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Silent Hill 2 HD
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Jul 11, 2012 Silent Hill HD Collection is Finally Patched on PS3
Mar 07, 2012 Silent Hill HD Collection Coming on March 29th
Mar 01, 2012 Silent Hill HD Collection Given a Proper March Release Date
Jan 27, 2012 Silent Hill HD Collection Getting Separate PSN Releases?
Jan 09, 2012 Silent Hill HD Collection Delayed

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Old March 30th, 2012, 10:57 AM   #31
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Link it next time so we can be on the same page..... hive minded and all that.

Fine I'll go YouTube my own video and gather some of my own conclusions....

Like this

I don't really get it I mean maybe Maria picked up a smoking habit, but other than that... it didn't sound that outrageously bad. But I do agree, it did sound worse.

As for graphical....

Can't really see any problems with YouTube either... I mean it looks pretty much equivalent to Resident Evil 4's graphic conversion, which putting RE4 and RECV together and calling that a collection much like SH2 and SH3 collection is about the same, price wise, at least until SH HD Collection gets a price drop, and then it'll be the victor, as far as price is concerned.

Although, now coming to learn that these projects are headed by Westerners and not some Japanese man I'm a lot less interested... but will do more research on the subject on who's ideas these HD remakes actually are...

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Old March 30th, 2012, 11:39 AM   #32
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Originally Posted by R353ARCH D35TROY View Post
Link it next time so we can be on the same page..... hive minded and all that.
Check this thread, plenty of links/comparisons/examples in there. Not sure if I'd recommend reading through all that for those who've never played the games before, though. But to those who have, that thread has pretty much all the info.

Originally Posted by SubZero89 View Post
In fact I retract what I said earlier, I won't be buying it later. Iv just seen a clip of audio cut from the very 1st sequence in SH3 as well as the pathetic voice over during combat. Thank u Konami

Thank u for shitting on the months & months of anticipation I had for this release. Thank u for ruining the 1 chance I had to play these amazing games.
There has been too much negative feedback; I'm still expecting Konami to at least make some improvements through means of a patch. If they really just leave it like this, then they're just plain stupid.

Though I have noticed they're planning to offer Silent Hill 1 for free to PSN+ members next week. Interesting timing, it's almost like... an apology.

Retired, but my trophy collection will always be here! ^_^
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Old March 30th, 2012, 12:50 PM   #33
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Thumbs down

Well I bought the Japanese version yesterday. Pure coincidence but my PS3 broke when I put in the disk. From then on no disks worked. So today I bought a new 320GB and first thing I tried was Silent Hill HD. And boy does it suck, nothing seems to have been fixed at all. Almost all the problems described are still there and I found some annoying problems of my own. I honestly think this is the worst port ever.

I have only played each for 30mins on each game and the problems just stick out like a sore thumb. I had a massive moan about the game and its problems over at gamefaqs earlier, there is a lot of moaning about the game over there, it is almost epidemic. Haha.

Once I get my double plat I am selling this asap.

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Old March 30th, 2012, 02:31 PM   #34
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The fog is blocky as hell I noticed, and it stutters loads. plus I have just had to turn it off because I got a killer head ache.

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Old March 30th, 2012, 03:07 PM   #35
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Konami always not respect the fans change everything all time
except MGS
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bad port, hd collection, ps3, psn, silent hill, trophy

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