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Old 12-28-2011, 05:48 PM   #201
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Thanks for the Guide..

Now i only need to beat profesional to get Platinium

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My first platinum and not a particularly difficult one really. Underappreciated game too, though Sheva's lobotomy on Professional difficulty almost ruined the experience
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Originally Posted by BerlinOverdose View Post
Who Do You Trust? (this trophy just didnt pop for me lol... and i played through every mission on easy, med, hard and almost through it on professionel which is tough as fuck and will make u need a heal in 1 hit i will try to let her heal me more lol guess i wasnt damaged often enough yet.. which is kinda impossible maybe this is a glitch ??)

further then that i still need those

Stop, Drop, & Roll (cant get them all killed with the stupid canisters lol doing this in 1-1 guess i put a easy one on and let sheva have no wep)

Heart Stopper (didnt knew who to kill untill reading it here just now i killed wesker with knife in the last battle and thought they meant that bastard)

They Belong in a Museum (didnt found them all yet is there a guide to the place of each treasure around here=?)

The Works (also didnt knew where to get this i thought its referring to the online massacre mode ^^ i forgot the name ^^ anyhow i thought this one is impossible to get due to making a combo the whole time is even with a very skileld partner annoying and can get interrupted any second but lol the way i see it now is rather easy )

geez i will (p) it right away untill i find a nice treasure map ^^
as far as i can tell nice going on discribing here
seems like a good guide to me
Do you trust ? trophy takes a long time, just keep making sure you say thank you every time your partner gives you stuff.
The works - trophy. is doing a combo (3 hits total) with two player in campaign, the player who starts (hit 1) and finishes (hit 3) gets the trophy, easy done on bigger enemies with a flashG.
For the treasure trophy I used a guide, but not hard, there are a couple, which can only gathered in one place (in both wesker battles and maybe a few others) one in a early level where ememies run after you and the goal is to escape, stop and kill all enemies and one will drop a stone.
hope it helps.

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Project Nemesis
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Great guide. Anyone know if the online servers are still running?

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The servers are still up though they're not that great. The only people that play on the servers for the Versus DLC are pros and boosters, they're also really unreliable. Getting the Versus trophies legit is almost impossible so boosting is a must.
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Default Loved IT

I love the hell out of the RE games and this one bringing in the multi player view and help, is a favorite and cant wait for more of the re games to come in 2012
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Default Resident Evil 5 Platinum

Thanks for the help.
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Old 04-13-2012, 09:49 PM   #208
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I'm getting back into RE5 for the plat, have enjoyed the games since they first came out. I remember being stuck on my first play through (Veteran) at the boss end of chapter 5-2. Hope I can take it doown and crack on. Thank you in advance for the guide and all the tips from around the forum!

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Ethereal Monarch
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So for stockpile, it is required to have all the said weapons in your inventory?
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Originally Posted by Frost Monarch View Post
So for stockpile, it is required to have all the said weapons in your inventory?
Having read the trophy details in the guide I would say it would pop when all of the weapons are within the inventory or being held by Chris/Sheva. I haven't done it yet though :P

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