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I have one tip for Survival Guide trophy.Go to Siberia/Kara-Oiuk/Critical Mass,make custom global event and don't equip ice axe.Just stay on the right side,don't do any showoff jumps and you can easily get survive 2/3/5 runs in a survive event,survive your first 1/2/4 runs with no rewinds and survive your 1/2/4 runs with no rewinds and no survival gear.
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For who needs boost, I got a silver medal on Foraker - Invincible not only without boosting but without even touching the controller..

For the survival badges, do Kara Oiuk critical mass... it's totally unfailable. You could do it for 24 hours straight and only fail because you fell asleep.

Edit: Oh wait that was just mentioned XD

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Thanks for the guide, hoping this will be my first platinum!
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Just got the . Cheers for the guide Gekodeko.

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thanks for the guide
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thanks for this such a fantastic guide

i love this game from PS2 version
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Okay, I'm sure this is a stupid question ... but which trophies are the online ones? I keep getting hit by the wall of text, and it's all blending together for me. I want to try to get those out of the way ASAP, so I can take my time with the rest of the game. Also, can I do those first? Or will I have to unlock stuff through single player?

(Truthfully, I haven't played SSX as much as I should have ... considering it was a Day One purchase for me, haha. ^^;; )
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For anyone who has gotten the game but lacks an online pass it's now possible to get the 'In Global Events, earn more than X amount SSX Credits lifetime' badges. I noticed when participating in 3-2-1 GO! Events I was credited my earnings. All my other Global Event credits I do not get, so is it an oversight or a helping hand for pass lackers? I don't know, but sure was a nice surprise

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thanks for this man. Helps out a lot! written very well!
Amazing thanks to The_Noid for this awesome sig!

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A little tip if it's not already in here. The game requires you to participate in 50 survival events, 50 race events, 50 tricky, and 50 custom events. Say..., you don't like the survival ones, you can create custom events for survival, and it will count up to both the 50 survival and the 50 custom badge.

Same for getting diamond in 10 global events, just make a custom event 10 times and set the timer to 10 minutes (if ur really struggling to get diamond in events.
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