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Way of the Samurai 3 (NA)
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Default Partner Recruitment Guide

Way of the Samurai 3 introduces the element of partners to the series, in which you can recruit certain NPCs (14 total) to assist you on your journey in various capacities, including fighting alongside you and negotiating discounts with the local merchants. Some of the game's jobs, such as making sticky rice cakes, require a partner to complete. Obtaining your first partner will also earn you the "Relationship" bronze trophy, and many of these NPCs also carry rare weapons necessary to obtain the Stance Mastery trophies.

Here's a list of potential partners, where to find them and how to bring them home:

Momiji (Tomboy)
Where: Amana Castle
When: 10:00 - 16:00, after Day 3
How: Speaking to Momiki will initiate a battle -- do NOT attack her. Instead, apologize using the L2 button, holding it until she sheathes her sword. Ask her to join you when given the opportunity.

Yukino (Widow)
Where: Omiki Town
When: 18:00 - 0:00, after progressing through the game
How: You can hire Yukino as a bodyguard for 100 Yen.

Yuzu (Mother)
Where: Takatane Village
When: 6:00 - 12:00
How: Visit Yuzu with your HP at 300 or less. Select the "Ooh... mother!" conversation option, at which point she will heal you. Speak to her again and she'll partner up with you.

Otome (Grandmother)
Where: The Road
When: 6:00 - 12:00, after Day 15
How: Speak to Otome, choosing the "You're not just anybody," and "I want to destroy Amana!" conversation options. She'll ask you to assassinate the Dojima brothers. Fulfill her macabre request and she will join you.

Kasumi (Big Sister)
Where: Omiki Town
When: 12:00 - 18:00
How: After gaining the trust of the four job sources (i.e. each job broker paying you 600 Yen per job), Kasumi will appear in Omiki Town. Select the "If you allow me, I shall call you sister" option and she will join you temporarily. To seal the deal, tell her "Sister, I'll follow you to the end of the world."

Hiiragi (Naive)
Where: Guard Gate
When: 6:00 - 12:00, after progessing through the game.
How: Speak to Hiiragi with a Jumbo Radish in your possession, asking her "You want to eat this Jumbo Radish?" She does, and, to show her appreciation, she'll join your cause.

Misaki (Maid)
Where: Omiki Town
When: 6:00 - 12:00
How: After completing the "Beauty and the Beast" job, you'll find Misaki standing by Oryo. Select the "Come with me," option and she's yours.

Hinagiku (Sexy)
Where: Posting Station
When: 18:00 - 0:00, after progressing through the game.
How: Speak to Hinagiku with an Arcane Potion, a Chicken Cake and an Ancient Amulet in your possession. Select the conversation options "I'll buy you more things," "I'll give you this," and, after giving her the aforementioned items, "I came to make you mine."

Kana (Servant)
Where: Takatane Village
When: 12:00 - 8:00
How: After completing the Village Girl Rescue Operation job, Kana will appear near Misae. Speak to her, choosing the "Alright" option and she will join you.

Minamo (Little Sister)
Where: Castle Minori
When: 7:00 - 13:00
How: Speak to Minamo with an Akisame, Ebiten or Ama-Otome sword in your possession, selecting the "Your brother was a samurai, too?" option, followed by "I'll be your brother."

Osada (Whore)
Where: Omiki Town
When: 20:00 - 2:00
How: After gaining low trust from all four job sources (most easily accomplished by killing an innocent or two in each area), do a Shameful Slash on Osada and then speak to her. A Shameful Slash is performed by barely scraping your target with your sword, causing their kimono to tear. I find the easiest way to do this to be by using a broken sword -- get in close and, depending on your broken sword's stance, stand slightly to one side and hit the square button. If you fail to execute a Shameful Slash, she will attack; leaving the area and returning will allow you to try again.

Ensen (Apprentice)
Where: Guard Gate
When: 18:00 - 0:00
How: You MUST have killed at least 1000 people in one playthrough before Ensen will join you. Complete any of the "100 Man Battle" missions (when when you have low trust levels with job brokers) 10 times to reach this requirement. Defeat Ensen with blunt attack and, when speaking to him afterwards, select the "Very well. Come with me," conversation option.

Dona (Samurai)
Where: Posting Station
When: 6:00 - 12:00, after Day 30
How: Speak to Dona, selecting the "How about the samurai in front of you?" conversation option.

Nyanya (Bitch)
Where: Guard Gate
When: 9:00 - 15:00
How: You will need to track down the four cats in Takatane Village, Amana Castle, Omiki Town and The Road and "apologize" to all of them using the L2 button. After about a minute and a half of holding down the button, the cats will begin to follow you, at which point you can move on to the next cat. Sometimes, at night at The Road, all four cats will congregate on a collection of stones by the giant bell outside of the temple, which, by taking the hunt out of the equation, makes this a great deal less aggravating. This appears to happen randomly, so you'll have to check The Road every night until it happens. After all of the cats like you enough, head to the Guard Gate and speak to Nyanya, selecting the "I'd like to protect you," option to get her to join you.

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thanks for the guide helped me get some hot partners

*Credit goes to Mr_insane50 for sig*
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Old September 17th, 2012, 05:06 AM   #3
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Thanks for the guide on where to find all these partners. However I'm still wondering the basics of making partners permanent. I have a few questions, please forgive me if it's a lot all at once.

#1 - What are the best/easiest/only ways to get a partner to stay with you?

#2 - Are there any partners which can never be made permanent?

#3 - If I already have a partner living with me, am I even able to get another partner to live with me? (hoping maybe I can have a haram of girls to fan me when I sleep, haha)

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Old December 17th, 2012, 09:49 PM   #4
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XuSheng To answer your questions...

#1 Swordplay theater or the food making basically any game that makes them participate

#2 No I keep Kasumi in my house specifically because I don't want to do that many jobs anymore nyana is weird and killing 1000 people is preferable to me for the hard ones. Once they ask if they can move in they are there until either you make them leave or...

#3 Bring any other Partner home when you have one living there and they will both storm off angry and if they are both available conditionally speaking you have to apologize to get them back but if the conditions haven't been met then they will just disappear till they are.
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Old January 2nd, 2013, 04:53 AM   #5
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Regarding Nyanya, do I need to bow on 1 cat on each of the location (i.e. 1 in Takatane, 1 in Omiki, 1 in Amana and 1 in Road) for a total of 4 cats?
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Thanks for the guide, jqtaxpayer.
Your guide helped me getting those unique weapons from partners.
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