BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend (PS3)

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend (PS3) Trophy Guide
Guide By: Setsuna
There are 51 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty:5/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Trophy Breakdown: (38 / 10 / 3 / 1 )
    • Offline:(31 /9 /3 )
    • Online:(7 /1 /1 )
  • Approximate amount of time to : 60+ (Greatly depends on skill & luck)
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheats
  • Special peripherals or multiple controllers needed? Second Controller Recommended


Welcome to Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend the latest installment in the Blazblue Franchise. This game can be thought of as another update or expansion to Blazblue: Continuum Shift, the storyline doesn't progress any further than it did in the last disc release however it does include added story modes for the previous DLC characters; Makoto Nanaya, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Platinum The Trinity and the newest character added in this game Relius Clover whom is the father to Carl Clover. This new expansion also adds new modes to the game such as Abyss Mode & Unlimited Mars as well as a Team Battle option in Online play. Much like other new versions of fighter games there have been new balance changes to the character mechanics for the competitive players to sink their teeth in.

Trophy-wise the game is actually much easier than its previous version, Blazblue: Continuum Shift, however it can be prove to be very time consuming. The difficulty in the challenge mode trophy was greatly decreased making it one of the easiest challenge mode trophies to date, 100% Gallery no longer involves individual trophy completion removing the hassle and frustrating of missing images from the last game and Score Attack isn't even as hard as it used to be anymore. Most of your time will be within Abyss Mode collecting all of the items, the items you receive are random making it a very frustrating to get as you can do nothing but keep playing, the only challenging aspect of the game that will require skill is the trophy for obtaining 200 PSR on a character which will be explained in detail within the guide.

Balance Changes/ Tier List:

In various titles there are what is known as a "Tier List" which displays basically how a character ranks overall in the cast of characters, Tier List aren't official however they're determined through careful observation by competitive players. The Tier List for Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend is still under heavy speculation however here is a a chart which sums up the average of other Tier List speculations.

  • S: Ragna, Valk Hakumen
  • A: Hazama, Tao, Bang, Carl, Arakune
  • B+:Relius, Mu, Plat, Lambda
  • B: Noel, Rachel, Litchi, Jin, Tager
  • C: Tsubaki, Makoto

In the following link is a brief summary of the changes made to each individual character. However there is much more information linked within the actual character forums, which you can find out more detail in regards to the characters by the regular players themselves.

Blazblue Character Discussion

Fightstick Button Configurations

A lot of regular players of the fighting game genre own a fightstick now, if you are new to Blazblue and would like to know the proper button config for fightsticks please refer to the displays below:

PS3 Controller Button Configuration

Left = Default Setting / Right = Recommend Setting

In this guide the buttons from the actual game will be used such as / / / . You can use the example above to see which input each button is mapped to. If the picture is ever broken please refer to the button legend below:

Default Settings:
AP (Taunt):
(Used for Barrier Guarding and Counter Assaults)
: Break Burst

Unmapped Buttons:

Two important "buttons" were not put into the default button config, consider mapping these buttons for better play.

+ (Throwing)
+ + (Rapid Cancel)

Understanding Blazblue Mechanics and Fundamentals

With the introduction of a PSR Trophy it would be best to go ahead and lay out the basics in regards to Blazblue's mechanics as well as additional tips to aid new players.

Barrier Guarding (+ While Blocking)

Barrier Guarding has its benefits however it should not be used to often, lets take a look at the effects:

  • + Less or no Chip Damage
  • + Can Block Attacks that are normally air unblockable against normal attacks
  • + Avoid Guard Crush (cost: 1/3 barrier)
  • +/- More Push Back on Block
  • - More Block Stun

So using Barrier on block has its benefits but keep in mind that if you use the Push Back, you can't properly punish moves that were otherwise punishable without the barrier as you are pushed back away from the opponent. The Block Stun will keep you in the block animation longer, while you are pushed back your opponent can continue to add more pressure before you are free.

Finally the Barrier depends on the barrier gauge below the health bar, once it runs out you will be put in "Danger" warning so keep your eye out on your barrier. Providing you cycle between using it and not using it you should be in the clear.

Guard Primers:

Guard Primer's are displayed below each players health bar. Primer's are what lead to Guard Crush's if they are broken, however only specific moves and normals from each characters movelist actually have primer breaking properties. Each character has the set amount of Guard Primers:

  • 10 Tager
  • 5 Ragna, Jin, Haku-men, Arakune, Litchi, Bang ,Tsubaki, Makoto, Platinum, Relius
  • 4 Noel, Rachel, Taokaka, Carl, Hazama, Lambda, Mu, Valkenhayn

When playing, keeping a watchful eye on your Primer's and your opponent's primers is important as you can use it to your advantage to throw in a primer breaking move for a guard crush and a free combo. Also, think about your block strings and applying Primer breaking moves within them to better your chances at getting that free combo without using any unsafe moves.

Break Burst ()

In the beginning of every match each player is given two Bursts, one of which is active and the second Burst will activate when you lose a round. Players can preserve Bursts until the last round, however it COULD put them at a disadvantage depending on they use the Break Burst.

There's two types of bursting; Gold Bursting and Green Bursting. Gold Bursting is used offensively and can be used at the start of a combo or in the middle to build proportion for greater and longer combos. When a Gold Burst hits an opponent it will fling them high up into the air and they will come falling down, during the time before they hit the ground you can combo off it it.

Green Bursting is used defensively to get yourself out of an opponents combo, however it will be at the cost of half of your characters max Guard Primer leaving yourself more open to Guard Breaks if you're not careful. If you preserved 2 bursts until the last round, be wary that the reduction of Guard Primers will stack so if you use them both you will be left with possibly only one primer. A Primer breaking move will mean a free combo for the opponent.

When Green Bursting make sure you use it carefully and don't just use it to get out of the first combo you get hit in, consider your situation and your opponents character. Now let's say you are up against Noel who can do roughly 2.5k - 3k+ midscreen depending on the starter, you don't want to waste a burst for such little damage. Preserve your Burst for higher damaging combos, lets say you get hit by a fatal counter, now depending on the opponent's skill level that could lead to roughly 3.5k - 4k damage on average midscreen, in the corner it could do much more. Save your Bursts for situations such as those or when you can see high damage combos awaiting you in the corner. Also be wary as top level players know how to bait out bursts leading to resets for bigger damage.

Using a Burst is solely personal judgment, knowing its properties and how it can be used and when you SHOULD use it is important. Players purposely take a combo for the last of the round to preserve their bursts if it means having a burst advantage later, mindlessly using a Burst will be your downfall especially against regular players.

Rapid Canceling ( + + during attack)

A Rapid Cancel is used to stop whatever attack you are performing mid combo or on block at the cost of 50% heat. Some players may wonder why they would waste 50% of their meter to stop their own attack however this is actually a very useful action in Blazblue. Rapid Cancels work in other ways too, you can use them to combo off of various positions that would be difficult without a rapid cancel otherwise or you can use it as a combo extender to get more damage off your combo. Rapid Cancels are also good to make unsafe moves safe, using a rapid cancel will let you stop the move outright and prevent a punish from the opponent if the move were to fail. This is also very important as challenging the opponent with unsafe mix ups is a way to get in but at a price if the opponent guesses right, which is why you must make these attempts to get in safe so that you aren't punished for your attempts.

Counter Assault ( + )

Just like a Rapid Cancel, a Counter Assault takes up 50% heat and are used on block (note you cannot use it if you are doing a barrier block). As mentioned above you want to conserve your Burst's if possible, a Counter Assault is a good way to get a character who is pressuring you to much to back off, most Counter Assault animations push the enemy back and very few actually dodge the opponent outright. When playing in a match you always want to look to using a Counter Assault instead of a Burst if possible, using a Counter Assault also gives you time to go in and apply pressure to your opponent before they wake up.

For more information in regards to learning the mechanics to Blazblue, how to use them and just higher level play in general please refer to Xie's Beginner Mode Tutorial which highlights the basics and fundamentals to advanced combos and player mindset in battle.


Just like most fighting games you are pretty much free to start on which ever mode you wish to, doing one mode first won't make another mode easier. There is however one mode that may want to be put last which will be detailed below. Two trophies should shouldn't have to worry about as they will come naturally with trophy progression are the following:

Mind on my Money
Level 20

Loading your Save File from the previous game

Upon loading the Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend for the first time you are given the option to load your save file on the last option to transfer your story mode progress from the last game into this one this includes your Story Mode CGs, while this can save you alot of time in the long run it leaves you with a couple missing gallery pieces which forces players to hunt for them in there already completed story modes. For the solutions to this please refer to Gallery Guru.

The tutorial brings nothing new to the table for those who have already played Blazblue: Continuum Shift, If you're already familiar with Blazblue's mechanics you can press to go straight to lesson and quickly obtain your trophy. For those new to the game it would be advisable to listen closely to Rachel Alucards lesson. You will unlock the following trophy after you complete this step:

That Will Suffice

Just like in the previous game we are given a trophy for training in training mode for a certain amount of time in one sitting however now we only have to endure 30 minutes opposed to 1 full hour. This may be a good time for regular players to adjust to the changes of their characters and for players to practice combos for various character trophies. In this mode you will unlock the following trophy:

Eye of the Tiger

If you followed the stories from the previous games you may be disappointed to find out the game hasn't progressed in its storyline in this expansion. However you will be able to play out new scenarios and find out more indepth information on the DLC characters who were without a story scenario. Just like in the last game your task here will be to clear the True Ending but also get 100% on everyones scenarios for Gallery Guru, if you had a save file from the last game the time for this step will be reduced greatly. In story mode you should unlock the following trophies:

Oh…NOW I Get It...!
Breaking in the New Guys
To Be Continued…!

Credit to RomanClaret for this Sub-Banner.

While there are only two trophies for Arcade Mode, keep in mind you have to complete Arcade Mode with every character for gallery illustrations towards Gallery Guru. Unlike the last game you don't have to play the game on HELL however you do have to fit a certain criteria to fight a special boss. Here are the possible trophies that can be earned specifically in Arcade mode:

Time to Hit the Arcades

Unlike the previous games, Score Attack is much easier now with the absence of unlimited characters. The difficulty is still the same but the real frustration was with the unlimited characters which is now gone. You can also still abuse the second controller trick allowing you to save yourself by pressing on a second controller plugged in. The following can be unlocked through Score Attack:

The Beginning of the End

A new mode has been added to the Blazblue franchise called Unlimited Mars. Unlimited Mars has basically taken the Unlimited Characters from Score Attack along with added Unlimited Characters and made its own mode out of it. This could be defined as the new "Score Attack" however thankfully there is no trophy for clearing it instead we get trophies for attempting it multiple times and getting hit by one of the characters special unlimited distortions implying its supposed to be hard. You can earn the following trophies from this mode:

What used to be the bane of any trophy hunters life has now been reduced to childs play. In the previous game we were given a good amount of forgiven missions we didn't have to complete however they were still very difficult nonetheless, as DLC characters came out they became much much easier to obtain. This time around the amount of challenges we have to complete is not only the same but they gave us more challenges to complete, each character now has 15 challenges attached to them. In the last game, missions 3-5 had 2 combos attached to there now it seems those combos have become there own challenge altogether with additional easier combos. If you were afraid of the Challenge Mode trophy before then you shouldn't be now. You can earn the following trophies from Challenge mode:

Mastered the Basics
Mastered the...Master?

This is another new mode to the Blazblue games. this mode was featured in Blazblue: Continuum Shift II's PSP version and has now reached consoles. The mode is like a survival mode similar to Guilty Gear, every hit increases your DEPTH and you must reach a certain DEPTH before you can clear it.

This mode will be the bane of your existence, for those who are inexperienced it may be painful to play if you have no knowledge of fighting game fundamentals. For average players the real pain comes from the amount of time you will spend here grinding out items which are randomly given as you play out Abyss Mode. You can earn the following trophies in Abyss Mode:

Just the Beginning
About Half Way
Getting Down to Abyss-ness
Abyssmal Shopaholic
*Wheeze*...Just Getting Started

For these trophies you want to have a second controller and earn them in versus mode, if you do not own one you may need to find a partner from the Trophy Boosting Thread.

If you are doing this in Versus with a second controller be sure to set your options to 1 round settings with infinite time on the clock. To build your meter have the 2P Tager use normal standing attacks and then you block them after the startup of the animation, this result in an instant block which will easily build you heat. If you decide to not use a second controller, try your luck in versus anyway you can taunt the CPU (default ) for a automatic 100% heat. You always want the character you are pounding on to be Iron Tager as he is the biggest and best suited for all the trophies due to his large hitbox. During this step you can unlock the following trophies:

Finger on the Button
Better Safe Than Sorry
Power of the Azure
Ice Ice Ice Baby
Shocking... Positively Shocking
Don't Give A Kaka
Tager? Don't Even Know Her!
Sharp Shooter
Just How I...*wheeze*...Planned
A Spectacle
Over 9000?!
You've Been... Terminated
Fight for Survival
Fangs for the Memories!
Threat Level... Escalated
Squirrel Power!
Get Off My Lawn!
Domestic Battery
Aaaaaand I'm Spent

In Network mode there are various trophies you can obtain in different ways. If you couldn't unlock any of the character specific trophies due to the lack of a second controller, you can do that here with a boosting partner.

Player Match:
In player match the only trophies that you'll be getting are team tournament related trophies, the downside to this though is that you will require two other people opposed to just one to do anything team tournament related. During this portion you can earn the following trophies:

There's No "I" In Team
Plays Well With Others
Feels Like the First Time Ranked Match

While the 200 PSR trophy may intimidate some players it really isn't anything to worry about, if you are still having trouble playing well online refer to the resources at the beginning of the roadmap and under Just Getting Used to it. During this portion you can earn the following trophies:

Just Getting Used to it
I can't Stop Winning
Like a Boss Misc.

The only misc trophy that must be obtained through online mode is the one for watching replays. You can save replies off the leaderboard or through your own online players from the games played for the above trophies. You can get the following trophy in this portion:

I See What You Did There

This final step is to finish up purchasing any of the gallery images if you never got around to doing that or finishing Abyss mode item grinding if you took a break from that as well. When all is said and done you should have the following trophies: Artwork?! Gimmie!

Gallery Guru
Un...believable Conclusion

Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend is a much easier then its previous version however it can be a bit more time consuming due to the Abyss mode items. Overall it's a good game for those new to the series and those who play regularly as it offers the new balance patch, however if you are looking for story progress sadly the game doesn't deliver just yet.

Trophy Descriptions:

This guide will show the directional pad and controller buttons under each description, however some players find it easier to read the numerical button format so I will be displaying the numerical moveset as well as the directional moveset from the controller in this guide

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 23

= = = =

Any move sets described assumes you are on the left side of the screen.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Setsuna for this Road Map]

That Will Suffice
Finished the [Tutorial] mode. 

For this trophy you only have to complete the following lessons in Tutorial mode:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Just like the previous game the Tutorial goes over the sheer basics and fundamentals of the game explaining movement, normals, offensive and defensive mechanics as directed by Rachel Alucard.

You can press to skip the dialogue and process straight to the lessons.

Note: You do not have to complete the character specific tutorials however it is a good tool for newer players to consider when trying to figure out which character fits their personal preferences and play style.

Time to Hit the Arcades
Finished [Arcade] mode. 

For this trophy you must complete arcade mode with any character. At the end of each Arcade mode you will face Unlimited Hazama (using Hazama you will face Unlimited Ragna). When playing in Arcade mode have your options set to the following for easier progression:

  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Rounds to win: 1

When fighting Unlimited Hazama keep in mind the field around him absorbs health from your character and refills his own life so try not to stay too close to him if possible, when you hit him and put him into a combo that field will disappear so as long as you prioritize your damage with each hit you should easily be able to defeat him with no worries.

Defeated the secret boss in [Arcade] mode. 

For this trophy you must trigger the secret boss in Arcade mode, this can be triggered on any difficulty and setting. The criteria to unlocking the secret boss are as follow:

  • No Continues
  • Straight Wins
  • 1 Astral Finish

After you defeat Unlimited Hazama in Stage 10 you will trigger the secret boss fight with Mu-12 if you have met the above criteria. Keep in mind that during the fight with Mu-12 if you lose you will not be prompted if you want to continue, it'll automatically go to the Game Over screen, if you find yourself on the verge of losing against her you can save yourself with a second controller by pressing .

No Continues:
For this you cannot lose a match and then press to continue at the countdown screen. To avoid this you can use a second controller to save yourself if needed, pressing on it will trigger a "New Challenger" and give yourself another chance.

Straight Wins
Straight Wins mean to win without losing one round, if you are going for this trophy you should already be playing under one round conditions so you wouldn't have to worry about losing any individual rounds in a match since there is only one round.

Astral Finish
To perform an Astral Finish you must be playing on the last round of the match (if you're playing under one round conditions it should already be on the last round), Have 100% Heat, 1 Burst and your opponent must have 20% health or less. Each character has a different input for their Astral Finish, to view them you can press and check the command list and it should be the last move on the list.

If you are playing under Stylish Mode you can hold + at the same time, you will see a yellow bar charge up below your health bar and that will trigger the characters Astral Finish.

Fighting Unlimited Mu-12
Veteran players will easily be able to defeat Mu-12 especially on the hardest difficulty however new players may have trouble approaching her with the large amount of projectiles she spams. For those having trouble here are your recommended beginner characters:

  • Ragna The Bloodedge
  • Iron Tager

You obviously want to be using Stylish Mode, with Ragna you can just run up and pressure her with low pokes into Stylish Mode combos for an easy 2.5-3k damage with and if you find yourself knocked down you can prevent any nasty wake ups with for Inferno Divider.

Iron Tager would be much more recommended as you can use to use Sledge Hammer which has Projectile Guardpoint during startup and active frames easily allowing you to break through Mu's projectile spamming and then once you get on you can press for easy Gigantic Tager Driver for 3.5k damage and then press again for the Gadget Finger follow up to pick her up and then repeat the cycle of Gigantic Tager Driver's and Gadget Fingers.

The Beginning of the End
Finished [Score Attack] mode. 

Unlike the previous games, clearing Score Attack is MUCH easier this time around as we don't have to deal with all the characters in the cast and we don't have to deal with any Unlimited Characters as they have all been moved into their own mode; Unlimited Mars.

Even though we won't have to deal with the difficulty of fighting the Unlimited Characters. This doesn't mean the overall difficulty of the mode has changed, it is a difficulty above HELL difficulty that is preset and cannot be changed, rounds are also preset to 2 rounds to win as well. You play against 10 randomly selected characters under these conditions.

Second Controller Trick:
Just like in each variation the second controller still works, if you are ever in a position where you might lose the match and don't want to start over as there is no option to continue when you lose in Score Attack, you can press on a second controller to trigger a "New Challenger" and then continue on where you left on in Score Attack after that match.

Recommended Characters:
Just like with Murakumo...AWAKEN! Iron Tager in Stylish Mode is a good character for the novice players or even players who don't want to put much effort into getting the trophy. Are is a list of the inputs you want to keep in mind when using Stylish Mode Tager:

  • Regularly 2D/ Input (Magnetic Ram)
  • Gigantic Tager Driver (add after landing for Gadget Finger follow up)
  • Voltic Charge/ Spark Bolt
  • Sledge Hammer


  • Hold Genesic Emerald Tager Buster
  • Hold Magna-Tech Wheel

Against Projectile heavy characters you want use Sledge Hammer to ram your way in on the opponent, Sledge Hammer holds projectile guardpoint during startup and active frames making it easier to fight off characters such as Lambda, Mu, Rachel and Arakune.

While you do have to worry about the projectiles with the characters listed above, universally you want to get in on the opponent and use Gigantic Tager Driver and Gadget Finger follow up and then finish it with a Genesic Emerald Tager Buster. Even at this level the A.I still falls for it everytime.

Mars Needs Winnin'
Attempted [Unlimited Mars] mode over 10 times. 

For this trophy you must start up Unlimited Mars at least 10 times. Instead of waiting for Taokaka to kill you off in round 1, just press and back out to the Main Menu where your progress for entering Unlimited Mars will save towards this trophy. Repeat this 9 more times and your trophy will unlock during the last time as you start the match. Don't forget to get Kaka-kaze in one of your runthroughs.

Have been blown up by the chibi-kakas in [Unlimited Mars] mode. (2) 

For this trophy you must get hit by one of Chibikaka's bombs during your fight with Taokaka in the first match. For Chibikaka to appear, Taokaka must trigger it by using the Unlimited exclusive Distortion which calls her out which will cost 50% of her heat. The distortions she uses will depend on the situation. Taokaka will call out Chibikaka so long as you are blocking and avoiding her nasty mix ups and zoning her out by keeping a safe distance away from you. If you try to attack her after a knock down or get caught up in one of her combos she may use her Hexa-Edge distortion instead.

After Chibikaka has been called out you must get hit from the explosion of the bomb he calls. You don't have to worry about actually clearing Unlimited Mars so don't mind it if this kills you off for the match, just make sure Taokaka doesn't kill you before the bomb does.

Eye of the Tiger
Trained for more than 30 minutes, non-stop. (1) 

For this trophy you must sit in training mode with 30 minutes of activity, you can't keep the character idle otherwise it won't count towards the trophy. As long as you have the character performing some sort of attack and making movement it should count towards the 30 minutes.

For regular players this would be a good time to adjust to character changes and learn the new combos or BnBs in preparation for Just Getting Used to it.

Mastered the Basics
Cleared over 50 missions in [Challenge] mode. 

Please refer to Mastered the...Master? for more information.

Mastered the...Master?
Cleared over 100 missions in [Challenge] mode. 

For this trophy you must clear 100/285 challenges in Challenge Mode. This is by far the easiest challenge mode related trophy to date not only are the 3 previous DLC characters already on disc but you now have a new character called Relius Clover added to the roster. On top of that the amount of challenges for each character increased from 10 to 15. In the previous game the challenges started getting harder around challenge 5 or 6 depending on the player which is what made it such a daunting task for inexperienced players however now challenges 1-9 consist of basic BnBs that most players should easily be able to do. For those still having trouble with the easier challenges here is a collection of tips to help you complete them:

  • Practice the combos in increments instead of trying to do the whole combo right away, practice parts of it first and then try the whole thing adding all those parts together.
  • Pressing at the right time can give you enough time to react and check what the next input is in the combo, Blazblue is a pretty fast game so some players may not be able to keep up with the amount of inputs.
  • Checking the sample play in the menu is a great visual aid, be sure to always check it before attempting the mission. The shortcut for this is .
  • Switching the Button Display on the list of commands from the name of the move to the display of the input is much easier on the eyes and allows players to follow the list of commands easier without having to memorize the input that matches the name. The shortcut for this is .
  • Placing Bang in the corner for some combos will make completing it easier as you won't have to worry about spacing or the hassle of push back.
  • If you find yourself having trouble with a particular mission, feel free to skip it outright as you have a large amount of missions you can complete instead for the trophy
  • Pad Players: Switch between the analog stick and the D-Pad mid-combo. Some motions such as the special move inputs might be easier for you on analog opposed to the D-Pad and vice versa.

Instead of counting out the amount of challenges you have completed, you can use the percentage at the top right of the menu to determine how far you have progressed. Here is the percentage in which you'll unlock both trophies:

Mastered the Basics: 17%
Mastered the...Master?: 35%
Just the Beginning
Defeated the boss at level 100 of the [Abyss]. 

At the end of DEPTH 100 you will face Relius Clover. Please refer to Getting Down to Abyss-ness for more information.

About Half Way
Defeated the boss at level 500 of the [Abyss]. 

At the end of DEPTH 500 you will face V-13. Please refer to Getting Down to Abyss-ness for more information.

Getting Down to Abyss-ness
Defeated the boss at level 999 of the [Abyss]. 

Abyss mode can be seen as a type of Survival Mode similar to that from Guilty Gear. You start at Depth 1 and work your way to the end of the Abyss depending on the DEPTH difficulty you have chosen. You go up in Depth for the amount hits and damage you do in battle, with that said characters such as Iron Tager who have short combos will have trouble progressing through the Abyss in a timely matter. At the end of each match you will only regain a set amount to what your health is from that previous battle. After every 20 Depths you will trigger a "New Challenger" who is a special opponent with enhanced statistics, getting into each of these special fights will give you a significant health recovery as well. After each "New Challenger" fight you will get a list of 5 randomly selected items and you choose one of them that will get added to your character right away, it will also be added to your Shop List towards Abyssmal Shopaholic.

Completing Depth 999 may or may not be a difficult task depending on various factors, one important factor as the items you have within your shop list . Items such as the various Attack/Defense/Speed/Heat+ items and Depth+ items can give you a head start in both statistics and depth progression. You want to use all of the stat increases you have to ensure the best possible stats going into DEPTH 999 Abyss Mode.

Saving During Abyss Mode
To save during Abyss you want to press FN1 (default to ) after you defeat any enemy in Abyss mode (fightstick players might want to map FN1 to one of their buttons to make sure you can save). After you save you will always be backed out to the Abyss menu where a "Continue" bar will appear below the Depth options, select it to continue where you left off. If you are ever in a situation where you are about to lose, you can press to back out to the XMB and preserve your Abyss progress without having to start over.

Obtaining P$ For Abyss Runs
You want to be able to use the best items you can when going into Depth 999, if you find yourself low on P$ to purchase items at the Shop List for your runs you can go into Arcade Mode and complete it for easy P$, depending on the difficulty you can earn between 4,000 -7,000 P$. The fastest way to do it would be to play Arcade Mode on HELL for max P$, for more information this regard please refer to Gallery Guru.

Character Choices:
Deciding on a character to use is really up to personal preference for experienced players, however new players may want to know the best character choices to make it easier on them so here is a select of good character choices when going about Abyss Mode:

  • Ragna The Bloodedge
  • Arakune

Ragna is one of the best characters in this version of the game with his massive priority and damage in his normals and specials making him easily the perfect choice for beginners. Arakune is also an excellent pick only if you have already obtained his Enhancement through completing any Depth level of Abyss Mode with him. Crimson Party puts the opponent in a constant cursed status easily allowing you to mash out Arakune's bugs and with Stylish Mode you can convert his normals into possible 4k combos with .

Item Choices:
Aside from the mandatory stat increases you want to know which items would be best to use when approaching Abyss Depth 999. Thinking realistically here are your options on what you may have:

Maze Walker LV2
Maze Walker increases the rate in which you progress in depths easily flying you through Abyss mode opposed to having to endure various battles. Some players may not might taking their time in Abyss is this slot could be used for a different stat increase to better help them when they near DEPTH 999.

Victory Rush LV#
Depending on if you have any Victory Rush items you will want to have the highest one you have equipped as it will give you more of a health recovery after each match. Later in the depths you may find yourself in life or death situations as you start matches with least than 20% health.

Burst Control LV#
Burst Control is an excellent item to have as it will increase the amount of bursting you can use in a match, you can utilize not only to get out of damaging combos but to sneak in Gold Burst's on the opponent for a free combo.

Avenger LV#
As you approach later DEPTHs you will find yourself with significantly low health starting out in each match depending on how well you are playing. If that is the case with you, Avenger is an excellent item to have to compensate for the health handicap. Depending on how low your health is Revenger will give you a significant Attack increase which could just about double or triple your Attack depending on the LV of the item.

AI Reduction LV#
As you progress into the lower Depths the enemy AI's become smarter as a whole, they start to use full basic combos, use Burst more and they start to counter and use any DP special attacks they may have when you try to approach them. Using AI Reduction will decrease there level of difficulty making it easier to fight them even in the lower levels fo Abyss.

Fighting Unlimited Mu-12 (Abyss DEPTH 999)
Fighting Unlimited Mu is one of the most frustrating fights ever if you don't know how to approach this battle. She has a preset 35+ on all her stats giving her a lot of speed and a lot of heat to burn from the very start.

The biggest problem about this fight is getting in on Unlimited Mu-12 as she will spam her Stein Gunners, Arrows of Heaven and Origins (DP Move) when you try to get in on her. She also has special Unlimited Specials such as her other Sword of Decimation variant where she summons a large sword upward right in front of her. She also has special Unlimited Distortions where she can place what looks like multiple Arrows of Heaven spheres making it hard to get in, a distortion which causes ground explodes and pushes you back to the other side of the screen whether it hits or gets blocked and then finish a new command grab distortion (which can be viewed under Threat Level... Escalated which does roughly 8-9k depending on your defensive statistics.

The best way to get in is to wait for the active frame in which she is placing another Stein Gunner on the field, at that time you can rush in and get a combo in on her if you are using a close combat character such as Ragna however be wary about attacking her on wake up as she will use Origins on you at JUST the right time. Using your Barrier Guard may also be essential in this match as you can expect a large amount of chip damage from Mu-12. Be patient and prioritize your damage when you can.

Abyssal Shopaholic
Acquired all the items from the shop in [Abyss] mode. 

Obtaining all the Shop Items will be the biggest grind in this game. Shop Items only appear after you defeat the special enemy every 20 Depths, the items that appear are random and there are no factors to influence another item to appear over another. The items you don't already have will be highlighted and will say NEW! right next them and will continue to do so until you pick it up at least once. Here is a list of all the items you will have to obtain for this trophy:


Statistic Items

  • Attack+1
  • Attack+2
  • Attack+3
  • Attack+4
  • Attack+5
  • Attack+6
  • Attack+7
  • Attack+8
  • Attack+8
  • Attack+9
  • Defense+1
  • Defense+2
  • Defense+3
  • Defense+4
  • Defense+5
  • Defense+6
  • Defense+7
  • Defense+8
  • Defense+8
  • Defense+9
  • Heat+1
  • Heat+2
  • Heat+3
  • Heat+4
  • Heat+5
  • Heat+6
  • Heat+7
  • Heat+8
  • Heat+9
  • Speed+1
  • Speed+2
  • Speed+3
  • Speed+4
  • Speed+5
  • Speed+6
  • Speed+7
  • Speed+8
  • Speed+9

Special Items

  • Turn Unlimited
  • Regeneration LEVEL 1
  • Regeneration LEVEL 2
  • Regeneration LEVEL 3
  • Victory Rush LV1
  • Victory Rush LV2
  • Victory Rush LV3
  • Lifesteal LV1
  • Lifesteal LV2
  • Lifesteal LV3
  • Burning Soul LV1
  • Burning Soul LV2
  • Burning Soul LV3
  • Rapid Canceller LV1
  • Rapid Canceller LV2
  • Rapid Canceller LV3
  • Burning Embers LV1
  • Burning Embers LV2
  • Burning Embers LV3
  • Human Fortress
  • Free Barrier
  • Burst Control LV1
  • Burst Control LV2
  • Burst Control LV3
  • Super Burst
  • Armor Grinder LV1
  • Armor Grinder LV2
  • Armor Grinder LV3
  • Critical Striker LV1
  • Critical Striker LV2
  • Critical Striker LV3
  • Avenger LV1
  • Avenger LV2
  • Avenger LV3
  • Berserker LV1
  • Berserker LV2
  • Berserker LV3
  • Counter Puncher
  • Maze Walker LV1
  • Maze Walker LV2
  • Maze Walker LV3
  • Red
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Damage Reduction LV1
  • Damage Reduction LV2
  • Damage Reduction LV3
  • Armor Penetration LV1
  • Armor Penetration LV2
  • Armor Penetration LV3
  • Heat Reduction LV1
  • Heat Reduction LV2
  • Heat Reduction LV3
  • Speed Reduction LV1
  • Speed Reduction LV2
  • Speed Reduction LV3
  • Destruction Drive
  • Anti Astral
  • AI Reduction LV1
  • AI Reduction LV2
  • AI Reduction LV3

Character Specific Items

  • Ragna:Enhancement
  • Jin:Enhancement
  • Noel:Enhancement
  • Rachel:Enhancement
  • Taokaka:Enhancement
  • Tager:Enhancement
  • Litchi:Enhancement
  • Arakune:Enhancement
  • Bang:Enhancement
  • Carl:Enhancement
  • Hakumen:Enhancement
  • Lambda:Enhancement
  • Tsubaki:Enhancement
  • Hazama:Enhancement
  • Mu-12:Enhancement
  • Makoto:Enhancement
  • Valkenhayn:Enhancement
  • Platinum:Enhancement
  • Relius:Enhancement

Depth Items

  • Depth+10
  • Depth+30
  • Depth+50
  • Depth+70
  • Depth+90
  • Depth+110
  • Depth+190
  • Depth+290
  • Depth+390

Rare Items
Compared to other items these items are probably the rarest ones to find and should be picked up ASAP if you find them:

  • Turn Unlimited
  • Burst Control LV3
  • Lifesteal LV3
  • Regeneration LV3
  • Victory Rush LV3
  • Destruction Drive

Character Specific Items
These character specific items can only be bought by the specific character in the shop list and adds a additional effect to their unique strengths. While characters like Noel only get a significant increase in statistics, other characters such as Makoto will get an effect that correlates with her charge level attacks. To obtain these Items you must clear any Abyss Mode Depth with that character, the easiest one being Depth 100. A fast way to get them all is to use the Depth+90 Item once you have obtained it putting you right at 90/100 Depths to finish the Depth and obtain the character specific item opposed to playing from start to finish.

Method to Grinding Out Items

After completing Depth 999 you will be given the option to select Depth infinity afterwards which is an Depth mode that will max out at 99,999 Depths if you dare attempt that challenge. While most players would think that going into Depth Infinity will increase the odds of finding items they don't have yet that sadly is not the case as it will start to add every character specific item into the list of randomized items which is an extra 19 items you don't want while you're already looking for other items. The best floors to grind out items would have to be 700-999 in Depth 999 which is where you have the highest chance of obtaining the rare items.

Unlimited Ragna Depth 666 - Lifesteal LV2 Item
While this item can appear randomly during Abyss Infinity you're better off getting it from the fight with Unlimited Ragna at Depth 666. Unlimited Ragna has MAX stats on his Attack and Speed however has nothing in Defense and Heat. Landing at least two long combos should easily take him. With his MAX Attack and Speed watch out for his fast normals and footsies as he can easily convert them into 7-8k damage, he will also react to any of your approaches with Inferno Divider so we wary of that. Finally because he is Unlimited he is already in Blood Kain and can use the command grab "Devoured By Darkness" distortion when he gets 50% Heat which can easily kill off any character with low Defense.

*Wheeze*...Just Getting Started
Increased all character stats to 50 in [Abyss] mode. 

For this trophy you must increase all of your statistics to 50 at once during one of your Abyss Mode playthroughs. Once you have applied the last upgrade to fulfill this, the trophy will unlock. Getting this won't happen until a little later when you are trying to completeDepth 999 for Getting Down to Abyss-ness or during one of your grinding playthroughs for Abyssmal Shopaholic. The reason being is that the Depth will end too early for you before you MAX out and while playing through you want to pick up all NEW! items for Abyssmal Shopaholic so you don't want to sidetrack yourself with this trophy. Below will be alternate factors in regards to this trophy.

Negative DEPTH Items
In the shop list once you have reached 600+ you will start to see items for decreasing Depths, if you are on your playthrough to earn Getting Down to Abyss-ness for the first time you can use these Negative Depths to backtrack and give yourself more opportunities to obtaining stat increases and better prepare your character for the fight with Unlimited Mu in Depth 999.

Waiting During Your Grind
Through this way you can wait until you have already accumulated most if not all of the stat increase items in your Shop List, the most one of your stats can go up to through Shop List items alone is 45 so if you were to collect all or most of them you can start off near complete for your trophy and not have to worry about backtracking with the Negative Depth Items.

Oh...NOW I Get It...!
Finished the Calamity Trigger scenario in [Story] mode. 

On starting Story Mode the first option you can play is the reconstruction of Calamity Trigger. In this reconstruction you play out the Calamity Trigger story against with extra in-depth storyline and story scenes from the first game. You will play out the following battles from the main storyline of Calamity Trigger for this trophy (P1 VS CPU):

  1. Ragna vs. V-13
  2. Noel vs. Carl
  3. Jin vs. Bang
  4. Ragna vs. Taokaka
  5. Noel vs. Iron Tager
  6. Ragna vs. Arakune
  7. Ragna vs. Litchi
  8. Ragna vs. Valkenhayn
  9. Ragna vs. Unlimited Rachel
  10. Ragna vs. Jin
  11. Ragna vs. Hakumen
  12. Ragna vs. Unlimited Hakumen
  13. Noel vs. V-13
  14. Ragna vs. V-13

After you complete this you will unlock the other main storyline scenarios for Continuum Shift. Playing through Reconstruction also features a brand new opening for the Blazblue Story.

Breaking in the New Guys
Finished Makoto's, Valkenhayn's, Platinum and Relius's scenarios in [Story] mode. 

Added to Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend's story scenarios were Makoto, Valkenhayn, Platinum and Relius showing off their point of view during the main story as well as their own alternative BAD ENDs and joke endings. To unlock there scenarios you need to get the ending to other character's storyline which are listed as follows:

  • Makoto: BAD END - Iron Tager
  • Valkenhayn: TRUE END - Iron Tager
  • Platinum: TRUE END - Tager & Bang
  • Relius: TRUE END - Carl Clover

To obtain those endings you can refer to the Blazblue: Continuum Shift Story Mode Guide. Story scenarios for the previous characters are exactly the same so options from the previous game will work in this one too.

To Be Continued...!
Witnessed the true ending in [Story] mode. 

Just like in the previous game to unlock the True Ending scenario you need to obtain the TRUE END to the following characters:

  1. Ragna
  2. Noel
  3. Rachel
  4. Jin
  5. Tsubaki
  6. Hakumen
  7. Hazama

Above is the fastest order in which you can complete the scenarios leading up to the true end. To find out the requirements to unlocking each character's TRUE END please refer to the Blazblue: Continuum Shift Story Mode Guide. Even though you have the minimum requirements laid out, remember you will have to obtain 100% Clear on every characters story scenario regardless for Gallery Guru.

In the true ending scenario you will have to play out the following battles:

  1. Ragna vs. Unlimited Hazama (Ragna cannot use his (D/) attacks)
  2. Unlimited Ragna vs. Unlimited Hazama
  3. Hakumen vs. Mu-12
  4. Jin vs. Mu-12
  5. Unlimited Ragna vs. Unlimited Mu-12

After you have completed all of these battles you will go through the last true ending scenes and your trophy will unlock after the credits when you get redirected back into the Main Menu.

Mind on my Money
Accumulated over 100,000P$. (2) 

You will earn this trophy once you have hit an cumulative of 100,000 P$. In Blazblue:Continuum Shift Extend you earn P$ from doing just about anything, you earn P$ through various versus mode fights, training in training mode, playing various offline modes and that P$ is used to purchase content within the gallery towards your Gallery Guru and is used to purchase items in your shop list when doing multiple runs in Abyss mode.

If you're aiming for 100% completion then this trophy should come with regular progressing. Obtaining a TRUE END in story mode with any character is an automatic 6,000 P$ and then multiply that by the amount of story scenarios in story mode and that equals up to a little over 100,000 P$ already. Play throughs in Arcade Mode also give a good amount of P$ depending on the difficulty your game is set on you could earn rough 4,000 - 7,000 P$ during each run and finally you will earn a massive amount of P$ through Abyss mode and the item grinding you will have to endure for Abyssmal Shopaholic.

Artwork?! Gimmie!
Unlocked 50% of the items in the [Gallery]. 

Please refer to Gallery Guru for more information.

Gallery Guru
Unlocked everything there is to see in the [Gallery]. 

Unlike the previous game completing the gallery is much easier now with the absence of individual trophies being connected to various gallery images which troubled various players who didn't properly save after getting their trophies. We also don't have to worry about any challenge mode missions as completing a certain amount or percentage does not unlock gallery images either. The summary to unlocking every gallery image is as follows:

  • 100% Story Mode Completion
  • Answer questions in Story Mode TIPS 2 (Teach Me Miss Litchi Answers)
  • Complete Arcade Mode with every character
  • Complete Score Attack
  • Reach Level 20

A majority of the content in the gallery must be purchased with P$ and can only be purchased after you hit certain levels in the game, to purchase everything in the gallery you only need to max yourself out at level 20, for more information in regards to leveling up please refer to Level 20.

Important Notice If you loaded your Save File from the last game:

As mentioned in the roadmap you may find yourself with missing gallery images and movies even after completing all the requirements to obtaining your gallery images. After the transfer you should be missing a couple Special CG images and a couple movies. Below are the solutions to obtaining those missing gallery pieces.

Special CGs
For this you must complete the Gag ending for everything character already completed from the last game, each gag ending should unlock a missing Special CG.

Under the movies you will be missing 5 movies, complete the following characters True End story routes to obtain them:

  • Ragna
  • Noel
  • Arakune
  • Tsubaki
  • Hazama (You only need to start his story)

Obtaining P$ to purchase Gallery Items:
You want to be able to use the best items you can when going into DEPTH 999. If you find yourself low on P$ to purchase items at the Shop List for your runs you can go into Arcade Mode and complete it for easy P$, depending on the difficulty you can earn between 4,000 - 7,000 P$. The fastest way to do it would be to play Arcade Mode on HELL for max P$.

Playing Arcade Mode on Hell you want to go in with one round to win settings. Unless you feel confident with another character the best character to run through it with would be Stylish Mode Tager. For more information how to use Stylish Mode Tager and how to approach Arcade on HELL with him please refer to The Beginning of the End.

Story Mode Completion:
Just like in the previous game you will have to go through every route in each character's scenario, luckily the scenarios are exactly as they were in Blazblue: Continuum Shift so you can simply follow the Blazblue: Continuum Shift Story Mode Guide to completing the returning cast of characters.

This time around they added special story scenarios for the previous DLC characters as well as the newly added character Relius Clover. Not only that but they added special read only scenarios for the Military Academy and Sector Seven which include new illustrations towards the galley. Below are the story routes for those characters to complete them 100%:

Makoto Nanaya - Sight Hope

Branch 1

  • Option 1: Go to Stage 1
  • Option 2: Joke Ending

(This branch won't appear until you have cleared Makoto's story at least once, once you have enter the scenario and it'll appear in the beginning)

Stage 1 - Hazama

  • Win: Go to Stage 2
  • Lose: Game Over

Stage 2 - Iron Tager

  • Win: Go to Branch 2
  • Lose: Game Over

Branch 2

  • Option 1: Go to Stage 3a
  • Option 2: Go to Stage 3b

Stage 3a

  • Option 1: Fight Noel
  • Option 2: Fight Tsubaki

(Both of these options will result in the TRUE END if you win and Game Over if you lose, you do have to play both routes for 100%)

Stage 3b - Relius

  • Win: Bad Ending
  • Lose: Game Over

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing - Hunting Dog

Branch 1

  • Option 1: Go to Stage 1
  • Option 2: Joke Ending

Stage 1 - Bang

  • Win: Go to Stage 2
  • Lose: Game Over

Stage 2 - Iron Tager

  • Win: Go to Branch 2
  • Lose: Game Over

Branch 2

  • Option 1: Go to Stage 3a
  • Option 2: Go to Stage 3b

Stage 3a - Hakumen

  • Win: Go to Stage 4
  • Lose: Game Over

Stage 3b - Hazama

  • Win: Bad Ending
  • Lose: Game Over

Stage 4 - Relius

  • Win: True Ending
  • Lose: Game Over

Platinum The Trinity - Scapegoat

Stage 1 - Arakune

  • Win: Go to Branch 1
  • Lose: Game Over

Branch 1

  • Option 1: Go to Stage 2
  • Option 2: Joke Ending

Stage 2 - Litchi

  • Win: Go to Branch 2
  • Lose: Game Over

Branch 2

  • Option 1: Go to Stage 3a
  • Option 2: Go to Stage 3b

Stage 3a - Relius

  • Win: True Ending
  • Lose: Game Over

Stage 3b - Carl

  • Win: Bad Ending
  • Lose: Game Over

Relius Clover - Darkness Visible

Branch 1

  • Option 1: Go to Stage 1
  • Option 2: Joke Ending

Stage 1 - Lambda

  • Win: Go to Stage 2
  • Lose: Game Over

Stage 2 - Arakune

  • Win: Go to Stage 3
  • Lose: Game Over

Stage 3 - Rachel

  • Win: Go to Branch 2
  • Lose: Game Over

Branch 2

  • Option 1: Go to Stage 4a
  • Option 2: Go to Stage 4b

Stage 4a - Carl

  • Win: True Ending
  • Lose: Game Over

Stage 4b - Valkenhayn

  • Win: Bad Ending
  • Lose: Game Over
I See What You Did There
Played back replay data over 10 times in [Replay Theater]. 

For this trophy you must watch 10 Replay Videos in the Replay Theater. Replays can be obtained by saving after your online matches or by going to a top player in the leaderboards and checking their profile for a replay to download. You can start up the same one replay and then back out to the replay theater menu where you can rinse and repeat 9 more times for your trophy.

For those who play regularly this may be a good time to look up top players for the character you play and download the replays of them to take notes on how they approach different match ups. Also note what combos they're using at this point and time and take that knowledge into Training Mode.

There's No 'I' In Team
Won a team elimination match without even fighting. (1) 

In a team tournament you must set yourself sometime after the first person in your team during team order select for the team tournament (ideally you want to be last). The first players on your team must win before you have a chance to play, this can easily be boosted with a couple friends. The minimum requirement to start a team tournament is 3 players (2 vs 1).

If you need help obtaining this trophy please refer to the Trophy Boosting Thread.

Just Getting Used to It
Raised any character's PSR to over 200 in a [Ranked Match] (1) 

PSR stands for "Player Skill Rating" and is determined by a players skill in battle and how well they do.

While this may sound like it will be a very intimidating trophy it is not what most people seem. In the previous game PSR maxed out a little over 300 for the best of the best players, average players could probably balance themselves at 100+ PSR, above average players 150+ and then advanced players in the 200s. In the last game once you stopped gaining PSR it became like a set PSR rating for that character and would no longer go up however that is not the case with this game.

In Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend PSR comes MUCH easier opposed to the previous game, that point where your take on a set PSR doesn't occur until the higher hundreds, Top players are MAXing out a little under 800 PSR in this version of the game. Every online ranked victory increases your PSR roughly by 5-7 levels, every other lost will decrease your PSR by 1 or 2 so as long as you can win a good amount of matches you shouldn't have to worry about this trophy at all.

Boosting Method

There is a way to boost this and is actually a method of searching that previously used to be in Calamity Trigger. In ranked match the last option is "Custom Search", simply select it and it will bring up a list of players similar to Calamity Triggers matchmaking and you can use this to boost the PSR with a friend.

Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend Gameplay Tips

In addition to the information laid out in the Road Map, use the information below to better yourself as a player and better your chances at winning more frequently to improve your PSR.

Understanding Your Character:
Understanding the capabilities of your character inside and out is very important. Knowing your basic BnB's and what you can combo off each normal will improve your chances of winning. Throwing out random whiffed specials and not prioritizing your damage with not get you anywhere.

Beginner Recommend Character: Ragna

Understanding Match Ups
To better understand your own character capabilities you also want to know how you should be approaching specific characters, what to look out for and what moves you can punish if whiffed and what to punish it with. Also, with specific match ups where the character have some sort of extra gauge such as Rachel's Wind and Platinum's Weapons, you want to look out for those gauges and use those to consider how you want to approach the opponent. It can make a huge difference knowing your opponents e.g. Rachel currently has 1 bar of wind left or that Platinum has a specific weapon.

Heat/Burst Management
A lot of mechanics in the game take up Heat easily making Heat an important factor in your matches. If you are using a long combo consider saving your heat instead of using a distortion drive combo ender taking up 50% heat, why waste 50% heat for an extra 900 damage? That 900 damage can easily come from normals too. Only waste the Heat at the end of the combo if you're going for the kill or close to it.

With that 50% you can use Counter Assaults and Rapid Cancels instead which are great tools to getting in. Remember to think wisely about when you use what, don't rapid cancel any move that was blocked, think about ways you can sneak that rapid cancel in for a mix up opportunity.

Finally, conserving your Burst is important against players that are way out of your league. This may not be very helpful however against players you can hold your own against as this can very much be that deciding factor that can give you an edge. If you are on the verge of losing the round don't waste your Burst thinking you will be able to comeback and win especially if your life is only at a couple pixels left. Save the Burst for the next round and give yourself a Burst advantage, also keep note on your opponent's habits from the first round and apply that into your game. The best position you want is to make your opponent Burst and still lose the round essentially wasting their Burst with you still coming out with the advantage.

For more information in regards to learning the mechanics of Blazblue, how to use them and just higher level play in general, please refer to Xie's Beginner Mode Tutorial which highlights the basics and fundamentals to advanced combos and player mindset in battle.

Level 20
Reached level 20. 

For this trophy you must reach level 20. In the previous games your life was solely connected with online play, however now it has become something that spans across every mode of the game offline and online. To level up you need RP and RP is obtained just about the same way you earn P$ which is described in detail under Mind on my Money. While you do get just about the equivalent of RP as you do P$ you made need alittle more RP to reach level 20 which you can do by grinding out Arcade Mode runs. Doing these runs will help you increase your level and net you P$ that can be used for any of your Abyss runs or for any Gallery images you have left to purchase and unlock.

I can't Stop Winning
Won three [Ranked Matches]. 

For this trophy you must win 3 online ranked matches which will come naturally when you aim for 200 PSR. Please refer to Just Getting Used to it for more information and tips on how to improve yourself for ranked matches.

Like a Boss
Fought 100 matches in [Ranked Match]. 

This trophy is for playing 100 ranked matches win or lose so long as you complete each full match, it will count towards your progress. If someone rage-quits or disconnects on you in any way it will not count towards this trophy.

Plays Well With Others
Fought ten team [Player Matches]. 

For this trophy you must play 10 full team tournaments, whether you win or lose them is fine so long as you complete 10 of them from Start to Finish. The ideal setting you want is to have 3 players and do a 2 vs. 1 team tournament and have to lone player lose by default to make the process quicker.

If you need help obtaining this trophy please refer to the Trophy Boosting Thread.

Feels Like the First Time
Won your first team [Player Match]. (1) 

For this trophy you must be on the winning team of a team tournament, you can lose an earlier match during that tournament so long as your team overall wins in the end. You'll have to do a bit of boosting anyway for Plays Well With Others for don't forget to earn your team tournament win at least once during the 10 tournaments you play.

If you need help obtaining this trophy please refer to the Trophy Boosting Thread.

Secret Trophies
Mastered Blazblue Continuum Shift - Extend. (7) 
Finger on the Button
Defeated an opponent while using the Stylish Layout. 

The Stylish Type is exactly like Beginner Mode from the previous game, just with a new name. In Stylish Mode you have preset combos in each button and pressing that button multiple times will perform the basic combos for you. Using Stylish mode has its beginner friendly perks however it has many disadvantages such as the lack of Bursts, Force Barrier guarding and limited combos. To activate Stylish Type you can either scroll to the Style Type under the character portrait or press (by default setting) during character select. After you successfully win a match under Stylish Type the trophy will unlock, this can be done in any mode such as arcade and versus.

Better Safe Than Sorry
Dished out significantly more damage than the opponent's remaining HP. 

For this trophy you must deal a lot of damage from one hit when your opponent is on the verge of death. The best way to go about getting this trophy is while you are working on either Noooooo...el! or Tager? Don't Even Know Her! as they both involve performing a form of Overkill with those characters for their trophies.

Power of the Azure
Performed a 90+ hit combo using Ragna. (1) 

For this trophy you must perform a 90-hit combo with Ragna. The only way to really obtain a 90 hit combo is through Blood Kain and the distortion "Devoured By Darkness" which can only be used under Blood Kain as it does 70 hits to its attack alone so you'll task will be to perform a 20 hit combo before doing "Devoured By Darkness". This also means you'll need 100% Heat when doing this.

There are many combo that lead to 90 hits and can be much more damaging however this combo proves to be one of the easier ones to perform:

In the Corner: Blood Kain (214214D) > 5B > 5C > 2D > 6D (jc) > j.C > Belial Edge (j.214C) > 5D (2 hits) > Dead Spike (214D) > 5D (2 hits) > Gauntlet Hades (214B > 214D) > 5D (2 hits) > Devoured By Darkness (214214D)

Step by Step:

  1. (jump cancel)
  2. air
  3. air
  4. (2 Hits)
  5. (2 Hits)
  6. >
  7. (2 Hits)


Ice Ice Ice Baby
Used all three of Jin's special attacks that freeze opponents in a single combo. (1) 

For this trophy you must perform a combo with Hishogeki, Hirenso and Muso Tosshogeki. All of these moves are D variant moves of Jin's special moves all of which require 25% heat each, meaning you'll need 75% Heat to perform this combo.

In the Corner: Hirenso (623D) > 6C > Hishogeki (236D) > Muso Tosshogeki (214D)

> > >

Finished off an opponent with Noel's Nemesis Stabilizer. 

For this trophy you must finish off an opponent with Nemesis Stabilizer which is the follow up charge shot if you successfully stab the opponent at close range with the tip of her Fenrir. Fenrir is done by (632146D/ ), it'll spray the opponent upward with machine gun fire and, if you successfully stabbed them at the start of the distortion, it'll do the Nemesis Stablizer follow up. Be sure to do this when the opponent is at around 20% health to ensure you don't kill them too early but that you also kill them off with the follow up.

Shocking... Positively Shocking
Using Rachel, shocked your opponent more than 15 times during a single combo. 

For this trophy you must put the opponent into a combo where they pulse the shock animation 15 times. An example of the shock animation can be viewed below:

Shock Animation:

Out of all of Rachel's moves the only ones that can put an opponent into a shock animation are her Tiny Lobelia's, George XIII, Baden-Baden Lily and the last animal from her Tempest Dahila. Below will be the easiest combo to use when going for this trophy, do note that it will take 100% heat to use.

George XIII (214A) > Baden-Baden Lily (632146C) x2


Don't Give A Kaka
Sucessfully executed jumping D, jumping ↑+D and jumping ↓+D in the middle of a combo. 

For this trophy you must chain together 3 of Taoaka's directional drive attacks in one combo. Mid-screen or in a higher damaging combo this may be hard however this can easily be done in the corner within a small 5 hit combo for this trophy.

6A (2 Hits) > j.8D > j.D > j.2D

(2 Hits) > jump > air > air

Tager? Don't Even Know Her!
Turned the tide and won a battle using Genesic Emerald Tager Buster. 

For this trophy you must give your opponent a large life lead (putting Tager at roughly 25 or 20% health to be safe) and then use his 720 motion Genesic Emerald Tager Buster Distoriton grab to finish him off. The 360 and 720 motions may be hard for beginners however if that is that case you can use Stylish Type and hold once you have gained 50% Heat to use GETB.

Sharp Shooter
Hit the opponent with all of Litchi's Great Whell attacks. 

For this trophy you must hit an opponent with all the hits of the Great Wheel, this is possible on all characters but for this trophy using Iron Tager as your dummy would be highly recommended. To get all the hits you want to launch the opponent into the air and then make sure to pick them up and continue the combo in time for the rod of Great Wheel to come down and hit them. When performing Great Wheel you must add directional motions to add hits to it, some players may not know or have forgotten but you must also hit while you are hitting that direction so if you see you actually have to hold . You must also do this during the startup animation of Great Wheel, none of the directions will register once the rod starts hitting and the animation doesn't give you any breathing room so you will have to make the inputs very quickly.

In the corner (with rod): 5B > 2C > Great Wheel(632146D (during the startup animation press these as fast as you can; 66999 (press D during each of these inputs) > j.236B

> > (during the startup animation press these as fast as you can; , hold during each of these directional inputs) > jump


Summoned and used all of Arakune's bugs during a single combo. 

For this trophy you must first put your opponent into a curse status, you can do so with various special attacks but the easiest way is to just press infront of them. Once the curse meter above Arakune's heat gauge has been filled up walk up to the opponent and hit AABCD/ really fast, if done correctly you will have hit your opponent with all of Arakune's bugs for the trophy. Picking Iron Tager as the dummy for this trophy is highly advised.

Just How I...*wheeze*...Planned
Using Bang, had Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan activated for more than 30 seconds of the battle. 

For this trophy you must stay under the effect of Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan for a full 30 seconds in one round of a match. Normally this would be a difficult feat in a real match as it would be hard to activate Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan early on in a match and then drag on the round without getting K.O'd. With a second controller or a boosting partner this can easily be obtainable. To activate Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan you must have 50% Heat and have all of the seals above of Bang's Heat gauge which can be fulfilled with his various moves. Once you have fulfilled that small criteria activate Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan (632146D/ ) and wait out 30 seconds of the round.

A Spectacle
Landed Carl's Vivace, Cantabile, and Allegreto during a combo. (1) 

In the previous games you used Nivana in some form for the trophy however this time around it solely uses Carl. You chain together 3 of Carl's special moves in one combo, there are various ways of doing this however here is one of the easier ways.

Cantabile (623C) > 6A > Allegretto (j.214C) > Vivace (236A) while you land.

> > jump > while you land.

So long as you land, use Vivace before the opponent hits the ground or reaches the techable time it should unlock the trophy.

Over 9000?!
Dealt over 10,000 damage to an opponent in a single combo. 

Just like in the previous games Hakumen is back with another 10,000 damage combo and just like in the previous game you can easily earn this by pitting Hakumen against Iron Tager and forcing him into a Negative Warning and Danger state. To trigger a Negative Warning you must force Tager to back up when you are approaching him, after a while it will trigger a Negative Warning. To trigger the Danger state simply run out the barrier gauge by holding barrier guard until the barrier gauge depletes and puts himself in Danger. By the time this has been setup Hakumen should have enough heat (or for him magatama) to use his Kokujin: Shippu (632146C/) hold while doing this and it will launch the attack once it has charged to its fullest for maximum damage.

You've Been... Terminated
With Lambda, summoned every type of sword during a single round. (2) 

For this trophy you must land each of Lamdba's sword summoner normals in a round. Her normals that you are required to hit the opponent with are as follows:

  • 5DD ( > )
  • 6DD ( > )
  • 4DD (> )
  • 2DD ( > )
  • j.DD (jump > )
  • j.2DD (jump > )

Keep in mind that the D's in each input are two different hits, each one must hit for it to register towards this trophy. Using a character such as Iron Tager as the dummy makes it much easy to hit the jumping normals and other normals where the opponent would normally have to be in the air.

Fight for Survival
Using Tsubaki, executed all of the 'D' versions of her special attacks in a single combo. 

Just like in the previous game, for this trophy you must land each of Tsubaki's Drive Version of her special moves. Tsubaki only has a max of 5 install bars she can charge and 6 special moves, each Drive Version of her special move takes up an install bar so the only way to get this is to utilize her Macto Maledictis Distortion Drive which consumes all of her install bars however gives her infinite amount of drive specials she can use correlating with how many installs were consumed with the distortion. Before attempting this combo you might want to practice this in training mode with the Install Gauge set to Infinite so that you don't want to repeat charging the Install Gauge and using Macto Meledictis.

Going into the match you need to build your installs which can be done with D and 2D, once you have gotten full bars and 50% heat go ahead with the following combo for your trophy:

214214D > 623D > j.236D > j.214D > 22D > 214D >236D

Step by Step:

  1. air
  2. air

Fangs for the Memories!
Used Hazama's Rising, Falling and Devouring Fangs during a battle. (1) 

For this trophy you must chain together Falling Fang, Rising Fang and Devouring Fang in one combo. All of these moves are follow up moves from Serpent's Benediction, to perform them you must go through that move luckily the follow up moves are just an extra button after the input for Serpent's Benediction(214D/). The secret to this trophy is to delay Devouring Fang, after using Serpent's Benediction for the first time let it sit and charge for about 26 frames (2 seconds roughly) and then press C to release it and then follow up with Rising Fang and Falling Fang, doing this will add stun to the first attack making it easier to combo off of.

Devouring Fang (C after 214D) > Rising Fang (B after 214D) > Falling Fang (A after 214D)

( > ) > ( > ) > ( > )

Threat Level... Escalated
During the course of one combo, placed all four of Mu's Stein's Gunners. 

For this trophy you must perform a combo using 4 of Mu's Stein Gunners. Normally this would be a difficult feat as you would have to place them mid-combo in a long chain of inputs however there is a much easier way of doing this once you have reached a certain level. When you have the ability to purchase Unlimited Mu get her from the gallery and go into a Versus Match, build 50% heat and use her Unlimited Exclusive Distortion Drive which is done by 34123646A/, 4 Stein Gunners will come out and barrage the opponent of beams and it will count a combo with 4 Stein Gunners for your trophy.

Squirrel Power!
Executed Makoto's super, Particle Flare, with only Level 3 punches. 

For this trophy you must fully charge all three hits of a Particle Flare (236236D/ and then hold and release during each charge) to level 3, doing this takes a bit of timing.

Get Off My Lawn!
Performed a 30+ hit combo using Valkenhayn. 

With Valkenhayn you must perform a 30 hit combo, through his wolf form this may be possible in some way however it would require a lot of practice and strict timing. There is a very simple way to do this however it will require 100% heat, you will be using two consecutive Storm Wolf Distortions (632146D/) one after the other, the timing for the second one is a little strict as you must do it as the animation is ending, watching for when the enemy dummy is just landing on the ground is a good way to help catch the timing. Thankfully though you can also use Stylish Type and hold for the Storm Wolf Distortion and, as the distortion goes through its animation, you can start holding again as it is about to end and it'll activate at the soonest possible time for a guaranteed hit.

Equipped all of Luna's weapons during one round. 

For this trophy you must equip all of Platinum's items at least once in a single round, you do this by using the Magical Symphony to equip and use the current item she has. A quick way of flipping through her items though is to use Mystique Momo (214D/) which will un-equip the weapon, some will be thrown at a 45 degree angle upward and some will throw away all of the item at once such as the bombs and missiles. Below is a list of the items you will have to equip on Platinum in one round.

  • Neko Hammer
  • Hammer
  • Bat
  • Frying Pan
  • Bomb
  • Missile

Domestic Battery
Using Relius, fight a battle without depleting the Ignus gauge. 

For this trophy you must win a match without fully depleting the Ignis Gauge. While you can still use moves and use up the gauge you have to make sure it doesn't deplete and Ignis doesn't die so you will have to win with Relius's normals and one special move that doesn't summon Ignis which is Id Lauger (236C/) this move can also be used in the air. After you have successfully won under these conditions your trophy will unlock.

Aaaaaand I'm Spent
Used up the Ignis gauge while fighting as Relius. 

For this trophy you must use up the entire Ignis Gauge, once the Gauge has been depleted the trophy will unlock right away. Almost all of Relius's special moves use up the Ignis Gauge, just spam one until your trophy unlocks. You can view his special moves by pressing and looking through the "Command" List.

Game Info
Arc System Works
Arc System Works


US February 14, 2012
Europe February 22, 2012
Japan December 17, 2011

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2-6
ESRB: Teen
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