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Guide By: tsugarusatsujin
There are 30 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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-Estimated Trophy Difficulty: N/A
-Offline: 27 (1 , 4 , 10 , 12 )
-Online: 3 (1 , 1 , 1 )
-Missable Trophies: None
-Minimum number of playthroughs: 4 Seasons and 100 waves in tackle alley
-Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 20+


Backbreaker is an American football video game developed by technology developer NaturalMotion. One of its highlights is the use of the Euphoria engine; a dynamic physics engine that calculates physical interactions (including tackles) on the fly, rather than depending on canned animation. Because Electronic Arts has an exclusive license to produce NFL games in its Madden series, Backbreaker does not use teams from the National Football League in its game. Taken from

Step One: Training Camp
This first part will get you used to the controls, which are very different from Madden. You need to complete all 25 drills, which will earn you Boys to Men.

Before moving onto the other steps please read this and try to follow it as much as you can. You do not need to aim for trophies as you are playing. If you are in a game and fall behind because you are going for a certain trophy don't worry about it. I have outlined how to get each of the specific trophies but you will have so many chances throughout all of your season playthroughs that you will get most of them as you play through the game without trying.

Step Two: Create a Team and Complete Road to Backbreaker
Here you will want to create and customize your team however you like. You can change everything or one thing - either way you will get Something from Nothing. After this you will need to complete an 8 team, 16 team, and 32 team season. Upon completing this you will get End of the Road.

Step Three: Go through the Seasons
Your first season should be the shortest with only 8 teams. This is where you should go for Flawless. If you think you are going to lose a game just exit out and restart. After this you should finish up the 16 team and 32 team seasons.

Step Four: Tackle Alley
This is the part of the game that seems to be giving most people trouble. I have outlined some tips in the trophy details. You must complete all 100 waves without losing all of your guys. If you lose all of them you must start from wave one again.

Step Five: Online
You will need to take your created team online and win 20 games. You can do this on your own or look in the trophy boosting thread here

Step Six: Clean Up
This is where you will go for whatever trophies you may have missed during all of your play up to this point.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank tsugarusatsujin for this Road Map]

Platinum Trophy
Win all Bronze, Silver, and Gold Trophies. 

Just like any other platinum, it will pop after your last trophy.

Boys to Men
Successfully complete all of the drills in Training Camp. 

This should be the first trophy you get if you are following this guide.

First of Many
Pick up a 1st Down in a single player Exhibition or League game. 

You will probably get this on your first drive. You just need to get a first down and the trophy will pop.

Score a Touchdown in a single player Exhibition or League game. 

You will probably get this in your first few minutes of playing. You just need to score a touchdown and it's yours.

Moving the Chains
Pick up 500 offensive yards in a single player Exhibition or League game. 

If you don't get this through all of your seasons, then do an Exhibition game and set the quarters to 15 minutes. This should give you plenty of time to pick up 500 yards.

Armed and Dangerous
Stiff arm an opposing player in a single player Exhibition or League game. 

First, you need to be in Aggressive Mode which is done by holding down . While holding this down, when someone attempts to tackle you push the in their direction and you should stiff arm and get the trophy.

A Spin Around the Block
Spin around an opposing player in a single player Exhibition or League game. 

This is done by pulling down on the then rotating it up like you would in street fighter hah.

Good Eye, Strong Arm, Safe Hands
Throw 10 complete passes in a single player Exhibition or League game. 

This shouldn't be too hard to get as you play along. Again, if you are having trouble you can set it to 15 minute quarters. Just remember to let your Receivers finish their routes and do not throw into double coverage, cause it's really easy to get it intercepted.

The Last Gasp
Convert a 4th down in single player Exhibition or League game. 

If you want to get this out of the way you can go for it on your first 4th down. However, I am sure at some point in time during a game you will end up going for it. Once you complete the first down the trophy is yours.

Stealing the Feeling
Intercept the ball in a single player Exhibition or League game, without player switching. 

This can be done by selecting a Cornerback. It is relatively easy if you give the Receiver a small amount of room because the Quarterback will most likely pass to him. At this point all you have to do is position yourself between the Receiver and the Quarterback and the computer will do the rest.

From the Hurt, to the Dirt
Tackle the ball carrier in a single player Exhibition or League game, without player switching. 

You will get this without even trying as you progress through all of your seasons. Just tackle the ball carrier with the player you were on before the ball was snapped.

Quarter Pounder, with Cheese
Sack the Quarterback 3 times in a single player Exhibition 

The easiest way to get this is to choose a blitz play and control one of the Linebackers. You have to wait for the hole to open then you can go in and sack the Quarterback. You will not get this playing as a Lineman; if you did you would probably be lucky. Blitz plays should do it for you.

Tip from Lordilson:
Go into an Exhibition Game with the mode on Easy and go against a bad Offense. When they get the ball select a Cornerback and run next to an End. When the Offensive snaps the ball, run around their line of scrimmage and sack the Quarterback.

Quarter Pounder
Sack the Quarterback in a single player Exhibition or League game, without player switching. 

See Quarter Pounder, with Cheese

To the Hizzy
Score a defensive touchdown in a single player Exhibition or League game, without player switching. 

Any time your opposing team is pushed back to their goal line, pick a Cornerback and back off of the Receiver. This increases the chance the Quarterback will throw to him. Once it is thrown, get in between the ball and the Receiver and it should be yours - get the interception and take it to the end zone. This was the easiest way for me to get it and didn't take much effort. If you try this every time they are pushed back you will get it and not have to worry about it.


A patch was implemented that gave the user interception control. It has been said that this makes it more difficult so if you are having trouble either decline the patch until you get this trophy or uninstall it.

In the Bag
Win a single player Exhibition or League game. 

Hopefully you will get this in your first game.

Shut Out
Win a single player Exhibition or League game without your opponent scoring. 

You will get this in one of your many games as you play through the seasons. If you can't get it, then set the quarters to the minimum time limit, get one score and run out the clock every chance you get.

Showboat 25 yards towards your opponent's endzone in a single player Exhibition or League game. 

Showboating is done by holding the button if you are using regular controls and if you are using alternative controls. You can do this at anytime, if you feel safe go for it. However if you get hit while showboating you will fumble the ball.

Tip from Lordilson:
Create a custom team and have 11 Gold Star Offensive Players. Go into an Exhibition Game with the mode on Easy and go against a bad defense. When you get the ball choose "Run Left". When you get the ball run diagonaly left until you pass the line of scrimmage and just run it straight. When you get near the 25 yard line, hold and showboat. Your blockers should be good enough to not let anyone near you.

Season Finale
Win the 32 team league Season mode. 

Upon finishing and winning this season you will get the trophy.

On the Up
Win the 16 team league in Season mode. 

Upon finishing and winning this season you will get the trophy.

Big Fish, Small Pond
Win the 8 team league in Season mode 

Upon finishing and winning this season you will get the trophy. Remember this is when you will want to go for the undefeated season (Flawless).

Complete a season undefeated in Season Mode. 

This should be done in the 8 team season as this is the shortest, which also makes it the easiest.

End of the Road
Complete Road to Backbreaker. 

You will need to take your created team through an 8 team, 16 team, and 32 team seasons and you will get this trophy. As you go through, make sure to draft free agents to make your team stronger.

Half Wave There
Reach Wave 50 in a single player Tackle Alley game. 

See Parting Wave.

Parting Wave
Complete the final wave in a single player Tackle Alley game. 

This is one that has given people a lot of trouble. Here are some tips to make it easier.

First thing you should do is switch to the alternate controls. This makes spin which is what you will be using most of the time.

Second, you have to keep defenders in your view so that you know when to spin away from them. For the most part I would go at them straight on and spin when they went for the tackle. As you get into the higher waves you will want to make multiple people miss at the same time or you will never get past some of the waves.

Here are some tips from I OU a Beatn:
Wave 98 - Run right up to the huge horde of defenders and then spin left, take a step, and then do 2 quick spins to the right. It may take a few tries, but you'll get it. After the 2nd spin, you should just be able to run it in.

Wave 99 - Immediately go to the right sideline. Whenever the first defender comes, spin to the right. With the next wave of defenders, spin to the left. You may have to spin to the left once more, but the goal here is to work your way from the right sideline back towards the middle of the field and you should be in the clear.

Wave 100 - This one sucks. You have to hope and pray they align the way they should first of all, and you have to time it perfectly, then you have to have some luck. They come in couples. 2 guys will align and go through the smaller area, followed by 4 more couples, so there's 5 in total, meaning 10 defenders. Do NOT move until the 3rd couple has entered the smaller area and the 4th is about to enter. Then start running and just spin like crazy. You're going to have to pull off at the very least 3 spin moves to get it and hope and pray all the defenders get faked out. It took me a few tries, but you'll get it eventually.

Tip from Lordilson:
Wave 100 - Run up the left/right side red of the first narrow part and keep running straight through the large part. When you get the second narrow part with the defenders, juke left/right to get rid of defenders. When there are no more infront of you, run for the touchdown.

Hustle and Muscle
Perform a x5 combo in a single player Tackle Alley game. 

If you are going to platinum this game you will get it. You can get it easily in one of the first few waves by just spinning around some defenders then showboating.

Perform a x5 streak in a single player Tackle Alley game. 

Again, you will get this as you go through the 100 waves of Tackle Alley. If you somehow don't get this and do complete the 100 waves, go through and complete the first few waves. The goal of this is to complete multiple waves without being tackled. If you are tackled it resets the counter. You can easily get this starting from wave one.

Something from Nothing
Create a Custom Team. 

This should be the second trophy you get and is very simple. Just make a team and you will get the trophy.

Online, On Form
Win 20 online Exhibition games. 

You can try to rack these up as you play online or look on the boosting thread here:

Head to Head
Win an online Exhibition game. 

See Online, On Form

Create and Dominate
Take a custom team online. 

Bring a team online for a multiplayer game and it's yours.

Game Info
Natural Motion
505 Games


US June 01, 2010

Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2
ESRB: Everyone
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