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Originally Posted by Phiona View Post
I don't know GorgeousDre, if you're truly the greatest then you should release your tactics for everyone to use so you can help them out, and other players will still not be able to beat your time as you are "the greatest".

Otherwise, you're just someone who spends a lot of time finding the best exploit, and there are undoubtedly people out there who would beat you but have better things to do with their time.

Still, congrats for doing a great time, but you would get much more positive responses if you learnt to be a little modest. People are just going to hate you and think you're a tool otherwise. :
I agree with you....
Here you should give advices to others...and the worts thing is saying "I'm the're the worst"...Ok clap're better...I've got only 90% of shatter trophyies...
I agree noone shouldn't boost trophyes but here we talk about strategies.'re the best in the shatter...
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Originally Posted by Phiona View Post
I don't know GorgeousDre, if you're truly the greatest then you should release your tactics for everyone to use so you can help them out
It's blatantly apparent that GorgeousDre isn't interested in helping anybody. At the time of writing, he has 27 posts exclusively within this section of the forum and none of them offer any useful input on Shatter trophies. His post history is a litany of efforts to draw attention to his Boss Rush results and nothing more.

In all of his pant-wetting self excitement he overlooks the fact that nobody is interested in his times, nor the leader-board, but just the trophy - and anything that will help them to obtain it.

To that end, the video on the previous page and a little bit of practice should be all we need. Less troll feeding, more collaboration!
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I got a bit bored and thought I'd step into this thread again.

Well, I'm sure Bruce Lee's kung fu master was very proud that he'd produced a fighter who was better than himself. Without the first master, we wouldn't get Bruce Lee - maybe one day GorgeousDre will realise that he'd still be credited with being the best Shatter player even if someone came along and beat his time using his strategies.

If I discovered a strategy/trick to a game that no one had thought of, I'd be dying to tell the whole world so that I could get credit for it before anyone else. The thing is, Shatter is now old hat, so I can't really see anyone bothering with it to be honest.

I mean, does anyone care about, say, who's got the fastest time in Beat Zico? We're all pretty happy to get 30.82 seconds. And what about Beat Bravo? I'm sure everyone's happy to score 9,345 points to get that trophy.
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Yes, it is possible.

* take a look at the leaderboard top-2 time *
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A little advice for those who are going to try to get The Boss, it'd be a good idea to practice having 4 lives on the screen at once and to juggle them around the area. This is especially useful for a few of the bosses for sure Unfortunately not the case w/ the bosses like Cold Shoulder, Over-reactor etc. Good luck everyone!!
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GourgeousDre, if you're still out there please could you give us some tips on how to get under 10 mins? I'm nowhere close. Don't care about getting sub 9 or 8 or 5, just want the trophy. Have absolutely no interest in being the number one player, and if I did I'm sure I wouldn't be able to anyway.

So please give us some of your quick tricks for getting rid of bosses. Like the one you said can finish off the Clock Block boss in 20 secs.

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