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Question PS3 Slim (250GB) Shuts Off When Playing A Game. Why?

I'm hoping that this topic hasn't already been answered but I'm desperate at this point. Here's the situation:

My boyfriend bought a PS3 (250GB) Slim the day of its release but now it seems to be malfunctioning (or whatever the case may be). It started when he was playing White Knight Chronicles earlier today. He was helping me level and everything seemed to be fine until 30-45 minutes into an online quest his PS3 shut off. We didn't think anything of it, even if he was a little upset that all of the EXP he had earned wasn't saved, and turned it back on. Unfortunately the same thing happened again only much sooner, about 20 minutes (if that). At that point we had a feeling it wasn't a good thing but didn't know if the PS3 was the problem or maybe even the game. I started searching for answers online and found several, some of which mentioned something similar to the RRoD while others said it could be corrupted game data. He and I figured that it had to one of the many possibilities. However, with that said, I'm wondering if this has happened a lot with the slim PS3's. My PS3, which is the bigger one, is messed up because of the PSN problems but we don't know why his isn't cooperating. His slim PS3 turns itself off then the power light continuously blinks red unless you press it, and if you do that it powers itself back up as if nothing happened. I didn't notice any yellow lights so I'm not sure if it is the YLoD but I could be wrong. We were going to try things to see if they would work (such as deleting the system data for White Knight Chronicles then re-installing it) but I'd like to know exactly what's going on, if that's at all possible. Is it the fan, motherboard, or something else? What should I do? Please help with any information and thanks in advance.

P.S. - Going to sleep so any questions or comments will be answered/viewed later.

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Originally Posted by Lord Tony View Post
You didn't read any of that did you?


I'm not the most knowledgeable person about this type of thing (that would be Aidan), but I can tell you that this doesn't sound like the "YLOD" issue. I've had two systems take falls from this and they don't run at all. If I remember correctly, here's basically what happens in YLOD:

Originally Posted by YLOD
1. Standby
2. Press Power Button - Green Light Turns On (with beep)
3. Blue Light Turns On
4. Blue Light Turns Off
5. Yellow Light Flashes
6. Triple Beeps
7. Red Light Blinks Continuously Until Power Button is Pressed
8. Standby
At that point, if you try to power the system on again, it will repeat the process. That's the important part. It's just a vicious cycle of complete non-function. This is why game saves and other system features are lost if they haven't been backed up before the issue occurs. I'm afraid I'm not at all familiar with what is going on with your 250GB Slim. Did you try a file system restore?

Wait for Aidan to give his two cents.

In the meantime, I recommend using the backup utility if you can. You can also check this thread out. It solves a lot of minor issues:

Good Luck

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Your issue doesn't sound like a YLOD. More like the fact that the console shuts itself down out of self preservation. Perhaps it's in a heated area, not ventilated properly or anything? I know it might seem like a silly question, but I have to ask.

You have to test and see if this also happens to other games. It could be that the WKC game-data corrupted, and that it shuts itself down due to a critical error. However, this would seem like it's deeper in your HDD, because otherwise it should just do a soft-reset and start itself right back up.

Also, if you ever do get YLOD, you won't hardly notice a yellow light unless you glare at it. It'll be an amber-colored light, for a split second, followed by red blinking lights. Sometimes your system will start up again, only to repeat its error later. This most likely means that the connections are not yet broken, but are on the verge of breaking. A.k.a, a factory defect if it's a Slim and brand new.

That also means it's in warranty. Don't attempt any fixes yourself, and contact Sony. You shouldn't have any problems getting it replaced, together with a new fresh warranty. I would, however, definitely run the backup utility while it's still running for a little bit.
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I'm testing Dragon Age to see if WKC is the problem. It took a little while for the save data to be checked but after a minute or so the game loaded the title screen. I've used one of his previous saves and am keeping it on the pause menu for the test. As for the heating problem; he turned his PS3 off and kept it off for over an hour yesterday just to see if overheating was the issue but it still shut itself down once he loaded WKC and tried playing it again. If it doesn't do the same thing with Dragon Age then what should I do? I was debating on if I should call Sony but I suppose I'll test a different game (DA:O) and see what happens.

I didn't pay close attention to what color light flashed before it continually started blinking red so I couldn't say if a yellow/amber light even lit up, but I'm taking your word for it since you know more about this subject than I do.

His PS3, as well as my own, is on a three-tiered television stand similar to this ONE. Everything seems to have plenty of room to prevent overheating and the setup has been the same for quite a while. On the second shelf is his PS3 and the HD receiver box, while the bottom has his 360 and my bigger PS3 with our router directly beside it. So I don't know if overheating is the problem. It could very well be though. Before this happened he would leave his PS3 on for long periods of time without playing it while he went off to do something else. I'm guessing that that isn't a good thing. Could that be it?

Oh and I'd like to state that I was testing out Dragon Age while typing this but the results are the same. I went downstairs for maybe 10 minutes (after the game had already been on for a little while) only to return to a black TV screen and turned off PS3. So I guess it isn't WKC causing it to shut down. Now I'm lost.
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This issue has been found in many of the new PS3 Slims (and by many I mean not a ton but noticable enough to become a problem). It is a hardware build malfunction. If the PS3 is still under store warranty, perform a backup, sync trophy list, deactivate your accounts on it and return for another console.

If your PS3 is no longer under story warranty but under Sony warranty (which it should be) ring up Sony and get a replacement or send in for repair.

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Yes It is a hardware build malfunction...i also have seen many ps3 having this problem of shutting down..hope this problem will fix very soon..

ps3 slim 250gb
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First off: wow your a girl , 2nd be glad it's not YLOD . 3rd if it's on warranty still send it back.
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Originally Posted by SolidSnakeNZ View Post
First off: wow your a girl , 2nd be glad it's not YLOD . 3rd if it's on warranty still send it back.
Why are you so amazed that a girl plays video games ?

@KellySue: If your console is still under any warranty use it to get a replacement and all will be well

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The two things that came to mind were a power supply malfunction, or overheating. Does the HD receiver that you have next to the PS3 give off a lot of heat?

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