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White Knight Chronicles II 【白騎士物語-光と闇の覚醒-】
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Platinum Trophy White Knight Chronicles II Trophy Guide & Roadmap

If you enjoy my guide, and would like to join as a member of the community as a result, feel free to give me a referral upon signing-up!

All videos in this guide have been created and uploaded by technole and Yuchee. This guide may not be re-produced outside of without written permission by the author. If given permission to use any information from the guide, please supply proper credits to its original poster.

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 8.26/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Breakdown: 25 ( 10 / 6 / 8 / 1 )
    • Offline: 23 ( 10 / 6 / 7 )
    • Online: 2* ( 1 / 1 - technically all trophies can be earned offline, but some are near-impossible to obtain alone without an online party. Therefore this is being classified as online)
    • NOTE: GeoNet online servers will shut-down on June 18th, 2013 (Per Official WKC II FB)
  • Approximate amount of time to : 500-1000 Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheats
  • Online Pass Required To Platinum? Yes, PSN Pass required to access GeoNet


From acclaimed Japanese RPG developer, Level-5 of Dragon Quest fame, this is the world of White Knight Chronicles II (Shirokishi Monogatari: Hikari to Yami no Kakusei). WKC II is published by Sony Computer Entertainment in Japan and Europe, and D3Publisher in North America. This installment takes place one-year after the conclusion of the first and original White Knight Chronicles. The main protagonist, Leonard, his companions, and you return to help protect the Archduchy Faria, the Kingdom of Balandor, and ultimately the world. This third-person RPG is comprised of an offline campaign and an online co-op mode where you take your avatar online to co-op quests with other players.

Catering to returning fans and to attract new players, this installment also includes a number of changes such as a faster active-time, turn-based battle system, increased difficulty, six-player online quests, the ability to take your story characters when playing alone in co-op quests, and the ability for your avatar to transform into their own knight arc. The game also includes a “remastered” edition of White Knight Chronicles I campaign for those who have not played the original. This is not to be confused as a separate game, and trophy list included. As it is really just one-game and trophy list with an expanded presence of a second campaign. Trophies can be earned anytime while you are playing the first story or the second story. If you have a cleared save file from the first-game, you can import it along with all your Guilda currency, and items/equipment. Also depending on the trophies you earned, you can also unlock special items. Completing the first-game is not required to start the second campaign in the North American and European releases of the game.

The road to the Platinum Crown here is a long-one, and will require a significant time investment. After completing the offline story campaign(s), the majority of your time will be spent online with your avatar playing co-op quests, and comprises the majority of the game’s content. In a sense the game is like an MMO, a massive multi-player game on a smaller scale where you can enjoy this journey with other players/friends. As this is what makes WKC unique to other PS3 RPGs currently on the market. In a sense the story campaigns are not only a captivating story, but are also a tutorial to the online mode.

The trophy set this time around in WKC II is more diverse and includes several offline and online components. You will have to work a little more here, but in the grand scheme of things, this is not an overly difficult trophy set. It just requires a lot of time to obtain most of the silver/gold trophies. The best part is you can tackle many of these objectives anytime and most of the things you can do offline will also help your online avatar. Such as leveling-up your guild rank, and monetary/item rewards.

Trophy Walkthrough:

Step 1: Starting the game

Before you get started, you will have several options to start the game. If you are new to the world of White Knight Chronicles it is recommended you start a new game starting from the first campaign. Both story modes combined can take about 60 or more hours.

If you have a cleared the first game already from White Knight Chronicles I, and have a CLEARED DATA * marked on your save file, you will be able to import your save file and start from either campaign with all your guilda, equipment, along with any importing bonuses. Regardless of your status, It does not matter if you start from the first or second game. You are free to re-enjoy the first campaign again if you desire. Everything has been updated to the WKC II standard, and that includes the battle system and progression. Trophies can be earned in either campaign.

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Step 2: Avatar Creation

One of the unique aspects of WKC II is the creation of your own avatar. This will be your character in the single-player campaign and whom you will be playing as online. Your avatar is where most of your progression will reside. Considering the long journey ahead, it is advised that you do not take this avatar step lightly as you will be spending hundreds of hours with your creation. If you for some reason you feel you want to change his/her looks, you will not be able to do so without incurring an additional cost in the form of buying a “makeover ticket” from the PlayStation Store. For those importing their avatar to WKC II from the first game, you will get one opportunity to modify your avatar for free. The avatar creation process is mainly aesthetics and choosing your gender.

While there are some exclusive male or female only avatar avatar type of items you will encounter in your journey (crown vs. tiara, dresses). However in this installment, there is not anything that will strategically put one gender over another.

Step 3: The Offline Experience

With your avatar created and campaign selection, your journey in the Continent of Nadias will begin. From the get-go you are pretty much free to enjoy and play the offline story campaigns at your own pace. While there are no missable trophies in the game, you will encounter several types of objectives along the way that will ultimately work towards unlocking several trophies. You can complete the campaign and even go back to do these side-objectives anytime as your save will become “free-roam”.
In each town you will find a adventurers guild merchant along with the weapon, and binding shops. These specific merchants will be designated with a sword symbol on your R2 map where you can sign-up for monster “hunt” bounties. There are 41 of these total in the game, each one progressively gets more challenging as you level up to take them on. It is recommended you tackle these in order listed on-screen. If you start to jump around the later bounties, some will not appear as they may have certain conditions of you having complete previous bounties.
Another set of objectives you will run across are when you see red exclamation points on residents on your R2 map and above that person in-town. These are resident requests, and there are over 150 of these to complete. Many of these are short, fetch-type of side quests. Such as obtaining certain item drops to deliver. Not only are there trophies involved in completing these, certain requests are needed to get unlock certain class skills. Some can reward Guild Rank (GR) points as well to level-up your avatar. If you complete the bounties and requests, with all the points totals, you will reach around Guild Rank 15. Which is a good starting point. Check the trophy guide for the respective trophies for more information and tips for your offline journey.

Step 4: The Online Experience

This is where the majority of your time will be spent. As you journey through Nadias, you will eventually be welcomed to sign-in to GeoNet, the online hub for WKC II. You can maintain your friends lists, visit towns where other players are questing at, check out and write on the message board or your own adventure log. You can even build your own Georama town for others to visit and play quests in. Quests are available in towns online, you can find popular towns and even search for rooms with players that are similar to your GR rank and/or level. This should make it pretty easy to transition into the action.

From the get-go, your main goals are to play as many quests as possible that are appropriate for your guild rank..You can buy these quests at any adventurer’s guild in the game, or at any Georama town online. It is recommended that you have completed the campaigns before making the commitment to play online. The main reason is you will have unlocked every area in the game, and all quests for your appropriate rank will be available. You will also have a good understanding of the game’s mechanics (battle system, knight incorruptus) by that point as well.

As you play quests, you will not only build your avatar’s level, and guild rank. But you will also earn materials, guilda (money), and possibly new equipment. All of which contribute to unlocking the trophy set. Refer to the guide for tips and the specific objectives to unlock them.

Since your journey is going to be a long one, it is in your best interests to make co-op friends whom can play at the same pace and maybe has the same goals as you. That is not to say you have to always have a static-group to play with, but playing with randoms all-the-time might not make this experience very satisfying. As you could be at the mercy at playing what is available in the rooms, waiting to get in one, or playing repeating quests that have no worth aside from GR points when you might need materials or other quests. Considering this is an online community game, and you will be spending hundreds of hours here, you do not want to underestimate this! Friends are likely to have other friends as well in-which you can get together to form parties. This can help tremendously with being able to play non-popular quests, or quests that require some party coordination.

Another good option is to also join an online guild. After joining one, you and each member of your guild each get quests assigned to spend your guild tokens daily based on your GR-level. This is a great way to be able to play all the quests in the game with others and to naturally work towards getting the 100 S-ranks trophy.

Impact of Online Tickets available in the PlayStation Store:

In the PlayStation Store for WKC II DLC, you also have the opportunity to purchase monthly tickets at additional cost. It is sort of like a subscription model. These tickets are available in the forms of getting a 20% bonus to guild rank points on each quest, experience bonus, more quantity of drops, Guilda (money) and Dahlia bonuses. While these are completely optional to buy, if you are looking to save time, these tickets can have a positive effect on achieving many of the trophies in a slightly-shorter amount of time. Its not enough however to say its necessary.

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Trophy Guide

Platinum Crown
A crown reserved for one who is perfect in every regard. Rumored to have once been worn by an ancient king!

As with other games, collect all other trophies to unlock this fabulous crown!

Bronze Satchel
Spend a total of 100,000 guilder. The money may be gone, but it's been replaced by hope.

Simply as the trophy says, you need to spend a total of 100,000 guilder in your journey. If you are starting new, this won’t take too long to earn as you complete bounties, quests, and resident requests to build your guilder. You can also sell excess materials and equipment as well to earn guilder. Typically the most expensive materials can typically be bought in well-developed Georamas.

Gold Satchel
Spend a total of 10,000,000 guilder. Who says money can't buy happiness?

Unlike the first game where you had to “hold” 10 million guilder at-once, you have to spend that much cumulatively this time around. Earning guilder should come naturally as you play a lot of quests, and get many drop materials. Over time you will likely max out many items at the 255 limit, when that happens you want to start selling so you can accumulate more drops again. This will become fairly common as you work your way up the Guild Ranks. But over time you will accumulate guilda for completing quests and defeating enemies. You can also sell excess equipment since you are limited to 50 pages. If you are needing ways to spend a lot of guilda, the best place is in Georama parts or buying materials from Georamas.

Letter of Thanks
Rid 1 person of their worries. Their gratitude is heartfelt.

During your journey, you will run into residents that have an exclamation point on their heads. They will also be designated on your R2 map as well. Simply talk to the resident(s) and accept these errands. Errands can consist of fetch missions, delivering materials, and/or talking to other residents to resolve their problems. This trophy will unlock once you have completed your first-one.

Royal Certificate of Appreciation
Rid 150 people of their worries. The adoration of the world washes over you.

After Letter of Thanks, your next task will be to resolve 149 more resident requests. You can take on as many errand requests as once as you accept them. You can use your travelogue menu to keep track of your progress on them. As you get further you will find many residents will require items, drops, or have dependencies on other requests. You can pretty much go through them all without a guide if you follow what they say, as most will tell you where to go and who to locate.

For a list of all resident requests, and how to resolve them:
Lastly, there are certain requests that involve turning-in items that have very low drop-rates and make take some time to obtain. As of patch 1.01, there are now more methods to obtain these items in particular:

Carinne's "Faster Caster" - Transparent Husk
  • Method 1 - Offline farming (Under Balandor Castle or Redhorn Isle)

    Tier 1 Wraiths will drop these Husks. Once you have cleared the area Under Balandor once, the west and east side rooms that were once locked will now be open if you revisit the area. These rooms will have Wraith spawns.

    Also in Redhorn Isle, once you have defeated the boss in that area in the story, each of the circular rooms will spawn Wraiths and Skeletons. The spawn point on the North or East sides are probably the best to farm the Wraith because there is a save point right before those rooms. If you don't get the drop, just quit the game and reload.

  • Method 2 - Purchase from a Georama with a 60 Giants Stat

    Transparent Husks sells at Harry's shop for just over 110k to visitors of a Georama that has Max Giants. You can create one with the stat, or visit one online with this stat to purchase if you are GR24 or higher.

Gotthard's "Final Duty" - Flemron 108
  • Method 1 - Offline, Balandor Secret Passage - To get to this area, use the Balandor Secret Passage from Inside of Balandor castle. To easily farm this, you'll want to use the last save point in this area, right near the Vault where you found Leonard's White Knight. Get to this save point, save the game. Return up the stairs to farm/kill the Efreet if it appears on any of the platforms. If you don't get the drop, simply quit and reload. The downside to this method is that sometimes you'll get no Efreet spawns, or the second-tier Efreet which can drop Flemron 208.

  • Method 2 - Online, Enemy Mines I Quest - This quest should be unlocked on your world map once you are able to go online after installing patch 1.01, and becomes available to play starting at GR15. This quest is a 15-minute gauntlet against spawning Trolls, including two Troll Kings until the timer runs out. It is also no-death quest meaning that no one in your party cannot die or the quest will be considered failed. Check here for more details. Upon completing the quest, There is a chance Flemron 108 can appear as an item reward in quest rewards.

Bronze Plague
Proof of completing 1 monster-slaying quest. A special award bestowed by the Guild.

In each town, there will be an adventurers guild merchant. Simply talk to the merchant to accept monster bounty quests. You can only accept one mark at a time, but these bounties can be completed anytime during your journey, and will get more challenging as you reach the higher-level bounties. Simply complete one of these bounties, and report back to any adventures guild merchant for this.

Silver Plague
Proof of completing 20 monster-slaying quests. A special award bestowed by the Guild.

After Bronze Plague, you will need to complete 19 more monster-slaying quests. The best recommendation towards this is to keep working the bounty list in-order as you complete the second campaign, which will help level-up your avatar and party as well. You can tackle these bounties at anytime, even if you wish to complete the campaign(s) first or what not.

Gold Plague
Proof of completing 40 monster-slaying quests. A special award bestowed by the Guild.

This is the final bounty trophy, as there are 41 bounties in all and you only need to complete 40 of them. You will not able to complete the requirements for this until you have completed the second campaign as the final bounties will not be available until then. It is also recommended you are level 70+ to tackle these final bounties.

Since there are 41 available, a good tip is to skip the bounty called “The Annihilator”. As this hunt is a Tier 3 Netherwurm. By leaving this available, you always have the option to “farm” for drops from it. As you can break the tail, get a Netherwurm item drop, leave the area and come back and repeat the process until you get what you need. There are two quests at GR20 that have Netherwurm as bosses, but there are no soloing opportunities for this tier aside from this hunt.

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Total Awards: 22 (more» ...)

Bronze Star
Learn 1 entire set of skills. Its bronze light shines from the soul of the wearer.

This involves getting a 100% of the skills in a skill tree. As you level-up your characters, you will earn more skill points to build your skill tree(s) until you can reach level 80. This trophy is related to only your avatar, as none of your party members will count for this. Unlike your party where there are certain trees they cannot learn, your avatar can learn any set of skills you desire. From the get-go, you should focus your initial play towards getting 100% in a skill tree of your choice. Unfortunately this cannot be done by simply leveling-up and putting points in. Each skill has two unlockable skills that are dependent on completing certain resident requests. The best time to work on this is while you are also completing resident requests as along the way you will end up having to complete these requests as well. For a detailed list of the unlockable skills and the appropriate requests to complete, check out the following:

Gold Star
Learn 8 entire sets of skills. Its gold light shines with the power of every technique.

As Bronze Star introduced you to one skill set. For this you have to get a gold star icon next to each skill tree for your avatar, that means you have to have learned 100% of the skill points for each tree at least one time. In a sense, this trophy is designed for you to play all the skill sets available in the game. Since you do not get enough skill points to master all of them at-once, the way to accomplish mastering them all is through the “rebirth” process.

When you reach Level 80 (which is only possible to reach starting at Guild Rank 22), you can rebirth at Sinca Village. This location will appear in Van Haven Waste on the World Map once you have cleared the second campaign. By talking to the lone NPC, he will briefly explain the benefits of reincarnation. If you agree, you can revert your avatar back to Level 60. Where you will be refunded 400 skill points and continue to gain more until Level 80. The benefit to this is you will also gain another 40 skill points for each rebirth until your forth one, for a maximum of 760 skill points at Level 80. Not only making your avatar possibly more powerful, but also more flexible. So with this in-mind, you can master different skill trees during each rebirth and unlock this trophy by your 3rd one. It is also generally recommended to perform your rebirths as soon as you can.

The rebirth process can take several hours and even longer if you were to go through traditional methods of leveling-up again, since if you run with parties you get less experience points. A good method is to start this process once you get to Guild Rank 22. As the quest Vellgander: Section 2 becomes available at this GR once you have completed Section 1. This quest can be used as a solo opportunity to gain a lot of experience points and level-up in a few short hours if you utilize a class that has AoE attacks. You just need to clear rooms and find an elemental lord in a room. Clear the room, and kill the enemies that the lords will summon. Repeat this process until you get to Level 80.

There are other possible GR20+ quests to solo run at Level 60 to gain levels quickly, but this method is among the fastest.

If you have reached GR26 and still need to master skill stars for your avatar or if you ever want to do subsequent rebirths, there is a faster method available with the release of the Quibbles with Kibbles II DLC quest that is unlocked automatically when going online after patch 1.01. This can be performed with any class, as Yuchee explains this method:

Rare Dabbler
Collect 1 rare piece of equipment. A bronze ornament in the shape of a sword and shield.

This trophy can be seen as confusing, as “rare” equipment to many early-on in the game might mean unidentified (UNID) equipment that are found in chests in Vellgander or as reward box items and require appraisal at a merchant. In actuality for this trophy, it is collecting one-piece of Guild Rank (GR) 26 equipment. These can be seen and binded at a binding shop once you reach Binding Rank 19. Also some GR26 equipment can bought with Dahlia currency at an adventurer’s guild merchant.

Getting to Binding Rank 19+ can be done as you work towards the binding trophies. Donating items, especially your excess Guardian and Chromium Gems contribute the most value to increasing your binding rank.

Rare Collector
Collect 20 rare pieces of equipment. A silver ornament in the shape of a sword and shield.

Just like with Rare Dabbler, you will need to compile more equipment during your journey at GR26+. Most of the items needed to bind materials for armors and items are found in GR26 quests, so simply playing them and compiling more drops will help you. Also as you get closer to GR26, you’ll soon realize you will have to depend on item harvests to create and even upgrade much of your equipment. So as you as play, you want to make sure you are taking advantage of gathering all the harvest nodes as-possible. As you will have to bind many of these to make another binding catalyst to create GR26 armors for example.

For GR26 weapons binds, many will depend on you going up the binding tree to create them. So as you are working on the binding trophies and up to Phibiannci’s Diamond, you can also help your progress toward these rare equipment trophies.

Rare Maniac
Collect 50 rare pieces of equipment. A gold ornament in the shape of a sword and shield.

Building upon what you have learned from Rare Collector, as you get further in your journey at GR26 and above, you continue to gather enough materials and even Dahila to help bridge the gap towards binding/buying 50 pieces of GR26 gear. So it is important to continue playing a variety of relevant quests for drops. If you play multiple class builds, your progress towards this might be rather natural as you’ll want the best weapons and gears for each of your builds.

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Total Awards: 22 (more» ...)

Stone presented to beginner binders. Fashioned by the Don's underlings.

Binding becomes a regular staple in this RPG, and this trophy will introduce you to this practice once you complete one bind at a binding shop. Once you do so, this will be designated by a red-check mark on your list. Binding is the fusion of two or more items/materials together along with spending the appropriate guilder fee to create a new item or piece of equipment. As you progress, you will want to bind new weapons, items, and armor pieces for your avatar to stay current with your Guild Rank and player level.

Anura’s Ruby
Gemstone presented to competent binders. Made by Anura herself.

This binding trophy will unlock once you reached 300 unique item/equipment binds. Ideally you want to keep these binding trophies in-mind as you play guild quests and level-up.

Even during the story mode, you can help yourself by binding better equipment which in most cases is better than what you can buy at a shop. Weapon binds typically go up a binding tree, so for example to create a GR22 weapon, you might need the GR20 to bind from. It is in your best interests to keep up with your weapon classes to help your binding progress as you progress up the ranks. Otherwise you might have to go back to previous quests at lower ranks or story mode for drops. Plus keeping track of what you need to bind can also help set a direction of what quests you will want to focus on. Playing more not only for guild points, but for drops as well. Getting into this routine early-on will help dramatically.

For those that imported a well-endowed save from WKC I this trophy can come rather quickly as there are well over 500+ binds that come from WKC I related materials.

Phibianacci's Diamond
Stone presented to outstanding binders. Created by Don Phibianacci himself.

This binding trophy will unlock once you reached 800 unique item/equipment binds. Building upon Anura’s Ruby, getting towards this number of binds isn’t incredibly difficult and can be obtained around GR23 or higher if you have been playing all the quests at that point. Here are a couple of tips to help bridge the gap towards getting more binds:

-Bind-up any UNID weapons. As you journey through Vellgander quest sections and treasure hunt the rifts, you are likely to run into many unidentified weapons. They may have needed several binds to create on their own otherwise. Even if you don't use all of the weapons, do keep these in your inventory. As U and G-class weapons are considered the same as a +10 upgrade when binding-up weapons. This can help save a lot of time going up certain binding trees.

-Purchase 6 of every of black glasses at the Greede Merchant’s shop. Use each of those glasses to bind up each of the glasses from the accessories binds. This can help with about 70 binds.

-Save-up Dahlia. If you feel you are running short of about 100 binds. Dahlia can be your savior here, as you can now bind harvestables in this game. But you’ll notice almost of all of them will require an ingredient like a Toad Drop. These catalyst items can only be bought with Dahlia. The arc colors generally require rare drops, and some even require codes which are even more rare. What you can do here is spend Dahlia for those catalyst parts and even spend your rares for colors to bridge the final gap towards unlocking the trophy. Then you can simply re-load your game to get those materials back. This method can also be considered for possible rare drops you do not want to spend as well.

Bronze Medal
Medal presented to rookie adventurers. A small prize from the Guild.

This trophy will unlock once you reach Guild Rank 2. You will gain GR points as you complete bounty requests, online quests, and/or specific resident requests. Guild Rank is a main staple to White Knight Chronicles II. It determines what level of quests you can play, what level of items/equipment that you can equip, buy, and/or bind. Each Guild Rank has a set amount of points you must earn to move to the next level.

Silver Medal
Medal presented to seasoned adventurers. A respectful award from the Guild.

This trophy will unlock once you reach Guild Rank 17. Getting close to this rank can come almost naturally if you are completing the requirements for the errands and bounties trophies. Ideally, like everything else in the game you’ll want to play as many online guild quests as possible to not only build your item drops, S-ranks, but also your guild points. Most of the new quests in the game still are not open to you at this rank, if you have gotten this far, keep the journey alive as more rewarding and fun quests will open up once you reach GR20.

Gold Medal
Medal presented to legendary adventurers. A high honor from the Guild.

This is the most time-consuming trophy in the game and will unlock once you reach Guild Rank 30. Which is the highest rank currently available in the European/North America releases of the game. Getting to this rank will require a lot of time dedication, as currently the game reaches its quest and binding ceiling at GR26. So you will go through four more guild ranks without anything new to progress towards at this current time. As you get closer, it can be a good time to wrap-up any other trophies in the game as this is likely the final one for most players.

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Total Awards: 22 (more» ...)

Mercenary's Badge
Complete 1 quest with an S rank. A badge presented by your clients.

As you complete online quests with your avatar and others online, there will be sets of objectives that need to be completed that are shown on the quest screen before you join/create the quest. Completing all the objectives, including sub-quests, and in the fastest time possible generally can lead to getting an S-rank on a quest, which is the highest possible ranking. The biggest change from White Knight Chronicles I, is that for the all the first-tier quests, all the possible sub-quests must be completed to earn an S-ranking.

For more information on quests, and how to get an S-ranking in quests:

Professional’s Badge
Complete 50 quests with an S rank. A badge presented by your clients.

Completing quests with S-ranks will require completing guild quests with the highest objectives possible. Usually this means completing in the fastest possible time, completing sub-quests, and/or all objectives in the game. It is very possible to get 50 S-ranks playing solo through many of their first-tier quests. But there are also many quests that would require an online party to get full S-ranks because of the time and coordination required. Considering the amount of quests you’ll have to play this can come almost naturally.

Perfectionist’s Badge
Complete 100 quests with an S rank. A badge presented by the Adventurer's Guild.

There are over 150 quests in the game at this current time, and you only need to S-rank 100 quests of your choice. This trophy might require some work if you are only playing with randoms on GeoNet. So it would be recommended you partner up with some friends to play all the possible quests that are not considered popular to help with your S-rank progress. Especially many of first White Knight Chronicles quests that run from GR1-19. See the co-op thread to locate a partner.

With the introduction of online guilds in the game, you could join an online guild, and help your fellow members and yourself during your daily concierge quests that are given. The random quest assignments are based on your current GR level. As you spend your tokens and help others on their quests, you can likely get to 100+ S-ranks during the course of your online journey.

It can be possible to solo your way through the remaining quests on your way to 100 but it is not recommended. As you can come into situations where you’ll hit an A-rank or less and have to replay several times due to possible factors that extend the time for you to complete the quests. So to prevent possible frustration, it is best to consider this for online co-op and tackling these with a party/guild that has similar objectives.

For details on getting an S-ranks on quests:

White Knight Chronicles™
Ancient stone tablet, recovered from a ruin. The surface is etched in a language lost to time.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed. Once you complete the first campaign of White Knight Chronicles I, this will unlock. This campaign for new players can be completed in less than 30 hours. You can go through this campaign at your own pace, and also work on many of other single-player trophies during this campaign. It is also important to defeat as many enemies as possible that you run across for tier-one drops, which will help with binding, and to also level-up your characters. Ideally you want your characters to reach Level 35 by the second-campaign.

You can also unlock this by simply starting the second campaign from the main menu, whether you import a WKC I cleared save, or start fresh at Level 35.

White Knight Chronicles II ™
Mark of those who defy their fate.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed. This will unlock once you complete the White Knight Chronicles II campaign. It is recommended that you complete the second campaign before delving into your journey online. You are pretty much free to progress through the story as you see fit, as there is noting missable in the game. Once you complete the campaigns, your save data will be marked as clear data and you will be able to free-roam through any area and complete the final bounties, and wrap-up anything else you need.

Without spoiling the story details, as you progress towards the end of the game you will be presented with an option from an non-playable character to return to the Dogma Rift. This will end up being a monster bounty that will provide a lot of benefit towards the end-game, online, and the final bosses. Consider pursing this option before continuing on with the story.

Soul of Evil
Proof of having destroyed the God of Destruction.

This trophy is obtained by completing the GR26 quest, Vellgander: Upper Apex and defeating the final boss, Emperor Madoras with any quest rating.

You will have to get to Guild Rank 26 and complete the pre-requisite Vellgander Section 9 and 10 quests in order to have this quest available to play. You will want a well-coordinated and equipped six-player party to tackle to this quest and battle. This quest is not ran by a lot of randoms because of the resources and coordination it requires. So it is best to get some friends together to do this and coordinate what roles are going to do what so as damage-dealing, transforming, and support.

The battle has two sequences, in Emperor Madoras first-form you really want to keep getting as much damage to him as fast as possible. But at the same time, have your party fates favored for most of the battle to stay alive. He also has a void spell that come randomly that will reset all your statuses and will cause whoever is transformed to revert. As his health draws lower, he will cast a physical barrier where he will be immune to physical damage. To get this off quickly, you will want a hammer-equipped arc party member to transform to help remove it as soon as possible. When your party deals 0 damage, they do not gain action chips and this will extend the battle out much longer. So its imperative to be able to handle this situation when it occurs. Mages can deal magical damage as well to help.

In his second form, a lot of the same methods can be applied. Just keep the damage going and keeping the party alive using favors when possible. Arc Crystals will continue to spawn and having an arc in-play helps with destroying them, and tanking damage as well, so its best to always support the knight arc whenever possible.

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Harvesting Materials in your Georama

As you journey towards Guild Rank 26 to bind your "rare" weapons, you are going to need plenty of harvest materials to help bind them. These are up to chance everytime you dig a harvest node. It is suggested that in every quest you play that you take advantage in aquiring as much as these harvestables listed below as-possible to save time in binding some new gear.

If you are inclined to setup your own Georama to produce these parts, this quick guide can be used as a reference for the appropriate subjobs required to make these materials harvestable after you play quests in your Georama.

  • World Tree Branch = Ore 60 + Automata 50
  • World Tree Plank = Lumber 60 + Greavers 50
  • Dark Emperor = Insects 60 + Flowers 50

  • Sky Demon Ore = Ore 60 + Automata 50
  • Divine Beast Fossil = Fossils 60 + Dragons 50
  • Sprit Crystal = Crystal 60 + Lizards 50

  • Ambrosia Petal = Flowers 60 + Plants 50
  • Goddess Cotton Spore = Cotton 60 + Timber 50
  • Divine Mushroom = Mushrooms 60 + Bugs 50

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Do you have to play through the WKC1 history to start the WKC2 story without buying the WKC1 disc?
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