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Silent Hill 3 HD
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Default Silent Hill 3 HD Road Map and Trophy Guide

Another guide has been chosen as the preferred guide for this game.
This thread has been closed and is not maintained and as a result may contain outdated or incorrect information. Please follow the link below for the preferred guide.


-Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
-Offline (breakdown)- 22
-Online (breakdown)- 0
-Approximate amount of time to 100%- 12-18 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed- 3.5-4.5
-Number of missable trophies- All except your ending
-Glitched trophies- None
-Does difficulty affect trophies?- Nope
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?- None

To make this even easier I highly suggest dying 3 times to unlock Beginner Mode. You must die 3 times on the same save file. After your third death you will get a notification that you unlocked Beginner Mode under Extra Options. Start a new game with Action Difficulty set to easy, Once you have control of Heather open up the options menu, press R1, and turn on Beginner Mode. It makes the game absurdly easy, bosses will go down in 5 shots and you will practically have infinite health


Playthrough 1
After dying 3 times , start a new game. Once it begins open up the options and press R1 to access extra options. Turn on Beginner Mode here. In this trophy we will knock out all timed boss battle trophies , Makes My Head Hurt, I'm Normal I Promise , Ninja, and possibly Adrenaline Rush. Depending on your play style you will unlock some special weapons but more information on that is in the guide

Playthrough 2
You will be going for the Possessed Ending this time. You must kill 100+ enemies , forgive the person in the Church , and take 2,000 points of damage. More information is in the guide. You will also be picking up some special weapons this time for various trophies

Playthrough 3
Before firing up another round, at the main menu select the Costume option and type in PrincessHeart. Fire up the game and you will get Where's Luna. Go for kills. Remember you need 333 kills across all playthroughs to unlock the Heather Beam for If Looks Could Kill and Greatest Dad Ever

Playthrough 4
If you don't have 333 total kills yet you will need another playthrough. So skip this step until then.
Honestly though you should get roughly 120 kills per play so 3 should ideally be enough to hit 333.
This will be half a playthrough as going for the UFO Ending ends the game halfway. Simply kill 30 enemies with the Heather Beam before reaching your apartment

Trophy Guide

I Guess it's Time to Roll the CreditsUnlock all Trophies in SH3.

Duh, unlock them all

I'm Normal I PromiseUnlock the "Normal" ending.

You will earn this ending no matter what on your first play

It Was All in Your HeadUnlock the "Possesed" ending.

I suggest doing this on Normal because you will most likely need
to take anywhere between 1500-2000 damage to help front the 4000
point requirement. Killing an enemy is worth 10 points and choosing to
forgive the person in the church is worth 1000. An alternate method
is to stock up on healing items and allow the final boss to pummel
you before killing it. For reference I used 7 Ampoules, 3 First Aid Kits, and 18
health drinks during the final fight (this was actually all I used during the game) on easy

Coolest. Dad. Ever.Unlock the "UFO" ending.

Kill 30 enemies with the Heather Beam and you will get this ending
upon reaching your apartment. Once unlocking the Heather Beam start a new game. To use the Heather Beam attack with nothing equipped. Even on easy you should atleast reach 50 kills by the Apartments. See If Looks Could kill for more info

Adrenaline JunkieComplete SH3 in 3 hours or less.

Getting under the time is extremely easy since scenes , menus, and more
don't even count. Here is an exceptional guide
Alternatively just do the UFO ending and it's guaranteed

Wall BasherAcquire the Silencer.

You will reach a point where you must push a bed mattress down a hole.
Don't do it and instead look for a discolored wall to break with your pipe.
The Silencer is right here

There's a New Sheriff in TownAcquire the Beam Saber.

Defeat more enemies via fighting or complete the game in Extra New Game. It will be on a door
at the end of the 2nd floor in the normal Shopping Center in an Extra New Game. Just examine the door to get it.

Thanks to xKirbz for the following video

Flame OnAcquire the Flamethrower.

Defeat more enemies by guns or complete the game in Extra New Game.
It will be in Helen's Bakery in your next playthrough and practically unmissable

What the Hill Just Happened?Acquire the Gold and Silver pipes.

On an Extra New Game after frying the sewer monster examine the water.
Select No, No, Yes

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Makes My Head HurtComplete SH3 with 2 saves or less.

Refer to the overview and enable Beginner mode. There are some spots where you
can still die. In the Subway you will examine a door that signals a train to come. You have plenty of time to get back on the tracks so if Heather refuses to cooperate and would rather autoaim at dogs, honestly just kill them. You have roughly 30 seconds before instant death which is plenty of time. For another death; use your pendant when in the church with Claudia. I know this is vague but you will know what I mean. There is a part in the Underground Concourse where you will come to a room with a memo about a water monster across the bridge in the next room. DO NOT attempt to proceed until you use the Dryer on the outlet frying the monster. This area is also where you get the Gold/Silver pipes. Sometimes heading to far down the Subway tracks can result in an instant death. Finally in the Amusement Park area in the Haunted Mansion you can die while running from the red mist so if you get stuck quickly pause and heal. If you're very new to Silent Hill 3 I strongly recommending doing this trophy on a subsequent run. Choosing to continue counts as a save by the way- ALWAYS load after dying

If Looks Could KillUnlock the Heather Beam.

Accumulate 333 kills across your save file. Unlocks at game result screen

Where's Luna?Equip the "Princess Heart" costume.

After completing an Extra New Game , select costumes at the main menu
and type in PrincessHeart. Start another Extra New Game

Heather's Got a GunAcquire the Unlimited Submachine Gun.

Defeat the final boss with a melee weapon , preferably the Katana. Only the final blow must be struck with a weapon for it to register so take advantage of that. The Unlimited Submachine Gun will be sitting on some boxes after leaving the mall through the window in the beginning on an Extra New Game

Pest ControlDefeat Split Worm in under 2 minutes.

See Blasphemy

Eye For an EyeDefeat Missionary in under 2 minutes.

See Blasphemy

A Time to KillDefeat Leonard in under 3 minutes.

See Blasphemy

Lost MemoryDefeat Memory of Alessa in under 3 minutes.

See Blasphemy

BlasphemyDefeat God in under 8 minutes.

The overview explains how to activate Beginner Mode. You will have
ABSOLUTELY NO ISSUES doing this as every boss dies in 2-5 bullets
no matter the weapon. My time for The God was 20 seconds

This Isn't an FPS!Defeat at least 75 enemies by shooting in SH3.

Self explanatory but must be done in 1 play. Stomping enemies after shooting them still counts as a fighting kill, so shoot until you see a puddle of blood

They Look like Monsters to You?Defeat at least 75 enemies by fighting in SH3.

Self-explanatory, I suggest Beginner mode and the knife , then the Katana
upon getting it

HoarderPick up at least 100 items in SH3.

Unmissable, there's items everywhere

NinjaReceive less than 500 points of damage in one game, in SH3.

Read the overview and activate Beginner Mode. You will have practically infinite health. 100 damage = 1 life bar.

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Thanx for the info. This will help me with my first silent hill HD experience, which is about to commence right now.
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Wow... a LOT easier than SH2. Thanks for the guide, man.
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thanks for the guide i'm still in my 1st playthrough and the trophies seem easy to get
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cool! it's a long way easier than sh2! easy and satisfying platinum!
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Bit confused, killed myself 3 times as suggested and couldnt find any mention of beginner mode, only easy. Is that the same?

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Originally Posted by saintdave View Post
Bit confused, killed myself 3 times as suggested and couldnt find any mention of beginner mode, only easy. Is that the same?
Are you dying 3 times in the same game? You should get a notification. I'll update the guide with more decisive instructions
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Also this is my first guide so constructive criticism is definitely welcome. Some stuff may seem vague but it's an extremely straight-forward trophy list once you know ... well what I've told you
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There is another place for instant death, in the tunnels there is a room with a bridge and water underneath, a tentacle well come out and grab you(use the item you found to get across of course). Also continues count towards your overall saves as well.
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