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Originally Posted by SUM1SLY View Post
sorry m8 i don't understand what you're trying to tell me if you have the sentry gun you will be able to set up the game for this trophy.
Yes, i have sentry gun, BUT, as i said - it is delayed for 5 (or 6) turns, so i can't use it before...
He is in inventory but i must do 6 turns to get option for using it.

From guide:

Set up a game using the Pro Mode against either another Human player or the AI. The reason that you’ll want to select Pro is that it unlocks the Sentry Gun in five turns.

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ok what you have to do is make custom rules like i said on my other post you set up everything that you want to use in the game don't use already set up game modes make you're own rules in customise.create a game style
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Created own style, i said that...

No matter now, i did skip turn 10(x) times (5 each worm) and get trophy.
Thanks for tip anyway.

Now "just" 3 golds - 600, gallery and shop
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Ok, no offense, Montoya, but reading your posts I'm not really sure whether you get the point; you point out that there's a cooldown of 5 (or 6) turns on the Sentry Gun. This is true, for the "Pro" Game Style.

What you need to do is create your own Game Style, it's mentioned as last option when you open the list of Game Styles.

If you did buy the Sentry Gun from the shop, it should be unlocked for use in creating your own Game Style.

For starters, it should be in the list whatsoever! it's either grey of white.

If it's grey: you haven't bought it from the shop, simple as that.
If it's white: it's unlocked, you can use it, set it to 1 (or more) and make sure you look further; After you've selected all the usable weapons, the next tab lets you change the cooldowns on weapons, set this to 0.

Also, set the number of rounds to 1. Just to be sure.

This should do it!

Life is an STD

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