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Default Black Market Troubleshooting Tips and Theories

Welcome to the Black Market Tips and Theories discussion thread. Here I will list known tips and theories that seem to work that may assist you in using the Black Market system combined with near. Apparently some of you, myself included, have been troubleshooting on how to actually send trade requests to your friends and how to download them. You wonder how to actually deliberately send your trade request, but you're not alone, and I am hoping to be of any help.


How to send a trade request

When you exit black market to the game's title menu, the game will prompt you to post a trade request yourself. Tap yes, and you will be transferred to near. Tap the location update circle on the top right corner of your Vita screen. If you have already updated near less than an hour ago your trade request will be reserved for the next update.

How to find out that you have sent a trade request

You can find out using near. You load up the app and navigate to the Discoveries section, and on the top left corner you see your PSN/SEN username and choice of avatar. If you tap your avatar a pop-up window will appear with a list of games. Uncharted Golden Abyss should appear on that list, with a gift box icon beside it indicating a trade request is in fact active.

Now pay close attention to the icon, if you see a green arrow overlaying the box, that indicates your trade request is pending and YET TO BE SENT. This pending request will be automatically processed the next time you update your location on near. If you tap on the box itself, you will be able to check the status of your trade requests.

How long do trade requests last before expiration?

Unlike some other game goods such as content for ModNation Road Trip that last two weeks, trade requests have a very short expiry of 3 hours. Be sure to claim your prize ASAP.

Do I have to wait at least one hour between updates?

In most scenarios, yes, unfortunately. However if you own the 3G/WiFi model and have an Internet connection either on your Vita or a mobile hotspot, such as a MiFi device or a smartphone, you could go out of your way and travel outside your local radius. Say near compares Vita users surrounding you in a 6-mile radius, you need to travel outside the 6-mile radius, and near allows you to update again within the same hour. I recommend doing this when you need to travel outside your radius for anything, including shopping, visiting a friend, or simply going to work. Do not use your Vita on the road when driving as it significantly increases chances of getting vehicle accidents. Use common sense.

If you're a passenger you have a greater advantage, you can update near every certain number of miles. The extent of your radius vary between areas. From my experience, your radius will be more extended in a large urban metropolis than in rural communities.


I have been troubleshooting this trade system for days. Me and a friend have been in a lengthy PM conversation over this whole trade system, having been perplexed, baffled and frustrated with this and ultimately we didn't know what to do. I was almost on the verge of contacting PlayStation customer support as most of the troubles come from the near app.

Then we found a theory that seem to have worked, but we need more information to fully confirm these as fact.

Only one person can download a trade request

This came up because many times I have uploaded trade requests the past few days, in which none of them appeared on my friend's near. Since I have multiple friends that are involved in this whole black market trade system one of them could have claimed my prize before any of my other friends could, thus could thwart any attempts to deliver the gift to a choice friend. Just today we recently scheduled a time (7:15 PM EST) to meet up on near, and apparently for once he was able to claim my trade request as he would be the first.

Yesterday I have sent out a total of four trade requests but he was not able to claim any, not even within their three-hour time window. Today was different, thus we believe this theory holds water. If the theory is true, you and a particular friend on your list have better chances pairing together at this against everyone else. Useful when wanting to deliver a good to a specific person.

Actively Seeking (for preferred bounty pieces)

In theory, highlighting the preferred set would increase chance of receiving bounty pieces belonging to that variety. Many others on this site alone say it DOES NOT MATTER, however according to a friend he has received pieces for a highlighted set more frequently than pieces associated to other sets. According to the game's instruction manual on pg. 18 the actively seeking slider does in fact give priority to a set. Some bounty sets consist of pieces that appear more rare than others, so at least give this a whirl when seeking the most rare pieces in the game.


Please chip in any comments, opinions, and even additional tips or theories. I am interested in hearing more of them. If any information on this topic is incorrect or incomplete, post any corrections in a reply and I will update the topic accordingly. Constructive criticism is welcome, as should be.
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I didn't bother with the black market i just grinded the cards etc i needed was a pain in the ass. It was the only downside to a great game for me
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As the aforementioned "friend," I thought I would chip a little more detail about the preferred trades. Out of five trades I've received four of them were in my actively sought set and the last was from a different set.

We also discovered further evidence to support the "one download per upload" theory. We have both had it occur that we updated Near and received a Game Good offer, but were refused the right to actually DOWNLOAD the good, informed that it was "no longer available." The theory is that this would be a result of being "sniped," with someone else downloading it in the few seconds between connecting to Near and attempting to download it ourselves.

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Keyser Soze
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I'm having two problems with the Black Market, and would appreciate some help if anyone has any ideas.

The first issue I have is I'm not always given the option to update my trade when I leave the Black Market. I don't know if I need to do something specific to be able to update the trade offer.

The other problem I have is when I am able to update my trade, someone takes my offer and I don't get anything in return. No bounty, no fetish, nothing. I check my icon from the near page and see the gift box with the green arrow, so I know there's a pending trade offer. The next time I check near there is no arrow on the gift, and when I click on it, it says the trade has already been sent.

Anyone have an idea of what to do differently to start getting some trades to come in?
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@KeyserSoze515: As far as we've been able to tell, it only lets you update your trade offer when you've just gotten something new on the Black Market. No idea why that is, but that's how it SEEMS to work.

As for the trade being taken but you not receiving anything in return...that's because the word "trade" is a misnomer for the procedure. Someone downloading your Game Good in no way guarantees you'll be able to download theirs back. It seems to be on a first-come-first-served basis, so you basically have to either set up a time with a friend to have them update just before you (like halloween_cloud and I did) or get lucky.

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I only got the near app working recently and so far no trades but that's because i've got no vita friends lol
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I have problem,Black market didnt ask me if i want to trade when exiting to game.Any solution?
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The whole thing just seems random as hell to me. It doesn't really make any sense.
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Default Same problem

Originally Posted by ivanmark88 View Post
I have problem,Black market didnt ask me if i want to trade when exiting to game.Any solution?
I'm having the same problem, everytime I exit Black Market I never get prompt for a trade when exiting.
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people who are having trouble sending ur trades, all u need to do is go to near, and go to game goods, now click on your own avatar and it will show u the list of games ur currently playing, you will see a gift box beside uncharted if there is a green arrow by this it means it wasn't sent, resync your near and it will send or click the green arrow and it will send, hope this fixes any problems, also add Darkgriffen to your friends list I have all gold and silver, just need arcana and cadiz.
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