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Exclamation Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 ZEN Pinball Table is out!

First impressions and strategies?

can`t wait to play it...

tell me people... is it goooood??
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Really its out? I didnt see it there yesterday?
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it is awesome!!! Way better than the sf2 table. But its not an easy table. Unlike the other tables, to activate the kickbacks you need 2 successive shots of which 1 is a risky orbit. For the ballsave you need 5 shots..... It also TILTS very easily. The trophies are no gimmies either. At least 2 of them arent.

The ballsave: shoot the talisman hole 5 times (its next to the bumpers. Youll get the message come back later, 1 part of the talisman foud)
The kickbacks: shoot the shuriken target (its in the back right in the middle) followed by an orbit shot.

- 1 trophy is very easy. Just shoot it in the bumpers and hope you get a 6 hit combo.

- The 30 skull trophy is cummulative, so just keep playing and youll get this eventually. I got a few from randomly playing and i know you get one from rampcombos.

- The multiball trophy is a bit harder and i havent quite figured it out. One of the ramps spells SLASH. I think that allows you to lock a ball. SO i guess youll need to do this 2/3 times to get multiball going.

- For the silver, there are 4 storychapters visible on the table. Maybe a hidden 5th, who knows. To start the storymode you need to either shoot a clean hard shot in the small orbit just above the right drains. This will trow the ball all the way behind the left flipper onto a hidden ramp. This is a hard shot tho. A second, easier way is to shoot the left Jump-ramp. As you make the shot quickly press both flippers repeatedly to make the ball jump from platform to platform. Do this 3 times and you can start a chapter. To start a chapter just hit the right ramp.
Chapter 1 requires you to hit the lit ramps/orbits within a few seconds. You need to be fast and accurate, but are allowed to miss a few. Havent managed to start chapter 2 yet.

Only downside is, the trophies aren't working. My list is still at 100% from before and the trophies only show up when comparing trophies with a friend. I hoped getting the trophies after meating the reqs, but alas. The ingame trophy popped up, the xmb trophy did not. Please let me know wether or not Im the only one experiencing this.

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Yes, the trophies don't work. In fact the table has dissapeared from the PSN Store, surelly until developers fix the problem.

It has been reported on the official Zen Studios Forum:
Ninja trophies are bugged - Zen Studios Forums

Seems like we have to wait a few days for this patch.

Edit: Ninja Gaiden trophy patch will come up this week, as said on the link above, probably Wednesday 14th. It seems the table had been released on the PSN Store by mistake during a few hours last Thursday.

Edit 01-14-2010: The patch is now online and it solves trophies issue.

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The trophies are working now. Apparently scee released the game a week ahead of schedule.

For those trying for the trophies. To get the Karma Multiball going, you will need to spell out SLASH by hitting the top left ramp 5 times. Then guide the ball past the guy on the top platform in whatever way you want and he will destroy it. After you do all this 3 times, you'll have yourself the trophy. Every letter you managed to spell stays for the remainder of the game. So dont worry if you loose a ball.

Workin on the silver atm, but its hard. The ballsave is too risky to get. And i just cant seem to pass the second chapter. You are supposed to hit 20 ninjatargets in the back in time.
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