest difficulty) Preferably have a second controller, a human partner(online or versus) to make this easier.

Cliffhanger Comeback
Successfully block an opponent's attack during a Cliffhanger. (1) 

A Cliffhanger is initiated when when someone sends another with a strong attack such as Hayabusa’s +. This will send opponents off of the cliff, if you were hit into the cliffhanger you can push a button to hang on to the ledge. Once on the ledge you have to guess if your opponent is going to attack you with / or go for a and grab you down instead.

For this trophy you can find a boosting partner from the Trophy Boosting Thread or have a second controller and have it use an attack you are guaranteed to block. Once you block the attack you will earn the trophy.

I Read Every Move
Win without taking any damage. (1) 

For this trophy you must win a round without taking any damage (the game will prompt you with a “Great!”). This may happen naturally assuming you have proper spacing with the Leifang method to grind out all the courses in Arcade mode however if you want it right away you can go into versus mode to make this easier and use a second controller to get the perfect this way.

Failure Teaches Success
See all characters' losing poses. (2) 

For this trophy you must see every characters losing pose, you can do this through any of the Fight Modes, Story Mode and Versus Mode however for Versus Mode keep in mind this must be against a COM opponent to see the pose. An easy setup in Versus mode is to have the following settings:


  • Health: Smallest
  • Rounds to Win: 1
  • Timer: 30 Seconds

Also keep in mind you need to view Alpha-152’s losing pose as well for this trophy.

Watch all movies in Story mode without skipping any of them. (1) 

For this trophy you must not skip any of the cutscenes during story mode. The only way to “skip” the scenes is by pressing and selecting skip in the menu so you don’t have to worry about “accidentally” skipping the scenes. Watch all the cutscenes and this trophy will unlock during the ending credits along with ...And Then THIS Happened!.

If you accidentally skip a scene previously there is no way of keeping tracking of which scenes you skipped, you’ll have to go through the Timeline Selection for Story mode and guess which ones you skipped and view them there.

Secret Trophies
The Ultimate Hyper Clone
Unlock Alpha-152. (4) 

For this trophy you must unlock Alpha-152, to unlock Alpha-152 you must unlock 300/524 of the titles. This may sound like a bit of a daunting task but once you know which titles are the easiest ones to aim for and which ones are handed to you through other trophy progress then its really just a matter of grinding.

You can view your title progression in your Fight Record as well as see which titles you are missing from the Missions select in the Extras menu.

Easy Title Breakdown:
Upon starting the game you already get 27 free titles just for playing Dead or Alive 5, though this may not seem like much they are still free titles nonetheless.

Fight Mode Titles:
For the Fight Mode Trophies we have to complete all the courses for each of the following modes:


  • Arcade
  • Time Attack
  • Survival

The courses consist of 8 difficulties each and for the titles that correlate with this mode you basically have to complete a course in solo and tag on each mode (except survival) and then there's an additional title for completing all the courses after so that gives you a total of 45 titles that you will earn just from unlocking those specific trophies.

Command Training Trophies:
For these titles you basically just have to complete each characters command training, this is already required for Exercise Newbie so you might as well keep these noted as an easy 23 titles net for your progression.

Story Mode Related
During each of the story mode missions there will be a bonus mission given to you at the bottom, completing these missions give you a title so long as you win the match after completing the task. You can easily complete half of these with little to no effort, the other half may require a couple trial and error attempts but for the most part all doable. You can earn 63 titles from these mission alone you then have titles simply for completing each of the character chapters within the story mode for an additional 18 titles handed to you.

For a convenient list of all the titles in Story mode as well as video references please refer to the Story Mode Timeline - Bonus Mission Reference Thread.

Costume Grind
For the trophy Fighting in Style you must unlock characters costumes, for more details to regard to this trophy please refer to its details under its description. From doing this though there is a title for each character so another additional 23 titles easy.

Versus Mode Grind
This goes outside of regular story progress however gives you the most titles than any other mode, for each character there is a title for doing the following:


  • Landing a Power Blow
  • Landing a Power Blow during Critical Burst
  • Land a Strike during a Cliffhanger
  • Land a Throw during a Cliffhanger

And if you haven’t used the respective character yet you will also earn the title for using them once so during this grind you can earn 115 titles which is will over ? of the required
amount needed to unlock Alpha-152.

Misc. Titles
On Pages 19-20 of the Mission List (or list of titles) are misc. tasks that give you titles, these tasks range from doing various holds, guards, throws and other system mechanics 100 times. Though these can be tedious its nice to know as it is an easy 21 titles possible.

The Curtain Rises
Clear the Prologue in Story mode. 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. During the Prologue you will only have the following fights to play for your trophy to pop up:

  • Put To The Test: Mila vs. Zack
  • Everyday Issues: Rig vs. Bass

After completing the following fights and viewing any story scenes within the chapter the trophy will unlock.

Ninja Battle
Clear "Kasumi: Part 2" in Story mode. 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. After unlocking The Curtain Rises you have to play through the following fights in each story chapter before your trophy pops:


  • Waiting: vs. Lisa
  • Runaway Ninja: vs. Ayane
  • Looking for something: vs. Bayman


  • On a Hunch: vs. Hitomi
  • Growing a Little: vs. Eliot
  • Obstacles: vs. Bayman


  • DOA5 Tournament Announcement: vs. Lisa
  • Broken Vessel: vs. Jann Lee
  • 10 Years: vs. Akira


  • Meeting: vs. Tina, vs. Brad
  • Sparring: Tag Match w/ Tina vs. Brad and Eliot


  • Passionate Memories: vs. Zack
  • A Rival Appears: vs. Sarah
  • The Road to a Comeback: vs. Mila


  • Serious Training: vs. Jann Lee
  • Hangover: vs. Brad
  • The Road to a Comeback: vs. Mila


  • Unknown Women: vs. Christie
  • Fighters Gather: vs. Jann Lee
  • Flame’s Rise: vs. vs. Eliot


  • Good Little Girl: vs. Rig
  • The Mysterious Masked Wrestler: vs. Zack
  • Family: vs. Tina

Brad Wong

  • Journey: vs. Eliot
  • Journey 2: vs. Eliot
  • Getting Ready: Tag Match w/Eliot vs Leifang and Hitomi


  • Milk: vs. Christie
  • The Quarter Finals Begin: vs. Kokoro
  • The Master: vs. Brad Wong


  • Strange Training: Tag Match w/Hitomi vs Zack
  • Serious Training: vs. Hitomi
  • His Back: vs. Mila


  • The Quarter Finals Begin: vs. Mila
  • Dead or Alive Semifinals: vs. Eliot
  • I Know What I Must Do: vs. Hayate

Jann Lee

  • Hot Blooded Jann Lee: vs. Zack
  • The Quarter Finals Begin: vs. Leifang, vs. Bass
  • Someone Stronger: vs. Hitomi


  • Sworn Ally: vs. Hayate
  • Lab: vs. Lisa
  • Meeting Zack: vs. Zack

Kasumi: Part 2

  • Talk: vs. Rig
  • Instinct: vs. Lisa
  • Showdown: vs. Alpha-152

After completing the following fights and viewing any story scenes within the chapter the trophy will unlock.

...And Then THIS Happened!
Clear all chapters in Story mode. 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. After unlocking Ninja Battle you have to play through the following fights in each story chapter before your trophy pops:


  • Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu: vs. Hayate
  • Meeting Zack - Part II: vs. Zack
  • Alert: vs. Christie


  • Women in the Wrong Place: vs. Christie
  • Fathers: vs. Kokoro
  • Lisa’s Betrayal: vs. Lisa


  • My Prey: vs. Bayman
  • Kasumi: vs. Kasumi
  • Epsilon’s Curse: vs. Rig

True Kasumi

  • Hidden Village: vs. Christie
  • Phase 4: vs. Rig
  • Alpha: Hayabusa vs. Kasumi Clone, Hayate/Ayane vs. Kasumi/Hayabusa Clones, Kasumi vs Clones.

After completing the following fights and viewing the credits after the chapter the trophy will unlock.

Game Info
Team Ninja
Tecmo Koei


US September 25, 2012
Europe September 28, 2012
Japan September 27, 2012

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital
Players: 1-4
Online Players : 2-16
ESRB: Mature
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