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Battlefield 3 Trophy Guide
Guide By: QuantumMercury. DLC: OLIVERMC97, AlphaCookie, jami
There are 64 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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-Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 7 / 10
-Offline: 20 [18, 1, 1]
-Online: 19 [10, 5, 3, 1]
-Approximate Time to : 75-120 Hours
-Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1 [2 is Highly Recommended]
-Difficulty Affect Trophies?: Yes [All Chapters/Co-Op Missions Must Be Beat On Hard]
-Number of Missable Trophies: None [via Chapter Select]
-Glitched trophies: Not On My Watch, Butterfly, Car Lover
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheat Codes
-Online Pass Required to ?: Yes, All Co-Op & Multiplayer Trophies


Immerse yourself in the world of Battlefield 3! This FPS will test true skill in both the campaign, co-op and multiplayer aspects of the game. Do not think you will platinum this without dedication, a good time investment and skill. Since you won't be boosting the multiplayer it will require a good 60-100 hours to platinum (see step 6). Battlefield 3 is engineered with Dice's Frostbite 2 Engine utilizing upgraded physics, gameplay and graphics from previous iterations of the franchise. The game's campaign is short but interesting and the Co-Op missions are fun and multiplayer is one of the greatest on console to date with huge maps, unique gamplay and of course vehicles and destructible environments. It is recommended you have a mic to play the game online as communication is key. All videos are made by me as well with commentaries unless otherwise noted. My video thread is here: QuantumMercury's Battlefield 3 Trophy Video Guides

I have written this guide to be very in depth and cover all bases relating to trophies. I am very meticulous in describing what to do in text and videos I have made. Because of this if you are looking for something specific and do not want to scroll through all the information use the Control F to search for what you are searching for.


It is highly recommended you sign up for EA Dice's Battlelog to track all online stats. It is helpful for improving your gameplay online and seeing progression towards trophy accomplishments. While you don't need to sign up to understand my trophy guide or platinum the game it makes the leveling process easier as you can see patterns for earning XP. Check my video under the Colonel trophy from 9-minutes until the end for more information on why Battlelog is useful. Link here: Battlelog / Sign in.

I recommend starting and playing through the entire campaign on Easy difficulty first. The reason is getting the chapter specific trophies on hard are extremely difficult and playing through on easy will make a second playthrough on hard more manageable. Your core focus in this step will be to enjoy the campaign and complete it. You may have to replay certain chapters for the more difficult chapter specific trophies but overall it won't pose much of a challenge. I've noted all chapter specific missable trophies in blue text and all story-related trophies in order they will appear through playing the campaign. By the end of this step you should only have to beat the game on hard for your last offline trophy. Story trophies are here (permalinked):

If your first playthrough was on Hard difficulty setting then ignore this step. If your first playthrough was on any difficultly other than Hard, replay the entire campaign on the Hard setting from selecting new game. See the trophy description for Semper Fidelis for more tips.

Find a dedicated partner who will playthrough all 6 missions with you (this step and all steps after it are online only). Ensure you and your partner have mics and will communicate. Make sure one of you knows how to fly a helicopter (for the Fire From The Sky mission). Completing these Co-Op missions shouldn't take more than 1-2 hours on easy. Video guides will be listed in the trophy guide to help you through them as well as show how to get each Co-Op mission specific trophy. You should get all co-op trophies expect beating all missions on hard and unlocking all co-op weapons on this step. Co-Op trophies are here (permalinked):

This might pose a hefty challenge for some but ensure you have a good partner and communicate. See the trophy description for more details. Be prepared to try some missions over and over again. You will only earn the "Army of Two" trophy in this step.

Use the last mission checkpoint to grind out remaining XP (points) towards unlocking all Co-Op weapons. You will need 160,000 points (as of patch 1.02, if you do not have this patch installed you will need 441,000 points) to unlock all co-op weapons. More information on this trophy will come in the trophy description as well as a video.

The reason I left this step as one of the last is because by doing all the above first you will be ready and used to Battlefield 3's gameplay. Here is where you will spend a good 60-100 hours on BF3 which isn't a bad thing considering the multiplayer is pretty fun (for most). This is where you will work towards all online related trophies in ranked matches. The longest of which will be getting to level 45. All others will likely come naturally as you grind to level 45. Again, tips will be posted under trophy description. IMPORTANT! BOOSTING INCURS THE HEAVY RISK OF BEING BANNED FROM ONLINE, I HIGHLY ADVISED AGAINST BOOSTING, PROOF HERE: Dice Banned Boosters. Multiplayer trophies are here (permalinked):

Do not concern yourself with trying to get every Ribbon while leveling yo 45 because the fact is you'll likely get 90% or more of the Ribbons by just playing the game normally and trying new classes and guns. After you've reached level 45 you'd be surprised that some of the Ribbons you thought were going to be very hard you obtained automatically without even trying. The only few Ribbons that may be hard to achieve are the Stationary Emplacement kills and the Air Warfare Ribbons. Again, more information will be in my Ribbon Guide which can be found here (permalinked):


[PS3T Would Like to Thank Sajiko For This Roadmap]

Back To Karkand DLC


- Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 0
- Online: 5 ( 3 2 )
- Approximate amount of time to get all trophies: 8-12 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
- Number of missable trophies: 0
- Glitched trophies: The Gunslinger trophy. This trophy is glitched. Read the Gunslinger trophy for more info.
- Do cheats disable trophies?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect trophies?: Online Only


Back to Karkand is the first DLC offering for DICE’s phenomenal shooter, Battlefield 3. This DLC returns to us 4 iconic maps from Battlefield 2, completely remastered in Frostbite 2. Along for the ride are a selection of new vehicles, brand new persistence in the form of Assignments, and 10 brand new weapons for completing those assignments. With the arrival of this map pack, the game mode Conquest Assault returns, changing the fight on the Battlefield once again. Even if you aren’t playing for trophies, these maps shouldn’t be missed by any shooter fan.

The four new maps included are: Gulf of Oman, Strike at Karkand, Sharqi Peninsula, Wake Island


Step 1: Vehicle Warfare
This will be easy for some people, and hard for others. I believe it warrants its own step as it can be difficult to get the vehicles you need with every other player also going for those vehicles. Be fast on the respawn, and spawn directly into vehicles when and if you can, to make the process a little easier. You may want to get used to the vehicles before you go for kills in them. Just drive around near your base and figure them out.

After this step, you will have the trophy Third Tour.

Step 2: Assignments
During this step you will need to complete the 10 assignments Karkand brings with it. Each completed assignment will unlock one of the new weapons in the expansion which are required for the Gunslinger trophy. None of the assignments should prove too difficult, and should come from natural play, in fact, you may complete some of them when waiting around for vehicles in Step 1. Just note that the assignments are in a flow chart style, meaning you will have to complete Assignment A to complete Assignment B (i.e. you must complete “Let it rain” to unlock the ability to complete “Keep your head down.”) View our detailed Assignment Guide here: Back to Karkand Trophy Guide and Roadmap + Assignment Guide

After unlocking all the guns, and killing 10 people with each of them, you will unlock the Gunslinger trophy.

Step 3: Complete Warrior Clean Up
By this point, you’ll only have the misc trophies left to obtain. So let’s start off with the hardest. Complete Warrior. If you didn’t complete this when getting your vehicle kills for Third Tour, now would be the time. You’ll want to attempt this trophy on Wake Island. At this point, you will only have to manage a kill with the Skid Loader, a bulldozer type novelty vehicle, to obtain Like a Boss and take a dip in the swimming pool at the Oman Hotel on Gulf of Oman to unlock Jaws. Neither trophy should prove too difficult, and upon finishing will give 100% DLC Completion.

At the end of this step you will obtain the trophies Complete Warrior, Jaws, and Like a Boss.

Info about Assignments:
Battlelog now has all of the Back to Karkand guns and vehicles stats on the stats page now. This means you will be able to see how many kills you need for each weapon on the way to the Gunslinger trophy.

Also added is a Assignments page which shows a detailed analysis of every assignment available, and telling you how many kills, resupplies or heals etc you need to finish the assignments. It has more detail than the assignments page in-game, and it is definitely worth a look on the way to the Gunslinger trophy.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank OLIVERMC97 and AlphaCookie For This DLC Roadmap]

Close Quarters DLC


-Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 3 / 10 (Personal estimate)
-Offline: 0
-Online: 5 [3, 2]
-Approximate Time to 100%: 5-15 Hours
-Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 15-25+ Multiplayer Rounds
-Difficulty Affect Trophies?: No Difficulty Setting
-Number of Missable Trophies: None
-Glitched trophies: None known at this time
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheat Codes
-Online Pass Required to ?: Yes, All Trophies


Close Quarters is the second DLC pack for Battlefield 3 and it includes 10 new weapons (see Show of Force for weapon list) and 4 new maps (Ziba Tower, Operation 925, Scrapmetal and Donya Fortress) along with 5 new trophies that are all multiplayer related. As implied by the name, this DLC pack will focus on close proximity firefights between your team and the enemy. So make sure you've sharpened those gun skills.


Step 1 - Get All Trophies Except Show of Force
All trophies can be completed in less than 1-2 hours except Show of Force, once you get the other 4 trophies out of the way it'll be time to focus on the grind for Show of Force.

Step 2 - Focus on the Show of Force trophy
See the post below this one for the Show of Force assignment walkthrough, this will take anywhere from 15-25+ matches to complete. The challenges will require you to use all 4 kits and complete some esoteric/annoying challenges in order to unlock all 10 weapons. Alternatively you can use the new game mode Gun Master to advance in rounds and automatically attain kills with the weapons. See the trophy for more details.

If you are having trouble getting into the new DLC game modes/maps redownload the DLC from the PS Store and it should fix the issue.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Sajiko For This DLC Roadmap]

Armored Kill DLC


-Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 2/10 (Personal estimate)
-Offline: 0
-Online: 5 [3, 2]
-Approximate Time to 100%: 1+ Hours
-Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1+ Multiplayer Rounds
-Difficulty Affect Trophies?: No Difficulty Setting
-Number of Missable Trophies: None
-Glitched trophies: None known at this time
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheat Codes
-Online Pass Required to ?: Yes, All Trophies


Armored Kill is the Third DLC pack for Battlefield 3 and it includes 4 new vehicles (Quad Bike, Mobile Artillary, Tank Destroyer and AC-130 Gunship)) and 4 new maps (Bandar Desert, Alborz Mountains, Death Valley and Armored Shield) along with 5 new trophies that are all multiplayer related. As implied by the name, this DLC pack will focus on close large scale tank warfare between your team and the enemy. So make sure you've sharpened those tank skills.


Step 1 - Get All Trophies Except Destroyer
All trophies can be completed in less than 1-2 hours, once you get the other 4 trophies out of the way it'll be time to focus on Destroyer.

Step 2 - Focus on the Destroyer trophy
Given that Battlefield 3 now has tons of servers (most of which are empty rooms) you can easily join up in an empty room with a friend/boosting partner and knock this (and all other) trophy out of the way. Doing it while playing competitively is also very simple.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Sajiko For This DLC Roadmap]

Aftermath DLC


- Estimated Difficulty:
1.5/10 (Personal estimate)
- Offline: 0
- Online: 5 (3, 2)
- Approximate Time to 100%: 2 + hours highly depending on skill
- Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: Several multiplayer matches
- Does Difficulty Affect Trophies?: No
- Number of Missable Trophies: None
- Glitched trophies: None
- Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats
- Online Pass Required to 100%? Yes


Battlefield 3: Aftermath is the 4th expansion in Battlefield 3's arsenal. This DLC takes you straight into the aftermath of the earthquake that happened in the campaign. Everything has been devastated, except the gameplay. Battlefield 3 is stronger than ever giving us the best DLC game mode yet with the all new Scavenger mode, 4 expertly designed maps, and the ability to destroy the maps beyond the pre existing devastation. With 3 new vehicles, and a deadly crossbow at your disposal, surviving this new wasteland will be both a challenge and fun.


Step 1: Scavenger Mode
Use this step to unlock Extreme Hoarder, and more importantly the Crossbow. You will need to unlock the crossbow by winning 3 matches of Scavenger before the assignments for unlocking the different bolts will become available. So make sure this is the first thing you get done. Just search 'Scavenger' in the server browser, or set your filter to only find Scavenger games. By the end of this step you will have at least Extreme Hoarder.

Step 2: Everything else
From here, you should focus on completing the assignments for unlocking the remaining bolts and scoped crossbow, which will ultimately unlock Handyman. You will likely come across a piece of enemy equipment to destroy for Home Made Javelin, find the secret reptile for Bite Your Finger, and also complete the Pocket Full of Death trophy as you progress.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank AlphaCookie For This DLC Roadmap]


End Game DLC

~ Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 2/10 (Personal Rating)
~ Online Trophies: 5 (2 3)
~ Offline Trophies 0
~ Approximate Time for 100%: 2+ hours (depending on skill)
~ Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: Multiple Muliplayer matches
~ Does Difficulty Affect Trophies: No
~ Number of Missable Trophies: None
~ Glitched Trophies: None
~ Do cheat codes disable trophies: No cheats available
~ Online Pass Required for 100%: This game requires a VIP pass to play online; a VIP pass is included with all NEW copies of the game. If you buy the game used, you must buy one from either the Playstation Store, or the In-game store.


End Game is the 5th and final expansion for Battlefield 3. This DLC brings four new maps to play: Operation Riverside, Nebandan Flats, Kiasar Railroad and Sabalan Pipeline. Each map is based on the four seasons of the year. The DLC also brings the return of two game modes: Capture the Flag, which has two teams fighting over control of the opposing teams' flag, and Air Superiority, which has 12v12 dogfights. There is also a new weapon at your disposal, the mighty M1911 S-Tac; you can now sneakily take out opposing playing AND annoy team mates at the same time.


Step 1 - Capture the Flag

You can get all the trophies but one in this game mode. You should focus on the "Capture the Flag" trophy first, this will require you to travel to the opposing teams' base, get the flag, and return to your main base to score a point; you cannot score a point if the opposing team has possession of your flag, so dispose of them, recapture your teams flag, and score that point. The remaining trophies require you to use different vehicles, the dirt bike, the AA Jeep and any type of Helicopter.

Step 2 - That Final Trophy

You will want to head off to Conquest now for the "Heavy Lifter". This trophy is simple enough; at the spawn screen, select the option "Dropship IFV" when you land, get a single kill, and the trophy is yours.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank jamie9000000 & AlphaCookie For This DLC Roadmap]

Platinum Trophy
Collect all other Battlefield 3™ Trophies (87) 
Not on my watch
Protected Chaffin from the soldiers in the street in Operation Swordbreaker (25) 

This is a chapter specific missable trophy.
You will get this on the mission SWORDBREAKER. What you need to do is get through the entire level without dying (if you die you must restart the entire chapter) and after you have taken out the sniper with the AT weapon you will have to provide coverfire for a wounded ground soldier from the roof. There are 3 soldiers that come from the left ally and then 3 more from the left and right sides up the road the soldier you're protecting is on after that. Make sure you or him does not die and the trophy will pop at the next checkpoint. Video guide here:


Involuntary Euthanasia
Killed the 2 soldiers before the building fell on them in Uprising (22) 

This is a chapter specific missable trophy.
You will get this on the mission UPRISING. After obtaining the RoadKill trophy you'll entire a garage like facility where enemies will open the garage door to attack you. Kill the 3 enemies and progress to the bus in a bit up the road but DO NOT LEAVE INSIDE THE BUS. Run to the end of the bus let ut get hit with an RPG and then take out the 3 enemies from the bus. Now look to where your objective marker is, as soon as you step out of the bus 2 enemies will appear from behind cover a little ways behind where your checkpoint is. Also a building will come crashing down the second you step off the bus so be quick and headshot the 2 enemies before the building falls. Video guide here:


The Professional
Completed the street chase in Comrades in under 2 minutes 30 seconds without dying (14) 

This is a chapter specific missable trophy.
You will get this on the mission COMRADES. This trophy can be very annoying because it is at the end of this mission. When you take off your mask and are at the doors leading outside an area where police cars and rebel forces are fighting in the street this is where the trophy starts and if you die anytime after this you will need to replay the entire mission so be careful. Don't bother shooting anyone just run through and follow the man you are suppose to chase and try to run behind cover (maneuver between cars) to avoid bullets. The trophy will pop shortly after you progress through your second archway after seeing the RPG mini cutscene. The 2:30 minutes is very easy to accomplish, the surviving is not. It is recommended that you watch the video and listen to what I say. It is important to take the route specifically outlined in the video to avoid fire and death. Even on easy it is easy to die. Video guide here:


Army of Darkness
Shot out the 4 lights with 4 bullets in Night Shift (6) 

This is a chapter specific missable trophy.
You will get this on the mission NIGHT SHIFT. This trophy is fairly easy and is right at the beginning of the level. The first thing you need to do is snipe 4 lights to provide darkness for an LZ. You can only fire 4 shots from your sniper rifle to take these lights out. The trick is to shoot the lights at the top (they are hanging by a black bar which is what you want to shoot, not the light itself). If you mess up just restart checkpoint. Video guide here (watch in 720p full screen to see the black bars on top the lights I shoot):


Practice makes perfect
Headshot each of the targets in the gun range in Kaffarov (9) 

This is a chapter specific missable trophy.
You will get this on the mission KAFFAROV. You will know you've reached the room you are suppose to be in for this trophy when wooden targets start popping up in a red light room. Progress through the room and kill the enemies but be careful not to shoot any wooden targets. If you accidently hit a target restart checkpoint. Make sure you headshot every wooden target throughout the area (it is a small area) and the trophy is yours. Don't worry about only shooting one bullet per target, as long as you hit their heads it is enough. Video guide here:


What the hell *are* you?
Took a Russian Dog Tag in the forest ambush in Rock And A Hard Place (16) 

This is a chapter specific missable trophy.
You will get this on the mission ROCK AND A HARD PLACE. This trophy is fairly easy and is right at the beginning of the mission. After progressing a little ways into the level you will be ambushed and will have to progress up the left side of a forest to take out hostiles. Simply run up to one and knife them (can be a normal swipe not the animated motion). You will automatically take their dog tag and get the trophy. Video guide here:


Kicked the car and killed the soldiers in Uprising (7) 

This is a chapter specific missable trophy.
You will get this on the mission UPRISING. After progressing through the sewers and coming to an open parking lot area take the right path and do not shoot or be detected by enemies (if you are restart checkpoint) and you'll see a car the looks like it can be pushed off a ledge. Approach it and hit circle and then mash circle to kick the car over and kill a soldier giving you this trophy. Video guide here:


You can be my wingman anytime
Completed Going Hunting in a perfect run (70) 

This is a chapter specific missable trophy.
You will get this on the mission GOING HUNTING. The best thing to do for this is to watch the video guide. Basically, this trophy can be super annoying as if you mess up you have to replay the entire chapter and rewatch the opening scene. You will be a wingman for a pilot and will have to fend off attacks from enemy jets and destroy them.

- There are a total of 7 enemy jets you will have to kill and in order to do it in a perfect run you will need to only fire 1 rocket per jet (for a total of 7 rockets fired and you cannot miss any. If enemy jet deploys flares and cause your rocket to miss you've failed). Take note that after 5 jets have been killed there is a mini cutscene and then 2 more jets appear behind you. Simply do what you did with the first 5 jets.
- You must not get hit with any enemy rockets and meaning you must deploy your flares at the right times.

The trophy will pop when you get underneath the jet to laze targets for airstrike at a saving checkpoint. Video guide here:


Scrap Metal
Destroyed 6 enemy tanks before reaching the fort in Thunder Run (5) 

This is a chapter specific missable trophy.
You will get this on the mission THUNDER RUN. This trophy is fairly easy and is essentially unmissable really. Right at the beginning of the level you will be on top a 50-Cal machine gun of a tank and then you will drop down into the tank to take control (driving and firing shells). Progress a bit further and your team will point out 6 enemy tanks crossing the desert with orange markets. Switch to thermal vision if it helps with R1 and engage the tanks. Fire shells with L1. On easy 1 shell = dead tank. Be quick to kill all 6 tanks and the trophy will pop! Video guide here:


Took down the jet in one attempt in Rock And A Hard Place (58) 

This is a chapter specific missable trophy.
You will get this on the mission ROCK AND A HARD PLACE. This trophy can be very annoying because it is at the end of this mission. You have to get through this entire chapter without a single death or you will have to start over (To avoid it glitching). Basically at the end of the chapter where your group discusses what to do after you've finished fighting waves of Russian paratroopers there will be an incoming jet with strafing runs on your position. You need to immediately move from cover to cover behind your CO (guy you are suppose to follow) in order to survive. Stick directly to his back when you duck down. When you get to the truck you will have to move without the CO to the Stinger missile to take down the jet. Just run straight for the Stinger, pick it up, lock on and take out the jet right where you picked up the Stinger and the jet shouldn't hit you. It is recommended that you watch the video and listen to what I say. It is important to take the route specifically outlined in the video to avoid fire and death. Even on easy it is easy to die. Video guide here:


Took down 2 enemies with 1 bullet in Night Shift (7) 

This is a chapter specific missable trophy.
You will get this on the mission NIGHT SHIFT. This trophy is fairly easy and is shortly after you get the Army of Darkness trophy. After going onto the street level, progressing a bit and climbing back up a ladder to a smaller rooftop you will spot 2 enemies you need to take out in order for the mobile force to progress. Simply line up a head shot between the 2 people and take them both out with 1 bullet. Video guide here:


Completed the campaign story (5) 

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.
Simply beat the campaign, this will come during the ending credits of the game shortly after you receive the Between a rock and a hard place trophy (if you did it correctly).

Between a rock and a hard place
Beat Solomon, flawlessly, in The Great Destroyer (5) 

This is a chapter specific missable trophy.
You will get this on the mission THE GREAT DESTROYER. It is at the end of the chapter. After the car accident you will engage Solomon in a series of short quick time events. Simply press all the buttons correctly during this ending sequence and the trophy will pop. If you fail you may have to replay the entire chapter (but restart checkpoint first and see if it pops). Video guide here:


Semper Fidelis
Completed the campaign story on Hard (38) 

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.
This may pose a significant challenge to many players. The game can be brutally hard because of how cheap enemies are (takes very little bullets to kill you and the enemies are pretty damn accurate not to mention exploding cars, and destructible cover which means you have to choose where your characters goes wisely). General tips are:

1. USE COVER and never leave it. If it gets destroyed move to another piece of cover.
2. BE PATIENT! Do not rush, take your time and systematically take out one enemy at a time.
3. NEVER ADVANCE until you see the saving icon or your team says it is clear.
4. AIM FOR THE HEAD it will insta-kill most enemies.
5. USE AIM ASSIST, constantly move in and out of ADS mode to auto-acquire targets.
6. BURST FIRE! Make sure you fire your weapons in short bursts to control recoil.
7. YOU'RE NOT SUPERMAN! If you get hit even ONCE go PRONE and recover your health before you reengage targets.

Push On
Reached the garage without going into man-down state in Hit and Run (9) 

It is recommended you play this Co-Op mission, Hit and Run, on easy. This trophy is self-explanatory, simply do not get or have your partner get downed while progressing through the level. It may take more than one try to know where the enemies come from but it is fairly easy to do on easy. Use cover and the aim assist (aim in and out of sights to auto-acquire targets) to ensure you progress safely and do not get swarmed. Don't rush into enemies as most use shotguns and can take you out at close range with a few well placed shots. Use the PDW weapons to shoot them from afar.


Completed all co-op missions (37) 

Simply complete all 6 co-op missions on any difficulty and this trophy will unlock. It does not matter which order you complete them in. The 6 missions you must complete are:
- Operation Exodus
- Fire From The Sky
- Exfiltration
- Hit and Run
- Drop em Like Liquid
- The Eleventh Hour

The Co-Op specific trophies give you a good indication on what you have to do to complete each mission, so follow those and get the specific trophies along the way if you want a guide on how to beat each Co-Op mission.

Lock 'n' Load
Unlocked all unique co-op weapons (25) 

This trophy requires you to get 160,000 points in Co-Op score to unlock all 7 weapons (which can be used in competitive multiplayer). This is where the Battlelog can come in handy. If you click on your soldier's stats and then on the Weapons and Equipment tab on the left side shows your kit unlocks (See the Colonel trophy 2nd spoiler for screen shot). Weapons to be unlocked are:

General: MP412 Rex - 5,000 Points
Assault: KH2002 - 17,000 Points
General: MP7 - 34,000 Points
Recon: M39 EMR - 58,000 Points
General: 93R - 86,000 Points
Engineer: SG553 - 120,000 Points
Assault: G3A3 - 160,000 Points

Patch 1.02 significantly reduced the amount of points needed from 441K to 160K to unlock all weapons. You won't even need to grind this anymore as just playing Co-Op missions for the other trophy will likely get you this trophy naturally. If you do need to grind replay the final mission "The Eleventh Hour" and fail the bomb sequence over and over.

Car Lover
Completed the mission without losing a humvee in Operation Exodus (17) 

It is recommended you play this Co-Op mission, Operation Exodus, on easy. Take note that you have 5 humvees behind you when you spawn in. Your job is to make sure none of those get taken out. To do this you must ensure you make enemies with RPGs and Tanks the primary targets when they appear on the map as you progress. RPG enemies appear on rooftops of buildings and balconies and tanks come from alleyways and down the roads. Make sure you plant AT Mines and know where the Ammo Boxes are (left side of the bridge at the beginning) to replenish Javelin missiles. It has glitched on a few people who have ended the match with all 5 humvees intact. Simply replay the mission until it pops. It should eventually. Here is a video to show you what to do:


In the nick of time
Disarmed the bomb in under 20 seconds in The Eleventh Hour (7) 

It is recommended you play this Co-Op mission, The Eleventh Hour, on easy. A fairly easy trophy to get, you just have to rush for the subway car where the bomb is (spray and pray enemies in your way as you get to it) and have your co-op partner fend off enemies as you diffuse the bomb with the series of quick time events you must follow. You have to reach the bomb before the timer shows 40 seconds, just restart if the timer is below the 40 second mark. Here is a video done by PowerPyx to show you what to do:


Saved the hostages without alerting any enemies in Drop 'em Like Liquid (238) 

It is recommended you play this Co-Op mission, Drop 'em Like Liquid on easy. Like the Ninjas trophy you will be doing another stealth mission so communication between you and your co-op partner is key. You have to complete the mission (until you rescue the hostages) without ALERTING the enemies, There is some small leeway here because IF enemies are aware they are getting shot you have a small time frame to kill the enemy before the alarm is set off. You will see the enemy reach for a headset to set off the alarm or run to alert his buddies, kill him before this or else you'll have to restart the mission. It is recommended you aim for headshots but you can put multiple Sniper bullets into an enemy to make sure he goes down. Also if you find it hard to stand and hold your breathe to snipe you can go prone in order to deploy bipod to auto-steady as well as deploy bipod on ledges/window stills (just keep ADSing until the bipod is deployed).

Special note, it's good to wait until enemies stop walking before you try and take shots. There are 2 parts where the mobile force you are supporting throws flashbangs to distract enemies (midway through in a bus and at the end of the mission into a house) wait for the flashbangs to go off before you start shooting or else you will fail the mission. On the parts where you have 3 enemies to take out you have to be quick with the Sniper to get all 3. Here is a video to show you what to do:


Completed the mission without using the fire extinguisher in Fire From The Sky (3) 

It is recommended you play this Co-Op mission, Fire From The Sky, on easy. This is one of the more simple trophies as all it requires is that you do not take an excessive amount of damage at one time. To minimize damage you should always focus on enemy armor (tanks, transports and mobile AAs) when they appear on the map as those are things that will cause severe damage to your helicopter. Communication is key between the gunner and pilot. Make sure the pilot knows how to fly the helicopter and use the rockets effectively and as the gunner be aware that you have a laser guided missile to aid in taking out enemy armor. If you do get damaged just don't use the fire extinguisher.

Army of Two
Completed all co-op missions on Hard (79) 

This is the true test of the Co-Op experience. It is essentially hard mode from the story but with a partner. Therefore it will require more than what was listed in the Hard playthrough tips to beat. It requires good communication and strategies between you and your partner to get through each of the 6 missions on hard. It is highly recommended that you play with a partner who has a good connection and that you have one as well (try to find local partners if possible to minimize lag and delay). Same strategies from hard carry over, use your knowledge of previous run throughs to your advantage so that you know where enemy spawns are and good spots of cover/ammo box locations.

Reached the VIP without setting off the alarm in Exfiltration (71) 

It is recommended you play this Co-Op mission, Exfiltration, on easy. In order to do this you MUST be in sync with your partner for kills (ie communicate over mic a countdown to kill enemies at the same time). You must only use the silenced pistol and must not be spotted. Luckily only the first 3 minutes of this mission are required for the trophy though so restarting if you make an error is not that bad. You will move through rooms and hallways with enemies and after taking out the first 4 enemies there will be CAMERAS in the corners which you will have to take out before progressing. You will eventually come to stairs where there will be enemies + cameras. You will have to take them out at the same time as well (one person shoot the camera and the other shoot the enemy). Progressing further up the stairs you will have 2 enemies + 1 camera where you will have to shoot multiple bullets into the enemies to kill them while the other person shoots the camera. Here is the video guide:


Vehicle Warfare
Received all 3 vehicle warfare ribbons (17) 

This will come when working towards the Decorated trophy (see that trophy for ribbon guide). The 3 ribbons specific to this trophy are:
1. Armored Warfare (Tanks)
2. Transport Warfare (AMTRAC)
3. Air Warfare (Jets/Helicopters)

Infantry Efficiency
Received all 4 weapon efficiency ribbons (7) 

This will come when working towards the Decorated trophy (see Ribbon Guide in next post). The 4 ribbons specific to this trophy are:
1. Assault Efficiency (7 Kills with Assault Rifles in 1 Round)
2. LMG Efficiency (7 Kills with LMGs in 1 Round)
3. Carbine Efficiency (7 Kills with Carbines in 1 Round)
4. Sniper Efficiency (7 Kills with Sniper Rifles in 1 Round)

Received one of each ribbon in the game (65) 

Yes this trophy deserves a post of its own. It is likely going to be the most challenging online trophy in the game if you choose not to boost the Ribbons however do not fear because I've got a complete and comprehensive guide for how to get all ribbons! If you check spoiler 3 in the post above (for the Colonel trophy) you will see that there are 45 ribbons total that you will need to get. Before you even look at trying to get any of these Ribbons do yourself a favor and get to level 45 first because I assure you you'll get most Ribbons without even trying! Then finish up the remaining Ribbons you need and get the Platinum by looking here! Battlelog is a great place you can check out your stats and what you've earned and what you need to get. In working towards this trophy you will also get all 3 bronze trophies for getting groups of specific ribbons outlined above as well as the 3 scoring (MVP) silver trophies.. I will make special note of those Ribbons in red in the Ribbon Guide.

Please see the forum for the detailed ribbon guide.


It's better than nothing!
3rd MVP in a ranked match (1) 

You must come 3rd place in score between both teams (yours and enemies) in order to achieve this ribbon. Again, when playing to level 45 and going for the Decorated trophy this will come naturally. For tips on how to score big points easy see the Most Valuable Player trophy.

Support Efficiency
Received all 4 support efficiency ribbons (1) 

This will come when working towards the Decorated trophy (see Ribbon Guide in next post). The 4 ribbons specific to this trophy are:
1. Surveillance Efficiency (MUAV from Recon Kit)
2. Medic Efficiency (Defibrillator from Assault Kit)
3. Repair Efficiency (Repair Tool from Engineering Kit)
4. Resupply Efficiency (Resupply ability from Support Kit)

Rank 45 achieved! (34) 

This is going to be where you spend the majority of your time in this game when going for platinum. This trophy will vary in time between each person based on the SCORE PER MINUTE (SPM). It will take 1,600,000 XP to reach rank 45. Again, this is where having the Battlelog Handy really comes in Handy as it shows you every single stat you can pretty much imagine and you can use this to make yourself a better player.


First, let me outline some general tips for you before I go into the specifics. The best game mode to play purely for points is CONQUEST. The reason for this is because by neutralizing and capturing flags you can get 350-450 points in a minute. Also, if you are not the best FPS player you can hop in tanks and wait at the objectives instead of being a foot soldier and more susceptible. See the video posted below for more information:

0:00 - 9:00 Minutes I talk about general tips to get a high score in game
9:00 - 17:58 Minutes I talk about how to use the Ribbons and Medals to get even more XP

The second thing you need to understand about this multiplayer is how to effectively use your class to support your team. Obviously the more wins you have the faster you will level up as winning grants you the "Win X Game Mode" ribbon which is 500 additional XP. Communication and teaming up with friends leads to effective ways to win matches. On a side note be sure to USE YOUR ABILITIES! That are unique to your class/kit which I will outline below:

The Assault/Medic Kit:
If you are a medic use the Defibrillator (Left on D-pad) to revive teammates wisely (do not rush out to revive people in the open until it is clear). Also use your health kits even when teammates are not damaged. If you see them engaged in a firefight throw them a health kit (Right on D-pad) as you pass or throw health kits down by objectives, it will likely be put to use. This kit is best used for getting lots of kills.

The Engineering Kit:
As an Engineer you will have access to RPGs to take out enemy armor and either Anti-Tank mines or a Repair Tool (The EOD bots use is limited). I recommend usually going for the AT Mines (Left on D-pad) as planting them at key objective points can easily net you 500+ points if you get a double kill from taking out a tank.

The Support Kit:
A very essential class to have on your team/squad. This class allows for resupply of equipment like grenades and claymores as well as ammo for guns. You will get TONS of resupply points (and ribbons) if you use this class and spam your ammo boxes (right on D-pad) on teammates as they will likely ALWAYS need supplies.

The Recon Kit:
This kit is actually useful if someone who uses it knows what they are doing. It is generally not that great to gain lots of points but as a Recon class (Using a Sniper most likely) on your team they can really help you out if they consistently spot enemies on the map for you.

*A special note* You do not have to use specific weapons only available to that class. For example if you want to level your Support class but hate the LMGs you can use the general unlocks weapons like a PP-2000 PDW instead.

Now onto improving your leveling process through the use of Battlelog. First lets walk through the main page. Click the spoiler to view my demo image and the tips I've posted on there in relation to the information posted:

See what weapons you are using, track the kills with each one and try to finish getting 100-200 kills with each weapon to get all unlockable accessories (giving 200XP each). Getting weapon service stars awards 2000XP per 100 kills with any weapon. Moving to different weapons will net you more XP however sticking with the weapons you are good with will net you constant service stars. As you can see I love using the M16A3 and I have been rewarded a lot of XP for it. This leads into the next picture where I will discuss Weapon and Equipment Unlocks:

It is better and much easier to view your progression from the Battlelog. It shows you your currently XP earned per kit and how close you are to getting the next unlock for that kit. Utilize your kits effectively as outlined above to level them up. One great instance is if you capture a flag in CONQUEST as an Engineering class and get 250XP, that will be attributed to leveling the Engineering kit! The same goes for if you were in a vehicle or another kit. Use the kit you want to get unlocks for by gaining XP with it. Everytime you reach the max score for a kit you will get a service star for the kit which gives 10000XP.

Finally I will be discussing the AWARD SYSTEM which will lead into the Decorated Trophy in the post below with in depth guides on how to get every ribbon legit.

Aiming for high scores will likely net you the MVP Ribbon and Ace Squad Ribbons and hopefully a win ribbon as well. This totals to an additional 1500 XP per match so go for POINTS! A high SPM means you reach level 45 faster.

Trying to attain the same ribbon many times is also very useful to get medals. If you like using an Assault kit, use Assault Rifles and for every 50 ribbons you get you'll unlock the Assault Rifle Medal. 50 Ribbons x 20`0 points each = 10000XP and then you get an additional 10000XP for getting the medal totaling 20000XP for getting 50 Assault Ribbons! Aim for accomplishing a variety of ribbons which you are good at. You can earn more than 1 of the same ribbon in the same round. If you get 14 kills with assault rifles you will get 2 Assault Rifle ribbons.

If you still want more tips to improve your gameplay you can check out my Youtube Channel here:

For example:

1st Loser
2nd MVP in a ranked match (1) 

The same as the It's better than nothing! trophy but for 2nd place.

Most Valuable Player
MVP in a ranked match (16) 

Some may find this hard if they aren't the greatest at FPS. However you can gain massive points by playing the objective and using your abilities to help your team! If you're struggling with this trophy feel free to check out this video:


Took your first enemy Dog Tag (8) 

You take enemy Dog Tags by knifing the enemy player. You'll likely get this naturally but if you ever see a camper or are able to approach someone from behind hit to initiate the knifing sequence when they are in (close) range. The first knife kill you get will net you this trophy.

Secret Trophies
This is the end
Failed to prevent the attack (1) 

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.
You will get this on the mission COMRADES automatically after completing it. It will pop at the end of the chapter.

Where are the other two?
Found the nuke (1) 

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.
You will get this on the mission OPERATION GUILLOTINE automatically after completing it. It will pop at the end of the chapter.

Shock Troop
Survived the quake (4) 

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.
You will get this on the mission SWORDBREAKER automatically after completing it. It will pop at the end of the chapter.

Wanted: Dead or Alive
Captured Al Bashir (3) 

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.
You will get this on the mission NIGHT SHIFT automatically after completing it. It will pop at the end of the chapter.

No Escape
Captured Kaffarov (4) 

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.
You will get this on the mission KAFFAROV automatically after completing it. It will pop at the end of the chapter.

Completed Semper Fidelis 

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.
You'll get this after completing the introductory chapter of Battlefield 3. It is very short.

DLC: Back to Karkand
Cost: 14.99 Trophies: 5
Complete Warrior
Got a kill with the following weapons in a single life: Assault Rifle, Jet, Tank (60) 

Start off by spawning in the F35B Jet (any Jet will work, but it’s much easier to kill infantry with the F35B), as the Assault Class, with your Assault Rifle of choice. You will want to get a kill as fast as you can, then immediately drop out into either an empty or friendly tank in order to get your tank kill. It's best you stick with this tank until it’s 100% safe to get out. Once on foot, you just need the Assault Rifle kill. Move quickly, and stealthily. Don’t take any chances, and snag that last kill as soon as an unsuspecting enemy is in your sights. Pat yourself on the back; you just defeated what is potentially the most difficult challenge in the DLC, and obtained the Complete Warrior trophy. The F35B Jet is not so good at taking out other aircraft, so stay low, and bail out as soon as you are near a tank. It HAS to be a MBT, not a LAV, etc… This trophy can be done on any map with these vehicles on it, including the main base game.

Third Tour
Got a kill with each of the following vehicles: the BTR-90, DPV and F-35. (14) 

F35B Kill:

Wake Island will probably be the easiest for your jet kills, since despite its size; it is generally easy to find enemies. You will want to directly spawn into the F35B as fast as you can to prevent another one of your team mates from getting away with it. At that point, it’s best to either use your rocket pods (if they are unlocked) and target enemy vehicles, or target another jet with your standard machine gun. It is advised to wait till you unlock Rocket pods if you struggle with the Jets. By the time you will have unlocked these your flying skills will have improved, and you will have better weapons to engage enemies with. Note that using the hovering feature of the new jet may make it easier to get kills, but it will leave you exposed, so if your going for Complete Warrior at this point, its best not to take too many risks. If you don’t have rocket pods unlocked for your jet at this point, you may have to use the hovering feature to be able to target ground troops if you’re unable to get a kill against another aircraft.

BTR-90 Kill:

The BTR-90 is just another IFV or “Light Tank.” Use it like you would in the base game. Target infantry, and only engage Heavy Tanks if you have the proper support. It is advised that you take one even two engineers with you into battle in your tank. This way if you come across enemy heavy armour, your engineer buddies can hop out and repair your tank from behind, giving you a much larger chance of defeating the other amour. They can also engage the enemies with RPGs firing at you, so you wont have them to worry about either.

Lots of people are having trouble finding the BTR-90 so here is a list of confirmed locations:

Gulf of Oman:

The construction site flag (Normal Conquest only): It will either be the LAV or the BTR that spawns here. The base has to be under Russian control for it to spawn here, otherwise it will be the LAV. It does not spawn on Conquest Assault.

The RU Base: It also spawns in the RU base in Conquest and Rush. The RU base is the one on the land (In conquest) and furthest away from the Sea. From 1:01 in the video you will see this location:


DPV “Buggy”:

This is your light infantry transport. Think of it as your jeep in Karkand. This Buggy is available on every map in the expansion. The safest way to get a kill with this vehicle will be to park it at good location, where you can oversee your enemies, and start shooting that .50cal. If your looking for some thrills, trying running a few unsuspecting Russians (or Americans) over.

Got 10 kills with each of the ten Back to Karkand weapons (37) 


We have had multiple reports saying that this trophy is glitched or delayed. However we do have a confirmed fix! To get this trophy to pop you need to get 10 kills with all of the Back to Karkand weapons first. Then you need to get 10 kills with the Famas in one round of any game mode. Your trophy should then pop If this fails then just keep playing, the trophy will ding eventually. Players have got the trophy but when it pops is not clear.

To help you complete the assignments,take a look at our detailed assignment guide here: LINK. In order to obtain this trophy, you will need to complete all 10 assignments to unlock all 10 DLC Guns. The assignments can be completed on any map in both the DLC and Base Game. Getting 10 kills with each weapon should be straight forward. You will unlock your first attachment at 10 kills so use that to keep track.

Like a Boss
Got a kill with the skid loader (35) 

The Skid Loader is the fourth new vehicle in the Back to Karkand expansion, one confirmed place for it to be at is flag 'B' on the Wake Island map. The flag name is 'Airbase'. You will find the Skid Loader next to a bunker. As it is at a main flag, you won't need to wait too long for someone to show up. Get in the Skid Loader and hide. Do not drive out if there is any enemy armour nearby, as one tank shell and you're dead. Wait for an enemy solider to walk by and drive full speed into him. Once you are on the Skid loader, it would be best to leave your squad so nobody spawns on you and takes your kill. There may be other locations where it is but they cannot be confirmed yet, here is a video by DJWorldXclusive:

Took a swim in the Oman Hotel swimming pool (31) 

You can go for this trophy on Rush and Conquest assault. You cannot get in on Conquest, as the hotel is out of the map.

This must be done on the map Gulf of Oman as this is where the “Oman Hotel” is located. You will need to go into the hotel and swim in the pool for the trophy.

The first step you are going to want to do is find the hotel in the map. Here is how to do it from the RU deployment:

Once you spawn there you are going to want to get into a buggy (or any vehicle, but the buggy is quicker). When you drive forward out of the base the road will curve around to the right. Do not follow the road! Drive completely straight and over the hill in front of you. Once you are at the top of the hill you will see 2 tall buildings. You will want to go over to the building to your right. Then you will see a swimming pool. Swim in the pool and the trophy will pop. You may need to get out for it to pop.

From the US Deployment you need to grab a boat and drive over to the shore. Then face forward and turn towards the building on the furthest right. Run towards the building. You could spawn on an objective point and run towards there too.

Also if you are still struggling to find it, jump in an air vehicle and fly over the east (if US) or west (if RU) of the map and look for a building with a swimming pool outside it.

Here is a video explaining it, and showing you where to go. Credit to Powerpyx


DLC: Close Quarters
Cost: 14.99 Trophies: 5
Won a round in Conquest Domination (6) 

Very simple, Conquest Domination is a new mode that became available with the download of Close Quarters. Simply queue up the game mode on any map, enter in and play the round to the end and win and the trophy will pop on the summary screen. You do not have to play the match from the beginning. You can also use the cheap tactic of switching teams before the round comes close to an end if it looks like you will lose. If the teams are balanced / your team outnumbers the enemy team and there is room on the other team just go to Squad/Team in the start menu and hit switch team.

Deadly tools
Without dying, got a kill with a Carbine, Pistol and Rocket Launcher (10) 

This isn't as bad as you may think. My best advice is to load up a conquest game mode on Operation Metro and spawn in with the engineer with any engineer specific weapon (as they are the carbines) and the RPG/SMAW for your gadget 1. Get a carbine kill then go to the choke points on the map (Usually around B-Flag, side stairs, side hallway or back escalators) to fire off rockets and get a kill. From there try and play stealthy and get a pistol kill (maybe look for someone prone, sneak up behind them and get an easy headshot). You can also start with the pistol kill if you think that would be hardest. Silencers will help you here also on both your pistol and carbine. My recommended weapons of choice would be the G36C and G18 (automatic pistol) both suppressed.

Show of Force
Got 10 kills with all ten CQ weapons (5) 

There are 10 new weapons in this DLC that you will need to get a total of 10 kills with each. You can use these weapons on the any maps (not just the DLC ones). These weapons will require you to use all 4 classes and in order to unlock the 10 weapons you will be required to complete challenges (known as Assignments in the game). You can check assignment progress under MY SOLDIER in the game or from Battlelog Assignments tab.

**Alternatively, you can grind out the new game mode GUN MASTER and if you can get to Round 16, the cycle of weapons you go through will let you nab a kill with 9 of the 10 guns in the DLC. Thus you can play 5 games of Gun Master each to round 16 and then you'll only have to worry about unlocking the MP5K (by doing the "These Hurt Too" and "Hold The Trigger" assignments). **Thanks to gh0stface for this tip**

Man of Calibre
Completed a round of Gun Master 

Very simple, Gun Master is a new mode that became available with the download of Close Quarters. This mode has you cycling through weapons as you kill enemies, you do not have to win this mode just play it. Simply queue up the game mode on any map, enter in and play the game to the end and the trophy will pop on the summary screen. You do not have to play the round from the beginning.

Secret Trophies
Grinding the Crack
Fell over the edge on Ziba Tower (14) 

Go to quick match and choose Ziba Tower for your map preference and game mode can be left on any. From there jump off anywhere on the edge of the map to your doom and you will get this trophy. Video showing how by me here:

DLC: Armored Kill
Cost: 14.99 Trophies: 5
Death from above
Got one kill with the Gunship (2) 

The gunship is an AC-130 flying terror that is available on all new maps on Conquest/Rush, Alborz Mountains, Death Valley and Bandar Desert. To get control of the gunship in conquest your team will have to hold the flag that has the gunship icon on it (ie, flag C on Alborz) and you will automatically have an AC-130 in Rush as an attacker. From the respawn screen you will be able to spawn in the Gunship once you have control of those flags and (if the enemy had a gunship) the enemy gunship is destroyed. There are only 2 spots, the main gunner can cycle through weapons with .

If you're familiar with how an AC-130 works you can use larger rounds to damage ground vehicles and smaller rounds to fire faster and try to take out choppers or infantry. You have to be in the main gunner seat in order for the trophy to pop. Unfortunately the gunship flies in a preset route so you will have to wait to line up your kill. Here is a video I made outlining how to easily get the trophy on conquest (some people may find Rush attacking easier since the action is more concentrated - Thx to AlphaCookie for this tip):


Got 10 kills each with Tank destroyers and Mobile Artilleries (10) 

These are the 2 new ground vehicles in Armored Kill (the gunship being the 3rd new aerial vehicle). Tank destroyers kinda look like a cross between an LAV and a Tank but weaker than both and the Mobile Artillery is a moving rocket launching armored vehicle. Both can take out other armored vehicles and infantry. Simply rack up 10 kills with each of them on the new maps in Tank Superiority/Conquest/Rush mode for the trophy. I recommend Conquest to get these kills because the Mobile Artillery spawns at flags A and E on Death Valley, flags B and E on Alborz, the deployment area of Bandar and A and E on Armored Shield. The Tank Destroyers spawn at deployments. The Mobile Artillery is probably the hardest one to get kills with but there is a decent strategy discovered by M-Easy to get the kills in Conquest on Alborz. Video by me here:


Just to clarify the vehicles in question, there are 2 variations of each the Tank Destroyer and the Mobile Artillery that you need to get 10 kills collectively (one for the RU and one for the US armies). You can track the kills more easily on Battlelog, the vehicle names are:

  • BM 23 (RU Artillery)
  • M142 (US Artillery)
  • SPRUT-SD (RU Tank Destroyer)
  • M1128 (US Tank Destroyer)
Got one kill with the Quad bike (2) 

Probably the most annoying trophy in the DLC but nonetheless very simple. I would recommend you do this on Bandar if going for it legit because the area between E and the other flags is a large desert perfect to picking off running infantry. You can find these quad bikes all over the map on Conquest game mode. They are apparent by a noticeable white item on the radar or start map screen when unattended. They look like this:

Run over an enemy to get this trophy.

Won one round of Tank Superiority (1) 

This is very simple, Tank Superiority is a new mode that became available with the download of Armored Kill. Simply queue up the game mode on any map, enter in and play the round to the end and win and the trophy will pop on the summary screen. You do not have to play the match from the beginning. You can also use the cheap tactic of switching teams before the round comes close to an end if it looks like you will lose. If the teams are balanced/your team outnumbers the enemy team and there is room on the other team just go to Squad/Team in the start menu and hit switch team.

Destroyed the Gunship 

This is the same as Death from above only make sure the enemy team has the corresponding flags. I found that using a jet was easiest to take out the Gunship as the Machine Guns/Rocket pods/Heat Seekers (if they don't deploy flares) can deal serious damage to the gunship. Just find it in the sky and unload! Of course a chopper works well too and Ground to Air Stingers from engineers. Here is a video I made outlining how to easily get the trophy:


DLC: Aftermath
Cost: 14.99 Trophies: 5
Unlocked all xbow parts (4) 

To complete this trophy you will need to unlock the xbow, scoped xbow, and all bolt variants. Each of these are tied to an assignment, which are detailed below.

Aftermath Trophy Guide and Roadmap

Bite your finger
Found the secret reptile (18) 

The secret reptile can be found at the C Flag on Epicenter Conquest. At the flag area there is a pipe you can prone crawl through. About half way through is a toy dinosaur, which is impossible to miss while crawling through. The trophy will ding in a few seconds after crawling past the dinosaur.

Video Credit to lexonacid on Youtube:

Home made javelin
Destroyed an enemy vehicle using the xbow (2) 

This trophy is actually pretty simple, as destroying a piece of enemy equipment such as an MAV, EOD Bot, Spawn Beacon, etc all count for this trophy. Any bolt type should work for destroying a piece of equipment. If you’re feeling ballsy you can use the Explosive Bolts and attempt to destroy a vehicle, but they are however extremely weak.

Pocket full of death
Without dying, got a kill with xbow, primary weapon, and hand grenade 

The difficulty of this trophy will vary from player to player based on skill. I’d recommend sticking to the Support class so you can resupply grenades for yourself. The grenade kill is easily the hardest of the 3, if you can get that, you’ll likely be set from there. Any primary weapon can be used, and for the xbow kill, I personally recommend the BA Bolt as the easiest to kill with. The BA Bolt will allow you stay way back out of the action, but the standard bolt will allow you to one hit kill at close range if you prefer to run and gun. If you happen to get killed, getting revived before you re-spawn should allow you to still earn the trophy.

Extreme Hoarder
Picked up 50 weapons in Scavenger mode (3) 

A pretty straightforward trophy. Scavenger is the new mode introduced in Aftermath. You start with nothing but a pistol of your choice and the map is littered with weapons you can pick up with limited ammo. It plays similar to Conquest Domination on a slightly larger scale. The way DICE has tiered the weapons is questionable. Tier 1, 2 or 3 can be absolutely great depending on your preference. Tiers really don't mean anything in this mode except where you locate the weapons. Tier 1 weapons are found out of the way, and supposed to be the worst weapons. They are generally PDWs with no attachments. Tier 2, the middle tier weapons, are found closer to the objective, but still in cover. They are typically sniper rifles like the Mk.11 Mod Zero and M98b, crossbows, or shotguns. Tier 3 weapons are always Assault Rifles, LMGs, or Carbines with various attachments, and are found right next to objectives. Due to the nature of the maps, Tier 1 weapons are just as effective as Tier 3, and in all likelihood, you won't even care about the tiers after your first couple of matches. Pick up any 50 guns from the ground and the trophy is yours. Be warned the game might lock up for a few seconds upon unlocking this trophy, do not mistake that for a freeze.

When searching for a DICE server in the server browser and not just any rented server, you might need to spell Scavenger as Scavanger due to a typo on DICE's end. Information credit to Wadloper.

DLC: End Game
Cost: 14.99 Trophies: 5
Its no sidecar
Got a kill from the passenger position on a motorcycle (4) 

Killing someone from the passenger seat might seem tricky, but it's really not. The easiest and fastest method of doing this is loading up a Capture the Flag match, equipping a Javelin, and getting to some high ground with a dirt bike. Enemies are almost certainly bound to also be driving a dirt bike. You can swap to the passenger seat by pressing the button. While sitting on the back of your bike, lock on to them using your Javelin. There will be no locking on warning for them, so they will have no idea you've fired. The bike will be instantly destroyed when hit. Another way you can do this is to load up an LMG with a buddy and lay down a constant stream of fire as they drive you through enemy lines. You're more likely to die this way, but if you're attempting to actively play the objective, it's a good option to push to the flag faster. The 3rd and probably most annoying method is power switching. Whenever you see an enemy, immediately swap to the secondary seat and start spraying. Odds are, you'll be able to get an off guard enemy this way.

Heavy Lifter
Killed an enemy after successfully paradropping a vehicle (3) 

In order to obtain this trophy, you need to play Conquest on any of the 4 new maps. The C-130 transport aircraft will become available upon capturing the base marked with a little airplane icon next to the objective letter. Once your team has this base captured, suicide so you can spawn from the C-130. Select "IFV Paradrop" and you will be placed inside an IFV class vehicle (the light tanks with the rapid fire cannon). Once you land, simply get a kill with the IFV in order to unlock the trophy. Some reports say you will need to exit the LAV after getting a kill for the trophy to register. If it doesn't pop the first time, just keep killing, it will eventually pop up.

Capture The Flag
Captured one flag while playing CTF  

This trophy is gotten exactly as described. Load up a game of Capture the Flag and be the one to return the flag for a point. Your method of going about this may vary based on play style. My personal preference is fast and furious, so I recommend a dirt bike. Some might prefer a tank for the armor security, while others might take the teamwork approach and have a buddy use a transport chopper to get them to safety. Combining efforts with teammates to use air vehicles to their full advantage will allow your pilot to earn "Transport Pilot" as well.

Transport Pilot
Transported a flag carrier in an air vehicle in CTF (12) 

GLITCHED (in a good way) - Some people have reported that the trophy has popped with no Flag Carrier onboard, or transporting somebody who has not got the flag, but has held it at some point during the game.

This trophy is simpler than it sounds; all you need to do is transport the flag carrier in a Helicopter. The Flag carrier doesn't actually need to drop the flag off, just for you to transport him. The best way you can do this with randoms is wait until they have captured the flag, then land near them hoping they get the hint. If you are playing with friends, you can easily organise a pick up when they get the flag. You will get the message saying "YOU ARE TRANSPORTING THE FLAG CARRIER." Just pick them up, and the trophy should pop after a few seconds.

AA's Revenge
Destroyed an air vehicle using the AA jeeps  

All you need to do for this is destroy either a jet or a helicopter using the AA Jeep. You can use either the guided or unguided rockets to take it down. The two vehicles you'll be looking for are the HMMWV ASRAD and the Vodnik AA; these are hard to miss as they have giant rocket pods on the top. If you cannot find them, then keep an eye out for these two vehicles. They are usually located in your team's main base.

If the opposing player jumps out, do not worry; the trophy does not require a kill, just for destroying the vehicle. The trophy will pop a few seconds after the "Vehicle Destroyed" message pops up.

Game Info
Electronic Arts


US October 25, 2011
Europe October 27, 2011
Japan November 02, 2011

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Players: 1
Online Players : 2-24
ESRB: Mature
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