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Default 9 hardest time trials (that I can skip)

With the dlc the total amount of stars that can be achieved is 99, however only 90 is needed (trophywise).

This means, 9 stars can be skipped, in turn meaning 9 levels can be done on a 2-star rating (rather than a 3-star rating).

Which 9 levels do you recommend skipping (meaning, those 9 are the hardest to achieve a 3 star)?

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Skip Shard 1, Atrium 1, and Playground 3 for sure. These are the only ones that I actually didn't bother putting the effort in since I could see that they were going to take some real (unnecessary) dedication to get 3 stars on. Other than that just take them as they come and you'll get there eventually.
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I just got my 90 star trophy. The levels i didn't get 3 stars are:

Chroma (2), Flow (2), Razzmatazz (2), Actino (1), Actino Rise (2), Reflex (2) and Atrium one (2)

I have 91 stars, so it would be possible with 1 less. I found Actino and Atrium 1 to be the hardest.The others are possible, but i didn't need any more stars.
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I got 85 stars currently. I spent about 2 hours yesterday on shard one just to end up with the time 1.08.01. I gonna try it to do today. Flow isn't difficult if you do Dicey launch.
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Originally Posted by jac3k5 View Post
Flow isn't difficult if you do Dicey launch.
I got Dicey Launch once after about 100 tries, and I'm still not sure how I pulled it off. I miss the wall run about 50% of the time, and miss the wall climb 95% of the time (even when I got it, I never saw her wall climb) when I do get the wall run. Doing the whole level AND getting Dicey Launch I'd give about 0.01% probability.

Edit: The guide says to use L1 (jump to Wall-run), L1 immediately (Jump to wall climb (automatic)), R1 (turn) and L1 (Jump). Is there supposed to be an extra L1 to start the wall climb? I've seen this mentioned on the X360 site:

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Dicey Launch is impossible I have tried hundred of times, I succeed in wallrunning but from there No matter how many times I use L1 to climb it won't work, Faith just falls down. And I have tried hundred of times.

Originally Posted by jac3k5 View Post
Flow isn't difficult if you do Dicey launch.
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Dicey Launch is not impossible. Yes, it will probably require many tries but anyone can do it. I initiall had the same problem as Quexos, Faith just wouldn't wall climb but I found I was jumping into the wallrun too early. I can now pull it off 50% of the time.

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