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Default class help

Me and my wife both play together and was wondering what would be best class for us to have after all rebirths. I read bow and spear so was thinking of each of us being one of them. We are lvl 48 gr8, I read topics saying to grind to gr10 to lvl up faster before rebirthing. Is it really worth it doing br2 is mad boring lol. If anyone can tips it would be great thank you
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Without a question wait till gr10 to do most your rebirthing, its so much quicker to run sprogII when you can start using semi decent items around lvl 43-50. It slashes rebirth time in half plus your earning much better guilder.

I was told from a couple of gr15 vets to just choose the classes you enjoy playing (by your 3rd or more rebirth you will have had time to sample each's class). I guess not having pvp, does it really matter if one dishes out slightly higher dps than another.

Because most successful combos use pretty low level skills so many higher end players seem to stick with hybrids that have each class around the 30% mark throwing slightly more into one dps class. Its rare you see any with classes max'd at 100% with only divine over 50%.

Divine magic is essential for personal, group and any joining npc's survival. Basically unless you have a regular group who have its own healer, you'll need this at the minimum of around 70%. If you have excess mana I'd bump it higher to gain all the + spells for group buffs.

AXE/2H Sword Of the 2 none elemental based dps classes I'd personally choose 2H because its quicker to build AC, but Axe seems slightly quicker at making bosses fall off balance. All higher ended weapons come with massive -vit drops. So due to taking full damage, both are poor choices to solo with.

Bows quickest dps but you need to seriously balance your dex/int, if your gears incorrect or lacking in enhancement you miss almost as much as hitting. Plus you've got to craft then carry 4 elements bows to make it successful. I guess the reason they're popular among higher ranked players is they've had time to build correct items for themselves.

Staves are a secondary skill for either or both of the divine/elemental magic classes, purely for mana leeching and ac building. On its own though its badly behind in dps.

1H Sword/Spear pretty much tanking specs, best classes to solo with due to shield and being able to survive longest. I'd probably sway towards Spear because of the strong crowd control of the sonic javelin.

Elemental magic pretty much all its good for is the fantastic elemental aoe spells, making it a good choice for clearing multi mobs at once. Does slightly improve if the boss as weakness but so many final bosses don't.

I'm currently bow/axe/divine on my 3rd rebirth but I so wanted to finish with a 100% 3 class caster final build, but WKC's ranged combat system is dire, the enemy still hits you no matter how close or far away you are.

BR2 runs are so quick but personally I get bored of doing more than say 6-7 in one sitting. And also don't forget to get the later binding trophies you'll need to farm other quests items, than just big reds drops. So I'd break it up I'm sure there's so many gr12+ players running lower quests because all they did was grind br.
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