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Default Is This Game Good?

Hey gamers, I just want to know whether this game is any good because it's 4 in a pre-owned shop and I'm most likely going to get it. Can someone tell me what makes this game good and whether it's a challenge because I don't like really easy games. Thanks.
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It's Unique.. And You Need To Be Nimble With Your Fingers... Not A Slow Its A Challenge
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Really good game and like above said, it's unique. As for challenge, the campaign itself isn't that hard but the platinum for this game is one of the hardest to obtain (Speed runs are very challenging)
Edit: And you can't really go wrong for 4
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I bought my copy for 5. there is no other game like it, think of first person and a platform game and you are nearly there. the single player campaign is easy enough, so are the time trials to a certain degree. but it was the speed runs I had real trouble with, but got em in the end. so for 4 quid I defo recommend it.

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Thanks guys, I think I'll get it then, give it a go, and if I don't like it, well, it was only 4, it's not the end of the world haha.
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I thought this game was really good. But, as the others said, you need to be really willing to learn the curves of the game and practice, practice, practice for that well respected and tough platty! But, this game is great! Great visuals, art design, musical score, environment (i would once in a while just stare at the view of the city, it looks really cool, lol), etc. And at that price, it's definitely worth it! I got mine for $20, and felt I got my money's worth. Of course, it was later that I realized how insanely difficult a couple of the trophies were, but I saw some vids which helped greatly! It's basically an FPS without many guns, lol. It's basically like those action movies where you gotta chase the bad guy or run away from danger in an adrenaline rush adventure kinda thing, like jumping from one building to another building, or doing amazing acrobatic feats, beat the poo outta guys and stuff like that Anwayways, I'd highly recommend this game.
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I saw this game NEW for 4.99 in hmv. Gotta be worth a try for that price aslong as its a good enough game. Might go back on monday and purchase it if ppl rate it.
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Originally Posted by Blitz5 View Post
It's Unique.. And You Need To Be Nimble With Your Fingers... Not A Slow Its A Challenge
that's exactly what it is: mediocre game, but a nice challenge.
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This game is VERY good if you looking for a tough challenge. People only intending to play the story mode, will probably be dissappointed, cause it's short.
And as another said, it's 'Pure' design is something special. For that price you've GOT to try it.
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Is this game good? OMG this is the best game i've played on PS3 and i've played alot. Oh and its the best game i've ever played in 25years of gaming

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