AMY Trophies
Survivor (Hard)
Finish the game in Hard mode

Hard mode difficulty is available from the beginning. You will earn this at the end of Chapter 06.


  • Always have syringes on you when possible.
  • When possible, sneak by enemies instead of fighting them (Watch out for broken glass!).
  • Use Amy's special abilities to your advantage.
  • If your current weapon has been used and you come across a new one, pick it up.
  • Take your time when exploring.
  • When you have to go away from Amy, don't exert yourself too much because it causes you to get infected faster.

For the final boss, as soon as the elevator opens, run as fast as you can across the hall and open the door to the right. Keep running and grab as many syringes as you can along the way. Run to the right and through the door on the far right side of the room. Go forward and turn right down the hallway and enter the room with the floating fetuses. Run to the back of the room and grab the item on the back wall. Run back out of the room and go left as soon as you exit. You will see two mines on the floor on your left. Run past them and get on the far side. Let the boss get near you, and swing at him, forcing him into the mine's proximity. Once he's electrocuted, hit him while he's down. Keep doing this until he dies. Keep in mind, you have to alternate between the two mines as he won't get electrocuted by the same mine twice in a row.

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Game Info
Lexis Numerique


US January 17, 2012
Europe January 11, 2012

Players: 1
ESRB: Mature
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