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Exclamation Mega Freeze, beserk (R1+L1)... Please help me with Elevator Battle...!

I'm also stuck on the Elevator Battle...!
I've read all other tips for this pain in the ass fight, but I can't find how Mega Freeze exacly works, or I don't understand it...

I know you need to build up the extra sand tank (number 11) and then fill it with sand. But everyone is saying, that if that's done, you need to hold R1 and tap L1, it has worked one time, but I remember a text on the screen that said to use the SQUARE button and another button, I thought R1 or L1......???
Am I getting crazy?!

I'm from The Netherlands, so my English isn't that good, maybe I understand the tips wrong? I almost threw my controler through my tv-screen.... I'm that frustrated....
I'm a girl, never had it before, and that all only because of a "game".... I feel ashamed....

Please, is there someone who will try to help me? I would be so gratefull !!!
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I didn't use the mega-freeze in this fight but indeed this fight is a pain in the a$$, not because you can't handle the enemies, but because Farrah get his pretty ass kicked very easy, my tactica was getting in the other side of the elevator at the beggining and handle the first batch of enemies, then go to help Farrah and take care of not beating her, after some time the remaining enemies will follow you and her will be safe only fighting with one or two enemies that you can handle without problems... It's not an easy fight, just take patience n_n.
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Hello there,

I'm from Belgium with Dutch as my mother tongue, so if you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

First of all: the elevator battle is quite frustrating, but to my knowledge, you don't need to use the mega freeze to come out on top of the battle. You just need a little bit of luck. In general, I applied following strategy:

- keep away from Farah, only get to help here when you hear her calling from help and back up right away after that. Keep an eye on her health level, but generally, I had more success when staying away as far as possible from her
- if you are going for the "rewind less than 20 times trophy": it IS possible to use the health fountains without getting slaughtered, I did that on several occasions.
- attack the big hammer guys by jumping over them and attacking them from the air ( + ). The other enemies should be tackled by launching yourself from a wall and attack like that ( next to a wall + )
- generally, it is best to freeze a couple of guys by and taking care of the others in the meantime. However, don't loose too much time on trying to freeze an enemy, sometimes they keep on blocking your attack
- take care of the bird-like enemies first, then the big hammer guys, then the red and blue guards. This order helped best for me, maybe it is different for you
- again, some luck is involved, but the most important is trying to take the battle away from the girl rather then taking it in her direction

It took me quite some times to survive (or rather let Farah survive), but actually, the time I did beat the battle it was surprisingly easy!

I hope this helps and keep up the courage, this is the most difficult battle in the game, once this is over you can relax

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Thumbs up

First, thank you both for helping me! And I made a mistake about creating a new sand tank (number 11), I understand now that if you want to use Mega Freeze, you have to look to the white half-circles, right from the sand tanks. I'm gonna try it again with all the tips and hope luck will be on my site for one time !
Thank you very much!
Hartstikke bedankt!
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Yes, I made it and I've finished the story! Just have to go for a second playthrough to get the last 3 trophies and finally the platinum!!!
Thank you guys, your tips did really help me and I also had luck on my site this time, I'm so excited!!!
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glad to be able to help

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The way i done it without berserk was mainly use the wall attack by running up to wall then pressing + to knock them over then to kill them. I got past this battle without much trouble doing this
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Yeah, this battle is difficult, took me 3 goes, before i reached the top.
Btw, i am dutch too, and yes the game is fun, but i have more of a fight with the camera then with the enemies in this game. Now i am doing the game master play-through. Still havend figured out of mega freeze counts as a rewind, but when you think of it, if you use R1+L1 it doesnt turn back time, it just keeps going forward, like slowmotion. Hope this doesnt count, because that would make this game way to difficult.
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I didn't bother with mega-freeze at all, because most of the time I would be unable to use it due to freezing people with the dagger, and because I found it kind of useless whenever I tried it.

So after sending someone into slow-mo with I quickly double tapped to vault over the bad guys, and found that this worked even with the double sword guys. One after the vault while they are frozen split them in two. I basically pounded away (after many, MANY retries, mind you) and got it done.

Doesn't help that Farah is basically useless. All she does is stand there and shoot an occasional arrow. She seriously needs to learn to move, drink some water, and shoot arrows more than once a minute.

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