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XCOM: Enemy Within
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Old November 18th, 2013, 02:27 AM   #1
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Default XCOM: Enemy Within Trophy Guide

Another guide has been chosen as the preferred guide for this game.
This thread has been closed and is not maintained and as a result may contain outdated or incorrect information. Please follow the link below for the preferred guide.

XCOM: Enemy Within Trophy Guide
by Pixel-Zero

Trophy Breakdown:
Offline: 1, 5, 9, 16
Online: 0

Platinum Difficulty: 7/10
Time to Platinum: 30-40 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Playthroughs: 1
Glitched trophies: N/A
Missable trophies: Guardian of the Earth, Where in the World (There are others, but these are the ones that may require another playthrough)
Online trophies: N/A
Does difficulty affect trophies? "An Army of Four"
Cheats: N/A


Step 1: Choose Classic, whatever Second Wave options you see fit (I personally leave them all off), choose Europe for starting country. Play the game until you get to the Gollop Chamber section.

Step 1.5: Make multiple saves as you go, I will tell you what saves to make and where for optimisation.

Step 2: Cleanup. Get any trophies you missed that are still obtainable.

Footnote: Throughout this guide I will suggest the best and quickest way to obtain the Platinum. It will require saving at multiple stages throughout your "An Army of Four" run, and you will need to remember why you made the save at this point for later on when you come back. One playthrough has a steep learning curve, but for those who have played XCOM: Enemy Unknown before, not so much has changed in terms of combat. You will be using the two snipers with Squadsight ability, with a mix of whatever other frontline soldiers you prefer. I personally mix and matched a Heavy MEC Trooper (class doesn't matter so much, as will be mentioned later) and a Heavy. And Support and a Heavy. For the most part you will be using five or six soldiers (but of course only four at a time for that all important "An Army of Four" trophy), with some on standby for when your base is potentially attacked (I made these MEC troopers also with level 1 suits, as it means no training is required and they can assist quite greatly).

Trophy Guide:

You Win
Requirement: You Win Everything
Solution: Follow this guide.

Who Needs Limbs?
Requirement: Augment a soldier in single player.
Solution: This will come very early in the game. It is awarded after building the Cybergenetics Lab and using MELD to successfully augment your soldier ready for MEC deployment.

A Little Bit Alien
Requirement: Modify a soldier in single player.

Solution: This is also an early game trophy. This is instead awarded after building the Genetics Lab, and successfully alternating a Gene on one of your soldiers.

Enemy Within
Requirement: Get a soldier to have 5 modifications in single player
Solution: I have a trick for this trophy for those that want it out of the way. The trophy requires. Save up all the MELD you earn early game (you should be doing this anyway), then once you are able to apply up to five different genes, do so, earn the trophy, then reload and do the same for "Steel Martyr". Especially since the final MEC upgrade is expensive and not worth it if you ask me.

Steel Martyr
Requirement: Deploy three tactical subsystems on a single soldier in single player
Solution: See "Enemy Within". You need to have done Titan Armour research before being able to perform the third and final MEC upgrade.

Apotheosis Denied
Requirement: Deal with the newest global threat
Solution: This is awarded for successfully winning the battle at the EXALT HQ. Refer to "Where in the World" for more information

They Shall Not Pass
Requirement: Eliminate all alien waves
Solution: This will be awarded after successfully defending the XCOM base against the enemy attack. This is manageable on Classic difficulty, and I will advise with a tweaks on how to do so. You will be making regular saves as you play on Classic anyway (try to only save AFTER each mission until you finish this trophy), as you do, watch out for when the mission initiates, when it does, reload, now, you want to kick your soldiers into gear. Have your best, main squad ready, and if need be, prep them Mecs with suits and your best equipped Mec guns. You should now have no trouble with this, as snipers are absolutely vital in order to succeed.

In this mission, you will receive 3 initial squad members, and 3 more that come during the alien waves.

Requirement: Eradicate the infestation
Solution: This mission occurs via Council missions, watch out for one that takes place in Newfoundland, when it does, bobs your uncle. This mission is not too difficult, the retreating part CAN be tricky, my advise is keep your snipers quite near the crates on the nearest side to the EVAC zone, while your other two soldiers slowly make their way to the command centre, then, retreat your snipers only once your other soldiers are slightly further on their way back to the EVAC zone, so they can provide Overwatch cover.

NOTE: Chryssalid corpses are not recovered from this mission, I assume due to the fact there can be potentially infinite of them, which would encourage farming.

An Army of Four
Requirement: Beat the game without buying a Squad Size upgrade on Classic or Impossible difficulty
Solution: As I mentioned before, use two snipers with squadsight, and one or two heavies and a support. There are many tips I could give you in the game, but really it just comes down to keeping your snipers slightly behind your soldiers, and when you need to rush, only move your snipers every two turns. There is also a way to attack your enemy while they are out of your field of view, which is to move your frontline soldiers forward, take the shot with your snipers, then move them back while your other soldier provides overwatch. This way it can guarantee kills and ensure soldier survival. I did it this way and only lost one soldier on the last mission to the Sectopods, with Plasma weapons however, you should not have many problems either.

The Meld Squad
Requirement: Field a fully enhanced squad and win the mission
Solution: I believe this can be a mix and match between Gene modified soldiers and augmented ones in MEC suits. You should not have many problems winning a mission with these either during your road to "An Army of Four", or afterwards when you can knock down the difficulty.

Requirement: Eliminate an enemy's shield and kill it on the same turn in single player
Solution: This one is easier than it sounds, it only takes two shots or so to take down a Mechtoid shield, afterwards, damage is done as normal. The damage contribution also takes into account damage done during Overwatch, which makes things a lot easier. When you see a Mechtoid, just move back, and then dig in with your snipers in Overwatch.

Someone Your Own Size
Requirement: Kill a Muton Berserker in melee combat in single player
Solution: This one is also easier than it sounds. You will require the Kenetic Strike Module received from a MEC suit at level 1 (Flamethrower seems pretty useless anyway, for the record). Every time you land a hit on a Muton Berserker, they will move in the direction of which they were hit from, so draw him in while not killing him with your soldiers, then move in with your MEC and do some damage.

Taking a Load Off
Requirement: Stop a squad member from suffocating in single player
Solution: These start appearing pretty early in the game, but aren't too hard to take out. They appear as flying squids basically, and go invisible as soon as you detect them on the battlefield. When this happens, huddle your soldiers together, and go into Overwatch, one of them will eventually appear and begin strangling your soldier, your team's response should kill it, if not, take some shots in the next turn. I've never had a Seeker strangling my soldier exceed a turn, so I couldn't tell you how long it takes to kill your soldier, but I'm assuming one.

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Where in the World
Requirement: Make certain of the new threat's location
Solution: This trophy is awarded for performing enough Covert Operations that you know for certain where the EXALT HQ is. My trick for this during Classic playthrough is once you have done the first three Covert Operations, so that you can begin, essentially taking guesses with consequences on where the HQ is. Save on a seperate slot, and then come back to it after you have finished for "An Army of Four". Now, you will need to do three more Covert Operations to have enough intel to know where EXALT is hiding. Since you no have little to no issue regarding country loses and ignoring mission consequences, you should be able to speed through these missions.
My suggestion for choosing an Operative soldier is Support, you can give them your best pistol, a SCOPE and three medikits eventually once you purchase the Tactical Rigging foundry project (Which I highly recommend). Operatives should rarely be put in tricky spots anyway, however.

Mind the Step
Requirement: Jump two stories in one move in single player
Solution: For this, you will need to do the research of "Thin Man Autopsy", which will award you with Boosted Muscle Fibre gene to be equipped to your soldiers. Once you have this, find a map with high buildings. An easy alternative to this would be equipping it onto your Operative Soldier when going for "Where in the World" trophy, as then it not only speeds up the movement of your Operative around the battlefield even more, but you don't have to make sacrifices during your Classic playthrough, as the alternative gene mod equipped on that body part, the Adaptive Bone Marrow, is highly recommended when playing the way I suggest which is with a focused barracks of soldiers.

Nice Cover
Requirement: Use Collateral Damage to blow up a car in single player
Solution: You will require a MEC soldier in a mission for this one. The MEC features an ability called Collateral Damage, which allows them to destroy cover at the expense of extra ammo. Just use this on any car, and you will get your trophy.
CONFIRMED: No kill required. Thanks to CEOIII for this.

By Our Powers Combined
Requirement: Field a squad with 4 augmented soldiers, each with a different base ability and win the mission
Solution: I was unsure about this one as well, so I combined with this with "Rise of the Machines" after I had finished my Classic playthrough as at this point: You can more easily outgun the enemy and MELD is less of an issue. Anyway, you need 1 of each class, which are: Assault, Sniper, Heavy and Support, to be augmented (Gene modded or MEC - also need someone to confirm) in one mission, and win.

Rise of the Machines
Requirement: Field a squad consisting entirely of augmented soldiers and SHIVs (min. 4) and win the mission
Solution: This is a very easy silver trophy. I have never used a SHIV, so could not tell you whether they are more beneficial or not, but if you combine this with "By Our Powers Combined" and place a MEC soldier of each class, you will be awarded both. I can confirm also that it does not matter whether any of these soldiers dies during the course of the mission, as long as you win it.

Mutatis Mutandis
Requirement: Field a squad where all members have at least two modifications (min. 4) and win the mission
Solution: What I did for this one is, just place your normally what you use for Operative, all placed them with the two cheapest GENE mods available (You should be Gene modding your soldiers anyway, towards the end of the game, they become a great advantage), and then placed them on a mission and win, normal strategy applies.

Mental Mindfield
Requirement: Kill an enemy as it is psionically attacking you in single player
Solution: You will require Neural Feedback gene mod for this, obtained from a Sectoid Commander autopsy. I believe this can only be done against Ethereal, which either counter-attacks during your turn, or attacks you with psionic attacks during his turn, both in the form of firing purple orbs at you. The way I did this was actually during my Classic playthrough on the Overseer mission assault for the Ethereal device (required for story progress). I made sure all enemies but the Ethereal were dead. And moved my two soldiers in close to the Ethereal. Took his health down to 4 or less, and then let him attack my soldiers. While this is a huge risk, particularly during Classic, it seems that soldiers are less likely to be killed in this game, compared to Enemy Unknown.

Anger Management
Requirement: Proc Combat Rush on the entire squad (min. 4)
Solution: You will require Adrenal Neurosympathy, which is obtained from Muton autopsy for this trophy. Whenever a soldier equipped with this gene mod scores a kill, they will proc combat rush, which also affects your squad too. It seems it has quite a large range, but in case you are worried, just score a kill with the soldier equipped with the mod with your squad bunched up quite close.

Remington... Max Remington
Requirement: Have your special-duty soldier kill three enemies in the same mission
Solution: This one can be tricky, but feel free to come back to it after completing the game to make it easier for yourself (You will be coming back anyway if you need "Where in the World"). Your special duty soldier is equipped only with a pistol in missions. Missions where only EXALT forces appear. Equipped with either lots of grenades or a MEC soldier to collateral damage and bring the EXALT forces out into the open, ripe for the taking, however, this trophy is very manageable. The moral really is just lower their health with your main squad, and then pick off the last shots with your operative.

Requirement: Kill an elite enemy Sniper with one of your own snipers in single player
Solution: Elite enemy snipers appear in the later months after you are introduced to EXALT, or during the EXALT HQ assault. If you have squadsight on your soldiers, this should be very easy. Your snipers will be doing most of the killing anyway. You could make it easy by using your heavy to drop their health down with a rocket, and then pick them off with the sniper afterwards, also while they are in the open for improved accuracy and better critical chance.

Regenerate This
Requirement: Kill an elite enemy Medic with explosive damage in single player
Solution: This one can be a little puzzling, in that you don't know which one is the medics. No worries, you can check when you are choosing a target with your soldier by pressing . Once you know which one the elite medic is, either rocket or grenade them for the finishing blow. It should also be noted that like elite snipers, elite medics appear in the same way. But you will know when this transition happens by: increased health, and Dr. Valen mentioning the fact that "these" soldiers have been genetically modified.

Tingling Sensation
Requirement: Kill an unseen enemy detected by a specially modified soldier in single player
Solution: This one was also a little puzzling and tricky. You will need the Bioeletric Skin gene mod upgrade for this, gained by completing the Chryssalid autopsy. The earlier you can do this trophy the better, as enemies having more health means less chance for a one hit kill, and this trophy being easier. Unseen enemies that have been detected, either if they are invisible, or out of your soldier's sight but nearby in presence, are indicated by what I can only describe as a closed set of violet wings. I advise equipping this mod onto your heavy soldier, and then also combining this with the increased rocket tile ability they receive on their class tree.

Pain in the Neck
Requirement: Caused an enemy to suicide
Solution: For this, you simply need to use the Arc Thrower in the same way you went about capturing an alien, but against an EXALT soldier. The small cinematic will play out that as the soldier is tumbling, appearing to be stunned, proceeds to inject himself once dropping to his knees. Ping!

Solid Prospect
Requirement: Complete Deluge
Solution: I believe this council mission can only appear after you have completed "Zom-B-Gone" requirements, and then proceeded to play the game on from there obviously. Council missions can be random, so when you know one is going to take place, feel free to save before, scan for activity, and keep trying your luck until the mission you want pops up. This goes along for "Ours are the Furies" and "Zom-B-Gone" trophies also.
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Ours are the Furies
Requirement: Complete Furies
Solution: This trophy follows on from "Solid Prospect", the missions seem pretty manageable and straight forward overall, this combined with potential spoilers means these trophies don't really need much guidance.

Elite Defense
Requirement: Beat a new special mission without losing any assets
Solution: "Special mission" describes the covert operative mission where you must defend the encoder and transmitter from EXALT forces. This is more easily done after completing the game on easy difficulty, but possible during Classic difficulty, with good soldier placement and a bit of luck regarding map layout. My advise would be if you want this during Classic playthrough, to try for it on the map where the encoder is placed upstairs on the map, where the enemies must climb up the stairs nearest you, or the pipes furthest from you, as this makes them very easy targets when they climb up to enter the hacking zone. The moral though, is just to have all your soldiers be in range to shoot the enemies as they enter the zone, and take turns one at a time to reload. As I said though, this is best left for easy difficulty if you want an easier time.

Guardian of the Earth
Requirement: Designate a highly decorated soldier as the Volunteer
Solution: This can only be done once you have completed the XCOM base defense, as that is how you receive the fifth and final medal. It's really up to you what bonus you want to choose. For this trophy, simply award one of your soldiers all five medals, and then proceed to successfully discover they have psionic abilities and designate them as the Volunteer with regards to the last mission. I advise to do this on Classic, awarding your medals to your snipers, if you play your cards right, they will end up with high will stats, and this means you are less likely to fail the last mission. If you fear you won't manage this during Classic, or the base defence mission does not pop up in your playthrough, then I advise to make regular seperate save slots for when you finish "An Army of Four". So you then have something to fall back on, without having to start an entire playthrough.

All Hands on Deck
Requirement: Get at least 4 kills with XCOM Base Security personnel
Solution: XCOM Base Security personnel are the blue uniformed soldiers that assist your squad in the base defense against the alien invasion. I found this trophy very difficult to do on Classic, so my advice would be to do this: When the base defense mission starts (or preferably before), change the difficulty, this will make enemies with less health appear, and make the enemy more forgiving in terms of damage dealing. This is very manageable in the first two waves, as after that, enemies tend to get a bit tougher in terms of health. Just make sure the personnel deliver the final blow four times in the mission for your trophy.
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Reserved post 4.
My Platinum Trophies

Claims to Fame:
- 1st to Platinum XCOM: Enemy Within
- 8th to Platinum Command & Conquer Red Alert 3
- 22nd to Platinum Stormrise
- 37th to Platinum Tom Clancy's EndWar
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For the "Nice Cover" trophy, I can confirm that you don't need a kill for this trophy. You also don't need to hit a normal car. A police car will do just fine.
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Regarding : Takin a load'off, you don't need to kill the Seeker (I guess it's his name) just to hurt him when he is strangling someone wich will force him to let go. I would advise to group 3 soldiers together and the last one a little away from the pack. The seeker will go for the "lone soldier" and strangle him, take the seeker out (the trophy should pop as soon as the seeker let go of your soldier).

Keep in mind that when a seeker start to strangle a soldier, the soldier will loose 2HP (in classic at least, don't know for the other difficulty) and also a soldier previously strangled will be basically useless for a turn (reduced accuracy, movement, etc ...)
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Nice guide. Thanks for posting it.

For "Mental Mindfield", you can get this against a Sectoid Commander, it doesn't have to be against an Ethereal.

For "By Our Powers Combined", it has to be all Mechs, which I guess makes sense since the menu option to convert them in the first place is 'Augment Soldiers'. Anyway, I tried with Gene modded troops first just to check it and the trophy didn't pop.

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The Captain
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Default Guardian of Earth medals

I think you should stress a lot more in the guide how missable the 'Guardian of Earth' trophy really is, it is extremely missable.

Only twelve medals in total can be issued throughout the game, only becoming available again if a soldier with medal/s dies off. The star of Terra medal earned from the base defence mission is a one off medal for the whole game. You can't remove medals from soldiers. The chances are, the few soldiers that are 'gifted' enough to have psionic abilities, will not be the soldier you want it to be. If you have already given out all your medals, you cannot get this trophy unless you are lucky enough that the soldier you gave five to will be eligible.

You need to keep one of each medal type in reserve until the very end of the game, so that after psionic testing you can be sure that they can be awarded to the volunteer.

In regards to the Mech trophies, 'Steel Martyr', 'By our powers combined', 'Rise of the machines', these are potentially missable as require at least 50 meld per Mech built (10 for augmentation, 40 for basic Mech). So you need to reserve a minimum of 200 meld to achieve trophies so you can built x4 Mechs for a mission. If you have spent 210 for one level 3 Mech, or 110 for a level 2 Mech, and especially if you lost a few Mechs whilst playing the game you won't recover enough meld by the end mission. You can of course keep skipping the last mission and go on UFO missions etc and collect more meld, but this path will be very long to recovery.
Each persons game is different, but on average you will earn 500-700 meld throughout the whole game, half of which is probably spent on gene mods.

Once I had all the upgrades and weapons upgraded at the end of the game, and meld, I made several saves to separate my main game, then just dithered about until an easy mission came up to succeed, best being a small UFO with only six aliens (Hyperwave relay once built will tell you number of aliens present before mission launch) as this was easiest.

Good guide though, thanks! I've spent ages trying to work out 'Pain in the neck' trophy, now I know how, and will stop mind controlling aliens into mines and other such activities..
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Total Awards: 7 (more» ...)

Good luck on the guide. I put together a little something regarding acquiring all the Medals in the game. If you like it and it's formatting, you have my blessing to use it in the "Guardian of Earth" info for your guide. - "Compiled Medals Info"
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Originally Posted by The Captain View Post
I think you should stress a lot more in the guide how missable the 'Guardian of Earth' trophy really is, it is extremely missable.
One question can I award medals after I will know who has 'the gift'? Or I need to award those before sending soldier for testing?

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