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Skate 2
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Thumbs up Skate 2 - Trophy Guide and Roadmap

Credit to ESYLD for the cool Banner!

If this thread or anything I may have written, said, or expressed may have inspired you to join the site, don't hesitate to give me a referral here, just type in Roronora_Zoro666


The Platinum is unobtainable if you didn't get the upload and download trophies before those servers closed.

  • Estimated Platinum Difficulty: 7/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Total Trophies: 47 1 2 9 35
  • Online trophies: 11
  • Offline Trophies: 36
  • Approximate amount of time to Plat: 36-75 Hours Depending on your skill (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1, all trophies can be earned in career mode, and the rest in ranked matches, community levels, and Freeskate Activities
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None known
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty present
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No they do not

This is the sequel to EA's simulation game, Skate. This game furthers the story, yes there is a story, mostly evident through cutscenes so pay attention. The tricks have improved, and are now easier to perform. The skate store is now changed to being in the menu rather than having the character physically teleport or travel to pick up a new item. The clothes and accessories aren't as worthwhile as they used to be, the boards look identical to a small fragment and the items are badly arranged, so good-bye branding and listing, its all just huddled up into one big pile. The game now offers trophies, compared to the 1st and are somewhat difficult for the novices to the series or skateboarding, whatsoever. The game has more improved places to skate, more locations to search and kill, community levels and uploading of your created level, more challenges, DLC to boot, and newer skaters. This game is opposite of Tony hawk series, its not all about Tony Hawk, its about creating and experiencing the journey from Amateur Skater to a Professional, well-recognized skater.

My recommendations:
I recommend you start your skater and complete all optional activities like Tranny Contests, Street Contests, Death Races and Film Challenges before fully pursuing career or online. Career teaches you the basics, the rest is up to you to learn and master and online many people don't help you out, there are few easy tricks to conquer the online so keep reading. Utilize the Trick Guide to learn some different approaches, check your skate.Profile: Career for in-game statistics and the Music Player for your own enjoyment or do what I do and use your iPod, instead.

A few people are finding trouble signing in, the servers are still open, but some people are getting annoyed on not being able to connect. I made a list to help and will keep adding until a certain work-around is confirmed. I faced same issue, and had to wait 2 years to start this game because online prevented me from Platinuming the game or even attempting to go online. If these are helpful, please confirm it so I can make it so others are aware. This mostly applies to unregistered members as registered members tend to stray from dead forums. Credit to a3069namebke for getting my attention shifted to this. Hope these help you mate.

If online doesn't work then try these:
  1. Sign in to EA Nation, make an account, if haven't already.
  2. Try the disc on your ps3 and a friend's, if it works better on one, the other ps3 is malfunctioning.
  3. Use a disc cleaner if it freezes before you sign in.
  4. Buy a upgraded PS3, which opens from the side like mine, it prevents freezing and contamination.
  5. Rent a copy and see if the copy you own is malfunctioning.
  6. Do the online at a friends house, and career in yours.
  7. Check for scratches on disc, for slow or common freezing in other games to judge if your PS3 is on the fritz.


UPDATE: The servers for the Upload and Download trophies have now closed so the Platinum is unobtainable.

Many are confused on whether its still possible to plat, EA has only closed the Skate. servers recently, four years active, so we have no current news on this, until then, this is still platinum-able. Use the Boosting Thread to find a partner, I'm still up for helping any individuals as long as they are members of the site and send a PM my way, or post in the Boosting Thread in reply to me. There are 11, only 5 are grinding, so be prepared to spend 8-10 hours on this. For anyone going for the online ranked and freeskate activities trophies, be aware that some game modes get hacked on occasion preventing you from finishing that game mode. If all game modes are occupied and you get signed out of EA due to connection problems then the servers have been hacked. Don't worry though as they'll return but some sooner than others.

The servers were hacked for a moment, in the case of it happening again please post here: Problems with ranked?

These are some sources of what has recently occurred and what may soon occur again.

EA's Origin Servers Hacked With DDoS Attack, DERP Group Takes Responsibility

DERP hacking group says it took EA's Origin servers and Battlefield 4 offline - GameSpot

Credit to harryisonfire for telling me this.

German Import
The German version of the game is region locked, but luckily the online trophies stack or auto pop, all but Active Skater once you have completed one freeskate activity. Although you still need to do all the freeskating that's required for the trophy. You will need a friend who owns the version or add someone from Germany (a random) to help out, who may or may not help effectively. Credit to Seppukun for clearing this up.

Cheat Codes:
At the main menu, select "Extras" option. Choose the "Enter Code" selection, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

1. Big Black
Enter "letsdowork" as a code to unlock Big Black in Freeskate, Online, and Party Play modes. Note: His bounce ability can only be used offline.

2. 3-D mode
Enter "strangeloops" as a code to shift the colors to give a 3-D effect when viewed with red and blue 3-D glasses. Repeat the code to disable its effect.

3. Disable NPC trash talking in Career mode
Enter "bailymcbailster" as a code.

Credit to for the cheat codes.

These cheats aren't as effective as in Skate because they're only for show, the only good ones are 1 and 3 and you'll know why after playing the game.

Important Link:

Trophy Boosting Thread

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Smile Trophy Guide


1. Tutorial
After starting the career, you will watch a 7 minute long video profiling all the skaters and you continuing from where you left off in Skate. It's an interesting video and is always hilarious to see the creativity presented but it cannot be skipped. After the video ends you will be in a surgical bed, here you change your skater's gender and clothing and accessories. After you're done, complete Slappy's tutorial to advance further. After it's over, you should have gotten 5 trophies:
  1. Gender Bender
  2. Graphically Extreme
  3. Skater Evolved
  4. I Like To Move It
  5. Meet Slappy

2. Community-Related - No longer possible due to server closure.
You should bring up online menu (Select button) and go to create-a-spot for uploading and downloading created spots, then Skate.Reel to rate any photos and videos of your choosing. The 2 speed trophies should unlock depending on the community level, just download as many as possible and try them all out. Be sure its either "Top of the E" or the "Dam" as they tend to have a huge ramp to net you enough speed to bail and keep for 5 seconds. Best way to know is the Dam is huge and has water flowing through if you quit the challenge, you should see. The other should have a tower peaking at the bottom with a pipe nearby, there's a huge hill to use through the tower and get the necessary speed.
  1. The Architect
  2. The Critic
  3. Dethrowned
  4. Need for Speed
  5. Juggling Chainsaws

3. Grinding
Start off with the pro challenges to unlock all characters for Throwdown challenges, use these to grind for cash if need be, then use the maps presented to get all spots and pools. Afterwards you should use the Mikey glitch and Big Black shortcut to get the trophies quickly. Last but not least use the link to get all the Hall of Meat challenges and related trophies done. This is one of the few challenging trophies in the game, therefore, take your time. be patient and it will come. The pros are tricky but possible.
  1. How you like them apples?
  2. Anyone Else?
  3. Make it Big!
  4. New San Van Hero
  5. Pull the Plug
  6. Spare Parts
  7. Urban Legend Too
  8. Uninsurable
  9. Sandbag

4. Perfectionist
To tackle Perfectionist, you should complete the deathraces, always betting the max amount of cash. Then complete all optional challenges like Danny Way and Rob Dyrdek's film challenges and the S.K.A.T.E against Shingo. Complete all tranny and street contests, which shouldn't be hard if you at least win 2/3. you should at least make an effort, whenever 1st seems impossible. Complete all Cover photos and sub-challenges for Thrasher and SBM, afterwards you should be fully sponsored. Use all the money you saved up to purchase the two properties and get perfectionist. you must complete all demos and team film challenges as well. You can always bet money in Throwdown challenges as long as you use glitch in case you're short on cash. Refrain from buying clothes until you have sufficient funds.
  1. Still Alive?
  2. Race Hero
  3. That's the Way
  4. Where's my TV show?
  5. GVR Champ
  6. Big Air Champ
  7. SBM Cover
  8. Thrasher Cover
  9. Fully Sponsored
  10. Real Estate Mogul
  11. Perfectionist

5. Online Related
Go and enter a ranked match, preferably a custom match, then with skill that you learned you should be able to win 1st in something you're good at. There are 5 categories. check the boosting thread if you can't find 3 or more people and get the Skater's Choice. You can choose to boost or grind, whichever is fine but remember, the online is usually dead around the afternoon, 3PM-6PM (Central Standard Time). Boosting will level you up much faster, but if you're lucky you can join someone or have someone join and keep them around as long as possible, in hopes of easy XP. I grinded 1000 XP in 2 hours with 1 person in S.K.A.T.E. All I did was land easy moves, while the other kept bailing. It worked wonders. After you reach Legend, have a go in Freeskate. Here is where you will need a partner. Set a private match and invite him/her, then just wait and grind all 149 activities, should take 3-5 hours overall. A lot are tricky but with enough patience and practice, it should become simple soon enough.
  1. Pwn some n00bs
  2. Skater's Choice
  3. Amateur Skater
  4. Online Pro
  5. Online Legend
  6. Playing Nice Together
  7. Cooperation is key
  8. Active Skater

6. Miscellaneous
These trophies should unlock either during the career or lastly after all is completed. These aren't hard, whatsoever, but should require a bit of grinding here and there. As long as the game autosaves between progress, the total amount spent for each should be no hassle. For Good Samaritan enter a No-Skate Zone and search for a skater to protect. grasshopper and Stairmaster should either have occurred with Perfectionist or Community-Based. On Top of The World requires all Races finished to gain access to SV Peak.
  1. Skitched Up
  2. Running Man
  3. DIY
  4. Good Samaritan
  5. Grasshopper
  6. Stairmaster
  7. Taste The Mongo ()
  8. On Top Of The World

7. The END?
This should be the reward presented after doing all that is necessary and obtain all trophies. Best of luck.
  1. Platinum Trophy

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Platinum Trophy Trophy Guide

Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy

Unobtainable due to server closure.

Earn All 46 Trophies to obtain this Ultra Rare trophy.

On Top Of The World
Perform an invert on one of the highest points in the city in career mode

Go to SV Peak, very top of map, location unlocks upon completing all deathraces or you can try a different method. SV Peak is above Cougar Mountain, if you have "Cougar Mountain" in your Landmarks, teleport to it, turn around, and go upwards until you see a resting area, should take a minute or so, you should have a tunnel behind you and meet an archway to know you're in "Peak", from there you will see a pool you can drain (figuratively speaking) and all you have to do is just go there and keep pressing up on the or repeatedly tap to pick up speed, once near ledge, press to invert and trophy is yours.

Challenge Map => Locations>>Landmarks => SV Peak or Cougar Mountain.

Here's a video (Credit to RoosterTeeth):

Skater Evolved
Get off your board in Career Mode

This is a tutorial and you may not continue career until completed.
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

I Like To Move It
Move your first object in career mode

This is a tutorial and you may not continue career until completed.

Tap to grab an object and use to move the designated object. You move the dumpster to get to the ramp and to Slappy's skatepark. Slappy will instruct you as go, pay attention to cutscenes and listen to what he says.

That's The Way
Beat all of Danny Way's film challenges

There are 5 film challenges:
  1. E for Everyone
  2. Bone Drop
  3. Thread 'Em
  4. Pump it Up
  5. Going Down?

The tutorials are very simple, the first one you receive you may glitch out by placing a picnic table or a rail in front of Danny's ramp, while you finish the course. He'll be using ramp 1 and you'll use ramp 2.

GVR Champ
Win the GVR Contest

GVR (Goofy vs Regular)

You will need to complete all 6 street contests to unlock this then complete this for trophy. Luckily this is a team match so be sure to stick with your style crew and pull off big points.
  1. Foundation Flickfest
  2. Projects Picnic
  3. Boneyard Blast
  4. Mountain Mayhem
  5. Downtown Disorder
  6. Sidekick Showdown
  7. Goofy vs. Regular

A street contest is a contest based on who does the best trick.

Note: To win, you must land either a line or trick, before touching the ground for it to count. This is easily done with a heelflip 360 or double kickflip.

Most require you to do by specifications like grind only, air only, any. There are 3 rounds per contest. You will need to pay an entry fee so don't quit after you lose. 4 people partake in the contest, including yourself, here are the score orders:


The best method I can give is practice the basic tricks in the trick guide and use them to your advantage with the spins. Try to win 1st in 2 and you shouldn't worry or get 1st in 1 and 2nd in other 2 but be sure that no one gets 1st twice or you could have a tie that may or may not shift to your advantage. If it seems like you're losing go to Menu => Restart Challenge => Accept to re-do it.

Big Air Champ
Win the San Van-a-Slamma

San Van-A-Slamma

You will need to complete all 6 street contests to unlock this, then complete this for trophy.
  1. Snakestyle Shootout
  2. Harsh Barge Blowout
  3. Bushman Bowl Jam
  4. Sewerside Jam
  5. Lighthouse Shootout
  6. The Bonefest
  7. San Van-A-Slamma

A tranny contest is a contest based on accumulation of tricks.

Note: To win, you must perform a set of tricks either in a line or integrated to individual lines to count. The total amount by the end of the round, decides the victor. This is easily done with Double Kickflips/Heelflips, 360s to 540s, or a lot of inverts and fliptricks while grinding.

Most require you to do by specifications like grind only, air only, any. There are 3 rounds per contest. You will need to pay an entry fee, so don't quit after you lose. 4 people partake in the contest, including yourself, here are the score orders:


The best method I have is learn to pick up speed in pools from Danny Way or learn how to invert and custom inverts which rack up 300-800 points. For air use a lot of late tricks and shuv-its before landing.

Still Alive?
Win a Deathrace in career mode

Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

Race Hero
Win all races in career mode

There are 11 races, last one just unlocks the races.
  1. Traffic King
  2. Urban Warfare
  3. Da' Finals
  4. Thunderbird Rage
  5. Cougar Mtn. Massacre
  6. Wheel Burner
  7. Jackknife Pass
  8. Strafing Run
  9. K.O.T.M. Qualifier 2
  10. K.O.T.M. Qualifier 1
  11. Fabio Memorial Race
Easiest way to win, is to never follow the order of the checkpoints, learn it, memorize it, then make your own shortcut to the finish line. Be sure to reach a checkpoint before you bail or get run over to avoid repetition. Also be aware of time you have remaining or you may risk losing by disqualification (DNF) for running out of time. Performing simple fliptricks provide you with more speed, but, the faster you, the harder it is turn and easier it is to go flying.

Where's my TV show?
Beat all Rob Dyrdek Challenges

There are 5 film challenges:
  1. Keep It Flarey
  2. Still Flaring It
  3. Wild Grinding
  4. Rail Hopping
  5. Hold The Line
Rob's challenges are pretty challenging and may require some luck and a lot of skill and timing. The 30 second time limit makes it very challenging to pull off, especially with a single miss of a requirement or bail will cause you to restart it from the start. To make it easier on yourself, practice the moves beforehand => accept challenge => take it slow => fliptrick a second or two before the jump to land on it without tripping or bailing.

SBM Cover
Get the cover of the Skateboard Mag

The The Bowels of MongoCorp is the cover photo. This is a little tricky but quite easy, it requires you to move objects accordingly to best fit your style and make it over the wing for the cover photo and trophy. Don't bail, very enclosed area, high probability of messing up, be cautious.

There are 13 Skateboard Mag Challenges:
  1. Just get up there
  2. No Mugshots Please
  3. High And Dry
  4. The Clampdown
  5. We Roll Large
  6. Braydon's Ball blaster
  7. Lens Flare
  8. Ice Frosty
  9. The Bank Job
  10. Shoot The View
  11. Car Enthusiast
  12. Who lives here?
  13. The Bowels of MongoCorp

These will only unlock upon completing some of the Demos, Film Challenges, and Pro Challenges in the Career Mode section.

Menu => Challenge Map => Career

My Cover Photo:

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Default Trophy Guide

Thrasher Cover
Get the cover of Thrasher

The Scene of The Crime is the cover photo.
You will need to 540 Anything onto the SV Dam, beating this unlocks the Dam and drains it.

There are 17 Thrasher challenges:
  1. A Little Help Here?
  2. Technically Hip
  3. Remember This Pool?
  4. In The Deep End
  5. The Pool Deck Pool
  6. Gold Medal Air
  7. The think Pink Pool
  8. 3rd Set's A Charm
  9. Dunk Slam
  10. Like, skate...whatevs
  11. Train Hopping
  12. The Scene Of The Crime
  13. It's On!
  14. SOTY Off
  15. Oi! Let's Skate!
  16. They Call It Art
  17. Loser Gets Hyphy

You will need to find 3 pools first to enter the party and meet Sammy, afterwards draining all the pools will unlock more Thrasher coverage challenges. Refer to Pull The Plug for Pool Locations.

My Cover Photo:

Meet Slappy
Meet Slappy

Complete the tutorial to "meet slappy"

How do you like them apples?
Acquire all phone numbers for the pros

There are 25 pros in the game:
  1. Jason Dill
  2. Mike Carroll
  3. PJ Ladd
  4. Mark Appleyard
  5. John Cardiel
  6. Rob Dyrdek
  7. Braydon Szafranski
  8. John Rattray
  9. Colin Mckay
  10. Marc Johnson
  11. Darren Navarrette
  12. Chris Cole
  13. Dennis Busenitz
  14. Chris Haslam
  15. Ryan Gallant
  16. Ryan Smith
  17. Jake Brown
  18. Eric Koston
  19. Pat Duffy
  20. Lucas Puig
  21. Alex Chalmers
  22. Terry Kennedy
  23. Ray Barbee
  24. Jerry Hsu
  25. Danny Way

There are 20 Pro Challenges, including the team film challenges, completing them will unlock all phone numbers. There are sub-challenges which unlock the ones listed, mostly they're "follow" challenges.
  1. Busenitz Blitz
  2. The Spice of Life
  3. Vert With The Vampire
  4. Get Blind With Jake
  5. Creature Style
  6. Over The Rainbow
  7. Applebutters, eh?
  8. Stressing With The SOTY
  9. Shave Your Tongue
  10. Hit And Bounce
  11. Lucas's Translation
  12. The Streets Are Calling
  13. BLAOW!!
  14. Creativity Rules!
  15. Can You Spell Girl?
  16. Alien manual Shop
  17. BS Roll
  18. Duffy's Rail Termination
  19. PJ's Stair Session
  20. Jam With Danny Way

Anyone Else?
Beat all the pros at Throwdown challenges

Refer to How do you like them apples? for Pro info.
Throwdown challenges are S.K.A.T.E. challenges similar to H.O.R.S.E. in "basketball."
Mess up a move, and you get a letter, get all 5 letters before your opponent, and you lose.

Press >>>>Throwdown>>Pick a skater
You must be in-game, not a menu to do so.
Each skater beaten will have a lightning bolt present left of their name, there are 25 pro skater, all must have the lightning bolt for the trophy to unlock.

Easy way to beat these with ease is to pick "Alphabet Yard" and be sure to add a bench to the spot where you trick out, so that the pro bails on it repeatedly. He won't be able to go past it, unless you accidentally hit or pushed it out of place. You can go around it and fliptrick ollies and nollies, no 540s needed, and can beat each skater in 2-3 mins.

Here's a video:
Credit to olkagosek for the video

Note: You can put an object anywhere on there, always check if it works beforehand, then bet max amount, just quit challenge to reset and bet more cash and set up again.

Another method is to go to the left of it, near the snake-like platform and u-turn then use that speed to pull 540s or 720s depending on approach. Be sure to land each trick with a footplant and , and , and , and respectively to land 540s and 720s. A good example of this check the S.K.A.T.E. ranked matches, people there tend to land 540s-900s most of the time. There are only 5 choices, all can be glitched in their own way, if you know of others, let me know and I'll post it.

Remember to always bet $10,000 once set up, it'll get you $20,000 with ease.

New San Van Hero
Call Mikey 10 times

Go to services:
Then click Mike's Uncapping whenever a crowbar is present. This is only available whenever you see a capped rail usually in a No-Skate Zone, Reda will give you a tutorial early on and that won't contribute as it was a free fee.
I found it easier just doing with photo or film challenges as you'll need to call anyway. if you're impatient here's a video on the glitch.

Credit to LilMan7X7 for video

Pull the Plug
Drain every pool and fountain in career mode

Note: Each image has a set of coordinates listed below, as they tend to be found there. The best way to tell if you’re near is if a blue pool like image hovers overhead. If full you’ll have to drain, if empty, there is no need. There are 3/7 pools that are needed to continue Thrasher for career. The SV Dam isn’t necessary for trophy, but it is for others. Be sure to always call Sammy if a pool/fountain needs to be drained, for a minimal fee that is of $300 each.

How to find Sammy:
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

Reference for pools:

  1. G.E.D High Pool-E4 (Center)
  2. Think Pink Pool-C/D4 (Top Right)
  3. Community Pool-D/E3 (Bottom)
  4. Do-Drop Inn-E/F3 (Right)
  5. Poop Deck Pool-D8 (On the Boat, bottom of map)
  6. Old Pool D4(Center)
  7. Party Pool-E 3/4 (Center)

Credit goes to RoronoraZoro666 for the map(s).

  1. Fountain #1-E4 (Right)
  2. Fountain #2-E6 (Right, near E/F)
  3. Fountain #3-E6 (Left, near D/E)
  4. Fountain #4-E6 (Bottom left, near D/E)
  5. Fountain #5-D6 (In the bottom Right, near the D/E)
  6. Fountain #6-C6 (Bottom Left; Hidden area, you will need to go up a couple of stairs to reach it, there are also 2 community levels I created near it, if you will like to download to get you there.)

Credit goes to CraigIC for the map.

The “/” in between means that its within the center of both coordinates.

Credit to Modern360Gaming for the video.

Real Estate Mogul
Purchase all property in career mode

There are only 2 properties in the game:
1. Monster Clubhouse:
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

2. Fun Track:
Unlocked from the start, just refer to Monster clubhouse for money tips and purchase it.

Credit goes to RoronoraZoro666 for the map.

You must have the 2 properties for trophy, this also contributes to Perfectionist.

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Spare Parts
All Hall Of Meat paths complete

The Hall of Meat challenges consist of 60 challenges, split between 4 categories, totalling to 15 challenges in each. The difficulty involved here is that the method presented in the link below isn’t always helpful, what you got to do is use glitches, try all the spawn points and locations mentioned and come up with your own style. I got the 1st two categories completed by unlocking all own the spot locations, and going to said location and try out the challenge presented. You can check your progress in Slappy’s Blog or Hall of Meat within the Challenge Map for next available challenge. Making use of the glitches, objects, speed, and direction when bailing are consistent with beating these with ease. The Grab Bag category is the most difficult but gets easier after unlocking the Big Spill. All you could hope for is luck, skill, and that you use the bail command and directional buttons to your advantage. Here’s the link: LINK
  • Points
  • Body Damage
  • Style
  • Grab Bag



No Comply Moving:
Get two good pushes, hold your character down by tapping the left stick forward at a good pace, and very quickly no comply.

No Comply Still:
Use a trigger(left trigger is easier to use) and hold it down all the way until your character holds the board. Then let go just enough so your character releases the board and keep the trigger in that position throughout the glitch. While holding the trigger there do a no-comply.

Trampoline Glitch:
If you don't know this by now shame on you. Get off your board and stand still. Get back on your board and quickly do a superdude( + + ). *Note- This glitch doesn't work everywhere.

Twisty Man/Arms Glitch:
Get off your board. Throw the board out in front of you and jump, retract your board by pressing a trigger, and hit to get back on your board and ( + + ) or superdude at the same time. Hard to get used to and very random.
Update: You can also use ( + + + ) or coffin instead of super dude.

Freakout Glitch:
Ollie and hold both triggers. Let go of and hit at the same time. *Note- This glitch can be useful if it works well.

Credit to GlitchesAndTrick4u for the video and the glitches and commands listed in description.

Fully Sponsored
Obtain all sponsorships

You will need to complete all Tranny Contests, Street Contests, get the SBM cover, and Thrasher cover for trophy to unlock. The 4 sponsors are deck, wheels, truck, and shoes. When you get your board sponsor, you will receive 6 team film challenges, these contribute to the property Monster Clubhouse and Perfectionist.

Urban Legend Too
Own all spots in career mode

My uploaded photo
  1. Rock The Gap-B 4 (Lower Right)
  2. No Need For Speed-D 4 (Lower Left)
  3. Mini Mega Redux-D/E 4
  4. Lilypads-D 7/8
  5. Thrice The Hubba-D/E 5
  6. The Wall-D/E 3
  7. Off The Street-E 6/7
  8. Books-E 4/5
  9. Glass Awning-B 5 (Lower Right)
  10. By the Bridge-D 6 (To the Right)
  11. Alphabet-D/E 4/5
  12. Razor's Edge-B/C 6/7
  13. Swiss Cheese Moon-C 8 (To the Right)
  14. Welcome Hut-B 4
  15. Poop Deck Pool-D 8
  16. Bus Stop-C 4 (Middle)
  17. Winged Bench-C 5
  18. Manny Hop Set-C 8
  19. The Statue-A 6/7
  20. Urban Curves-E 3/4
  21. Getting Technical-E 6/7
  22. Stink Pit-A/B 5

  • Find the spot, using the coordinates. Then teleport to it and beat the designated score.
  • Use rails, benches, dumpsters, ramps, tables, and other items lying around to your advantage.
  • Killing the spot isn't necessary, all that is needed is "owning" or beating the default set score. "Killing the Spot" will unlock it unlock it Party Play which is multiplayer offline mode.
  • Some can be reached through the career, others are typically near it. Keep a close eye, some are played in career mode
  • The "skull"-shaped spot means you "killed it," the "triton" means owned," and the "normal arrow" means yet to be beaten. Also pay attention as the first two will show on the screen, once you "killed" or" owned" the spot.
  • The community occassionally uploads spots near OTS(Own the Spot), so just confirm coordinates. You must download to see where it is located.
  • Doing these in ranked matches-Spot Battle or others DO NOT contribute. This is career only. There are no cheats like in Skate. that unlock all spots. It will give you suggestions to tackle, this is always a good reference.
  • The spots can be easily accessible through spawn points or landmarks. Just be sure to follow coordinates. They're quite hidden.
  • Manuals require precise timing. Being able to pull continuous tricks is key.
Credit to Modern360Gaming for the video.

This video doesn't show the coordinates, so be sure to check the map. Its used, as a reference as to how they look like and how to tackle it. Its a little fast I know, but that's how you're supposed to do this, in rapid succession.

Here are some of my examples:

Credit to Roronora Zoro for the video(s).

The Architect
Upload a created spot

Unobtainable due to server closure.

Press to bring up online menu. Now press "Create-a-Spot" and go to editor to create a spot in your own creation. Upload the spot upon finishing to get trophy. Your spot must get downloaded and played every now and again or it'll get "retired" which means you can no longer download nor get a new record. You may only beat previous score and play it within the challenge map, no longer accessible online.

The Critic
Rate 10 community videos and photos

Unobtainable due to server closure.

Press to bring up online menu, then go to skate.reel, from there watch a video and give it a rating and see a photo and give a rating. Press to access community gallery and press to switch from videos to photos, then rinse and repeat 10 times for trophy.

Pwn some n00bs
Win an online ranked match

This will come with time. Winning a ranked match will net you a lot of points. This is easier to do in Hall of Meat if using glitch, S.K.A.T.E if you face people who aren't trying but grinding xp or Spot Battle if you manage to pull off a good trick/line. If boosting, this will occur easily and you can get a lot of xp very rapidly.

Boosting Method:
Go online and set up a chatroom with your boosting partner(s), then go to ranked match, then decide which to grind, afterwards start a countdown, and all press same match and once done, all will join the same lobby (which is usually empty, though occasionally full) but you will arrive together and however long you wish to boost there is your choice. It'll take 3-6 hours to grind 5000 XP, depending on amount of points earned.

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Active Skater
Successfully complete all online freeskate activities with your created skater

There are 149 freeskate Activities so complete all of them to get this trophy. Unless you can find someone who is equally or better than you to boost with, this will take a while to do. Remember that there are different types of challenges presented, some can be beaten with one doing more work than the other and some require both to complete.

Note: All freeskate Activities will count only as long as all players who partook had all completed the challenge or if group trick list, then one can do the work and the other could hang back.

  1. Group Accumulation-Rack up a set amount of points with your partner, there is a time limit, so try lining up the moves to better assist you.
  2. Group Trick List-A set list given with multiple challenges to complete with your partner
  3. Group Survival-All players must survive for a set amount of time before the time limit expires.
  4. Gap Challenge-All players must complete the challenge
  5. Simultaneous Trick
  6. Tag the Spots

  1. Cougar Mountain Lower-10/10
  2. Cougar Mountain Upper-10/10
  3. Downtown East-12/12
  4. Downtown West-12/12
  5. Lighthouse Park-5/5
  6. Mega Compound-6/6
  7. Old Spillway-5/5
  8. Old Town-15/15
  9. Slappy’s-5/5
  10. Stocks East-8/8
  11. Stocks West-7/7
  12. S.V. Stadium-5/5
  13. The Rez: Boneyard-8/8
  14. The Rez: Foundation-7/7
  15. The Rez: Midtown-7/7
  16. The Rez: Upper-8/8
  17. Training Facility-6/6
  18. Waterfront-13/13

Online Legend
Achieve Legend Rank Online

You will need 5 Bronze Medals, 3 Silver Medals and 1 Gold Medal for this trophy.

Bronze=100 XP

Silver=500 XP

Gold= 1,000 XP

Spot Battle=27 for 1st
Best Trick=15 for 1st
Jam=15 for 1st
S.K.A.T.E=30 for 1st
Deathrace=12 for 1st
Hall of Meat=21 for 1st

[if I am incorrect in any please let me know, also let me know all place scores, if possible].

This here are my statistics and the approach for 5,000 XP.

The best method I can give is don't go strictly for winning or rushing. Choose "Spot Battle", "S.K.A.T.E" or "Hall of Meat" and just go for the minimum. If you're with 1 player then take it easy and just trick here and there (if HoM, then just do a glitch or two) but don't put too much effort. You want the person to feel confident and stick around, winning too much, and they'll leave, win once or twice and they’ll think you suck and try to hustle you for it, even if you are hustling them instead. If 2 people, then try to go for 2nd or 1st every time, until someone leaves. If 3+ then quit, you tend to find at least 1-2 professionals in there who can land very high scores and beat you. This only applies to "Spot Battle" by the way. Hall of Meat, if using the glitches presented in Spare Parts should net you 1st, if not 2nd each time and even in a big group but the most you'll get is 21, I believe. As for S.K.A.T.E., you'll net 30 for 1st, which is highest among all match types, 25 for 2nd. This is the quickest but it gets tedious with people who can land 540s-900s off the bat, pay attention to it as you may use their technique to get them on their toes. I only know of the footplant, as for the mini glitch, I'm not so sure. Land each trick, preferably a 360-540 trick with a footplant (+, +, +, +) to land a 540-720 and outscore them. Just remember that the heavy hitters tend to land "Triple-Quadruple Kickflips", "Heelflips", "360 Flips 540", "360 Inward Heelflip 540s", "Laser Flips 540-720", "Hardflips 540", "Any 540-900 type move". Be cautious of these and always quit during the lobby, which is after a match and loading next so no XP is lost.

Online Pro
Achieve Pro Rank Online

You will need 3 Bronze Medals and 1 Silver Medal for this trophy and roughly 1,000 XP.

Refer to Online Legend for further info.

Amateur Skater
Achieve Amateur Rank Online

You will need 1 Bronze Medal for this trophy.

Refer to Online Legend for further info.

Graphically Extreme
Add a custom graphic to your skater

All you need to do is go to Edit Skater => Merchandise => T-Shirts => the 1st or 2nd shirt, then go down to customize graphic => Pic any image shown => Press or start to continue => Trophy unlocks.

Credit to Roronora Zoro for the video.

Download and own a community-created spot

Unobtainable due to server closure.

Press to bring up online menu. Now press "Browser" and pick any new community level and play it, afterwards the trophy should unlock and your username should be listed as the main on there (for completing and beating previous high scores). If any of you have trouble finding one, Message me and I'll create an easy level in which you can get the trophy. Just be sure to be quick to beat it as people tend to troll those and get the highest possible score. If all else fails, do as I did and download all the ones listed on the first page which was 15 for me and play them all individually until you manage to get a high score. It took me 3 hours before finding an easy one out of the 5 I played before I got a high score. It takes a bit of luck, a lot of skill and trolling the community for new levels.

Skater's Choice
Win the Skater's choice award in an online ranked match

This trophy will only be possible if there are at least 3 people in a ranked match. I recommend getting a boosting partner, as it's hard to get yourself with no one hardly paying attention to it. Putting everyone down will have no effect, unless someone votes for you, this trophy will be unlikely. Best way to do without boosting is pulling off flashy moves and win a match. Win consistently and this trophy will be unlocked with the players voting for you. I found that Hall of Meat matches are easily done if using glitches to win, as people will feel impressed. You can also add a player playing with you and ask them to vote for you or vote for a vote. I tried many methods but I prefer the boosting thread as people still need the online done and this is a difficult one if you haven't gotten it randomly.

Juggling Chainsaws
Wipeout at high speed in career mode

Refer to Need for Speed for further info.

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Skitched Up
Skitch for 1000 meters or 3000 feet in career mode

Find a car that’s stopped and go in the back of it and press then hold on as long as possible. Rinse and repeat 10 times for trophy to unlock. This is cumulative, but progress will be deleted if not saved. Be sure to autosave by doing a challenge or spot battle, before quitting.
Here’s a video:
Credit to ShlongConnery for the video.

Make it Big!
Use Big Black's service 10 times in Career Mode

Just call Big Black from the services option whenever you like. He’s available at all times. You can call him in no-skate zones or not. Just like Mikey, you can grind it. All you need is to call and cancel service, then re-dial. You’ll need $5000 for the trophy. There are multiple methods to receive cash-outs just be aware.
Here’s a video:
Credit to ilovecassandra22 for the video.

Running Man
Escape a chase off board in career mode

By far the easiest way is to enter a no-skate zone and leave off board. Sound hard??? Far from it, just call Big Black and all guards won’t be able to catch you and you walk off without a scratch. If you’re the adrenaline junkie, be sure to use stairs and gaps to rid of them and never stop running. Note: You don’t need to start getting chased on foot, just escape on foot for it to count.

Here’s a video:
Credit to AchievementHelpers for the video.

Spend 30 minutes moving objects in career mode

This should come naturally when constructing community levels and easy ways to suffice with the HoM challenges. I created 10 community levels, so that gives some idea of the length. There is a tutorial Reda presents early in the career. You also learned a bit from Slappy. If not, use to grab a moveable object and put it in place. Use the directional buttons accordingly. Up to upright object, down to reset object, right to add to session marker so it won’t disappear, and left to cancel the session marker.

Good Samaritan
Knock down a security guard chasing another skater in career mode

Go to any No-Skate Zone and follow a skater around bring security with you, then pass the skater and have security knock him down, as he respawns, tackle the security guard chasing him with an ollie, kickflip, shuvit, or calling Big Black to do it for you. The fastest way i did it was after a Street Contest called “Downtown Disorder.” Afterwards, it became a no-skate zone, and a security started chasing a skater, I kickflipped him and got the trophy. This also based on luck, if you wish to avoid grinding. Here’s a video:

Credit to zappacosta123 for the video.

Note: This shows an example of the luck-based feature, don’t assume this’ll happen. Just be aware and grind if necessary. Better safe than sorry.

Need for Speed
Maintain maximum speed for 5 seconds in career mode

I recommend the SV Dam or The Big Spill or Lindley Tower. The Dam is unlocked via Thrasher cover, the other two via HoM challenges. All you gotta do is skate on it, no bailing. Fliptrick on to it and once more for max speed upon the curve, if one is present. Just maintain max speed for 5 seconds, afterwards trophy should unlock. I believe its 45 mph.
Here’s a video:
Credit to AchievementHunter for the video

Break at least 15 bones in a single wipeout in career mode

The easiest way is the SV Dam, this is actually the quickest way, unless you wish to unlock the remaining spawn points in the process of completing the HoM challenges. The Dam is unlocked upon getting the cover of Thrasher. If not, you should try a glitch.
Press , , , HOLD and
(This should cause your feet to bend and glitch the game to bounce off the concrete and jump high depending on time, all you gotta do is tilt your body and press downwards on the button and you should do a spread eagle, thus breaking your face and body. Be sure to set a marker as its hard to get back, unless you have it in your locations>>spawn points.)

Gender Bender
Change your skater's gender

You can get this upon starting the game, if you want to play as a girl like I did or get the trophy out of the way, instead. Just remember that some clothes are only for a specific gender and will result in losing some, until you change back. If you choose to get later, go to edit skater => body modifications => gender => accept and the trophy should unlock. Note that people will comment on how you dress online, I got three phone numbers, very awkward and a lot of comments on my skater's look. It's mostly an all-male community so if you're a girl going for the plat, then either play as a male skater or change your privacy settings and ignore any messages as people tend to get creepy online.

Credit to Roronora Zoro for the video.

Perform one grass gap of at least 10 meters or 30 feet in career mode

I completed this challenge by doing a community level. Its located at the "Top of The E", which requires HoM challenges to be completed. It will be found in "locations" => "spawn points => "Top of the E". Will unlock via HoM challenge or for completing all film challenges for Danny Way. Just jump over the tower and by that I mean through the giant amount of space within the tower, use the incline near the end of the ramp to do so and you will get trophy afterwards.

Perform one stair gap of at least 12 meters or 36 feet in career mode

I got this during a photo challenge for Thrasher. Its called “3rd Set’s a Charm.” You will need to gap the 3rd set of stairs, which just happens to fit the requirement. The way I tackled it was ollie the 1st set, then ollie to the wall and slid down rather than gap the 2nd set, then use the speed to gap over the last and final set with 36-40 feet. If you complete it, either retry or continue and redo it either with a set marker to try out, or press in challenge map => career => thrasher => then click the photo challenge to retry. It requires some timing and speed but otherwise, it shouldn't be a hassle.

Break 100 bones in career mode

If you keep wiping out at high speeds, crashing into cars, or bail at the worst times this should come naturally. You will also get this trophy just by doing the Hall of Meat challenges as breaking bones and bailing in different ways are a necessity towards it. The best places I recommend to try this is in SV Dam, Lindley Tower, and the Big Spill. All of those require some HoM challenges to be completed to unlock. You won’t receive a message for every bone you break, only if a HoM challenge is completed or you surpass a previous record. You can always check the stats menu in Skate.Profile: Career to check bones broken. The trophy will pop randomly if you keep bailing at high speeds, falling at high heights, bailing in any way, or completing HoM challenges.

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Playing Nice Together
Complete your first online freeskate activity with your created skater

Refer to Active Skater for further info.

Cooperation is key
Complete 50 online freeskate activities with your created skater

Refer to Active Skater for further info.

Taste The Mongo
Mongo Push 5000 times in career mode

This is cumulative. I recommend playing the game from the start always using rather than to pick up speed for fliptricks and grinding. The main difference between the two is that a mongo push "" is using the right foot to move and pick up speed, meanwhile, a regular push "" is using the left foot to move and pick up speed You can always check your progress in the stats menu, just go to "skate.profile: career" and scroll down to see the current progress. It’s shown in "Mongo Pushes" below "Pushes", near the bottom of the stats menu. If you want a quick way to do it, just play deathraces, you'll need speed to win, anyhow. There is no definite quick way except beat all the game has to offer and this should unlock eventually, the more you play using it, the better your chances. I'm not sure if online contributes but if anyone could let me know if it contributes toward it, I'll add it and credit where need be.

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Complete all paths in career mode

You will need to obtain all this for ‘Perfectionist’ to unlock.
  1. Get both magazine covers (Thrasher and Skateboard Mag)
    The challenges needed are already listed in each designated location, to further unlock the coverage, you will need to complete some film challenges, a few pro challenges to get the ball rolling for SBM. For Thrasher, you will need to find all 7 pools, drain them, then complete a photo challenge afterwards. Thrasher will take some time and practice, as requirements are a bit confusing, just hang in there.
  2. Get all sponsors(Board, Shoe, Truck, Wheels)
    In order to obtain all sponsors you must first complete all requirements which are: completing all Street Contests, Tranny Contests, Cover of Thrasher, and Cover of Skateboard Magazine. Whichever you do last will unlock the trophy and designated trophy for the challenge completed.
  3. Complete all of Danny Way's Challenges
    One of the easiest if you glitch out Danny Way in the first challenge he gives. Just pace a table or any big object covering his path, and he’ll be stuck. All objects are found in the left area above the steps or near the entrance of the Megaramp. Just move and place the object in his ramp (1st ramp) then start the challenge and watch Danny fail repeatedly, once done proceed through the course and complete it, and you wont have to worry about losing to Danny by 5-10 seconds. He is really fast and coordinated, so if you choose to do without glitching plan ahead with shortcuts. This isn’t the same one as in skate., it has a lot of reconstruction since then, so don’t think it’ll be simple the first time around as going to slow will result in you getting stuck on the ramp with no way up, jumping on the ramp will result in you bailing or messing up and breaking a few bones which aren’t shown and respawn on ground floor of ramp, if luckily back where you were. Going too fast will result in a torpedo hitting the wall or tripping and flying far far away. Always be sure to place a marker before starting. >> I messed up 12 times before making it right and beat Danny Way on the 15th time. had to keep restarting. use the glitch to better assist you. The rest of the challenges are self-explanatory as he teaches you as you go along, like a tutorial.
  4. Complete all of Rob's Challenges
    Rob Dyrdek gives some very tedious challenges. Unless, you’re some prodigy who beat all of these in an hour, you’re looking to waste anywhere between 1-2 hours for each challenge. They are 1 min each, but every time you retry the challenge for missing a requirement, bailing, running out of time, messing up a fliptrick, etc. The time passes you by, making it seem annoyingly prolonged. An easy way is to practice it before accepting. Such as starting challenge, see requirements needed, quitting, then setting up a marker, and trying out over and over until you memorized it, and just press return to session marker when you failed or care to retry, not get a message every time you mess up. it gets fairly irritating and tedious. Try to make use of markers individually and you save yourself the stress that goes with the challenge. Also remember some require timing as they seem impossible to land if going to fast, when given a challenge take it slow, so you have room to flip and land, and not rush, trip, and retry. The challenges are tough, if done correctly and timed perfectly, they’ll seem easy afterwards.
  5. Beat all Tranny Contests
    These will all seem easy to you if you like doing tricks for no apparent reason. no skill really needed, just land combos every now and again, like flip to grind to flip to flip to flip. All 3 flips while grinding, if possible. You can also land inverts before getting air on a halfpipe; body flips, spins, and fliptricks while in mid-air. All this accounts to it, as its a jam session. A good example if struggling play this online and practice with people.
  6. Beat all Street Contests
    Same as above, but this applies to combos (lines) which are tricks done before landing or stopping if you can use a manual to your advantage. The manual method nets you a lot of points but requires a fast speed, and tricks to be performed consecutively with manuals to keep the flow going. So an example is shuv-it to manual to heelflip to manual to 360 flip to manual, etc. To land a manual press down on the right stick gently to land, too fast and nothing will happen, press gently upwards for a nose manual. Both are essential if trying to tackle quickly but require a lot of skill, timing, and knowledge of tricks. Again, check online for examples, usually found in Spot matches, Best Trick matches, or jam sessions. If you’re a noob like me, just make a small combo using the rails or ramps to your advantage. Also note of possible work-arounds presented either above or near you. Always be cautious, and if getting beaten by a rival, either shut him down with a quick trick or restart to get a higher score trick. Remember that you must win 1st in at least two, as it’ll be hard to come-back if you won only one.
  7. Purchased both properties
    To purchase both properties you first need a lot of money. You can get this by either betting all in for deathraces and restart if you lose, playing ranked matches online, you’ll get money by leveling up winning matches, depending on your level, the money can be $500-$1500 if won and $150-$1000 if lost. You’ll need legend rank (5000+ XP to get bonus cash). You’ll only get money if you at least made an effort like land a simple trick, as being idle will get you no XP or money, depending on ranked match. You can also hustle the pros in throwdown challenges using the glitch.
  8. Win all Deathraces
    To win all races, you must first unlock it with the Memorial Race. To win a race, you first have to pick up speed. Just tap or buttons, whichever you prefer and maintain speed by pressing down the button, or pressing or . You must turn early if you’re going too fast for a turn. Also, note, you don’t need to follow the checkpoints as long as you have time remaining you can use shortcuts to cut through the finish line Don’t bail too much, or else competitors will catch up and you’ll lose precious time. Use fliptricks if going to slow, also make use of manuals and the brake : if you need to slow down a bit, Be wary of its use.
  9. Completed all Demos for your board sponsor
    There are only 2 demos, which will be presented to you randomly, these may be done anywhere and have a time limit/retry feature. If they dont have time limits be sure to take your time and land slowly and cautiously. If they do, don’t rush, but make sure you know the tricks needed for requirements and how to perform them. I’ll add more info and videos as they become necessary.
  10. Finish Team challenges "Streety Mcstreet" and "Air BLAOW!"
    These challenges are tricky, but easy with a video, as theres at least one or two requirements that sound impossible. Best to do early before the fundraiser is presented and these are blocked for the time being. You’ll need three be sure to at least do one of these or both, if possible. Don’t hesitate after everything is completed and be lost and confused on it. Here are two videos:
    Credit to Мадер Факер for the video.

    Here are requirements:
    1. Fliptrick to grind to Fliptrick (Heelflip to rail to heelflip or shuvit out)
    2. Nosemanual to Fliptrick to Manual (The video shows a quick and easy way, requires good timing though, you need to be idle move upwards with to nosemanny then flip out with a heelflip or shuvit then land with a downwards once flipped to land on cue. very easy, yet tricky)
    3. Grind to turn (Just turn using the right stick to a 180 degree and gently come down to count)

    Credit to taxlu for the video

    Here are Requirements:
    1. 540 Tweaked Grab(Just spin 3 times around with and be sure to press any direction when holding or l2:, and land for it to count.)
    2. 360 Fliptrick (A basic move should unlock with the 1st requirements or by accident, very basic)
    3. 720 Anything (You’ll need a lot of speed and turn quickly very fast, use a shuvit or heelfip as they’re easier to land, you can also land in a footplant to get an added turn, but must be landed perfectly or you’ll trip and fall, and have to retry, do this first.)
Ollies and Nollies aren’t considered fliptricks and will not count.

Note: The Hall of Meat challenges are not necessary for this trophy, neither are the pro challenges, although they have their respected individual trophies.

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*Reserved for future use*.

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add-on contents, bmx is for noobs, handstands, skate. classic spots, skateboarding, spot battles

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