AquaPazza: AquaPlus Dream Match

AquaPazza: AquaPlus Dream Match Trophies
There are 51 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Welcome to AquaPazza
[STORY] View the opening movie.  
[STORY] Complete Stage 3.  
[STORY] Complete Stage 5. 
Dear Friend
[STORY] Complete Stage 7.  
Case Closed!
[STORY] Defeat the final boss.  
Story of the Yata no Kagami
[ANOTHER STORY] View the opening movie.  
We've Met Before
[ANOTHER STORY] Complete Stage 3.  
Dreamy Robot
[ANOTHER STORY] Complete Stage 5.  
Beyond Your Rival
[ANOTHER STORY] Complete Stage 7.  
Wishes and Dreams
[ANOTHER STORY] Defeat the final boss.  
Command of Battle
Complete [STORY] or [ANOTHER STORY] with the Normal control scheme.  
Festina Lente
[TRAINING] Train for 5 minutes straight.  
Where Water Gathers
[NETWORK RANKED MATCH] Fight your first battle.  
A Firm Step
[NETWORK RANKED MATCH] Earn your first victory.  
Doing Good!
[NETWORK RANKED MATCH] Win 3 games in a row.  
Make a Name for Yourself
[NETWORK RANKED MATCH] Set both title slots and battle online.  
Major Debut
[NETWORK RANKED MATCH] Obtain a Grade of C with any character.  
A Deep Bond
[NETWORK RANKED MATCH] Gain all Character Titles for any character. (1) 
[NETWORK RANKED MATCH] Defeat your opponent with a Super Move.  
Making a Splash!
[NETWORK RANKED MATCH] Defeat your opponent with a Splash Art.  
Nice Assist!
[NETWORK RANKED MATCH] Defeat your opponent with a Partner Assist.  
Pleased to Meet You
[NETWORK PLAYER MATCH] Fight for the first time.  
Hakuowlo: Defeat your opponent using Uitsualnemetia.  
Fierce Sword Dance
Karulau: Land a combo that uses Gouga in the middle.  
Justice is with Evenkuruga
Touka: Successfully perform well-timed inputs during all of Kikyo and follow up with Raikou Muei Zan. (1) 
Overlord Tactics
Arawn: Emptied your opponent's power meter using Rubedo and/or Magic Hunt.  
Reckless Hunter
Morgan: Shoot all of your arrows.  
Guiding Star of the Sea
Riannon: Hold Stella Maris for more than 10 seconds.  
Gen-Gen-Genghis Khan♪
Konomi: Cancel Satchel Upper! into Genghis Khan - 1192♪. (2) 
Now, Time for Your Punishment
Tamaki: Performed a combo of 25 or more hits without using a Partner Assist. (1) 
I'm So Busy
Manaka: Perform 5 moves from the front step/back step follow-ups after certain moves.  
I Won!
Multi: Defeat your opponent with Serio's attack in Sisters' Housecleaning. (2) 
Material Guard
Sasara: Block at least 3 attacks using the guard points of special moves during a single round.  
Stardust Rain
Oboro: Call Dorry or Guraa at least 3 times during a single round.  
Kashiwagi's Fate
Chizuru: Defeat your opponent with Forgive Me… (1) 
Secret Trophies
You earned all other trophies in AquaPazza! (3) 
Ma-Army Destroyed
[STORY] Defeat all final bosses. (2) 
Terror of Elque
[SCORE ATTACK] Meet the last boss. (2) 
Toughing It Out
Hakuowlo: Withstood over 4,000 damage using Ointment of Tonburuchi.  
Critical Hit
Karulau: Got a critical hit with Gouhajin in a combo. (1) 
Absent-Minded Samurai
Touka: Failed Shinmyosen at least 2 times during a single round.  
I Just Want to Take a Nap
Arawn: Lower your Emotion within 4 seconds of the round's start.  
Bone Crusher
Morgan: Successfully hit with Bone Breaker at least 2 times in a single round.  
Stupid Commands
Riannon: Performed any of the following moves: Fighting Sorceress, Element Cycle, or Revitalize. (2) 
Knock Out Your Target
Konomi: Defeated your opponent with Mom's Killer Curry! during High Emotion.  
Tamaki: Get 10 extra hits with Iron Claw (C). (4) 
Manaka: Used This is My Hideaway to teleport to the other side of the screen.  
Multi: Slipped on your own Cleaning is My Purpose.  
Sasara: Deflected your opponent's attack using Parry.  
Oboro: Defeated your opponent with Kagenui Bakumetsudan.  
Chizuru: Made your opponent enter Low Emotion 3 times in a single round.  

Game Info
Aqua Plus


US November 19, 2013
Japan August 30, 2012

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2
ESRB: Teen
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