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Default NBA's Greatest

Which were your favourites to complete and which gave you the most problems?

I found extra satisfaction in beating Jordan with the Pistons. And for some reason I can't seem to hold off the Bucks in the Dr. J challenge. It's the only one I've had to repeat and I'm on my fourth attempt now.
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Chairman Meow
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As a lifelong Knicks fan, I immediately jumped into the Ewing challenge. It was awesome playing as the old Knicks team, and I'm a big fan of Shaq so the Ewing-Shaq match-up was a lot of fun. Two of the best big men of all time.

The Hakeem-Mutombo duel was pretty cool too. Olajuwon was the player of the game, but man Deke had like six blocks haha.

A lot of the older challenges were really interesting too. Playing against the Lakers really makes you appreciate how skilled Jerry West was, you play against the Lakers a few times and he always killed me. Wilt was a beast, though, he's so much bigger than everyone else and you can just back down in the post and lay up a hook shot every time. Truly a man among boys.
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I found that the older challenges with Oscar Robertson and/or Jerry West were especially troubling just because there is no 3-point line. If you fall behind early in those games it is a little trickier to come back.
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of course i enjoyed the michael jordan and scottie pippen challenges the most since im a huge fan and am from chicago. the challenge i had the most trouble with was larry birds dont know why just kept losing i lost 5 times before i won it
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