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Default The Know It All (Answers to Questions)

This guide is to help you get The Know It All trophy if you are having trouble. If you already have all other trophies you can delete your save file and create a new one. Doing that will most likely repeat questions you already know your first time through allowing you to get all the answers correct in a game. There are 14 different categories in the game and each game has 7 categories you will have to answer from. With that however there is always 2 movie clip questions and a quick pitch round. All the questions below are divided up into each category. You will always get hints towards answers, so take your time with questions you aren't sure what the answer is.


Back to the Future
What is the first thing Marty orders? Tab
What year does Marty travel back to? 1955
What color is Marty’s vest? Red
Name the actor who was originally cast as Marty McFly in Back to the Future. Eric Stoltz

A Few Good Men
What colorful “code” was Pfc. Downey ordered to give Pfc. Santiago? Red
Name the actress prepping Downey. Demi Moore
According to the scene, when did Downey enter Santiago’s room? The night of the 6th
Demi Moore plays a Navy SEAL trainee in what movie? G.I. Jane

Name the actor riding the horse. Tobey Maguire
What race is he pretending to ride in? The Santa Anita Handicap
Seabiscuit takes place during what turbulent time in US history? The Great Depression
Who plays Seabiscuit’s owner in the film? Jeff Bridges

Name the actress who plays Molly. Demi Moore
What is the name of Whoopi Goldberg’s character, a role that won her an Oscar? Oda Mae Brown
What did Sam spill on Molly’s shirt? A margarita
What film earned Whoopi Goldberg her first Oscar nomination? The Color Purple

Meet the Parents
What is Pam’s sister’s name? Debbie
Where is Debbie’s fiancé, Dr. Bob, from. Denver
Name the actor who plays Pam’s dad. Robert De Niro
What comedy stars Robert De Niro as a mob boss and Billy crystal as his psychiatrist? Analyze This

Angels & Demons
Angels & Demons is based on the novel by which author? Dan Brown
What number does Langdon keep seeing in his research? 503
Robert Langdon thinks the clue 503 refers to banned texts by which scientist? Galileo
Who plays Camerlengo Patrick McKenna in the film? Ewan McGregor

Beverly Hills Cop
Who has Axel Foley come to the gallery to see? Miss Summers
What does it say on Axel’s t-shirt? Mumford Phys. Ed. Dept.
Who plays Serge in this scene? Bronson Pinchot
In what classic sitcom did Bronson Pinchot play Balki Bartokomous? Perfect Strangers

Social Network
What university do Mark and Eduardo attend? Harvard
Name the actor who pulls double duty in the film, as twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. Armie Hammer
What item does Mark use as an analogy for his website’s legality? A chair
Name the writer who took home an Oscar for the film’s screenplay. Aaron Sorkin

Forrest Gump
Who does Forrest greet in the scene? Miss Louise
What world leader is shown on the ping-pong paddles with Forrest? Mao Zedong
Name the actress who plays Forrest’s momma. Sally Field
Sally Field won her first Oscar for playing a young single mother in what film? Norma Rae

When Harry Met Sally
According to Harry, what gets in the way of men and women being friends? Sex
After several miscues, on what holiday do Harry and Sally finally get together for good? New Year’s Eve
Who wrote When Harry Met Sally… and directed Sleepless in Seattle? Nora Ephron
What actor does Meg Ryan fall in love with in Sleepless in Seattle…? Tom Hanks

What ancient culture believes the world will end in 2012? Mayan
Name the actor driving the car. John Cusack
What causes the Earth’s core temperature to rise? Solar flare
John cusack plays a man who debunks paranormal occurrences in what numbered thriller? 1408

Name the actor who plays time-traveling soldier, Kyle Reese. Michael Biehn
What self-aware, artificial intelligence sends the Terminator to 1984? Skynet
How many people were sent back to kill the Terminator? One
Name the actore who plays Kyle Reese in 2009’s Terminator Salvation. Anton Yelchin

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“You’re the last one. I’ve killed all the others. It’ll be easier for you than it was for_____.” Jason
“Let’s just pretend he’s some escaped lunatic with a ____ and we’re doing everybody a favor.” hook for a hand
“You hang up on me again I’ll gut you like a ____.” fish
“Then when it’s over, your phone rings, someone knows you watched the ______…” tape

“He’s playing fetch… with my kids… he’s treating my kids like they’re ______.” dogs
“Sunnyside is a place of ruin and despair, ruled by an evil ____ who smells of strawberries.” bear
“Don’t you remember the time you told me ’If you ain’t first, you’re ______’.?” last
“Why are you peppering the steak? You don’t know if _____ like pepper.” tigers

“Neil, you are dark on the rock. The mission is _____. You have 21 minutes…” a ‘go’
“This _____ is a game preserve. And we’re the game.” planet
“The Force runs strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. And my _____ has it.” sister
“Everything is backwards now, like out there is the true world, and in here is the ____.” dream


Field of Dreams
In addition to Field of Dreams, the 1919 Chicago White Sox appear in what 1988 film? Eight Men Out
In addition to Jennifer Hudson, which Dreamgirls actor also received an Oscar nomination for their supporting role in the film? Eddie Murphy

What song was written, recorded and filmed after grease had already finished shooting, but went on to earn the musical its only Oscar nomination? “Hopelessly Devoted to You”
What Oscar-nominated song plays while Ren McCormack teaches Willard Hewitt how to dance in the film’s classic montage training scene. “Lets hear it for the boy”

Some of these I couldn't keep up with as they scrolled by

Hole guard - Harold E. Cope Jr. - The Shawshank Redemption
Marvin - - Pulp Fiction
Military Advisor - Richard - Apocalypse Now
W.W. Beauchamp Saul Rubinek - Unforgiven

NASA scientist - Lindsey - Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Himself - Casey Kasem - Ghostbusters
Stanford - Kal Penn - Superman Returns
Directed by _ Barry Sonnenfeld - Men in Black

Sleepless in Seattle
While Sam is speaking to a radio show host over the phone from Seattle, in which city is Annie listening to his story being broadcast? Baltimore
Pretty Woman
How much does Edward offer Vivian to stay the entire week with him? $3,000

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (2 mine carts on a railroad track)
In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, where do Short Round and Indy meet Willie? Shanghai
Mission: Impossible II (birds flying with two motorcycles)
Dougray Scott was slated to play which x-men character but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts with Mission: Impossible II. Wolverine

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For some of the story plot ones I didn't get all of the answer
The Rock
Pearl Harbor
Bad Boys II

The Color Purple
Catch Me If You Can

Cinderella Man

The Color of Money
Cape Fear
Gangs of New York
Shutter Island

Wolverine fights weapon XI a the island
Wolverine battles at Statue of Liberty
Wolverine fights Lady Deathstrike
Woverine fights phoenix at Worthington Labs

Vampire baseball
Jacob reveals he is a werewolf
Alice and Bella race to Italy to save Edward
The newborns attack!

Jack Sparrow kills Barbossa
Jack Sparrow is worshipped as a God on Pelegosto
Jack Sparrow is rescured from Davy Jone’s Locker
Jack Sparrow searches for the fountain of youth

Marty travels to 1955 to help his parents
Marty travels back to 1955 to get the sports almanac
Marty travels to 2015
Marty travels to 1985 to save doc brown

*** PIXEL FLIX ***

Independence Day (Helicopter taking off with White House blowing up)
Name the actor who plays President Thomas J. Whitmore in Independence Day? Bill Pullman
Minority Report (Ball swirling down a tube)
In minority report, Agatha, Arthur and Dashiell are future-seeing precogs named after three historical figures that were all famous for what? Writing mystery novels

The Rock (guy holding green container coming in from left of the screen)
The film’s title refers to what US landmark? Alcatraz Island
Tombstone (people running with house on fire)
The film is based on what famous event in Old West history? The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
*** ROLE CALL ***
John Spartan - Sylvester Stallone
Olympias - Angelina Jolie
Elliot Wilhelm - Dwayne Johnson
Rain Ocampo - Michelle Rodriguez

Ray Arnold - Samuel L. Jackson
Cody Maverick - Shia LaBeouf
Blackburn - Orlando Bloom
Elaine - Zoe Saldana


Air Force One
Gary Oldman faces off against what actor in Leon: The Professional? Jean Reno
Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle
Name the comedian that took over the role of Bosley in Charlie’s Angel’s: Full Throttle. Bernie Mac

Near what mountain does the Mariner find Dryland? Mount Everest
Chris Pine
Which Enterprise crew member does Kirk meet on the icy planet Delta Vega? Scotty

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The Deacon leads what band of pirates in Waterworld? Smokers
Star Trek
Name the actor who plays James Kirk’s father, George, in Star Trek. Chris Hemsworth

Wanted (candle lit by a tube of ice)
What object determines who The Fraternity should kill in Wanted? The Loom of Fate
Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (sitting in chair legs split)
Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz won an MTV movie award in which category? Best On-Screen Team
Saving Private Ryan (two soldiers on with a RPG)
Matt Damon is part of an army cover-up in which movie? Courage Under Fire
Demi Moore (Molding a clay pot, white sleeveless shirt)
Which actor made a million dollar offer to spend the night with Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal? Robert Redford

*** WHO AM I? ***

Before donning suspenders on the small screen, I was a stand-up comedy sensation - Robin Williams
Early in my career I played a charming murderer in The Minus Man - Owen Wilson
I joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 1991 - Adam Sandler
I originated the role of Betsy Stewart on the soap As the World Turns in the 1980s - Meg Ryan

I have co-starred with Mel Gibson, Nick Nolte and Brad Pitt - Julia Roberts
I’m a native New Yorker who got my start on Broadway - Al Pacino
I took on Sondheim on Broadway in A Little Night Music in 2009 - Catherine Zeta-Jones
I made my directorial debut in 1991 with The Indian Runner… - Sean Penn


Top Gun (Microphone laying on ground)
Name the actor who plays Lt. Topper Harley in the Top Gun spoof Hot Shots! Charlie Sheen
2 Fast 2 Furious (2 cars about to race)
Name the character, a series regular, that doesn’t appear in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Dominic Toretto


Forrest Gump - Tom Hanks
Independence Day - Will Smith
Spider-Man - Tobey Maguire
Titanic - Leonardo DiCaprio

Mr. and Mrs. Smith - Angelina Jolie
Hancock - Charlize Theron
Kill Bill Vol. 1 - Uma Thurman
Resident Evil - Milla Jovovich

Eraser - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Demolition Man - Sylvester Stallone
Masters of the Universe - Dolph Lundgren
Hard Target - Jean-Claude Van Damme

Knocked Up - Katherine Heigl
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - Kate Hudson
There’s Something About Mary - Cameron Diaz
Valentine’s Day - Jessica Alba

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Jigsaw - Saw
Video camera - Paranormal Activity
Directed by Sam Raimi - Drag Me To Hell
Freddy Krueger - A Nightmare on Elm Street
Neve Campbell - Scream
Demonic possession - The Exorcist
Ryan Phillippe - I Know What You Did Last Summer
VHS tape - The Ring
Miner - My Bloody Valentine 3D
Plane Crash - The Final Destination

Laurence Fishbourne - Apocalypse Now
Jennifer Connelly - Blood Diamond
Cameo by Tom Cruise - Tropic Thunder
Doesn’t star Matt Damon - Days of Thunder
Vin Diesel - Saving Private Ryan
Directed by the Coen brothers - True Grit
Former CIA Agent - The Bourne Supremacy
Assassins - Wanted
Will Smith - Hancock
Based on a TV series - Miami Vice

Based on novel by Neil Gaiman - Stardust
Hugh Jackman - Van Helsing
Kate Beckinsale - underworld: Evolution
Hayden Christensen - Jumper
Directed by J.J. Abrams - Super 8
Denzel Washington - The Book of Eli
Krippen Virus - I Am Legend
Charlize Theron - Aeon Flux
Spinning top - Inception
Directed by Roland Emmerich - Stargate

Harrison Ford - Air Force One
Rebecca De Mornay - The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
Based on novel by Tom Clancy - The Sum of All Fears
Gene Hackman - Enemy of the State
Pet rabbit - Fatal Attraction
Julia Stiles - The Bourne Ultimatum
One-armed man - The Fugitive
Sharon Stone - Sliver
Julia Roberts - Sleeping with the Enemy
Brainwashed assassin - The Manchurian Candidate

Cameron Diaz - The Mask
Curly - City Slickers
Directed by Harold Ramis - Analyze This
Anne Hathaway - Get Smart
Chicago - Barbershop
Kopi Luwak coffee - The Bucket List
William Shatner - Miss Congeniality
Jenna Fischer - Walk hard: The Dewey Cox Story
Lloyd Christmas - Dumb & Dumber
Kate Hudson - You, Me and Dupree

Directed by George Lucas - Star Wars: A new hope
Tom Cruise - war of the Worlds
Directed by Steven Spielberg - Raiders of the Lost Ark
W.O.P.R - WarGames
Frozen in Carbonite - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Edward Norton - The Italian Job
“You can’t handle the truth” - A Few Good Men
Omega Sector - True Lies
Dr. Ian Malcolm - Jurassic Park
Based on the novel by Robert Ludlum - The Bourne Identity

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reserved .....

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Here are some more. They're only the answers because I didn't have the time to type the question as well but they should be good enough.

Movie Clips

Saving Private Ryan
Steven Spielberg
Catch Me If You Can
Band of Brothers

Who Am I?

Gary Oldman
Ewan McGregor
Leonardo Dicaprio
Cate Blanchette

Role Call

Al Pacino
Nicole Kidman
Liam Nieson
Denzel Washington

Pixel Flix

Austin Powers in Goldmember
Sea bass
Teen Wolf
Jason Bateman


Meet the Parents
A video camera

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