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The House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut
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Old December 28th, 2011, 11:01 PM   #31
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does anyone mind if i use these scores? i've decided to create a guide for other people to use since the last attempt fell through
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Old January 11th, 2012, 07:11 PM   #32
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Hmmm... it seems to in fact be performance based, although exactly how is a mystery. Of course, a high score is going to go with a great performance but a high score doesn't necessarily mean a great performance.

The obvious stuff: minimal damage, long combos, long Goregasms, headshots, get collectibles, save civilians. Avoid forced reloads? Maybe- the game obviously knows you didn't do a forced reload for the Never Runs Dry trophy so it's possible (although I don't know if manually reloading when you run out counts as a forced reload or just pulling the trigger again does) it could factor in. I sincerely doubt using Slow Mo-Fo Modes or Grenades penalizes you (although the latter gets you less points than if you headshot the enemies.) If they do, it ain't much because I used both when earning my "S" ranks on 7 of the levels.

Anyway, while I was waiting 10 minutes for the credits to roll, I though "Man, I hope I fucking got the "S" because this sucks balls. It'd be nice to know if I was on track." So on that note, here's my Overkill "S" stats: Story Mode with the regular alottment of zombies.

Score: 277,402
Accuracy: 79.31%
Shots: 4,970
Kills: 273
Headshots: 40
Combo: 124
Goregasm: 212.95

I got hit at least 4 times, probably 5 or even 6. One was a Puker which does 2blocks, if that makes a difference (and it was BULLSHIT because I shot that dude up while in Slow Mo-Fo Mode.) Another was a Mother stomp, which I think is another 2 blocks. I was using the Minigun (Hand Cannon on zombies attacking civilians), which is why my accuracy sucks compared to my earlier score posts. I also popped 4 Slow Mo-Fo Modes (I skipped the one by the civilian.) No Grenades though- you can't pick 'em up with a Minigun. So if you're doing about as well as I was, you are on track for an "S"... maybe.

And since Creeping Flesh was my last "S" rank (short stage means tight performance) here's those results...

127,025 points
75.79% accuracy
1223 shots
115 kills
26 headshots
combo of 67
Goregasm of 185.78

Hit once by those fucking Gregs.

ADD: I was just fucking around on another account and "S"ed Naked Terror with a pretty shitty run. Got hit several times and shot 2 civilians (BIG penalty) though I maintained combos and a Goregasm between mistakes. I'm inclined to think combos/Goregasms are the real deciding factors.

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Old April 15th, 2012, 04:05 PM   #33
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After looking at the speculation in this thread, here's my conclusion for S-rank.


Collecting Power ups (go nuts on health and slow-mo) does not matter,saving citizens does not matter (aside from loosing 5k points per death), getting hit does not matter, reloading doesn't matter, accuracy doesn't matter...

The key to getting S-rank is getting a high score which means keeping your goregasm as long as possible. Yes, a lot of the things I mentioned above will ruin your goregasm, but don't fret it. If you lose it early or late in the stage, you'll probably still get S-rank if you held goregasm for 70% of the stage.

For example, in Naked Terror, I ruined my goregasm after the first 15 enemies, kept it til the guy who throws the bottle in the cut scene (can't believe i missed the bottle), and hit everyone else. I still ended up with a score of 169k, enough for an S-rank (135k is the high score challenge in that round.)

I use the minigun and hand cannon. Hand cannon to save citizens and those bad guys that instantly attack you when the camera pans (yes, you gotta memorize the stages).
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Old April 17th, 2012, 08:58 PM   #34
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Originally Posted by sahkuh View Post
this isnt really true. While someone else got S rank for the first level with 117,000 points (Story Mode) I got A rank with 136,000 points. I killed a civilian though with my gun... however if you let the mutants kill them, it doesnt seem to affect your rank.

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Old April 19th, 2012, 09:38 PM   #35
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I've killed civilians several times and still got S-rank once my score was high enough. Hell, I even had a 230 combo and 10 minute long goregasm and still got a A rank in Ballistic Trauma in Director's Cut because my score wasn't high enough. I think I got like 330,000 or something.

I ended up getting S-rank on STORY MODE with Extra Mutants turned on. This is the easiest way to get the S-rank.

After completing all the challenges in Directors Cut, I still had 4 A-ranks. It was faster for me just to get S-rank on Story Mode since they levels are easier/shorter and you can turn on more mutants and the score for S-rank is a LOT lower.

For some reason, I think some people claiming to get some scores and "still only be A-rank" is comparing scores from Story vs Directors Cut. I know for Directors Cut for the first level needs about 250k and only 120k for Story.
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Old April 22nd, 2012, 02:29 AM   #36
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After playing House Of The Dead 4, I thought about how it ranked you... It actually grades you on individual points: score, accuracy, and 'headshots' (weak point hits actually, though almost all enemies have the same weak point.) Same with Resident Evil's Chronicles games. Since the latter uses letter grades I'll roll with that example. In that game, you must earn an "S" grade in each category (score, headshots, files, maybe something else I forget) to earn an overall "S" rank.

Perhaps this game does that as well. It would explain why we can't figure out how these are given out. A mediocre run that just barely fulfills each category would get an "S" while a vastly superior run that falls just short in even a single category would only get an "A" (assuming all "S" ranks are needed as opposed to almost all "S" ranks.)

Now, this isn't exactly helpful since the game doesn't do this officially so we don't know where the cutoff may be unless somebody does a whole bunch of research (not gonna be me.) That, and we don't know if all those stats are counted, and whatnot...
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Old May 9th, 2012, 10:54 PM   #37
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Default my little research

Yeah, there's a big difference between director's and story scores needed to get S.

I was working in the system and trying to understand with a friend and we got some results that points to Sahkuh directions:

we got S without headshots on low score stages (first ones) and even losting combos (after stay on they a lot), killing civilians by ourselves, with and without grenades or slows.

All we got is that these "bad" things just decrease your score, but they probably don't interfere in another way. There's no "secret" categorized system that divides the overall rank in various partial ranks just for calculation.

Combo/Goregasm is basically what is need OR if you wanna resume: IT'S ALL ABOUT SCORE ONLY!! Of course, as someone in this thread said, a good score comes with good or not so good performances.

I know my progresses weren't significant, but it's all i got researching.
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Old July 17th, 2012, 07:10 PM   #38
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i don't know why most of you prefer the revolver? it only holds 6 shots or so.

my personal preference is the automatic shotgun as main weapon and as 2nd weapon the assault rifle as it shoots in burst and even if you shoot and miss you still keep your combo.

i use the shotty as main weapon as said above and it's excellent for shooting projectiles thrown at you.

when i run out of ammo for the shotty and i know that i can't manually reload it because a zombie is coming up i switch to the assault rifle which is excellent for killing enemies in 1 burst if it's fully upgraded.
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