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Default Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - Trophy Guide and Roadmap (JP)

Credit to RED_REBEL44 for this banner.

Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (personal estimate)
Offline: 34 (19 9 5 1 )
Online: 0
Approximate amount of time to platinum: 80+ hrs
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Number of missable trophies: None
Do cheat codes disable trophies? No cheats
Does difficulty affect trophies? No
Japanese knowledge required: Beginner-Intermediate


NOTE: This version of the guide targets the Japanese version. The trophy list is the same as the English version. If you want the English version of the guide, please visit Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - Trophy Guide and Roadmap (NA/EU) -

As with any JRPG, a heavy portion of your play is going to come after beating the game. The game itself is very simple, and gives you objective stars to tell you where to advance. As long as you follow those stars, you can't get lost. As you progress through the game, make sure you keep your levels high, because the difficulty spikes a bit in the last dungeon. Make sure you are recruiting every Imajinn you can (aim to have 2 of all the first/second forms of each one), and try to make every recipe you find. Pick a few Imajinn that you like, and feed them treats at every possible chance.

Once you've beaten the main game, you should have (at bare minimum):
Out of this World
En Guardian!
Anchors Aweigh
Fly the Friendly Skies
Wonder Wand
Dark Djinn Downthrower
White Witch Walloper

You also should have earned:
Viva the Evolution!
Little Battler Experience
Prima Donna

Once you've cleared the game, you can focus on all the other aspects. Everything should be done alongside each other. Visit every area, collect the hidden treasure chests, buy tickets at the casino, make 120 recipes, recruit 250 Imajinn, clear all quests and clear the Pandora League. It's not as simple as it sounds, but everything is more a matter of time and patience rather than actual effort, so no detail is necessary.

This game comes with its own databases for you to reference to make it easier for you to find what you need, as well. Professor Stone has all the info on Imajinn - where they spawn, what they drop, what type they are, which ones you have recruited, etc. He also has a nice checklist of your percentage completion on quests, recipes, etc, and tracks how many hidden treasures you've found. The Magic Master book will reveal recipes that may not show up on the pot's list, as well as where to buy any weapons/armor that are not created from recipes.

What Imajinn are recommended?
While you can get through the main game with pretty much any Imajinn you want, a good tip is to make sure you have a tank Imajinn (shield type or armor+hammer) with a taunt for when you need to recover. Decent tanks include Zendyne ゼンダイン (found around Borg), and Pitacola ピタコラ (found around Bikkini). Once you've cleared the game, make sure you've cleared all of Nerori's quests to show him specific Imajinn, and then find him in Goronell for quest 75, which involves you killing 3 boss Imajinn around the world. Once you've done this, he gives you 3 Imajinn tickets (trade for the Imajinn at the Elemental Shrine). One of these is Saito サイトー, who is insanely strong both on offense and defense. Even at level 1, with decent gear he can easily outdamage everything you've got. He will make all bounty quests and the Pandora League significantly easier on you. Just make sure he learns Gunrock ガンロック and Beast Roar 野生のおたけび, and he'll also make grinding/farming much faster as well (he also can be found in the cliffs north of Babanasia - テンプレの丘.)

Trophy Guide

Wizardry Whiz

Awarded for becoming a master magician. Congratulations! You truly are a whiz at wizardry!

The platinum, earned when you get every other trophy.

G Whiz!

Awarded for amassing a fortune of half a million G.

You'll get this easily in post-game. Don't worry about saving money at all during the storyline, as you'll be dirt poor most of the time anyway. When you reach the post-game grinding, you'll get this because you'll have nothing left to buy. Farming for Super Hero alone will probably get you all 500K.

If you REALLY need money after you beat the game, go back to the final dungeon (White Castle). In the final stretch of enemies before the boss, there's a rare golden enemy named Suttoko (スットコ, looks like a little totoro with a staff) who drops 10000G if you can kill him before he runs away. He can appear with other monsters, so you can run up and down fighting them all, or run from end to end with the Fog spell (かくれみの霧)on until you see him.

Of course, if you're close and just want the trophy right away, you also have the option of saving your game, selling everything you own, then loading your game.

Artful Dodger

Awarded for successfully stealing 50 times.

Once Jairo joins your party, his first ability, Steal Shot スティールショット, lets you steal from enemies. Just keep using this and you'll have your trophy in no time. You'll be doing a lot of stealing during mid/endgame for materials, so there's no need to grind it right away. If you're having trouble with your teammates killing things before you can steal, switch to Defense Shift with while you steal.

Soul Patrol

Awarded for collecting 2,000 soul orbs.

When you hit an enemy or an enemy hits you, sometimes a green (HP recovery) or blue (MP recovery) orb will fly out. You need to collect 2000 of these during battles for the trophy, and it's ok if they heal 0. Orbs collected by your party members do not count, but orbs auto-collected for you at the end of battle with the Eiyuu Soul II license card (えいゆうソウルII) do. I didn't get this until far into post-game.

Do note that you cannot control your Imajinn while in attack mode. If you are attacking and a lot of souls appear (after a critical hit, maybe), cancel your attack with so that you can run around the field and grab the orbs. Otherwise, your teammates may grab them all instead.

Little Battler Experience

Awarded for winning 1,000 battles.

Self explanatory. If you don't get this during the main game, you'll definitely get it while grinding towards 250 familiars or 120 recipes alchemized.

Imajinn-ary Friend

Awarded for maximizing an Imajinn's affection level.

When you go to the cage option in the menu, you can feed your Imajinn treats and raise their affection/stats. Your goal is to get an Imajinn to a full 5 hearts of affection. Each Imajinn type has a favorite treat, which will grant more growth/affection than other treats (for example, Oliver's first Imajinn, Rucchi, likes chocolate). When you feed them a certain amount, their affection level will go up. Going from 3 to 4 hearts takes about 200-250 single treats, and going from 4 to 5 takes easily 350-400, so start working on this as soon as possible on your favorite Imajinn. Feeding them higher level treats will speed the process, but you really won't have too many of the better ones without some heavy spending/farming, so just aim for the first 2 levels of treats. You can only feed an Imajinn 10 points worth of treats at a time and their fullness goes down at a rate of 1 per battle, so you'll need a LOT of battles for this.

Sidenote: If you have maxed stat gain for your current affection level, you should ONLY feed the Imajinn its favorite type of treat to gain affection.

Pedigree Breeder

Awarded for raising an Imajinn to its maximum limit.

This is tied to Imajinn-ary Friend. When you feed an Imajinn treats and their affection level goes up, so does the cap for stat points you can add to. Each heart adds 10 to the cap, and you just need to feed the Imajinn enough to get to +50/50 when they have 5 stars.

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Viva the Evolution!

Awarded for completing 10 Imajinn evolutions.

Imajinn function like Pokemon - when they reach a certain level, they will be ready to evolve, and you have to feed them a certain item to evolve them. Almost all Imajinn have 4 forms: a first form, second form, and then a branch into 2 types of 3rd forms (there's a very small handful of exceptions). The evolution from first to second form is usually around level 12-17 and requires a normal drop (ex: moon drop ムーンドロップ), and the second form is usually around 28-35 and requires a super drop (ex. 極上ムーンドロップ). Just evolve 10 different Imajinn for this trophy. You'll get this very early on.


Awarded for finding 20 types of Imajinn.

See Imajinn-ation.


Awarded for finding 250 types of Imajinn.

Shortly after Maru joins your party, you will be able to recruit Imajinn that you defeat in battle. Sometimes when you defeat one, it will fall to the ground with hearts. Switch to Maru and choose the Friend song (it will automatically be selected with the correct target, so you can just press a bunch), and you will recruit the Imajinn. After the battle is over, you'll have the chance to confirm recruiting them and change their name if you wish.

However. getting to 250 recruited will be a HUGE grind, so be ready! Here are a few tips:

- Every Imajinn you have ever had at one point counts towards this. If you evolve Rucchi into Yarucchi, you'll still have a heart mark for Rucchi. Therefore, 1 first form Imajinn can count for up to 3 towards your total.
- Be patient. Even with the Eiyuu Friend license card (えいゆうフレンド) which helps your chances of recruiting, all Imajinn have a naturally low chance of being recruited. Sometimes you'll get one the first time you see it, sometimes you won't get it once in 40 tries.
- Be careful of spamming the attack button or AoEs. If you or your teammate defeat an Imajinn and it falls down with hearts, but someone activates an AoE immediately after, it will die. You can also accidentally hit it again after it has hearts, killing it and losing your chance. Yes, your teammates can ruin it for you. Chalk it up to bad luck and keep trying.
- Any time you come to a new area, be sure to fight a lot to at least see every type of Imajinn available. Even if they're too strong to farm, you want to get them into your database so you can look them up later to see where specific Imajinn spawn.
- Also when you come to a new area with new Imajinn, check their drops in the database and find out who drops evolution items (drops and the shards for upgrading to super drops). Make sure you farm at least enough of each type to cover all Imajinn you're currently working on, or else you may find yourself stuck with a bunch of Imajinn ready to evolve and no items.
- If you evolve an Imajinn into one you've never encountered in battle, check its stats in the database. You may find that it appears in an area you've never explored - there's a lot of different sections of the ocean that you may never have gone to, as well as little groups of side islands that have their own unique Imajinn. If their spawn area is ???, then either they spawn in an unlisted area, an area you haven't gotten to yet, or just do not spawn in the wild.
- It goes without saying that you should recruit every Imajinn you possibly can, but if possible, always try to get 2 of the second form (or first form if you can't find the second form). There's 2 reasons for this: 1. Not all Imajinn are actually found on the field, and you need to evolve them yourself, and 2. 3rd form Imajinn have a very low chance of being recruited at all. Keeping 2 of any Imajinn ensures you'll have the option to manually evolve the 3rd forms yourself if you need to.
- You shouldn't actually need to use all 3 Imajinn on any character to fight. If you find you are not, always fill the extra spaces with spare Imajinn to level up and evolve for your database. This will save you a lot of time at the end when you're filling in holes towards 250. You have space to hold 3 other Imajinn that do not gain exp (6 spaces later on), so use those slots for other Imajinn you want to level too.
- There are a few extra Imajinn that you get for free that count towards the 250 to make it a little easier on you. You receive them in the form of tickets, which you can redeem at the Elemental Shrine once the Pandora League opens. Two of them can be bought from Niko/Puchi on the airship at the end, 1 from reaching S rank in the Pandora League, 2 via casino rewards (25,000 tickets for Dobon, and 99,999 tickets for Gold Zendyne), and 3 from the free DLC. Aside from the DLC Imajinn, the rest all evolve, so you can count each of them as 3 Imajinn.
- Once you beat the game, rare golden Imajinn will appear in every dungeon. They all drop new super rare materials, and they can be recruited and evolved as normal.
- If you have finished everything else and still don't have the 250, you can use Sekai no Nushi for experience grinding to level up your Imajinn for evolution. He gives something around 21,000 exp, and can be killed with minimal effort in under 5 minutes. See King of the World for more info.

Boy Scout

Awarded for carrying out 15 different favors.

See Super Hero.

Humanitarian of the Year

Awarded for carrying out 60 different favors.

See Super Hero.

New Sheriff in Town

Awarded for hunting down 10 different bounties.

See Super Hero.

Bounty Hunter

See Super Hero.

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz

Awarded for alchemizing 10 different items.

See Mad Scientist.

Mad Scientist

Awarded for alchemizing 120 different items.

This one may take a while. There's 130 different recipes, plus 4 from DLC. When you go to your pot to make items from recipes, you can see the ones you have made have a picture of the item instead of a question mark icon. However, the recipe won't appear until you've found pages for it, and you may not find all of the pages. Use this 合成レシピの入手場所]) to look up the recipes, make them manually, and then keep track of the recipes you have created. Items you make from manually choosing materials do count towards your total.

This page (ワールドマップ、採取) has a map of all harvesting points as well. There are a few items that can only be obtained from harvesting, so it will be worth your while to figure out which ones you need, and after every level (or any farming session), take Kuro and make a round of all the relevant points. If you need to harvest one a few times, harvesting points respawn after a certain number of battles (different per location). Keep an eye on Jade Bead ヒスイの玉 and Strength Stone ちからの魔石, because you'll need quite a few of those, and it's easier to make sure you stockpile them (and everything else) when you have the chance.

Once you have beaten the game, golden Imajinn will start spawning in every dungeon. These drop new SUPER rare materials (7 different ones), used in a lot of later recipes. You should be able to get to 120 without needing to farm many of these items (though you will need to finish recipe 60 which requires a few, see Super Hero). These 7 items are: Moonlight Fragment 月光のカケラ, Evil Eye 邪心のヒトミ, Saint's Eye 聖者のヒトミ, Earth's Tear 大地のなみだ, Wing of Light 光のつばさ, Rainbow Fossil 虹色の化石, Scroll of Truth 真理の巻物. Aside from recipe 60, you can safely skip any recipe containing these items and just focus on completing the rest.

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Treasure Hunter

Awarded for finding all hidden treasure chests.

There are 100 invisble treasure boxes hidden around the world map. You can open them without knowing, but once you get Kuro, you will get the spell Treasure Search トレジャーサーチ which will show them on the continent/island you're currently on, and cause an exclamation mark to appear over your head when you are near one. As soon as you get Kuro, you can get 95 of them, but you won't have access to the last 5 until near the end of the game. Here's a map of the 100 chests and what they contain - トレジャーサーチの宝箱.

There's a couple of small bugs to note. Box 100 sometimes can be seen if you cast Treasure Search from the Babanacia side, but cannot be seen if you cast from the Trail Coast side. The boxes around Samura (the ice town) tend to be surrounded by little cliffs and such. You may try to land Kuro near one and get stuck and be unable to call Kuro to you, so you'll have to teleport out.


Awarded for setting foot in all secluded regions.

To get this, you'll need to have stepped into every town, dungeon, forest, and cave. Here is a map of all of them (red triangles are story related and unmissable, purple triangles are optional caves and forests) - ワールドマップ、採取. You cannot get this until after you beat the game, because there is one small forest south of the starting town that does not open until then.

Raising the Stakes

Awarded for collecting your first prize at the casino.

You can either buy coins and redeem for a prize, or just wait until post-game and get this with High Roller. All of the prizes from rank A to C, excluding Imajinn tickets, can be found elsewhere, so there's nothing exclusive you need to worry about.

High Roller

Awarded for collecting all of the tickets for the casino's theater.

After you finish the storyline at Ghost Valley, the casino will open. It's to the right, right as you enter the dungeon, and you can't miss it. Once you clear the game, they will open a special VIP room section, which you'll need to buy tickets (S rank prizes) for in order to get in. You'll need to buy all 4 tickets (costs 75,000 coins in total) for the trophy. You can either wait until you have the 500k gold trophy and just buy the required amount of coins (total cost 375,000G at 5G per coin, and you can trade 5,000G at a time), or you can attempt to get them yourself via gambling. If you do plan to gamble, the best way to do it is to play the slots. You'll need about 3-5k coins to start. Start playing at 10 coins per spin, and keep going until you have time slow items that add up to level 3 or higher (lvl 1 x 1 + lvl 2 x1, or lvl 3 x1, or whatnot), and an item that gets you into bonus mode. Set it to play for 90 coins per spin, activate everything, and aim to get a 777 jackpot on the slots. With level 3 time slow, this will be very easy, and will net you 18,000 coins. You should be able to get at least 2 jackpots per set of items.

Sidenote: The A rank prize items will unlock later in the story.

Magic Master

Awarded for learning all known spells.

Oliver will learn most of his spells from the story, but he gets a few from Mirant the ghost boy. Here's where Mirant appears, and the answers to his questions:
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

Prima Donna

Awarded for learning all songs.

Maru will learn all her songs by level 65.


Awarded for learning all kinds of shots.

Jairo will learn all his shots by level 68.

King of the World

Awarded for defeating the guardian of the world.

This is the final quest, #131. You'll need to clear #121-128, report to the rabbit in the forest below Goronell (the forest that doesn't open until after you beat the game once), then go back and accept #129 from the board, clear that, report back to the rabbit, accept #130, clear that, report back to the rabbit, then he will offer you #131. Walk through the door behind him to fight Sekai no Nushi.

If you're around level 80+, this shouldn't be too difficult of a fight. Sekai no Nushi has some decent AoEs, but the move you are most worried about is his laser. He will kneel and start charging, then fire a laser that sweeps across the field for large damage. You can either guard it, or try to time a spell with a time-stopping cutscene to make yourself invincible through it (I did this accidentally with Healing Wind 生命の風). If you have Saito, you can simply spam his rocks for large damage. Alternatively, since you can steal a Spirit King's Elixir 精霊王の秘薬 (full mp refill) from him with Jairo, you can equip Oliver with accessories to raise light damage, and then spam Gradion or Barzenon spells on him until he goes down. With 2 of the +light damage accessories (sold in Reka), Barzenon should do 800-1000 damage (but Saito's Gunrock was doing 600 for only 14 MP).

With my party at level 94, I killed him in 5 minutes on my first try with no effort.

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Super Hero

Awarded for collecting all the hero licenses.

Early in the game, you will gain the ability to take quests from the ツバクロ商会 (Swallow Company). There are 131 quests in the main game, and they come in 2 forms - favors (usually finding/delivering items) and bounties (defeating a boss-type enemy). There's no real need to keep track, but you should get Humanitarian of the Year about 2/3rds through the game, and Bounty Hunter during post-game if you're diligent about doing them.

You will receive anywhere between 1-10 stamps per completed quest depending on progress through the story and difficulty. 10 stamps fills a stamp card, and these cards can be traded for license cards. You'll need to trade for every single license card for this trophy, and there are JUST enough stamps to do it, so you'll need to complete every single quest in the game except for #131, which gives no stamps. Quests are always very straightforward, and you can usually see where you need to go by looking for glowing blue dots on the map. When you're doing the heart piece quests, the heart piece you need may not be in the same town, so be sure to look through every town quickly for those green dots that indicate people with heart pieces to take.

Since each tier of license cards do not open until you've completed the previous tier, there's no need to worry too much about which cards you get first, but you should prioritize the ones for moving faster and getting better drop items.

This site (クエスト) shows a nice detailed list of every quest and what you need to do.

Quests tend to open up in batches after each section of the story. ALL available quests will be noted at the quest office in every single town, either from the NPC or from the board, so you do not need to worry about ever missing any.

One warning: Quest 78 (available after beating the game) requires you to create an axe (recipe 60) for someone, and that axe uses VERY rare materials (Rainbow fossil 虹色の化石 x5 and Scroll of Truth 真理の巻物 x5). Getting these 10 items took me 8 hours, and there are reports of it taking as many 28 for others. Here's how to farm them:

(If your level is too high, all normal (non-gold) enemies will run away from you. Cast Fog so that you can approach the enemies safely, and also guarantee a surprise attack)

Rainbow Fossil - In the Ice Cave, there's 2 golden dragon Imajinn, Akidoran アキドラン and Nerudoran ネルドラン. You can steal the fossil from Nerudoran at a semi-low rate, and Akidoran can also drop the Scroll at a VERY low rate. To farm them easily, go to the final save point, then walk through the secret path to the left side where the rare purple chest is. There's 3 enemies there, and the dragons spawn at a fairly high rate. Kill them, walk back through the secret path to the small bridge, then turn around and go back to the left, and all 3 will have respawned. Repeat as needed.

Scroll of Truth - The hard part! There's 2 options - Lake of the Dead 死者の湖 or Ghost Valley ゴーストの谷.
- For Lake of the Dead, you are looking for golden Gobuhins ゴブヒン (they carry an axe, vs golden Gobuhin Chiefs ゴブヒンチーフ who carry swords). They spawn in the back of the level, so you can go to the final save point and just wander around until you see them, or use Fog+Float, walk to the end fighting any gold enemies you see, then Escape when you get to the save point and repeat. Gobuhins drop Scrolls rarely (cannot be stolen), and Gobuhin Chiefs can drop Rainbow Fossils very rarely.
- For Ghost Valley, there's a section near the back where it's dark and you need the Lantern spell. 2 types of golden bird Imajinn spawn there, and you're looking for golden Jams ジャームス (with a keyboard on its head), who you can steal Scrolls from.

Sidenote: The DLC adds some new quests, but none of them give stamps for license cards.

Pandora League Challenger

Awarded for winning your first bout at the Pandora League.

See Pandora League Champion

Pandora League Champion

Awarded for becoming the reigning champion of the Pandora League.

About halfway through the game (when you reach Samura or so), the Pandora League will open at the Elemental Shrine 精霊の神殿. Speak to the assistant at the back, and you will be able to choose from a series of fights of increasing difficulty. By the time you open it, you should be able to handle up to Rank D easily (the second fight). When you win the first fight, you get Pandora League Challenger. When you win the 6th and final fight for S rank, you get Pandora League Champion. If you save this for the end, the fights are not very difficult, but if not, the final fight in S rank can be tricky. It is a fight vs gold versions of your own 3 starting Imajinn (Rucchi, Seba, Brokken) - Rucchi will spam his AoE and Brokken will spam rock throws, which can hurt a LOT. One helpful tactic is to use a tank Imajinn and use Taunt 挑発 or Lure Guard おとりガード to draw them all to you so your teammates can do some damage. Also, you can use Jairo's Panic Shot ぱにっくショット on Brokken and have him deal some big damage to his teammates.

As a marker, I did this with my 3 people at level 90, and had no issues.

Story related Trophies

Out of this World

Awarded for casting a Gate spell and traveling to Ni no Kuni.

Story related, cannot be missed. You'll get this right at the beginning after you learn the Gate spell and warp to Ni no Kuni.

En Guardian!

Awarded for defeating the forest guardian and bringing him back to his senses.

Story related, cannot be missed. Earned once you defeat Nushi in the North forest.

Anchors Aweigh

Awarded for obtaining the good ship Queen Cowra.

Story related, cannot be missed. Earned once you defeat Jairo's Nightmare and gain access to the ship.

Fly the Friendly Skies

Awarded for befriending Kuro.

Story related, cannot be missed. Earned once you defeat Rocky's Nightmare and gain access to Kuro.

Wonder Wand

Awarded for restoring the legendary wand 'Gradion' to its former glory.

Story related, cannot be missed. Earned once you defeat Sazara's Nightmare and have her restore Gradion for you.

Dark Djinn Downthrower

Awarded for defeating the Dark Djinn.

Story related, cannot be missed. Earned once you defeat Jabo.

White Witch Walloper

Awarded for saving Ni no Kuni by defeating the Queen of the White Ash.

Story related, cannot be missed. Earned once you defeat the last boss and view the credits.

The final boss has 3 forms, and the 3rd form is quite hard. He comes with 5 pod enemies, and he constantly casts 4 spells in order - Chaos Vortex カオスボルテクス (HUGE AoE damage, interrupts your actions), Chaotic Eye カオティックアイ (lowers stats of target, interrupts your actions), Nightmare Breath ナイトメアブレス (breath attack in front of him that causes sleep status), and Shine Spark シャインスパーク (AoE damage around him, can be avoided by running away). If Chaos Vortex kills someone and he still has Eyes alive, the battle can get messy really quickly. Spam your own AoEs, and focus on taking out the Eyes as quickly as you can. They do enough damage that they can seriously hamper recovery from Chaos Vortex. After you kill them all, they stay dead for a little while, then start slowly respawning 1 at a time, so take them out as fast as you can.

The NPC that fights with you will occasionally stop Chaos Vortex (and put the boss in CHANCE mode for bonus damage) and also has a revive spell to help you recover, but don't rely on her since she can't do anything when she gets swarmed by the Eyes. Luckily, she's invincible...

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Reserved. I'm surprised there was no guide for this, so I decided to write one up since I just platted the game. Obviously it targets the Japanese version, but I'll fix everything up again when the English version comes out.
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Nice guide!

There are 2 places to fix the bold tag: New Sheriff in Town and Wonder Wand.

Some considerations:
- I find strange that you aggregated boy scout and humanitarian trophies with the Bounty Hunter since they are different type of side-quests. Although you could mix all of them into the Super Hero trophy.
- Some information, specially about the imajinns/familiars, if I didn't know how it worked before hand I wouldn't quite understand, like the stats cap of breeding or that an imajinn/familiar ticket could be counted as 3 new imajinns/familiars.

Other not useful comments:
- You can also find Saito in the top of the montains north of Babanashia.
- Nice tip about the tanks type, I also liked Balloon as tank specially because he has high physical and magical defense and no weak element.
- You say all imajinn/familiar has 4 forms (with a branching) which is not true, even though you could say that because the exceptions are very rare (I guess only the Legendary monsters).

And for me the final boss wasn't the hardest battle
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)
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The reason I combined those trophies is because when I was doing the quests, I didn't care to check which type it was, only that I did every quest available to me at each point. I wasn't actually sure how to aggregate them, so I just kind of did it arbitrarily.

The Imajinn stuff, I think is going to be like most other gameplay related trophy descriptions out there - as an outsider reading the guide you have no idea, but once you start actually playing it yourself, it makes perfect sense. If you think I should clarify more, I can try, though I'm not sure how.

All Imajinn up to #296 follow the 4 form pattern, as well as the gold ones from ~#398-#4xx. There's only a few legendaries that ignore that (the DLC Imajinn, and maybe stuff like Inoshika? I'm not even sure if he can be recruited, I never got him in ~8 tries), so it's more the exception to the norm.

(Edit: Apparently #297 Pandora just evolves 3 times straight...)

BTW, regarding the last boss:
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

For anyone that cares, my final party was:
Oliver - Tsunoda (from Saito) as primary damage, Dorucchi (from Rucchi starter) as backup damage, Minori Pikkuru (from Hatsuga Pikkuru starter) for healing
Maru - Sebastian (from Seba starter) for damage/healing, Fen (DLC Imajinn) for damage, empty slot for leveling
Jairo - Pyonkichi (from quest near Samura) for damage, Stein (from Pitacola shield type near Bikkini) for tanking since Jairo has no MP for healing, empty slot for leveling

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Nice guide! It looks really great. I can't wait to use this once it comes out in the states

Thanks to RED_REBEL44 for the sig
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Guide Team
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You don't need to actually follow my considerations You can change to add more specific details about breeding and stuff only if there's demand for it.

Indeed Pandora is one of the imajinns/familiars with different evolution pattern, he doesn't branch and so have a 3th degree of evolution... each form goes only up to level 5 (takes a lot of exp to get to each level) and I still have to find a use for this fella. I already have him as a Ponyon (last form) and his stats and skills are useless =/
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I only got my Pandora to 2nd form (at level 3, not 5) before hitting 250, so I didn't take him any farther (and at that point all I had left was Nushi anyway). He needs so much exp to level that it's almost better to ignore him completely for others... His stats seemed decent, though I never used him.

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