Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Trophy Guide
Guide By: Northelimcg
There are 48 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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-Estimated trophy difficulty: 6.3/10
- Overall (breakdown): 36, 8, 3, 1
-Offline (breakdown): 24, 5, 2
-Online (breakdown): 12, 3, 1
-Approximate amount of time to /100%: 30 - 60 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
-Number of missable trophies: There are no missable trophies.
-Glitched trophies: No glitched trophies.
-Do cheat codes disable trophies? No cheat codes available

The estimated trophy difficulty is taken from the offical poll in the Call of Juarez forum: Call of Juarez platinum difficulty rating poll

From the trophy breakdown there seems to be quite a lot of online trophies, but many of these can be earned during story mode or ranked play. I added them to whichever group I thought suitable.

The time to platinum will vary considerably depending on if you get all scrolls in your first playthrough or not. It also varies if you boost online or do it legit - legit also depends on your skill. The time to platinum is according to Project Platinum.

Step 1: Complete the game on any difficulty
A fairly basic step, just play through the game with the difficulty set on whatever you like. I would advise Normal for most of you to get into the swing of the game. If you are new to shooters pick Easy and if you think your up for the challenge do Hard like I did. I would stick to playing as one character - at the start there are two levels were you can only play as one of the characters. After completing each level choose the one you think is worse and stick with them. The only difference is when you enter concentration mode.

In this step you can also try and follow a guide to collect all scrolls - if so, skip to Step 3. Don't worry about side quests just yet, all you have to do is the main story quests. NOTE: Do not use chapter select prior to completing the game, otherwise you will overwrite your save file.

Step 2: Complete the game on Very Hard
Play through the game on Very Hard. Remember in Step 1 you chose which character you thought was worse and you played as him - this time play as the other. Don't worry about side quests or scrolls just yet, all you have to do is the main story quests.

Step 3. Collect all scrolls and complete all quests
You can now go back and collect all the scrolls that you missed in your prior playthroughs and you can complete all the side quests. Check the in-game trophies and it will tell you what you need for this step. Use the trophy guide for info on the scroll locations. You can collect scrolls and complete side quests via chapter select. It doesn't matter what order you do the chapters in.

Step 4. Clean up remaining story mode trophies
Use chapter select and complete all story mode related trophies. I recommend doing these on Easy or Medium. You should already have half of these trophies done by the time you complete Step 2. Refer to the trophy guide for a full descrption and / or video which shows how to earn each trophy.

Step 5: Online
It is now time to go and complete online, where you need to earn $1,000,000. This may take a while, and since the game has been out for some time, the online count may be low. Check the boosting thread linked at the end of the road map if you need a boosting partner.

In this step you can earn (if you haven't already) the trophies for getting a set number of kills with each weapon. Check your in-game trophies to see how many kills you already have (story mode and online both count towards these). By the time you earn $1,000,000 you will have enough money to purchase all classes. My recommendations for online, weapons-wise, is to use a sniper, ranger (double shotgun) or the long-ranged shotgun. I find these three the most effective depending on which map you play.

I hope I have helped you on your road to .

Here are a few extra links to help you:

- Call of Juarez Trophy Guide
- Call of Juarez Boosting Thread

[PST Would Like to Thank MrTxxThaxxLad for this Road Map]

Ace of Spades
Collect all other trophies. (3) 

Collect all other trophies.

Act I
Complete Act I. 

Can't miss this, just play through the story and you will get this.

Act II
Complete Act II. 

Can't miss this, just play through the story and you will get this.

Complete Act III. 

Can't miss this, just play through the story and you will get this.

Act IV
Complete Act IV. 

Can't miss this, just play through the story and you will get this.

Finish the game on at least easy difficulty. 

See Old West Legend.

Between Hay and Grass
Finish the game on at least medium difficulty. 

See Old West Legend.

Curly Wolf
Finish the game on hard difficulty. 

See Old West Legend.

Hard more isn't that hard actually, all you have to do is just be extra careful and don't run out and rambo. Peak from corners, use your rifles to shoot from a distance and slowly move in. Just be patient and careful and check every side and you will be okay.

Old West Legend
Finish the game on very hard difficulty. 

Difficulty trophies stack in this game, so you can also get the trophies for beating the game on Medium and Hard if you beat it on Very Hard.

Yes it's a bit harder than Hard Mode. You can easily get 1 shot if you do not lean against a wall or take cover most of the time. Basically this is the game mode of peek 'n' shoot. Be extra careful, take extra care, be VERY patient. DO NOT peek out of the corner when the enemy is shooting.

This mode is going to test your patience, determination, and skill. Take it slow and you should be fine. If you're experienced with FPS game this should not be a problem. I already completed Chapter III and Chapter X on Very Hard Difficulty.

You DO NOT have to play the game in order, you can choose which chapter you want to do and it still counts as long as you beat it. Use whichever character your best with Ray or Thomas. I suggest Ray for the last chapter only because of the dynamites and dual pistols help alot.

Ray's Story
Finish every chapter playing as Ray. 

Self-Explanatory - just choose Ray all the time starting Chapter III all the way through the end of the Story Mode and this trophy will be yours. Ray can use dynamites, and is very fast with pistols,slow with rifles and can't climb.

Thomas' Story
Finish every chapter playing as Thomas. 

Self-Explanatory - just choose Thomas all the time starting Chapter III all the way through the end of the Story Mode and this trophy will be yours. Thomas can use a Lasso to get to places, really ood at using rifles/sniper rifles and uses a bow that slows down time when using Ironsight.

On chapter I, destroy all rafts before they land. (4) 

This took me an hour and a half to figure out where they all coming from and learn the patterns. Ok this is what you are going to do. As soon as you get on the cannon shoot the 2 rafts that are in the middle of the river, you will see them far back into the trees. Make sure to aim your crosshair 2 and a half inches higher according to the target your trying to hit.

Once you're done with the first two, move a bit to the left and you should see another one, shoot it too. If you hard time seeing, try to look for blue suits, if you see a small/big blob of blue that means those are the soldiers on the raft so kill them. Once you take care of that move to the right and kill 1 by 1 as you move all the way to the far right side. They're all in the back trees, some might be closer, kill the ones that are closer to the beach first.

Now go back to the middle and the left side keep concentrating on that mid-section. Carefully look for the rafts but you have to act quick, cause this is almost the end. Also keep checking the right side every few seconds to make sure they're not nearing the beach.

Here is the tricky part, it seems you're all done right? No there is one damn raft left that hides in the bush on the left side and keeps popping 4 soldiers, so its extremely hard to see the blue outfits. Once the coast is clear shoot the bush and if you see bodies flying or fire around the water then the objective should get crossed out you should get a trophy pop up within a few seconds.

Here are the three pictures illustrating where the last raft will be by the end of the assault and where you have to shoot. There are no raft in this picture though, just the spot itself because it's hard to catch them and shooting with the camera at same time.

Far Shot
Middle Shot
Close Shot

and a video:

The guy doesn't really follow the direction that I go , I did it a bit differently he did it a harder way in my opinion. Try both and see which one is better for you.

Hope this helps!

This takes practice and a good eye for spotting, so don't rush it. Once you do it about 3-5 times you will learn the rafts patterns and you will already get used to aiming and shooting and it should go a lot of faster. Again, learn the patterns, calculate your aim, shoot, and quickly shift from raft to raft for the best result possible and keep your eyes peeled for the blue outfits. - Good luck!

Catcher in the Rye
On chapter II, in the field, kill enemy soldiers using knives without being detected. (3) 

To be honest this is more luck than skill, the only way you can tell the soldier is in your is if they're talking to each other and asking where you are. However, once the soldiers appear go straight to the soldier that the camera automatically points you at the start.

Keep crouching and going forward , once you kill the first soldier try to see if your crosshair changes to red. If it's red then that means the enemy is near, get close enough to throw the knife and 1 shot him. Then go over the corpse and pick up your knives. Also use the tree that you see on your left before you crouch down, you want to go towards the tree when you kill the 1st soldier on the right.

Here is a video to make things easier, there are about 5 or 6 soldiers...that you have to kill. Once the objective gets crossed out you will get the trophy unlock.

Yankee Cow
On chapter II, don't kill the cow. (1) 

When you get to part with the big barn doors getting ready to do cooperative concentrate mode a cow will come out. When the door opens just don't shoot the cow and move your crosshair away from it so you won't accidentally kill it. It should unlock AFTER you leave the barn and go to your next checkpoint. If you are confused about this trophy here is a video:

On chapter III, kill 20 armed enemies while riding the stagecoach. 

Pretty easy, just make sure your aim is good, there are like 3 concentraion modes and the ride is long you should be able to get this easily or to make sure just keep resetting your checkpoints right before the two concentrations modes that you get in a row. However, I am not quite sure if this unlock during the event or after the event is finished because I got mine after it was done. This is what I did though, retested my checkpoint 3 times for the two concentration modes. So if you want to make sure you get it, do what I did. Here is a video on how to do it:

Sharpshooter Distraction
On chapter IV, playing as Ray, kill sharpshooters without Thomas' help. 

Very easy, once you get to the part where you have to kill 3 snipers on the roof just whip out 1 revolver/pistol and kill all the 3 snipers by using Ironsight. You should be able to kill them in less than 20 seconds, its very easy even on hard difficulty, you just have to act fast and aim for the head. Here is a video:

Sharpshooter Destruction
On chapter IV, playing as Thomas, kill sharpshooters in 10 seconds. (2) 

Same thing as Ray's sharpshooter trophy, just go outside and kill all the sharpshooters on the roof, before he does. Here is a video:

Quite a Ride
On chapter IX, on the lift, destroy everything that is thrown at you. 

Pretty easy, on Chapter IX when you get to the lift/elevator part on the cliffside. Get your dual wielding pistols out and shoot the incoming red-colored barrels that are filled with dynamites before they get to you. Once the barrels will stop being thrown, the trophy is yours. You also get a checkpoint right before they start falling, so don't be upset if you miss one, just restart the checkpoint. Here is a video:

Rowing-Race Cheater
On chapter XI, kill all the Indians during canoe chase. 

This happens at the end of chapter XI, when you, your brother and the indian chief get on the boat. As the Indian rows the boat, 2 boats will come from your left side with 3 Navajos on each boat with a total of 6. You must kill them all, and I suggest you use a rifle or a sniper if you have one. Once those 2 boats are clear, 2 more will appear from behind you on your right, you must eliminate those also. However, the boats are a bit further away for you to see the indians, use Ironsight for the aim or better yet a sniper. Here is a video:

Man of the Hood
On chapter XII, playing as Thomas, use only bow throughout the whole level. 

This shouldn't be too bad. The easiest and the quickest way to do this to play on Easy Mode, pick Chapter XII, pick Thomas and being. Make sure to equip the bow and stay with it throughout the entire level. If your running out of arrows, pick some of them up off the soldiers that you have killed with your arrows. You can also go check in the village for ammo. Keep killing, and try to conserve ammo as much as you can.

Use Ironsight to cause slow-mo and aim for the head a one shot kill. It saves a lot of ammo. Just keep at it till the end and you'll be good. Trophy unlocks AFTER the statistics screen is gone when you beat the level.

Gotta Catch'em All
Collect all secrets. (1) 

Full Credit for this Trophy goes to hma95 - for making a secret scroll location guide and for finding all the scrolls himself. Secret Scroll Locations! -

Boy Scout
Finish one side quest. 

See "Shield of Hope".

Shield of Hope
Finish all side quests. 

Might miss these, since you can just skip past Chapter VI and Chapter VIII by talking to your brother. Do your first three side quests in Chapter VI and your last three on Chapter VIII and the trophy is yours. The Silver Stars guide you toward your side-quests when you start Chapter VI and VIII.

Quick Hands
Kill 7 people during one concentration mode. 

On Chapter 1, go to the scene where the rafts cross the river. Let two rafts make it to the beach and wait for the guys to come into firing range. Now use concentration. Trophy obtained. ~ Thanks to wottagunn for helping with this trophy, giving full credit to wottagunn for "Quick Hands" Trophy ~

Or you can try this:

Frag Steal
Kill all enemies in a single Cooperative Concentration Mode. 

Very easy, once you get to the mansion which is in Chapter 2, you will enter your second cooperative concentration mode, there will be 4 or 5 guys in the mansion. You have to kill all of them before your brother does, so just time your shoots and move your crosshairs correctly. You should be able to do this in about 2-3 tries once you get the hand of the cooperative concentration mode.

Arkansas Fried Rooster
Blow up 10 chickens with dynamite. 

Easy trophy, once you get to Chapter IV which is located in Mexico , there will be quite a few chickens running around in different places of the level, just use your dynamite and blow them up in packs and you should get this easily. Remember, this can be obtained even if you die because you just need a total of 10, not 10 in a row. So just keep restarting checkpoints if you really want this trophy instead of looking for other places to blow up chickens. This is the best spot to do it early in the game.

Finish any chapter, except for VI and VIII, without getting severely wounded. 

This shouldn't be that bad if you're very careful and you play on Easy Mode. Just play on easy mode and pick Chapter III, it has a small amount of gun-fights and most of is just riding on the stagecoach. Just take extra care, and try to eliminate your enemies safest way possible.

Once your on the stagecoach it's pretty easy because your going at crazy speed through the town and you get concentration mode about 3 times. Once you get to the part with killing the mounted cowboys on the horse just pick your most skilled weapon and Ironsight them and shoot them down.

Shoot 2 enemy dynamite sticks in mid air. (2) 

I did this in the 1st chapter (on hard difficulty). It's not that difficult of a trophy as some people think it is. All you basically have to do is slowly wait and watch the enemy throw a dynamite in the air at you. Make sure its in an open space with no huge walls or ceiling and try to be at least 20-25 feet away from the enemy so the distance is far and the throw makes a longer arc so its easier to spot and you have more time to shoot it.

I did this in the trenching area after you find your brother in chapter 1. Remember that may not be the best spot to do it in, so if you find and easier one please tell me when you get a trophy.

I used the Classic Rifle to shoot them off. Don't be afraid to die as long as you blow up 2 dynamites you will be good even if you had to restart at a checkpoint. I would also suggest you crouch so that you move slower and have a steady aim to shoot it off while its in midair.

Here is a video:

None Shall Hide
Shoot an enemy through a wall. 

I did this in the 1st chapter when you get on the gatling gun helping your brother to kill the incoming enemies, try to shoot through a box or anything and it should pop, it was pretty easy I actually got it randomly without trying.

Mad Carpenter
Kill 5 enemies with a chair. 

Very easy, you can do this in chapter VII, once you get to the house where you have to break the rusty window bars with a horse.

You get inside and get a checkpoint, do a cooperative concentration mode. Then you get into a room with two chairs, pick them up and go to the door on your left there will be 2-3 enemies in there. Kill them with the chair.

Keep going the right way, you will find more rooms with more chairs and enemies you should easily be able to get 5 kills with the chair before you get out of the building. If you did not manage to do so, just restart the checkpoint and do it again.

Kill a total of 30 enemies with movable gatling. 

This is easy, later in chapter VII you will be asked to grab a Gatling Gun of a wagon and then press O to be able to grab it and move with it. Once you have the Gatling Gun at your disposal start massacring the cowboys, keep restarting the checkpoint until you think you have 30 total enemies killed with the Gatling Gun.

It should unlock after the objective is crossed out, I suggest you restart about 3-5 times depending how good you are with it and how many enemies you have killed. Try to count how many are dead for the best results.

99 Scalps
Deliver 99 headshots (ranked play counts). 

Easy to get, you will have this by the time you reach Act 2 or somewhere around there. Just keep aiming for the head, I suggest using the rifle since it does more damage and its easier to aim with than the pistol when your in Ironsight.

However, it does not really matter, you will have this sooner or later just by playing and kill so do not even worry about this trophy you already have it in the bag. To check how many more headshots you have check your Trophies Menu in the Main Menu of the game.

Pistol Expert
Kill 250 People using pistols (ranked play counts). 

To be completely honest with you it don't matter how you do it at all, you will get it very easily either by playing single player and getting other trophies or just doing multiplayer while your trying to get your 1 million money trophy. To check how many more kills you have check your Trophies Menu in the Main Menu of the game.

Rifle Expert
Kill 250 People using rifles (ranked play counts). 

See Pistol Expert.

Shotgun Expert
Kill 250 People using shotguns (ranked play counts). 

See Pistol Expert.

On the Right Track
Collect a total of $200 000 (ranked play counts) to unlock silver weapons in multiplayer. 

Self-Explanatory, just time consuming. Keep playing multiplayer until you earn enough money oh and try to win and be good at it will make it faster =D Best way is to play a Manhunt game, you should be able to get this within 1.5 - 2 hours if you're good and you get in good games. By achieving this trophy you will earn Silver Weapons which are stronger than your original ones.

Collect a total of $1 000 000 (ranked play counts) to unlock golden weapons in multiplayer. (17) 

Probably the trophy that will take you the longest to get in this game, it takes a lot amount of time. Best game mode for this is Manhunt, if you're good at the game you can pull off 25-40 K a Match WITHOUT Boosting.

My highest was 37K in a 20 minute match on the map "Magnificent" Or you can boost this by going to the boosting thread and get a team going for killing each other and racking up bounties in manhunt games.

For achieving this trophy you will earn Golden Weapons which are stronger than the Silver Weapons.

Forgiveth Me, Lord
Kill 2000 enemies (ranked play counts). 

Very easy gold trophy, and it won't really take you a long time at all. Just keep playing single player and getting all the single player trophies such as the Weapon Expert trophies and playing the game on Very Hard Difficulty.

Remember you will be replaying the story at 3 times. 1 for any mode, 2 for the other character, and 3 for Very Hard Mode. Too top it all off you will start going on a multiplayer trophy hunt and kill many players on your way to $1,000,000 Goldrush! Trophy. Don't even think of this trophy you will get it before you know it.e to do this. Just keep playing multiplayer and concentrate on making as much money as you can. That means get a lot of kills, and try to win of course.

High Noon
Kill 4 enemies between 12:00 p.m. and 12:15 p.m. (local time, ranked play counts). 

Very easy, just make sure that it's currently 12:00 PM on your PS3 is set as local time. If it's not set and you don't want to wait just change it manually for this trophy and then change it back to what it was. All you have to do is load up a chapter where it begins with a gun fight of 4 or more enemies. I suggest you load up Chapter IV.

Kill a total of 5 enemies while horseback (ranked play counts). 

This is a very easy trophy, I would suggest you do it in single player since its a lot easier. You get your first horse after the cornfield in chapter 2. Once you get on the horse, you will follow the road into a mansion, while your on the road you should be able to kill 2 or 3 soldiers, then once you get to the mansion's gates, go in and kill more soldiers around the trees. There's more than enough, just kill 2 or 3 more and you should be good. Just try to kill fast, so they don't shoot down the horse and if they do, just do a last checkpoint restart and it will still count as total.

Welcome to the Frontier
Finish a full Wild West Legends game (ranked only). 

Very easy, you don't even have to win, all you have to do is go into a Wild West Legends game mode on the ranked matches and just play the two full rounds of it until match officially ends. No skill is involved here. First you play a match and then you play a revenge match in the same game, once both are finished the trophy is yours.

Crime Does Pay
Win 5 rounds as an Outlaw (ranked only). 

Self-Explanatory, just win 5 rounds of any game mode as Outlaws and no it does not have to be in a row, just a total of 5. To check how many wins you already have go to the Trophies Menu in the Main Menu of the game.

Tin Star
Win 5 rounds as a Lawman (ranked only). 

Self-Explanatory, just win 5 rounds of any game mode as Lawmen and no it does not have to be in a row, just a total of 5. To check how many wins you already have go to the Trophies Menu in the Main Menu of the game.

Been There, Done That
Play a full Wild West Legends game on every level (both match and revenge match count; ranked only). 

Not hard, just a bit tannoying. You do not have to win, just play both match and revenge match on every map/level and make sure its set on ranked matches of course. All you gotta do is play Wild West Legends mode on every map in the game. There are a total of 8 maps which are, Coffeyville, Magnificent, Burnside Bridge, Tues Pablo, Nogales, Stinking Springs, Frisco, and Tombstone.

Magnificent Thirteen
Unlock all classes (ranked only). 

Self-Explanatory, a bit time consuming. Just keep playing multiplayer, try to have fun, earn enough money and buy all the classes. You will eventually get this in time if your going for your 1 million $ trophy.

Jack of All Trades
Play a full game with each class (ranked only). 

Simply, keep playing online games, (fastest way to get money would be playing manhunt mode) and keep earning cash until you have enough to unlock all of the classes.

Well Invested
Buy 20 second level and 10 third level upgrades (ranked only). 
Pretty easy and does not take a lot of time either. Pick the class you're best at and pick either Posse or Manhunt game modes. Those usually last the longest and have the most killing, the more you kill, the faster you earn the cash for the temporary upgrades.

Keep doing so, and buy level II upgrades 20 times and buy level III upgrade 10 times and the trophy is yours.

The 2nd level upgrade costs $300 and the 3rd level upgrade costs $600. When you have enough money, press and press on the class you want to upgrade. Also, upgrades are only temporary and only last until the end of the match. Credit to King Boss for this info.

You will easily get this by trying to get your $1,000,000 Goldrush! Trophy. You DO NOT have to do this in match, you just need to do it a total of times over your Multiplayer career so it's easy.
Kill 10 enemies as an invincible wanted (ranked only). (1) 

This actually a lot easier to get than it sounds. Just play Wanted! many times, try to kill the guy who is wanted and if you're lucky there will be 5 more people right next to you to kill you. However, as soon as you kill the Wanted! Man you become invincible for 6 seconds, kill as many enemies as you can within those 6 seconds and you will get this easily. Use the Hombre class for this, dual wielding sawed-off shotguns will make it a lot easier to spray damage around you while your invincible.

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Europe July 03, 2009
Japan July 23, 2009

Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
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Players: 1
Online Players : 2-12
ESRB: Mature
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