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I thought it was but itīs actually quite simple; go to New York, subway. Put the difficulty on Hardened. You will see a large group of enemies but just run towards it with e.g your shotgun and hit some enemies with it's secondary fire.

Now go and freeze the ravager completely, so u can see spikes. Then straight away pull out your Mutator and shoot its secondary fire into the ravager. When it starts to puke wait a little and then throw a molotov. When you done it right you will see it dying with this yellowish bubble in its stomach, while burning.. Repeat this 4 times.

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well, i was tired of trying to get this trophy so after reading a couple of threads what i did was, set difficulty to NORMAL, the sequence was POISON, FREEZE and then wait until they meltdown aiming to their legs with the SHOTGUN secondary fire ready to pull the trigger, and got it after 2 tries, i was stuck 2/4 for ten hours, then 5 minutes later finally got this f****** and annoying trophy!! HOPE THIS HELPS
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You can get this on any difficulty. I did in it in casual for it took a few minutes more than I expected it to be. You'll eventually get it. I found the Medusa Trophy harder than this.
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c'mon folks the most easiest and a 2 minutes trophy max including medusa is at the Graterford , PA pits, this is how i did it, firstly i got the medusa out of the way.

method: as soon as you arrive at the pit DO NOT JUMP DOWN just get your cryo and mutator ready, and randomly fire your cryo around the pit until you gather five grims for a easy kill for medusa trophy, this credit goes to pst3 user "chrisarny"

now kill yourself to start from the same checkpoint and do the same method but this time FREEZE the suckers wait 2 sec, then fire the poison and finally barbecue the suckers with a nice cocktail molotov might have to do this twice as it sometimes doest register all kills.

ps got it with my first try, lucky me..

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at first this trophy was really hard but then I tried it on the big guys in the train tunnel and it worked amazingly. Just gas them (it takes them forever to turn), start freezing them until they are really blue (You don't need frozen solid) then light them on fire with something.
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