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Tomb Raider: Underworld 【トゥームレイダー:アンダーワールド】
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Old November 13th, 2011, 02:18 AM   #41
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4. Man, this is one of the worst games I have ever played, beats Alone in the Dark on PS3. Horrible horrible horrible gameplay, low textures, bad voice acting, annoying sound effects....
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Old December 28th, 2011, 07:52 AM   #42
Dancing Mad
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Story 4/10
The impression I get is that one needs to have played some of the earlier titles to put the pieces together. There are a lot of characters and events that are obviously not new, like I should already know about them. However, this is the one and only Tomb Raider game I've ever played, so I'm not familiar with Zip, Natla or anyone/anything else, really. I'm not using my ignorance of the series to score this section.
Despite this, the game itself does a good job of rounding up what's important, and making the player aware of the main elements without having to do too much research. Exploring ruins, someone trying to stop you, pass conflicts, revenge. It all worked good enough, and one does get the main picture.
The story doesn't progress too much out of these elements though, and I was sorely disappointed to see that the source of the Scandinavian artifacts Lara was after never seems to be explained. The whole time while playing, I was really wondering what they were, but nothing was ever revealed as to their nature. My guess is, alien technology. A how and why would have been nice though. I love Vikings, so I'm a bit biased, and was satisfied enough with the theme. Despite this though, this makes no effort to be anything exceptional. I can't give the story too low of a score, since being a fan of the entire series seems required, and that's not a field I know about. But the lack of progression and conclusion make me give it a four. Interesting, but nothing major, and it trips into oblivion in the end. I suspect that the more direct elements such as the characters are what people like the most about this, but even that fails to nail it right in properly.
I do give the story credit for its top notch accuracy when it comes to details about Scandinavian myth though.

Gameplay 5/10
This is exploring and platforming, primarily. You won't be disappointed if that's what you want. Ledges, pits, bars,'s all there. The game certainly excels when it comes to defining that concept. Most of the time, you're left with all the seconds in the world to time and calculate your advent, and just when it's about to get monotonous, you're given a timed trial. I wouldn't say it's well balanced, but it sure does carve its niche as far as exploring old ruins go.
What kills a lot of this though is the camera. That thing hates you, and it's going to steal all your money so it can do more drugs. It goes absolutely mental at trivial times, and I really hate how it doesn't allow you to see a specific place you have to jump to, even when it's NOT freaking out. To be fair, it's not that entirely horrible, but a hell of a lot more frustrating then it really needs to be.

There's also some action in the game, which fails pretty hard. I don't even see why they include combat in this game. The ''crouch and walk'' button seems to have been designed merely for going through small places. I thought it was some kind of stealth thing at first...which can be used as that. But it's completely useless, when you can just rush into the heat of the night and blast enemies away. I think that this game's most refined tactical element is just backing away from things and shooting them with the shotgun. (as it seems to be the only powerful firearm you'll get, besides the tranquiler gun, which wins only by default of what it is to begin with)
Don't get me wrong, the fighting works just fine...besides some camera antics, of takes just a bit to get used to, but when you get it down, it works well.
I don't see why the enemies have an AI that might compliment a stealth element when you can barely do anything with the latter though. It only works because the human enemies are so stupid. Seriously, throw a grenade so that it blows up two feet away from some dude, and he'll still be all like, where she at?! I just don't get why battle was programmed that way, when waltzing in busting peeps down works just fine.
For what it is, it's all right, but I get the feeling that they were trying to add some other element that would have been important. It didn't work. I give it a five because combat works fine, but again, isn't anything I haven't seen, and many other guys do it way better. All the exploring and platforming is fun though, minus the crazy camera and sometimes picky controls.
I do have to mention that this game is filled with glitches, which take away from a lot of the amusement. I hope whoever tested this doesn't have a job anymore. Sinking through the environment, Lara acting like a mental patient on a small hill or having your basic equipment no longer functioning is unacceptable.
There are also a few puzzles, which while simple in nature, I find to be quite intelligent. I love how they belong to the environment you find yourself in, as opposed to being puzzles for the sake of making you waste your time. Nothing to complain about there, however, they're cryptic enough that you might swear at the field assistance feature a few times for being so damn vague, especially when it concerns something that is not related to the direct progression of the game.

Controls 7/10
The controls do the job, but they often seem to slip around and go haywire. Most of the time, you'll be able to do what you want, and get where you want to get, and kill what you need to kill. You also have plenty of physical indications as to what Lara can do next. But to compliment the bad side of the balance, you're often left with a WTF do I do now moment, which even cryptic can't describe, unless you learn the ins and outs through the back of your hand. The controls do need some getting used to that I don't think is really justified. Walking on ledges is horrendous, because unless you're in the right and proper angle, Lara will spin around like an ass or simply refuse to advance. That is one example of something simple that's just being a damn project. Many times, control fluidity is required for survival, but it just jams or messes up for God knows what reason. The simplest thing can be made so frustrating, just because you're not in the right angle, or because of picky timing. I will give the controls a 7 though, because they're responsive and accurate, despite the flaws I've listed. In many cases, I blame the camera for this. I wish it had its own section, so I could give it a 1.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics are awesome and beautiful. They also help quite a lot to add a solid mood and atmosphere to the game. Personally, I find a lot of the areas to be bland and uninspired, but I blame the programmers for this, rather than what it looks like. Even the most boring corners look epic. I just wish there was a bit more to look at then stone, random tribal carvings and trees.
To be fair though, the graphics do indeed personify the feel of solitude and time gone by, which is excellent, when considering what this game is aiming at and what its concept is.
Lara is also very responsive to her environment, whether that comes from shielding herself from fire, or palm splatting into areas she can't proceed into. I did find that kind of lame on her boat, when you try to run her up to the command board and she just acts like what's beyond is a concrete wall. But that's a silly complaint. Everything is fluid, gorgeous and crisp looking. Light effects are great, shadowing might use a bit of work, but overall, I'm giving pretty Lara and her creepy ruins a 9.

Sound 9/10
Can't complain about anything here. Everything sounds great. Thunderstorms, ever leaking water, firearms and Lara's voice as she does what she does best. I also find the voices pretty cool, although I've heard better. I've also definitely heard worse. Croaking glaciers, tigers and panthers on the prowl, falling rocks and sand. The sounds compliment the mood quite well, and personally, I think that some survival horror games should take a note from TRU. Personally, I love the clinking sound of Lara's gear whenever she swings and jumps around.
The music is good too, epic enough, but I'm not gonna say it's anything memorable. Still, I give the whole of it a nine. Gotta love all the bats and spiders with their cute little death laugh as Lara shoots em to hell.

Wow Factor
Not a very wowing game. It's pretty standard. I feel kind of sad that it could have been just a bit more with a little more attention. It gets a four from me. Nothing too impressive, but it does have its good strong points. Sadly though, they aren't strong enough to really save it.

Replay Value 2/10
Go through it once, and that's pretty much all there is to it, unless you want to unlock the trophies. I've only noticed the bathing suit as an extra costume for the first mission. Not much incentive, especially when the wet suit is just all that much more sexy, haha. There's also the story board extra you can unlock by beating the game on survivalist, but otherwise, nadda. The hardest difficulty level is to laugh at. If you're looking for a challenge, you're not going to find it here. I'm pretty sure all you get is just less bullets for every gun.
In the respect of the options for the requisites of this review format, it gets a two.

Rent Or Buy This Game?
Rent it first, then see if you want to purchase it. It isn't long at all, but many of the flaws do make it longer than it should be.

Your Personal Verdict & Your Final Score:
The game isn't as atrocious as many make it out to be, but it does deserve that negative attention. Because the flaws, especially the camera and the glitches, do take a lot of the turn However, with a bit of patience, it's fun and engaging, despite some bit of confusing level layouts. I just feel that it could have been a bit more, and that's without all the flaws I mentioned. It isn't too original, but even without that, it would have got the job done without the flaws that sadly define a big portion of it. 7/10
Many thanks to ESYLD for the great signature!

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Old April 1st, 2012, 05:28 PM   #43
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Tomb Raider Underworld

Tomb Raider Underworld continues shortly after Tomb Raider Legend, and Lara's search for Avalon, and her mother. To understand this story, you don't need to play the previous games, as the game does offer you a short recap of the previous 2 games (that being Legend and Anniversary).
I'm not going to ruin, or spoil this game for anybody, as that would pretty much take away one of the only reasons why you should play this game.
The game is pretty much story driven, and even that only to finally get a few answers you were waiting for since the first game of this trilogy. The problem with the story is that the characters themselves don't really learn anything. The story isn't as involved as Legend, and since the game doesn't offer much ingame ranting, like Legend, it almost feels like the levels have little to do with the story, and all you are doing is looking for the last part of the level, to progress the story.

While the game is heavily story driven, the levels are not. The enviroments are cool, and do have something to do with the story, but there's little involvement in all of them, resulting in a pretty wishy washy progression of the story. I did like the mythology and the way they managed to tie a few myths together, but even so, there are a lot plot holes left at the ending.

Tomb Raider Underworld's gameplay is pretty much the same as the previous two games, and in that, it's pretty much the same as Prince of Persia. The gameplay is relatively smooth in the sense that Lara runs smoothly, can climb smoothly, and can even shoot smoothly. There are a few cool moves she can perform, but the fun ends there.

The targeting system for any, if not all jumps, is just so damned glitchey, like in anniversary, that at times you'll find yourself screaming at this game, just because Lara didn't make the smallest jump in the world. you'll find yourself falling a lot, missing many jumps, aiming at the wrong things, landing on the wrong rocks, etc, a lot during this game. And it hurts. It hurts when you die, as the reload screen takes forever to reload.

The game also offers the usage of the motor cycle. Some levels can only be finished using this piece of shit machine, and trust me, that's saying it nicely. While I do like a good old fashioned hi speed chase, or anything involving driving cars or bikes a high speed, I feel that they should only be included when necessary. Tomb Raider Underworld does not need this. REALLY does not need the bike. The controls are poor at best, and they just feel like an extra way to poorly extend the otherwise bland gameplay. You'll find yourself dying more by bike, then by falling of cliffs, and trust me, that's a lot.

The puzzles in Tomb Raider have never been that much, usually just pulling a lever to open a door, to find a key, to open another door, to find an item, to put someplace, to get another key, you get the point. But underworld does an even worse job then normal. The Puzzles aren't involving at all and way to easy by anybodies standard. it's a pitty really, as the design of the levels suggests that one could do a lot with any of the puzzels. Perhaps rushed a bit too much, or perhaps too little inspired, one can never tell, but the point is the game just doesn't manage to bring anything new or original to the gamer.


The controls are bad, ok, just bad. While simple in design, the gameplay, and the way the controls are spread out through the game, just don't manage to offer the gamer anything new or original. The controls work exactly the same as in the previous game, climbing, running, jumping, the camera control, everything is exactly the same. People commented on the older games, that the controls weren't all that good, and they didn't really change anything about it. Eventhough CD did a good job, improving the already pretty bad controls of the older games, the controls in Underworld were outdated even before this game came out.

Why it fails so badly in my eyes, is that the controls seem a bit unresponsive, and slow, there always seems to be a bit of a lag in any control inputs, that added with lara's bad aim for any, if not all jumps, results in a very frustrated gamer.

Underworld's graphics are cool. The level design is cool, the way Lara moves is cool, it all looks nice, polished. Textures look nice, and there's just something about the lighting in the levels that does it for me. Tomb Raider underworld's a polished game, with a good look to it.

The best part about the level design is the history that has been put into it. Ruins, sculptures, enemies, water, sharks, giant statues, everything, it looks cool. There's little else to say about the graphics then that they just look good.

Underworld's atmosphere is pretty good. I loved the music, loved the sound effects, and the voice actresses do a great job at delivering the lines.
The monters that lurk around the levels also sound pretty nice. I don't know what about this game manages to make such a cool atmosphere, but whatever it is, it makes the game as a whole seem more alive.

Wow Factor:

While Underworld does look good, and the atmosphere is pretty much spot on, the truth is, the game pretty much fails in delivering anything other then some eye candy. It's a pity really, as the game could have offered so much more then just looking cool. While the game isn't as bad as many other games that are out there, it just feels a bit incomplete, and even for those days, outdated. Other then looking cool, there's not much wow to it.

Replay Value:
Upon completing, you can go back and collect some relics and stuff, the monsters in the levels are all dead, so this is pretty much a walk around a 3D area. There's really nothing else to do, no secret levels, no secret environment, nothing. Little to no replay value, other then to progress through the story once more.

Multiplayer Experience

Rent Or Buy This Game?

While I can't really advice anybody in buying this game, I can't really not advice getting it. Truth being told, if you get a HD collection of all three games, you'll get this one with it. As a whole, the HD collection trilogy does a great job, as it offers you a whole story, and that for a pretty low cost. But the game in itself, without the rest loses to much that it's not worth anybodies attention.

Your Personal Verdict & Your Final Score
While I love the Tomb Raider series, I have to say, I'm not sure if it's nostalgia that binds me to the series, or if it's actually a good game series. Underworld is by far not a bad game, but the poor controls, poor gameplay, and game that is just meant to end a story, it doesn't really feel like much more then milked out game of the two previous ones. it's not a big game, plays the like the two other ones, and doesn't really stand out of the series, for anything else then it's cool graphics and nice atmosphere, Underworld just fails to be anything else then another sequel to a story that could have easily fitted in one game. Once again, the question remains, is it nostalgia that makes me play these games, or is there something in the series that does make these games good.


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Old April 25th, 2012, 04:37 AM   #44
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Reviewing Game - Tomb Raider Underworld
Story: 4/10
Gameplay: 3/10
Controls: 3/10
Graphics: 5/10
Sound: 3/10
Wow Factor: 3/10
Replay Value: 0
Multiplayer Experience: N/A
Rent Or Buy This Game? Neither
Your Personal Verdict & Your Final Score: 3.2/10

The game doesn't tell you what to do. You play in a very big jungle and you have to figure things out!!!
The first chapter was very stupid!!! Where you have to jump in the water and go through the tunnel!!
Not to mention the collectables, they are too much and you waste a lot of time looking around.
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Old April 26th, 2012, 02:38 AM   #45
Monya Meow Meow
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Story (6/10)
The story starts off exactly where it was ended in Legend and Anniversary. Pretty linear storyline with no huge excitements or surprises but still interesting enough to keep me till the end.

Gameplay (6/10)
The gameplay is pretty similar to the previous titles with some small tweaks here and there. Lara runs and moves more smoothly and there are some cool puzzles to be solved here and there. The only thing I did not really fancy were the motorbike parts.

Controls (5/10)
Not the best aspect of the game but definitely not as bad as some users put it. If you played Legend and Anniversary before this, there won't be much difference. Only minor change is the button for aiming and shooting.

Graphics (8/10)
Pretty up-to-date graphics make the whole game enjoyable to watch and play at the same time. Environment looks more realistic and the colors are just vibrant.

Sound (7/10)
The music for each level suits the atmosphere so it gives out a really good and realistic feeling.

Wow Factor (6/10)
Lara is an eye candy, especially in her diving suit

Replay Value (2/10)
The weakest aspect in my opinion because there really isn't any replay value for Underworld unless you missed out on some treasures.

Multiplayer Experience (N/A)

Rent Or Buy This Game?
You can get the trilogy version (which includes all 3 TR) which is going for less than $20 now. So that's an average of $7 per game. Pretty good deal I reckon?

Your Personal Verdict & Your Final Score (7/10)
I personally enjoyed this game very much with no glithces or freezing problems at all. The controls and camera angles did not bother me much as well after getting accustomed to the first 2 TR games. Get it if you're a Lara fan or fond of platforming games. Do not get it if you're a hardcore RPG player or shooter person coz there isn't much action in this game.
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