Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3)

Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3) Trophy Guide
Guide By: Harry94_ & Warbear, yazter
There are 72 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10
  • Offline trophies: 49 (45, 0 4)
  • Online trophies: 2 (1, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20-40 hours (Highly skill dependent)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 (2 recommended)
  • Number of missable trophies: None (Chapter Select)
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheats

At long last, Call of Duty: Ghosts is here! Infinity Ward's latest instalment is the tenth title in the franchise, and the first to be released on the PS4 (as well as PS3). In Ghosts, you find yourself as part of a highly elite and professional military unit known only as "Ghosts," who have been ordered to stop a global threat ten years in the aftermath of "The Event". Along with the usual run-n'-gun we have all come to expect from Call of Duty, you also have the additional feature of playing with Riley, your faithful German Shepard.

The multiplayer lives up to the calibre that we've come to expect from the franchise as well as brand new features. You can now customize your character and play as a female. You can also participate in new game modes such as Search and Rescue, Cranked, and even fight against aliens in Extinction mode!

In terms of trophies, you're looking at possibly the hardest Call of Duty yet because of Extinction mode. Almost every other trophy in the game is tied to the single player and will come without much added effort. All trophies tied to story mode can be earned in a single run, but we personally recommend two runs so you can play Veteran and worry about miscellaneous trophies on a lower difficulty. There are a total of 18 missions, and each mission is tied to one misc trophy as well as one collectible per level.

Step 1 - Complete the game on Recruit while getting all miscellaneous trophies, and collecting all Rorke files.

In this step, we recommend playing the game on Recruit difficulty so that you can earn all trophies tied to story mode except Veteran difficulty without the the deaths. The campaign is very short compared to previous titles, averaging at about 6 hours to completion. Keep in mind, during this step, that each individual level has a miscellaneous trophy tied to it to reward a little extra effort. You should also keep an eye out for Rorke files for the Audiophile trophy. We have included a guide for this within the guide.

During this step, you will earn the following trophies:

Ghost Stories
Spatial Awareness
Brave New World
Liberty Wall
No Man's Land
Blimey O'Riley
Struck Down
Waste not
Go Ugly Early
Legends Never Die
It Came from Below!
Federation Day
Sleeping Beauty
Carbon Faceprint
Birds of Prey
Burn Baby Burn
The Hunted
Jungle Ghosts
Deep Freeze
Atlas Falls
Into The Deep
David & Goliath
End of the Line
Cog in the machine
Sin City
All or Nothing
End of your rope
Severed Ties
They look like ants
The Ghost Killer
Tickets please

Step 2: Complete the game on Veteran.

In this step, you will complete the game on the hardest difficulty - Veteran. Veteran difficulty for Ghosts is possibly the easiest to complete compared to any of the previous titles, and also the fastest. You should also aim to earn the Piece of cake trophy, as it must be done in Veteran mode.

During this step, you will earn the following trophies:

Piece of cake
You've earned it

Step 3: Extinction Mode

Once you have created a save/checkpoint for story mode, you will unlock a game mode entitled "Extinction" upon your next visit to the menu. Extinction is a survival-based game type in which you need to destroy hives using a laser drill. While the drill is operating, a variety of alien enemies will attempt to kill you and stop the drill from working. There is a total of 15 hives you need to destroy. There are also 2 scenarios, during these 15 hives, in which you have to protect a helicopter from scorpions while it shoots a blockade of alien mess. After destroying each of the 15 hives, you will have to arm a nuke. Escaping after all the previous steps are completed, is very difficult with 4 players.

For more info on Extinction, see the trophy guide. There is no set path to the trophies, go for whichever ones you want to. However, in order to get Throttled Escape you need to reach rank 30 and then prestige. After you prestige you are given the option to use Relics.

During this step, you will earn the following trophies:

No Man Left
Made it Out Alive
Cabin Fever
City Dweller
Any Means necessary
Trash Picker
Throttled Escape

Step 4: Clean up

In this final step, you will earn any trophies that you have missed on any previous steps, like miscellaneous trophies. You will also need to reach Wave 20 in Safeguard mode to earn you the Safeguard trophy.

During this step, you will earn the following trophies:


[PST would like to thank Warbear for this Roadmap]

Onslaught DLC

(Credits: A guide like this requires multiple playthroughs. While I've played with many people, one person in particular was helpful in aiding me every time and joining me in every game, and for his patience each time that I may take important notes for the guide I want to say: thank you, General-Battye for your patience and your help. This guide is as much yours as it is mine. I owe you big time!)


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10
  • Offline trophies: 10 (8, 2, 0) (Technically these are offline Trophies but they are best done online).
  • Online trophies: 1 (1, 0, 0).
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 4-8 hours.
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1+
  • Number of missable trophies: None.
  • Glitched trophies: N/A.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, all but two of the Trophies must be be unlocked on Regular or Hardcore difficulties.
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A.

Introduction and Background:

Beyond the pleated aurorae and under the sidereal constellations of the nocturnal sky in Northern Alaska lies sequestered facility—aptly named ‘Nightfall’—dedicated to the study and research of the Cryptids collected and ‘cultivated’ from the Colorado outbreak. At the helm of this clandestine research is Captain David Archer, under whose auspices a coterie of brilliant scientists dedicatedly work to unmask the mystery behind the emergence and manifestation of the Cryptids by way of both anatomical examination and decryption of pertinent ancient texts. The cynosure of this league is Dr. Samantha Cross, a brilliant researcher with prodigious linguistic prowess, who is this research’s greatest translation asset, and indeed the most precious jewel in Archer’s figurative crown. However, the ostensibly innocent façade of Cpt. Archer’s operation belies the machinations of corruption and surreptitious back room deals that not only compromise this research, but also puts the human race in its entirety in danger. At the crux of these machinations is an alarmed Samantha Cross, who, against her superior’s wishes, decides to take action.

Deracinated and unable to escape, Dr. Samantha Cross sends out a distress video call alerting of the dangers of Archer’s self-serving actions in this research. Her calls for help, fortunately, are not shouts into the wind. Her distress call is picked up and, in response, a task force is assembled by the Rapid Response Unit and dispatched to scene to contain the outbreak and pursue Samantha Cross and Archer.

Steps to 100%:

Completing the mission is your primary objective and indeed the basis of most of the Trophies, each of which requires progressing into the compound and completing the mission under various conditions. These are:

  • Pushing Ahead
  • Weapon Facility
  • Survived Nightfall
  • Speed Slayer
  • Nightfall Completionist
  • Throttled Survival

For Speed Slayer , Nightfall Completionist , and Throttled Survival it is recommended that you focus on these Trophies individually per playthrough. That is to say, it is best to not attempt all at once. Further, they are best done in a co-op team of four.

The remaining Trophies are count-based. These subdivide into two types - collectibles and kill counts. These are:

  • Turnabout is Fair Play - Kill 50 Cryptids with the Venom-X weapon in Nightfall.
  • Phantom Exterminator - Kill 5 Phantoms in one game.
  • Undiscovered Truths - Find all the intel hidden in Nightfall.
  • and finally, for the first time in the history of Call of Duty map packs, a multiplayer-dependent Trophy: Egg-stra XP! - Complete the Egg-stra XP challenge and then destroy a hive in the Onslaught DLC package.

The mechanics and gameplay in this particular Extinction map are similar to the ones in Point of Contact from the game proper. It is divided into three areas, each with four hives and an additional objective at the end (one of which is an additional hive). Each hive is protected by a horde that is increasingly difficult with every drilling attempt. There are a few changes, however, and each one is substantial: new Cryptids, enemies in lieu of barrier hives, and, in lieu of a final hive, a final boss—the Breeder—who is the reigning brute and figurative matriarch of the facility’s Cryptids. The challenges are no less unsparing; they are a combination of luck-based, circumstantial and, by certain gamers’ standards, asinine challenges.

Familiarity is key, persistence is omnipotent, and practice makes perfect. It’s best to focus simply on (attempting) the completion of the objective, while trying out different loadouts to find one that suits your play style, all the while scavenging the area for resources. This will give you an idea of the layout, the challenges and the type of enemies you encounter. Once you get the hang of the game, you should attempt to go for Trophies. But to lessen the potential frustration, again to reiterate, you should attempt each trophy per playthrough (e.g. once with a relic activated, once with the focus on completing the challenge… etc) and across these multiple playthoughs you can work on the miscellaneous—and sometimes cumulative—Trophies.

In terms of loadout, it is recommended that you try out different ones and find one that is suitable to your gameplay or your designated role (i.e. offensive vs. defensive, or assault vs. support).

Given the exorbitant costs of some these supplies it is best to delegate different members with providing different supplies; two can focus on ammo, and two can focus on amour and/or boosters.

[PST Would Like to Thank yazter for this Roadmap]

Earn all available Trophies for Call of Duty Ghosts (22) 

Just like any other platinum. Earn all 50 trophies to unlock this. Congrats!

Ghost Stories
Escape. (Complete "Ghost Stories" on any difficulty.) 

Story related and cannot be missed

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "Ghost Stories".

Spatial Awareness
Kill your first enemy in the Call of Duty Ghosts campaign. 

During the mission "Ghost Stories" you will see enemies board the space station and you must try and stop them from taking control of ODIN. You will float down the station and eventually your team mate will bump into an enemy, causing his gun will fly towards you. Simply pick up the gun and then move the while fighting with him to shoot him in the face. The trophy will unlock shortly afterwards.

Brave New World
Rendez-vous in Fort Santa Monica. (Complete "Brave New World" on any difficulty.) 

Story related and cannot be missed

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "Brave New World".

Liberty Wall
Take down both attack helicopters. (5) 

Chapter Select: "Brave New World".

You will start off fighting enemies in a storm drain. Once you reach your allies, you will be told to pick up the MAAWS and get ready for the incoming helicopters. The 1st helicopter is a transport helicopter and it will fly slowly towards you and is easy to hit. Just line the laser on it and shoot, taking into consideration the rocket will follow the laser. The first helicopter will explode in one hit. The 2nd one is an attack helicopter and this takes 3 rockets to destroy. Simply do what you did to the first one until it explodes. The trophy will unlock shortly afterwards.

No Man's Land
Make it to San Diego. (Complete "No Man's Land" on any difficulty.) 

Story related and cannot be missed

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "No Man's Land".

Blimey O'Riley
Pounce on 10 enemies whilst controlling Riley (2) 

Chapter Select: "No Man's Land".

During this mission, and this mission only, you can sync up with Riley. This means you can control him and kill enemies with him. There is a lot more than 10 chances during the mission, just make sure you kill all the enemies that are standing on their own. If you attack groups, Riley will get killed almost instantly.

Struck Down
Find Ajax. (Complete "Struck Down" on any difficulty.) 

Story related and cannot be missed

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "Struck Down".

Waste not
Every shot with the remote sniper hits a person or vehicle. (4) 

Chapter Select: "Struck Down".

The remote sniper, available in this mission, is very accurate and is always a one hit kill, so this trophy is easier than it sounds. Make sure that you only shoot when an enemy is standing still. This will ensure you never really miss a shot. The only tricky bit can be the final section with the helicopters as the enemies move around a lot. If you want to be extra cautious, enemy targets will turn your reticule yellow when you have a clean shot. If you do miss a shot, simply restart the checkpoint. The trophy will unlock at the very end of the mission.

Defend LA. (Complete "Homecoming" on any difficulty.) 

Story related and cannot be missed

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "Homecoming".

Go Ugly Early
A-10 strafe 50 enemies (3) 

Chapter Select: "Homecoming".

You have multiple chances to use the A-10 drone to make strafe runs throughout this mission. The first time you can use it is when you reach the beach. You will eventually be told over the radio that you can press to use the A-10 support. This will then switch your view to the A-10 and you can fire the guns. What you want to do is aim for the squares on the beach and not the helicopter, vehicles etc. Just spray as many bullets as you can towards the foot soldiers. You have about 4 chances to use this throughout the mission and I managed to get the trophy in just 2 of the 4 opportunites. Trophy will unlock after you kill 50 enemies.

Legends Never Die
Hunt down Almagro. (Complete "Legends Never Die" on any difficulty.) 

Story related and cannot be missed

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "Legends Never Die".

It Came from Below!
Kill 6 enemies with the knife while underwater in "Legends Never Die". (4) 

Chapter Select: "Legends Never Die".

The first kill you get will be part of the story and you have to do it in order to pass, so you only really need 5. After this first one you will cross the street on a broken structure then end up in a section with more water and enemies. In this part you need to kill at least two enemies while underwater with the knife. This can be a little tricky as the enemies tend to run around all over the place and Rorke will shoot them sometimes. Just make sure you get two here and you are good to go. The final area will be in a parking garage type area and there will be lot's of enemies in the water and you can easily get the remaining kills here. Just be quick about it as your squad will shoot the enemies.

Keep in mind that you can drown. Just come out of crouch behind cover when your screen begins to fill up with bubbles.


Federation Day
Gather intel on Rorke. (Complete "Federation Day" on any difficulty.) 

Story related and cannot be missed

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "Federation Day".

Sleeping Beauty
Kill the sleeping guy in face down rappel section (2) 

Chapter Select: "Federation Day".

After you rappel down for the 2nd time you will be upside-down. You will have to shoot two enemies on a balcony on the way down. Just beyond these enemies is somebody sleeping in a chair and you can see him through the window. Simply shoot him and the trophy will unlock. I highly advise watching the video for visual representation:


Carbon Faceprint
Catch Photocopier with your face (4) 

Chapter Select: "Federation Day".

When you rappel down for the 3rd time there will be an explosive above you form the window you just jumped out of. If you stay in the middle of the building a photocopier will come flying out the window and smack you in the face. It doesn't do much damage, so don't worry about that. The trophy will unlock shortly afterwards.


Birds of Prey
Capture Rorke (Complete "Birds of Prey" on any difficulty.) 

Story related and cannot be missed

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "Birds of Prey".

Burn Baby Burn
Destroy 80 Fuel containers. (3) 

Chapter Select: "Birds of Prey".

You will be flying an attack helicopter for most of the mission. You will notice many fuel tanks. These are mainly situated on top of buildings and on the sides of some of the roads. Basically anything you shoot that explodes (except the AA guns) is a fuel container. You may get this naturally while playing the mission, but if you want to be safe then fly over the whole map and just shoot any fuel container you see. The trophy will unlock after destroying the 80th one.

The Hunted
Make it out alive (Complete "The Hunted" on any difficulty.) 

Story related and cannot be missed

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "The Hunted".

Jungle Ghosts
Finish the mission without breaking stealth. (7) 

Chapter Select: "The Hunted".

The plane you are flying, during this mission, will be destroyed by Rorke's bigger plane. When you land in the jungle you will only have a pistol and a heartbeat sensor on your wrist. This is tricky to explain in words how to not break stealth as there is no landmarks or way points to give. Just make sure you always pay attention to the heartbeat sensor and hide behind trees. If you're spotted, just restart the checkpoint. I recommend you watch the following video to see which path I took:


Hack the system (Complete "Clockwork" on any difficulty.) 

Story related and cannot be missed

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "Clockwork".

Deep Freeze
Drop 8 vehicles into ice holes. (3) 

Chapter Select: "Clockwork".

In one of the later stages in the level, you will be escaping on a jeep and operating the grenade turret. What you have to do is shoot the ice in front of the cars and make them crash. If all you do is shoot holes in the floor, then you will hit a lot of the cars that are far behind and out of view. When a car falls into the ice hole you will see half of it submerge and then it'll crash through the ice. Here is a video showing the method:


Atlas Falls
Distract the Federation Fleet. (Complete "Atlas Falls" on any difficulty.) 

Story related and cannot be missed

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "Atlas Falls.

Completing the console section on first attempt. (2) 

Chapter Select: "Atlas Falls".

Note: You cannot restart the checkpoint if you fail. You will need to restart the whole mission.

Near the end of the mission, you will have to operate a console to shut the water pipes off. What you have to do is keep the bar in the center of the screen the whole time using the analog sticks. The more water pipes that get shut down, the more the console will shake and flicker, making it harder for you to keep the bars in the center. If you do push it over a little bit, don't worry. Failing this will result in you having to repeat the hack, but if you do fail then back out and reload checkpoint.

Piece of cake
Storm the common room and kill everyone without taking damage on veteran. (7) 

Chapter Select: "Atlas Falls".

You will breach a common room just before the pressure regulator room (see video for exact location). Save all your grenades or flashbangs prior to this common room so you should have x4 of both of them. As soon as you breach the door throw a flashbang and try and pick a few enemies off with your gun. Once the flashbang effects have worn out, throw a grenade at the right side wall and hopefully it'll bounce near the back and take those enemies out too. Rinse and repeat the process until you clear the room. You can do what I did in the video below and just throw a flashbang and then all your grenades. This can also be effective since grenades have a large kill radius There is only about 10-15 enemies in the common room.. If you get shot at all then restart the checkpoint. Here's a handy tip if you are having trouble with this trophy:

Hi Guys,

Here is just a more easy way to get the "Piece of Cake" golden trophy:

Just breach the door (check the trophy guide for the location video) and when you get thrown away just stay there and do nothing at all! The AI will kill everyone inside for you and you don't have to take the risk to get shot...

Hope this helps.

Into the Deep
Destroy the enemy ship (Complete "Into The Deep" on any difficulty.) 

Story related and cannot be missed.

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "Into the Deep".

David & Goliath
Take down the LCS on the first go. (1) 

Note: You cannot restart the checkpoint if you fail. You will need to restart the whole mission.

Chapter Select: "Into the Deep".

You will have to destroy the LCS (the large ship that is emitting sonar waves during the mission) with a Proteus missile. This missile is essentially a radio-controlled missile and you steer it with the analog sticks. You simply steer the missile towards the bright red part of the ship and let it hit that part. The trophy will unlock shortly afterwards.

End of the Line
Storm the factory (Complete "End of the Line" on any difficulty.) 

Story related and cannot be missed.

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "End of the Line".

Cog in the machine
Kill 5 enemies without being detected before infiltrating Black Zone. (2) 

Chapter Select: "End of the Line".

All you have to do is kill 5 enemies without them noticing you. Just pay attention to what your squad tells you and you will get this trophy no problem. It'll unlock after the 5th successful kill.

Sin City
Plan your next move (Complete "Sin City" on any difficulty.) (1) 

Story related and cannot be missed.

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "Sin City".

Destroy 21 slot machines. (4) 

Chapter Select: "Sin City".

After you hear the announcement from Rorke, you will head into a casino complex. Kill all the enemies here and then look at the slot machines on the lower level. There is a total of 20 on the right hand side. Shot each of the screens once to destroy the slot machine. Once all of these have been destroyed you want to continue on and slide under the gate that is being held up for you. Now, as you are on the curving walkway you will see some more slot machines hidden away in front of you. There are 8 slot machines in this group. Simply cook a grenade and throw it in the direction of the slot machines. The trophy will unlock shortly afterwards.


All or Nothing
Gather the troops (Complete "All or Nothing" on any difficulty.) 

Story related and cannot be missed.

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "All or Nothing".

End of your rope
Cut a grappling hook rope with enemy on it. (3) 

Chapter Select: "All or Nothing".

You will eventually see a "Defend" objective on the screen. Go over to this and you will see enemies on boats fire ziplines up towards the railings and you'll have the option to push to cut the rope. Don't cut the rope yet, wait until you see some guy who is coming up the rope then you cut it. The trophy will unlock shortly afterwards.


Severed Ties
Destroy the Federation's satellite array (Complete "Severed Ties" on any difficulty.) 

Story related and cannot be missed.

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "Severed Ties".

Take out helicopters with remote missile 3/3. (4) 

Chapter Select: "Severed Ties".

You will eventually reach an area with lots of satellites and then the guy on the radio will tell you that there is a lot of enemy helicopters incoming. Push to switch to the remote missile. Fire the missile at 3 helicopters quickly before your allies take them out. There is 5 helicopters all together and you only need to destroy 3 of them with the remote missile for the trophy. The remote missile is basically the same as the missile you use in the "Into the Deep" mission. You steer it and then direct it with the . Once you destroy three the trophy will unlock.


Commandeer the enemy space station. (Complete "Loki" on any difficulty.) 

Story related and cannot be missed.

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "Loki".

They look like ants
Destroy all enemy ground targets and kill no allies with the rods. (3) 

Chapter Select: "Loki".

About halfway through the mission "Loki" you will have to take control of a station similar to the ODIN one in the first mission. Once you gain control of the missile launchers, you will have to shoot enemies on the ground with fuel rods. Enemies are marked with orange crosses, and allies are marked with light blue crosses. You have unlimited fuel rod strikes you can use so don't worry about running out of ammo. All you have to do is make sure you kill all the enemies on the ground (jets and helicopters do not count towards the trophy). Just make sure when you are firing you keep the circle marker away from the light blue crosses. The game will tell you if you have hit an ally and if you hear this immediately restart the checkpoint. Here is a video showing how to do it:


The Ghost Killer
Confront Rorke (Complete "The Ghost Killer" on any difficulty.) (3) 

Story related and cannot be missed.

This will unlock as soon as you complete the mission "The Ghost Killer".

Tickets please
Shoot the grapple guys off the side of the train. (3) 

Chapter Select: "The Ghost Killer".

Hess will eventually alert you to 4 guys climbing the side of the train. All you have to do is shoot one of them while he is climbing up., not all 4 like the trophy suggests. Here is a video showing you what to do:


Collect all 18 Rorke files. (5) 

There are a total of 18 Rorke Files to find in Call of Duty: Ghosts. They look identical to the Intel in the previous Call of Duty games; it's essentially a laptop. There is one Rorke File per mission over a total of 18 missions. In order to pick one up, you approach it and hold until it uploads. As soon as you have picked one up, you are free to save and quit the mission. Finding them all will reward you will the trophy and you will also receive files that available to read on the campaign screen. Here is a video showing all 18.


Complete round 20 in safeguard. (13) 

The Safeguard game mode is available in the Squads menu. Safeguard is very similar to survival in MW3. You have to fend waves of enemies off and survive for as long a you can. Unlike MW3, the only enemies you will face are ground soldiers - No air support will try and kill you. All you need to do it find a good defensible spot and survive for the 20 rounds. I recommend attempting this trophy on the Prison map. There is an area of portables that you can use a ladder to get on top of. Enemies will only approach you from the ladder of these portables, so it's a very good choke point. So you can all just prone on top of this cabin and watch the ladder.

You've earned it
Earn the mask. Finish the campaign on Veteran. (13) 

A COD trophy list wouldn't be a COD trophy list without not having to complete it on the hardest difficulty. You must complete it on veteran.

The difficulty is slightly easier than previous titles, and doesn't take much effort to complete. However, there are a few areas in the game that can be challenging.

General tips: `

  • Use Riley whenever you can!
    When given the opportunity, order Riley to kill enemies by pressing . It's impossible for him to die, so use him to your advantage.
  • Use autoaim
    You can "autoaim" by tapping the button when aiming your sight. This will move your sight to the closest enemy if you're aiming near them.
  • Always take cover
    Prone as soon as you get hit. It's not worth risking a death.
  • Advance as soon as possible
    The best way to make progress is to keep pushing forward, don't just camp in one area. With that said, only advance when you are safe.
  • Always replace your handgun
    In most missions, you start off with a handgun as your secondary weapon. Be sure to replace it as soon as possible.
Secret Trophies
No Man Left
Escape with all four players. (55) 

Note: See this thread if you are having trouble escaping: Easy extinction escape by Hondahoe_

If you need to find partners for this trophy then please post in the Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)

This trophy is very hard to do as the final escape sequence is really difficult, even with skilled players. I'm going to list out the best path that we as a team always took and the set up we used:

Player 1

  • Medic
  • Standard Ammo
  • Armour
  • Sentry Gun
  • Grenade Launcher

Player 2

  • Medic
  • Standard Ammo
  • Feral Instincts
  • Sentry Gun
  • Grenade Launcher

Player 3

  • Medic
  • Armour Piercing Ammo
  • Speed Boost
  • Sentry Gun
  • Grenade Launcher

Player 4

  • Medic
  • Armour Piecing Ammo
  • Armour
  • Sentry Gun
  • Grenade Launcher

As for weapons, I use the 3 round burst pistol for the first two hives then I buy the AK-15. Once I reach the City I buy the first gun you see on the left on that wooden watch post, the LMG. Make sure you utilize the item boxes as these can include useful attachments for your weapons. Once I reach the cabin I buy the chainsaw as this is probably the best gun for extinction if you combine it with the speed boost bonus. For the final sprint, please refer to the video below for a route in which you can take:


Reach the exfil chopper with 1 minute and 30 seconds or more remaining on the clock. (5) 

After you destroy the final hive in the Cabin area, you will all have to go to the marker on the map and press to arm the nuke. You then have 4 minutes to run all the way back to where you arrived on the helicopter. This final push is a real struggle as there are loads rhinos and scorpions chasing after you. I highly advise choosing the medic class and then upgrading the speed all the way up. Without this you are definitely going to die on the way back just because of all the enemies that can run faster than the other classes. If you reach the helicopter with over 1:30 left you will unlock the trophy. See No Man Left for a video on the best route to take in order to escape quickly.

Made it Out Alive
Escape 1st time. (4) 

See No Man Left.

Complete all challenges and escape. (86) 

While playing the game you will have a challenge to complete every hive you attack. There is a total of 12 challenges that you need to complete. These challenges are randomly generated in each game. Most of them are "Kill x aliens with an x type of weapon" but some can be really tricky like "Kill x aliens while they are in mid air". You have until the drill has finished drilling to complete the challenge. As I said, it is very random and luck based what challenges you get. Sometimes you will get the challenge "Find and kill the Leper in 30 seconds". I have played many games and have never found it. But it's essentially hide and seek and it's luck if you find him within 30 seconds or not. This is best done with 2 players or solo, trying to do it with 4 players makes things harder as the challenge values are higher.

Cabin Fever
Made it to the cabin. (5) 

The cabin is just after the city. After you destroy the final hive in the city while the helicopter backs you up you will be able to walk towards the cabin and the trophy will unlock.

City Dweller
Made it to the city. (1) 

This is just after the first part. As soon as you get dropped off by the helicopter you have to destroy 4 hives then you can attack the barrier hive with helicopter support. You will then be able to move towards the city and the trophy will unlock.

Any Means necessary
Get 50 kills with the electric fence and fire traps in a single game. (5) 

While playing the game you will notice two sorts of traps spread about the place. The electric fence, electrifies a fence nearby and when aliens try to climb it they will die. This particular trap costs $500 to use. The fire trap is represented by a barrel and it costs $750 to use. What it does is create a wall of fire so any alien trying to run through it will immediately get set on fire and eventually die. Simply kill 50 in a game to unlock this.

Trash Picker
Scavenge 40 items in a single game. (28) 

Note: Do this solo as you can search all the boxes yourself then, your teammates won't be taking any.

While playing the game, you will notice these boxes and bags that you can search to find supplies. The supplies consist of ammo, attachments, SOFLAMs and Hypno knifes. All you have to do is search 40 of these supply boxes in a single game. The easiest way to do this is to get to the cabin area then just not drill anything. Keep the drill and just walk around the entire map looking for these supply boxes. If you walk around with the drill and don't place it, aliens won't spawn in. There is about 50 in total, so more than enough to get the trophy.

Throttled Escape
Escape using a relic. (13) 

In order to get a relic you must first reach rank 30 in Extinction. Once you reach rank 30 you will go back to rank one but you will keep all your weapons etc. When you do this, you are given the option to choose a relic from a list of five. These are as follows:

  1. Take more damage from Aliens
  2. Pistols only
  3. Smaller Wallet / Max $3000
  4. You inflict less damage
  5. No class selection available

The easiest one on the list is the smaller wallet one. It is still difficult though but compared to the rest of them it is easy. Choose whichever one you are confident with. Simply enable the relic before starting and then just escape. Please note, only the person who has the relic enabled will get the trophy. You can't join somebody and you don't use a relic and he does. Also, only you need the relic on in order to get the trophy. You could have one on and your 3 teammates don't.

DLC: Onslaught
Cost: 14.99 Trophies: 11
Pushing Ahead
Gain access to the Compoung area in Nightfall. 

As with the previous map, this map includes three areas, the crossing of the first area of which would unlock this Trophy.

Unlike the first map, however, the area is not sealed by a barrier hive, but a new formidable enemy. It is here where you will be introduced to the Breeder — the beast that guards the gates, and your newest arch nemesis. It is a massive arthropod that launches projectiles from its chelicerae and claws, and hurls eggs and damaging red orbs from its tails. Though formidable, the Breeder is, thankfully, predictable: before it launches the projectiles, you will see an “absorption” scene with threaded aura, as though the Breeder “gathering energy.” Also, these projectiles are aimed where the Breeder is looking, inadvertently alerting you as to where you should hide. The tail, intermittently, launches eggs and mist-unleashing orbs. The eggs hatch seconds after landing, and the orbs are launched into the sky and explode midair, hurtling down in the wake of that explosion two clusters that, upon landing, burst into red, toxic mist that lasts for a significant period and can drain the player’s health at an alarmingly fast rate.

Depending on what challenge you have, the best way to kill him is to shoot onto his head with either the Assault Rifle (Maverick, found at the very beginning and dropped by the soldier at the gates) or the LMG (LSAT, found in a room protected by a hive. It is in the building across from the Breeder). Equally instrumental is the mounted turret atop that building. It has a significant bullet count and costs $850 to unlock. Fixed in position, the turret by that virtue has an incredibly high accuracy rate. Use that to your advantage while being mindful of the overheat indicator bar below the bullet count on the screen. If playing as a team of four people, it is advisable that two players position themselves at a safe distance from the Breeder, with the third controlling the turret and the fourth protecting the turret shooter. In lieu of the turret the team can also use the deployable Portable Turret (under “Equalizer”). But the former is advisable in the long run (i.e. saving skill points for later, keeping the shield as they both occupy the same slot… etc). Or, best of both worlds, use a mix of both strategies, with each teammate delegated a task. The strategy, ultimately, is left to your descretion. Do what you feel is most efficient with regards to you and your teammates’ preferences.

The Trophy should unlock upon ’taking down’ the Breeder.

Here’s a video illustrating the former strategy:

Weapon Facility
Gain access to the Facility in Nightfall. 

After taking down the Breeder for the first time, you will enter a new area. Scour the boxes for supplies and set yourself/yourselves accordingly. Just like the first area, you will have to destroy four hives. But after you destroy them, you are given an objective to destroy an extra hive. After that, the Breeder will emerge but you won’t have to fight him. In the wake of his walking away, the crates that blocked the entrance to the Weapon Facility will be gone. To be sure, the entrance to this building is located in the northeast part of the compound (if the location of the first Breeder encounter is to the south of your position). Upon entering this facility, this Trophy will unlock.

Survived Nightfall
Kill the Breeder for the first time in Nightfall. 

Lest there be any confusion, killing the Breeder happens at the end of the map. That is to say, this Trophy does not apply to your first encounter with the Breeder at the gates of the compound.

After destroying the last hive the third area (Weapon Facility), you will have a torn wall that is left in the wake of the final hive’s destruction. Go through that wall and you will emerge in an open field at the crack of dawn.

Killing the Breeder is a menial task as he would be protected by hordes of his own creation. By generalised gaming standards, this battle exhibits the hallmarks of a final boss battle: it is divided into intervals (four in this case, when about one quarter of his health is gone), with each part increasing in difficulty. He still attacks in the similar manner as he did during the first encounter: rapid-fire projectiles, red mists, and Cryptid eggs, but his attacks are more unrelenting this time. Since the battle, as stated, is divided into intervals, at each interval point the Breeder ‘collapses,’ exposing, as a result, his glowing innards, which are his weak point. Shoot at them to bring down his health. Otherwise, he must be shot in the head until he collapses, all the while the entire team is being mindful of the deployed Cryptids coming out to his protection.

As you progress in the battle, three “flowers” will sprout. Each will sprout at three corners, in front of the dark red, tower-shaped Cryptid builds. These flowers will help the Breeder regenerate his health. You will know this is happening when a citrine-coloured aura is glowing around him. Make sure to take down the flowers as soon as they sprout. They are not difficult to take down and you can know you've taken one when you are awarded $200.

Upon his defeat, this Trophy should unlock, along with any Trophy whose conditions you met when defeating this boss (i.e. Relic use, done under 5 minutes… etc).

Speed Slayer
Kill the Breeder in less than 5 minutes in Nightfall. 

It is unlikely, but not impossible, that you kill the Breeder within five minutes in your first attempt.

The counter begins as soon as the Breeder’s health appears on screen.

While being mindful of his tactics in outlined under the Survived Nightfall Trophy guide, you need to go full berserk on the Breeder and rain hell on him. The trick is 80% focus on the Breeder, 20% on everything else. Instrumental to this goal are the highly or fully upgraded portable manned turrets, the Venom-X and good LMGs or ARs. All team members must focus on the Breeder, while being mindful of the enemies, the red mist, the Rhino and, for non-Medics, the Scorpion’s acid spit. Also proximity without vulnerability is key. Be mindful of his tactics and always keep a lookout for the flowers that sprout on the three corners as they will delay his demise, and cost you precious time. Make sure you keep each other steadily supplied and adequately shielded. In focusing on the Breeder’s health one is bound to lose track of their own.

To be sure, the guide author’s team achieved this objective without reliance on portable turrets. So a turret might not be absolutely necessary, however it can really incrementally increase the odds.

Here is video by M-Easy showing the Breeder taken down in less than five minutes. Credits go to him for the video:

Turnabout is Fair Play
Kill 50 Cryptids with the Venom-X weapon in Nightfall. 

The Venom-X is Nightfall map’s figurative Wunderwaffe. It is a powerful weapon that relies on underdeveloped Cryptid eggs as ammo. It is found in the middle room of the third area, the Weapon Facility. To be sure, the Venom-X can be picked up by all team members, and they don’t occupy the other weapons’ slots in your inventory. Their powerfulness, however, is eclipsed by the low ammo count of four. Upon picking up the weapon, the killed Cryptids (not necessarily killed by the Venom-X) occasionally drop ammo in the wake of the demise. The ammo is a yellow, glowing egg that you pick up using . Given the weapon’s instrumentality in defeating the Breeder, it is best that you dedicate yourself to this Trophy in a separate playthrough.

If you compare this Trophy’s description to the one of Phantom Exterminator , you will notice the absence of the “in one game” requirement here, whence the confusion arises. While conflicting reports are given over whether or not this Trophy is cumulative, to err on the safe side it is best to go for this Trophy in one playthrough. With that fact in mind, it is best to start using it as soon as it unlocks. Given the scarcity of the ammunition for this weapon, it is best that you attempt to kill the weaker Cryptids (the Rhino, for example, takes a few hits to kill with the Venom-X so don’t focus on him unless necessary (i.e. teammates down…etc). Even better, you should kill Cryptids if they are clustered, so use the flare if you have it. (Hint: using a fully upgraded Engineer can make the Venom-X shots significantly more powerful. Thanks to Jerry Appleby for the tip!)

A good farming spot is during the final encounter with the Breeder. Instead of shooting the Breeder and thereby inadvertently prompting the earlier emergence of stronger Cryptids, focus only on the Cryptids that appear. They start appearing ad infinitum, so it would be in this area that the Trophy unlocks.

Here’s a video showing the Trophy’s unlocking:

Nightfall Completionist
Complete all challenges and kill the Breeder in Nightfall. (5) 

The bane of almost every Extinction player's existence are challenges. Yes, they are back with a vengeance.

Challenges are additional objectives given to you upon each attempted destruction of each hive (in addition to your first encounter with the Breeder) with high degrees of variation and difficulty. To expound on this:

  • Some challenges are easy, some are hard, and some come towards the end and are extremely ‘cheap’ using AI parlance.
  • There are patterns in the challenges and their timing. However, they are not consistent.
  • Some of these “quantity-based” challenges are dependent on the number of players (1-4).
  • Some of these challenges are common, and a few are rare but they do appear.

With all the above in mind, the key is to be mentally prepared for any unpredictability. With that said, here are some types of challenges. It is best to approach this using a team of four players given the variation in types of challenges and the variation in loadouts amongst different players.

1) Kill (X number of) Aliens using (X type of weapons) before the hive is destroyed: The first variable, X number of, is dependent on the number of players (15 to 25 kills, depending on how many players are on the map). The second variable is independent, meaning the type of weapon the challenge will require will be random. Very often, but not always, you will get pistol-kills challenges in the first area but given the frequent and unpredictable nature of this challenge, it is best to upgrade your pistol ability three times to be allowed an extra, third weapon (thanks to General-Battye for this tip!). Another big issue faced by many is not knowing where weapons are, so with that in mind: I) SMGs: 1) Vector CRB (first one): It costs $1,500 and it is located on the rooftop of the centre building of the first area, at the far east end of the rooftop (assuming the starting point of the map is south).
2) Vector CRB (second one): It also costs $1,500 and it is located at the crate in the middle of the second area. It is by an electric trap.
3) Vepr: It costs $1,500 and is in the third area. It is on the roof of a room to your left-hand side if you enter. II) Assault Rifles: 1) Maverick: It costs $1,500 and is dropped by the soldier you encounter at the beginning of the map. (Warning! As soon as you clear the fourth hive in the first area, this gun disappears)
2) ARX-160 (first one): It costs $2,000. It is located in the upper level catwalk on the right-hand building in the second area. It should be at the end of the catwalk by an intel.
2) ARX-160 (second one): It costs $2,000. It is located in the upper levels of the third area (Weapon Facility). You need to climb up to the mezzanine of the central building/room, and you’ll find it on that level by the stairs to the highest floor (also a location of a hive). III) Shotguns: 1) MTS-225: It costs $1,500. It is by the garage door of the first area’s main building, facing the opposite direction of the entrance point.
2) Bulldog: It costs $1,500. It is located in the very second room upon entering the third area (Weapon Facility). It’ll be on the floor across from the obelisk. IV) Light Machine Guns (LMGs): 1) LSAT: It costs $3,000. It is located in the first area, on the roof of the first building, inside a far-left room that is (always) blocked by a hive.
2) Chain SAW: It costs $3,000. It is in the second area (Compound). It is in the middle room of the northernmost edge of the area and it is (always) protected by a hive. V) Sniper Rifles: 1) SVU: It costs $2,000. It is located in the first area. It is in the middle of the main building’s rooftop, leaned against the wall. It is located between the first Vector CBR and the LSAT room.
2) VKS (first one): It costs $1,500. It is located in the first area. It is in the north-northeast/far righthand part of the first area, nearby a hive location. It’s leaning against a “Alaska Lights Industries” generator.
3) VKS (second one): It costs $1,500. It is located in second area (Compound). It is the northwest part of the second area, by a crate.
4) L115: It costs $2,000. It is located in the third area (Weapon Facility). It is in the final room right before the torn wall into the Weapon Facility. 2) Keep shot accuracy at 50% or higher until the hive is destroyed: Very easy. Make sure one person takes one shot at a Cryptid to get the accuracy to 100% (or 50% if there are missed shots). Keep the accuracy that way by relying on melee kills thereafter until the hive is down.

3) Don't go into last stand until the hive is destroyed: Simple. One goes into last stand when their health bar is depleted. Thankfully, this challenge appears only in the first area but it may get overwhelming, what with the Scorpion ambush and the occasional seekers. Since your upgrades will be low, it’s best to stay cautious.

4) Don't bleed out until the hive is destroyed: Bleeding out happens after your health bar is depleted AND your timer runs out when you go into Last Stand. If one does go into Last Stand, make sure they are revived immediately. Otherwise, staying alive is key.

5) Protect a random player from going into final stand: Shen the timer on the challenge announcement popup runs up, a random player from the team will be designated. When that happens, said random player will have a green sign that says “Defend.” Make sure they are defended, by constant supply of armour and proximity to Medics

6) Kill 10 aliens using Traps: Traps on this map are either electric fences (small purchasable generators) or fire traps (oil drums). Activate them and make sure you are situated where enemies will have to go through the traps to get to you.

7) Kill 10 aliens using Turrets: Another easy challenge. You can either deploy use sentries, portable turrets, Vultures (they do count for this challenge) or purchase a ‘mounted’ turret ($850). Kill ten enemies with any or all aforementioned combinations and you’re set.

8) Kill 25 aliens while prone: Going prone means lying flat on your stomach: You do that by pressing to crouch, and again press and hold to go prone. From there start shooting. While prone, you need to kill using your equipped weapon. Kills incurred from deployed artillery while prone (i.e. sentries) do NOT count. However, kills from traps while the trap activator is prone do count! (Thanks to Jerry Appleby for the tip!)

9) Kill 15 Scouts with melee damage before the hive is destroyed: this appears in the first area: It is as simple as it’s stated. Use to stab until the attacked enemy is down. Scouts take two stabs to kill (three with "Do Less Damage" Relic equipped. Make sure you and your teammates get 15 melee kills before the hive is destroyed.

10) Kill 5 aliens while they are in the air before the hive is destroyed: This is not as difficult as it may seem. It is a challenge that will come up later. While precision is key, it is not necessary. A neat trick is to activate the fire traps. The damage from these traps is incremental. So when they are on fire, they will continue to charge and jump. While midair, the damage from the fire will finally deplete the Cryptid's health and they will be killed while they are in the air!

11) Kill a Scorpion with melee damage before the hive is destroyed: This is a challenge that you will most likely get in the Weapon Facility. Simply and relentlessly melee the yellow glowing bulb on the back of the Scorpion. Damage incurred from other sources do not count so long as the killing blow is from a melee (Thanks to Jerry Appleby for the tip!)

12) Find and kill the Leper in 30 seconds: Extremely rare but nonetheless game-breaking challenge. The Leper is a Cryptid between the sizes of a Scout and a Hunter (closer to Hunter). Feral Instinct might help. Just make sure to focus on killing any Hunter-looking Cryptid. However, if the Leper dies from Turrets or traps, the challenge is nullified as the challenge requires you to find and then kill him.

13) Don't reload your weapon for 60 seconds: Often nullified by mistake, this challenge requires you to not reload your weapon in any way, shape or form. This includes manual reloading, auto-reloading by emptying your clip or picking up ammo from the ground. Resort to non-ammo abilities, traps, and melee until the 60 seconds limit pass.

14) Don't use any abilities for 90 seconds: To put it in simple terms, do not use the d-pad. If you accidentally do so, do not press the button to activate them (depending on your controller scheme). Rely on regular shooting and traps for protection until 90 seconds have passed.

15) Don't spend any money for 2 minutes: Not only are you not allowed to use your d-pad to get abilities (i.e. ammo), but you are also not supposed to spend your money on anything, including traps and new weapons. You are essentially limited to what you have until 120 seconds have passed. This is exacerbated by the fact that this is a 'later' (usually second area) challenge when things get rough. Rely on what you have, be mindful not to buy anything until two minutes have passed. 16) Do not take any damage from exploding Seeker aliens until the hive is destroyed: One of the hardest challenges after the Leper challenge. The Seekers are small red, glowing Cryptids that explode upon demise or self-destruction. The problem is that the Seeker's explosion radius is so wide that it is hard to keep a distance. Knowledge is your only weapon here: you need to know that a) they spawn from meteors and b) during the whole drilling processes, 7-10 will appear. Activate distant traps and run away from meteor drop points and maybe you'll get lucky and actually pass this challenge!

17) Spend $10,000 (or $20,000) before the hive is destroyed: In other words, go nuts with your money! The amount to be spent is a random amount (either 10k or 20k). The key is spending, spending, spending. Also of importance are traps; not only are they affordable, but killing with Traps gives you money to to spend even more. If it's $20,000, you'd be surprised by the high chance that you do not make it, so spend and keep spending. It is a simple rule that is often forgotten!

18) Keep the drill health at 50 or higher until the hive is destroyed: it is ideal to have an Engineer class but you cannot foresee the future. Keep your tactics and go on normally while keeping an eye out. This challenge is easy but if a Hunter gets a hold of that drill, its health will go down faster than a crack addict in a prison rodeo. So if a Cryptid attacks the drill, killing it should be priority.

19) Kill 10 aliens while at full health before the hive is destroyed: (on solo, it's 3 aliens). Another easy challenge. Your health bar (green bar) should be full when you kill a Cryptid. Make sure to meet this condition when you kill 10 Cryptids. Vests add extra protection and this challenge is not contingent upon a full shield bar so use that to your advantage.

20) Kill 8 aliens by having each player cause damage before the hive is destroyed: (On solo or with a player count of less than 4, the requirement is 5 aliens). It's hard to make sure which Cryptid you shot, so it is best that you tell your teammate to shoot every Cryptid at least once. A Cryptid that is undamaged by you will have a white glowing aura around him, so shoot them too without killing them.

21) Kill 10 marked Aliens before the hive is destroyed: (on solo it's 3 aliens). "Marked" means Cryptids with a glowing white aura around them. These are the ones that you must kill. Avoid traps as they may inadvertently kill an unmarked Cryptid before you kill the ten marked ones. What makes this challenge challenging is the fact that unmarked Seekers will self-destruct and they will nullify the challenge, so a great deal of luck is involved here, and as such you must kill the marked Cryptids as quick as you can before Seekers spawn.

22) Kill 10 Aliens at a range of 65 ft before the hive is destroyed: Another difficult challenge rendered easy. The game will show you which Cryptid as at 65+ ft. distance by marking it with a white aura. Make sure those are killed. A neat trick is to activate distant traps and maintain a long distance from said trap (while keeping in mind that the distance is determined by the location of the Cryptid's death vis-à-vis the location of the trap activator!). Thanks to Jerry Appleby for the tip!

23) Kill 10 Aliens while standing in the circle: When this challenge appears, a circle will appear on the map. This circle will have a white, glowing, rotating edge. It is usually but not always near the hive you have to destroy You need to stand within this circle and kill 10 enemies. Outside traps kills do count if the kill occurs while the trap activator is inside in the circle (thanks to Jerry Appleby for the tip).

24) Kill 10 Aliens in 30 seconds: Go all out. Activate traps, deploy turrets/Vultures and shoot at smaller enemies. The only random but likely problems is that not enough enemies spawn within a time frame that makes this challenge doable, so a high degree of luck is involved!

25) [i]Kill 10 Aliens without taking any damage[i]: Perhaps the rarest of all Challenges, and the most dependent on luck. Your only option, other than restarting the game, is to use the flare, deployable sentries and vultures, while camping away in an area secluded by a useable trap. Given that Seekers are the most likely to inflict damage, given their wide explosion radius, it is best to shoot at the meteors as soon as the crash, to prevent them from spawning (you'll be effectively killing the ones inside the meteor as you are awarded with points and the counter for the 10 Aliens goes up).
  The remaining two challenges are related to the first encounter with the Breeder only and they do not appear anywhere afterwards. These are: 26) Defeat the Breeder in 90 seconds or less: Use manned turrets (either deployed or mounted). And if using a hand weapon (AR or LMG), make sure you shoot at close proximity to the Breeder (ideally by the yellow snow vehicle).

27) Destroy 10 Breeder eggs before they hatch: during the Breeder's multifarious attacks, he will launch yellow glowing orbs (two at once usually) intermittently. Make sure to shoot at them and destroy them before they hatch, as they hatch a few seconds after they land!

Once you complete the challenges, as the Trophy description says, you must defeat the final Breeder. Only then will you get the Trophy.

Throttled Survival
Kill the Breeder while using a Relic in Nightfall. 

Relics are select limitations from your loadouts that, while limiting certain things (i.e. inflicting damage, wallet size… etc), grant you additional in-game bonus points. In the overall game, the bonus they grant you upon the destruction of each hive is meagre in the greater scheme of the overall gameplay. Some Relic limitations can be ‘overridden’ using certain loadouts. For example, “Smaller Wallet” Relic limits your max amount of money to $3,000. That can be altered with a maxed out Engineer class, that allows you to carry up to $4,000 with the Relic equipped.

However, based on experience and user feedback it is best, in the case of this map, to use “Do Less Damage,” which slightly reduces the damage inflicted on enemies. This is washed out by having a full, 'Relic-less' teammate. Also, while not necessary unless you have a full team, you could use a maxed out “Weapon Specialist” that increases the bullet damage by 50%.

Phantom Exterminator
Kill 5 Phantoms in one game. (1) 

“Phantoms” are new Cryptids that make their debut on Nightfall. They are relatively large in stature, have streaks of black and dark blue aura, and they teleport from area to area (with traces of black smoke which are invisible during the teleportation). They will appear from the third or fourth drilled hive onwards. While their inflicted damage is minimal, their health is formidably high and take a long time to kill. Given the high chance you will be inflicting damage on him along with your teammates, you can be assured that you have killed one when you are awarded $1,000 (or $1,500 if you kill him with a headshot). They will appear up to the final encounter. You should get this Trophy naturally but if you are concerned about this Trophy's attainability, do alert your teammates. After killing the fifth one you should unlock this Trophy.

Pea Shooter
Kill a Rhino with only a pistol in Nightfall. 

Second to the Breeder only, the Rhino is one of the most difficult Cryptids to kill. He has a hard shell that protects most of his body. He defeats his enemies by charging at them or smashing the ground below any person in front of him. As far as this Trophy is concerned, the description does not explain a few important details:

1) You must inflict the damage on him using your pistol only. Any other source of damage against the Rhino during the attempt at this Trophy will nullify the Trophy.
2) The Trophy is awarded to the person who delivers the final shot. You will know when you get $1,000+ as a reward.
3) If using explosive ammo, SOMETIMES the explosion from the ammo could kill him and it would NOT award you the Trophy. Make sure to maintain high accuracy if you believe its about to die. Explosive ammo does work, but do be mindful of that potential outcome.

The best Rhino to do this against is the one that appears right when you enter the Weapon Facility. He will be alone (or with a Scorpion) and with the lack of distraction and mayhem, devoting your attention to him would not be a taxing task. As soon as he is dead from pistol bullets, the person who delivered the final blow will receive the Trophy.

Undiscovered Truths
Find all the intel hidden in Nightfall. 

There are three types of Intel in this map: cutscenes, encrypted (in fixed locations) and classified (in random locations). Both are cumulative across multiple playthroughs. However, as far as this Trophy is concerned, only the latter two types of intel are required. There are six Classified Intel pieces. The Classified Intel are inside searchable boxes located throughout the map. Also, the Classified Intel only appear (also randomly) to those who have not collected all of them.

There are five Encrypted Intel pieces. The Encrypted Intel are laptops located in fixed locations. There are two in the second area (Compound), two in the third area (Weapon Facility) and one in the final area where you encounter the Breeder. Here is a video detailing their locations:

You can check your progress from the Extinction Main Menu, under “Intel.”

Egg-stra XP!
Complete the Egg-stra XP challenge and then destroy a hive in the Onslaught DLC package. (1) 

For the first time in the history of Call of Duty DLC Trophies, a multiplayer-based Trophy is introduced. This Trophy involves shooting at hives in each one four of the multiplayer maps of the Onslaught map pack. This must be done in public matches. Each time you destroy one, a prompt will appear on the screen alerting you to the completion. Once done, you must plant a hive in Nightfall. You can access these maps via the “Onslaught” playlist in the multiplayer. Here are the maps and the location of the hives:

1. Fog: It’ll be in the middle caverns, well-hidden beneath a waterfall.
2. Bayview: Go to the farthest southeast corner of the map (check minimap, or mid-game to view). There, look east and you will see an inaccessible pier. Right beneath that pier is a hive. Shoot it.
3. Containment: Go to the northernmost point of the map (again, pause to check the map). There, you will find a dumpster. Climb the dumpster and turn around. In front of you will be a green building with Transmisión written on it. To the right of the building (your lefthand side) you will see a hive by a generator on top of another building. Shoot it.
4. Ignition: It is around the middle of the map, slightly to the east. It is in an underground tunnel (right next to the easternmost room on the map).

Once those are done, go into Nightfall and drill a Hive (any). Once that is done, the Trophy will unlock.

Here is a video explaining the process:

DLC: Devastation
Cost: 14.99 Trophies: 10
The Belly of the Beast
Reach the cargo area in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. 
Come Up For Air
Reach the top deck in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. 
Survived Mayday
Kill the Kraken for the first time in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. 
Upping the Ante
Kill the Kraken using a Relic in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.  
Mayday Completionist
Complete all Challenges and kill the Kraken in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.  
Inquisitive Mind
Find all of the Intel in Mayday.  
Kill 15 Seeder Turrets in one game in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.  
Big Game Trapper
Use a hypno trap to turn a Rhino friendly in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty. 
Egg-stra Devastation!
Complete the Egg-Stra XP challenge and then destroy a hive in the Devastation DLC package.  
The Architect
Successfully build all of the Schematics in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.  

Game Info
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Europe November 05, 2013
Japan November 14, 2013

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Players: 1-2
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ESRB: Mature
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