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Conversation Between TrinKitty and veeerules
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  1. TrinKitty
    07-19-2013 01:10 PM - permalink
    Hi V... how's your summer going? What game are you currently playing?
  2. TrinKitty
    07-03-2012 02:27 PM - permalink
    .... true!!! Thanks V... I am hoping to get some long weekends here and there to game a bit -- being its summer I do find myself outside more often. Love swimming... to bad they don't make a waterproof controller... ....

    Hope gamming is going well for you V and you are making up for lost time
  3. veeerules
    06-30-2012 04:43 PM - permalink
    Hope you get some time to game, but your work schedule may give some of us a chance to catch up a bit!
  4. TrinKitty
    06-21-2012 04:15 AM - permalink
    Hey thr V... nice work on your finals. Those can be a royal pain...and always a relief to get out of the way. Summer is going good so far.... just super busy with work for the next month or so.

    Started to many game.... hahaha... I do the same thing V. I'm hoping to get some gaming in this weekend... if you like Bethesda did you see there new release Dishonored coming this fall... only saw a brief trailer but it looked pretty cool.
  5. veeerules
    06-19-2012 07:38 PM - permalink
    Thanks! Finals went better than I expected, but it is nice to sleep and game again! Now I've started too many games and I can't decide what to play...
    FINALLY played some Borderlands co-op with my hubby. I keep wandering about like I'm on single-player Too many hours of Bethesda rpgs...
    How is your summer going?
  6. TrinKitty
    06-02-2012 02:53 AM - permalink
    Hi V... how did your finals end up? I'm sure you nailed it :-)
  7. TrinKitty
    05-05-2012 11:08 PM - permalink
    HAHAHA... that was a hoot V -- I think you should market that! Currently right now I'm trying to bounce between several -- ORCity, The Price is Right, Harry Potter DH P1 and Plants vs Zombies. I hope you get your 3 days V... after all that coding, u earned it!!!mm
  8. veeerules
    05-03-2012 04:59 PM - permalink
    Nice job on the April trophies! What have you been playing? I can't wait till finals are over next week... I've seriously thought about adding the trophy "ding" to my pc for every time my final java project runs with no errors I'm going to game for about three days straight once I turn everything in!
  9. TrinKitty
    04-03-2012 10:44 PM - permalink
    Hey thr V... good here. I couldn't agree more with you about to much WORK... then you have homework on top of that... BRUTAL!!!!

    I'm jumping between so many games...paused Skyrim - Uncharted Golden Abyss.. I have a weakness for Nathan Drake..

    So you're loving RDR..sweet!!! I played that...wasn't any good at it... but you Go gettem cowgirl. I can see how your grades would take a dip - these games are addicting... and its just not fair that we can spend more time playing and less time working!!
  10. veeerules
    03-25-2012 06:17 PM - permalink
    Hey, Trin! Been good, just too much work/homework for my liking lately! How are you? Playin anything good? I finally got around to trying Red Dead, and I love it. I had fun with Skyrim, but had to stop when my grades were dropping...

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