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Default Most Coveted Platinums?

What are some platinums that you believe are coveted? or must haves?
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HEAVY RAIN is a must have platinum. It's a unique game that was awesome throughout. I also think Gran Turismo 5 people should have as it's a game that really takes skill and dedication to complete.

As for coveted platinums, I don't really know. Many games 's are highly sort after.

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In terms of Kudos and prestige, any game that has a Difficulty of 8 or higher is worth having e.g. NGS2, FEAR 2, GT5, FC2 etc, etc.

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Far Cry 2 or Lost Planet 2...

Those kind of games that a user dedicates hundreds and hundreds of hours to are simply mind blowing. When a user has the platinum for a game like that I'm super impressed (and jealous) at the same time.

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Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, Peace Walker, GTA IV because I'm a Metal Gear fanboy and I love GTA.
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For me, anything Rockstar, which is why I have Red Dead and LA Noire. GTA5 i'd love but don't have the time to do and didn't like Midnight Club so I have what I want really.

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I agree anything with a high difficulty rating would be coveted, but in actuality, what is coveted depends on the person and what type of games they like. Someone who is into action-adventure games probably wouldn't covet a GT5 platinum.
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I cant really pick to be totally honest, it's a pretty tough choice in my eyes. I guess NGS2 will be once I completed it as it takes alot of patience in areas to have to die and die until you begin to learn the obstacles. I think when I have this platinum I will feel accomplished.

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Obviously the high difficulty ones are coveted. But I covet the difficult ones that I've gone for or gotten because I've realised just how much effort you need to but into them to achieve some of them - Wipeout HD being my most coveted.

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Originally Posted by Harry94 View Post
As for coveted platinums, I don't really know. Many games 's are highly sort after.
*chuckle* Sought after*

I think any game with more than a 8/10 in the difficulty ratings is a fairly coveted plat.

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