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  1. BinkUncia
    Today 12:45 AM - permalink
    Aww, I do remember loving that song . Kinda makes me sad for some reason though .
    Along with this song: Noah and the Whale - 'L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.' (Official Video) - YouTube

    But this is also a tune, and fits with my previous gif:
    Sublime - What I Got - YouTube

    So what happens with you and star wars .


    P.S: Happy Easter .
  2. BinkUncia
    Today 12:43 AM - permalink
    Yeah, now don't go mad with power or anything, because with great power comes great responsibility .

    Ow right, fair enough. I got on the back of a motorbike once, and it was the coldest/most uncomfortable ride of my life (I also looked like the biggest twat in all the leathers because they were too big for me ). You can bearly ride a push bike? . So does that mean you can ride it..better or worse then this Dalmation? .

    I have to say I have never thought that unbuckling my seat belt early on a plane was classed as rebelious . I have not, but I can imagine it would be a good read .

    Dam word limits .
  3. BinkUncia
    Yesterday 02:33 PM - permalink
    So that's pretty much never, right? . Well I hope so, because that gives as much leeway as you can ever get really .

    I have no idea, but if they didn't then they clearly haven't lived . You do love biker gang things, have you ever actually owned/ridden a bike?

    You tell society .

    I.. didn't mean to..gah, I think I'm just going to stop talking now . #otherwisei'mgoingtoneedajcbtogetoutofthishole

    (I mean cough, yeah im totally not conformist, so I will start at any episode I like )
  4. BinkUncia
    Yesterday 01:45 PM - permalink
    , that one was definitely better with context . (Nah never too much..other then when its too much )

    I remember the logo, but I don't think I ever watched the show! Although I did use to watch another mouse, who happened to always be chased by a cat

    Well it sounds like you have the best of both worlds, looking old when your young, and young when you're older . In effect you have beaten societies conformities, so well done .

    OMG, I'm not actually..*sigh*, you guys really are going to make me regret posting that photo for the rest of time now, arn't you .

    Sounds pretty awesome, how many episodes/ series?
  5. BinkUncia
    Yesterday 12:27 PM - permalink
    Well out of any of the bloodily fluids to be giving I think the one I picked was the best..
    (No context needed )

    Well feel free to talk about your 90's crap, and I'm sure I'll know about it #clearlyahipster90'skid . Well I like the sound of the last two bits of that group .

    You can find stuff out, just gotta use your powers of deduction, its elementary my dear just gotta get the right hat on .

    Yeah, although I don't really act/look my age...obviously going to get ID'ed for the rest of my life .

    Yeah, well you got that right, I love tiny things that you can't even see .

    If you enjoyed that clip, then you should definitely watch the rest of it (you can watch it on BBC Iplayer atm) . I've heard of it, but don't think I ever watched it, what's it about?
  6. BinkUncia
    04-18-2014 04:05 PM - permalink
    Here is me returning the favour with a comedy I really like, about the BBC called W1A, this is a follow up from one they did about the Olympics, and they are amazing and just take the piss out of stuff that really is true

    Here is a clip:

    Losing the letters B, B and C - W1A: Episode 4 Preview - BBC Two - YouTube

    (Might not be your cup of tea though, but have a watch anyway)
  7. BinkUncia
    04-18-2014 04:04 PM - permalink
    Hhaha, yeah special in a way that means I have to watch all my friends becomes fungus..

    I'm not so sure I want to be special anymore.., here you have it! *Somehow hands over immunity, maybe through some kind of blood transfusion..not sure.. *

    Well I suppose that is fair enough, I mean I only saw all of 8 years of the 90's, and then I have completed forgotten what the millennium was like . Your not allowed to know things Ash! But yeah you got it right, 1992 year of the Monkey .

    I'm glad, they just kinda became a thing, so I thought I would continue .

    Yeah I totally agree, but pigs..are just uncool .

    Oh nice, I'm totally into that stuff love space and nature and all that! I just love how you really do forget sometimes how awesome the planet really is .

    Cheers for the share .
  8. BinkUncia
    04-18-2014 12:55 PM - permalink
    Here happy good friday .

    Who needs hot cross buns..when you have america..

  9. BinkUncia
    04-17-2014 03:37 PM - permalink
    It would be..probably a little messy though .

    Noooo, I would give my that the infection could be cured! .

    Haha, no silly of course I had one, I wasn't born yesterday and am still a 90's kid .
  10. BinkUncia
    04-17-2014 01:44 PM - permalink
    But...what if they ripped your jugular out while you were saying 'cheese' .

    OMG that would be dejavu..especially when you realise that I'm immune .

    HAHAH , I love the hipster kid, "I used to have one of these, It's like I was born in the 90's, but I wasn't "

    1:30 of the below youtube vid, of this is pretty much how I reacted to that kids video when they hated on walkmans .


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