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Old December 13th, 2010, 09:20 PM   #1
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Platinum Trophy Malicious - Road Map and Trophy Guide

Another guide has been chosen as the preferred guide for this game.
This thread has been closed and is not maintained and as a result may contain outdated or incorrect information. Please follow the link below for the preferred guide.

- - - -Information- - - -

- Estimated Difficulty: 8/10
- Approximate Time: 20-50 Hours. (Depends on level of skill)
- Offline: 10 Trophies. 5 4 1
- Online: 1 Trophy. 1
- Glitched Trophies: None.
- Missable Trophies: None.

Iíll start off by saying that this is not an easy game to get 100% in. Trophies like オールSクリア (All S Rank Completed), ノーリペア (No Repair) and 100チェイン (100 Chained) are an example as of why.

- - - -Introduction- - - -

Malicious is a Japanese action game made by Alvion. It has only been released on Japanese PSN as of now. Every scene is a boss fight and it uses a system similar to that of the Megaman games, meaning after beating a boss you get their weapon and each boss is weak to a certain weapon. After defeating a boss, the others grow in strength.

You are a spirit summoned to defeat these evil beings called the Malicious. Your weapon is your cloak, it can transform into fists, dark bullets, a sword, a spear and a pair of wings. This game has a unique way of showing your health. You take damage until a body part shatters (You have a total of 4, duh) and after that if you take enough damage, your whole body will shatter and the game will end.

After beating the main story, you unlock free mode, which allows you to keep your upgrades, but the bossesí strength is the same as if you choose them last in the story.

- - - -Road Map- - - -

Step #1: Play the game a bit and get used to the controls. Then start a New Game and complete the game, without using a continue, in the following order:

1: Abandoned Library
2: Forbidden Floor
3: Foughten Fields
4: Escort of Queendom
5: Triumphal Square
(Refer to オールSクリア (All S Rank Completed) for strategies for each boss)

This will net you the ノーコンティニュー (No Restart), 討伐者 (Punitive Soldier) and ストーリークリア (Story Completed) trophies.

Step #2: Start a New Game and complete every scene with an S Rank, in the following order:

1. Forbidden Floor
2: Foughten Fields
3: Abandoned Library
4: Escort of Queendom
5: Triumphal Square
(Make sure to refer to オールSクリア (All S Rank Completed) for strategies on each boss and read the Important Note!)

This will award you the オールSクリア (All S Rank Completed) trophy.

Step 3: This is the hardest step of them all. Again, start a New Game and complete the game without healing OR using a continue, in the following order:

1: Forbidden Floor
2: Foughten Fields
3: Abandoned Library
4: Escort of Queendom
5: Triumphal Square
(Refer to オールSクリア (All S Rank Completed) for strategies for each boss and take a look at ノーリペア (No Repair) for the Min. Req. in a scene.)

This will net you the ノーリペア (No Repair) trophy.

Step 4: The last step. Simply clean up any trophies that are remaining, as they do not require a full play through.

Since the gameís controls are in Japanese I will list all of the controls and combos here:

Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

討伐者 (Punitive Soldier)
You've put down a power holder.

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed. You'll get this after you finish any scene by defeating the boss.

ストーリークリア (Story Completed)
You've completed the story mode.

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed. Youíll get this after you finish the first 5 scenes available to you and the final scene.

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Old December 13th, 2010, 09:40 PM   #2
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ノーガード (No Guard)
You've gone cleared a scene without guarding.

Pretty simple; beat a boss without using the guard function. The easiest boss for this is the Beast in the Abandoned Library scene. Just ignore the button for the whole fight.

カウンターマスター (Counter Master)
You've succeeded in all of the counter actions.

There are a total of 7 counter actions. Each boss has an attack, which can be countered. You can trigger them by pressing + when prompted.

Beast: Countered by the Fists.

Stone Giant: Countered by the Sword.

Queen: Countered by the Lance.

Airship: Wings need to be available to you, countered with the Lance.

Winged Knight: Countered with Spear.

Final Boss: 1. The arm counter, Lance/Fists.
2. The tentacle counter, Lance.

ランキングデビュー (Debut in Our Ranking)
You've made a debut in our ranking.

To unlock this you first need to have Time Attack or Score Attack available to you. All you have to do is simply complete any scene in either of these modes and this will enter you into the rankings.
Note: You need to be online to be entered into the rankings.

To unlock Time Attack, you have to complete the main story in under an hour. To unlock Score Attack, you need to finish the final scene in Free Mode.

10000キル (Killed 10,000)
You've killed 10,000 enemies in total.

This will be gotten over time as it counts across playthroughs. Kills from both story and free mode count as well and the scene must be finished for the kills to register. This can be easily done in the Triumphal Square scene, just run around and chain the enemies, 1-2k kills can be gotten in aprox. 10~15min. (Free Mode).

100チェイン (100 Chained)
You've achieved 100 chains.

This is insanely tough. You’ll hardly ever go beyond a 40-50 chain.

However, there is an easy solution to this. Go to the Escort of Queendom stage and ignore the boss on the top platform. Jump off the oversized airship. From the bottom climb onto the lowest level. This area should spawn the yellow cannon-wielding soldiers. Build up 9999 aura. The soldiers should be spawning from either of 2 doors fairly quickly. Equip the Dark Bullets, activate Level 3 Release. Hold down and spam as the enemies run out of the doors. You get a chain of 5-8 per spawn, and the spawn rate is never ending. It may take some time to get 100 chains but after you nail everything mentioned above, you should have no problem with this.

ノーコンティニュー (No Restart)
You've completed the story mode without using a continue.

Pretty simple, just beat the story without using a continue. You are given 3 continues per play through and they stretch across the whole game.

オールSクリア (All S Rank Completed)
You've completed all scenes in story mode at S rank.

This is by far one of the hardest trophies in this game. You need to get an S rank on every scene in the story mode. This does not apply to Free Mode.

Important note: To keep your S Ranks in previous scenes if you get an A Rank or lower rank in another scene, all you have to do is quit the game when you are given your rank. The game saves if you press at the screen when you awarded your rank. This way you can afford to mess up.

Time: S Rank = 4 minutes or lower.
Kills: S Rank = approx. 200.
Chains: S Rank = 20+.
Body Break: S Rank = Lower than 4.

- All of these values apply for every boss except the final one.
- You do not need to get a S rank in all of 4 factors to receive a S Rank in the scene.
- The lowest you can get is 2 A or 1 B along with the S Ranks.

I would recommend playing the game like this:

1. Forbidden Floor
This boss is hardest out of them all. She’s agile and very damaging. Learn her attack pattern and learn to block her attacks so she doesn’t damage you. The easiest way to S Rank this is to build up 6k aura + while constantly evading her through the use of Dash. Activate Level 3 Release and let rip: (Fists) to break her guard. Then, (Fists while holding down ) + spam until the combo ends. This should result in massive damage to her. After the mask comes on, just be more careful as a single combo of hers can break all your body parts. Just repeat the above combo until she dies. This will take a lot of trial and error.

2. Abandoned Library
Very easy S Rank, equip the dark bullets and spam on the little minions, if done correctly it will net you 2-4k aura. Activate Level 2 Release and beat it down with your fists. Once it the breaks free, replenish your aura and go back to mauling it until it's dead.

3. Foughten Field
Seems harder then is. Build up 9999 aura on the minions. Activate Level 3 Release and loot loose on the ship’s platforms with (Fists) . Keep breaking everything on its back until it puts a barrier around it self. Replenish your aura if you have to, activate Level 3 and go mad on its head with the same combo. The barrier should fall very quickly; hit it when it’s without it. Repeat this until it's dead.

4. Escort of Queendom
Really simple. As soon as the battle starts, take your leave by jumping off the ship completely. Climb up and first floor you should find should spawn the yellow cannon-wielding grunts. Farm them until you have 9999 aura. Climb up to the top, Activate Level 3. Dash towards the boss; block the minigun attack if needed. Perform the + spam while holding combo for colossal damage. After the Knight activates the wings, wait for it to come down and repeat. He will fly away to the lower section, catch up, and repeat. He might or might not fly away depending if you have managed to kill him. If you haven’t, he will keep flying and this can screw up your time. Try to lure him into the area where you fought the yellow grunts and finish him. Takes practice but it is easy enough.

5. Triumphal Square
Easiest scene of the lot. Seriously. Build up 9999 aura on the grunts, activate the Level 3 Release. (Fists) while holding . Repeat until dead and block if needed.

6. Final Boss Stage
This is a damn right pain. Jump from platform to platform-using Release to light them up. Evade or block the bosses’ attacks. The two arm swings, the spin, the multiple beams, the orange energy ball and the purple energy ball (1 Hit Kill). Jump to the back of the boss and hit the spherical orb with (Holding ) + spam . Block after 2-3 of these combos as the attacks will usually come at around that time. After it shatters and disables the tentacles on the back(They should become a dull colour) The mouth opens and the head of this ever so strange creature is inside there.

1st opening = 1 sphere need to be broken.
2nd opening = 2 spheres need to be broken.
3rd opening = 2 spheres need to be broken
Final opening = The rest need to be broken.

Yeah… Anyway, use the Hold until it closes and repeat this process until you have shattered all of the spheres, then activate Level 3 Release and let loose on the face with the same combo, blocking when needed. This takes a damn lot of practice and is very hard to master.

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1キルクリア (1 Kill Cleared)
You've cleared this scene by defeating exclusively the power holder.

Very simple, kill a boss without killing any minions. Abandoned Library scene advised. Might take a bit of time and a few tries.

ノーリペア (No Repair)
You've completed the story mode without repairing the vessel of spirit.

You cannot repair your broken limbs OR use a continue. Refer to
オールSクリア (All S Rank Completed) for strategies. You should be used to all the bosses by now. Play out the scenes in the exact same way and don’t be afraid to take your time and block while waiting for an opening. As S Ranks don’t matter, neither does the time taken, just try to get under 5 damaged limbs.

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All the trophies for this game have been loaded to the site. Please change out the tiles before you submit your guide to the Guide Team.


Oh, and I gave you credit for these submissions even though you didn't technically submit them. - Malicious ??????? Trophies List
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* Guide Stuck *

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Isn't Debut in Our Ranking technically a online trophy as it requires you to be online to submit your score to the leaderboards?
Have my PS4 back, just waiting on getting my PS3 fixed.

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Originally Posted by mcnichoj View Post
Isn't Debut in Our Ranking technically a online trophy as it requires you to be online to submit your score to the leaderboards?
Yup, you seem to be right. I'll update it now, thanks xD
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I don't quite get what is this release movement (L1 + X)? I was having problems with this boss but just found a video guide apparently you can dive on those platforms to light them up instead of using this release skill, got to try when I get home.

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Thanks for the guide but shouldn't you update with the English names for the trophies?
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Just wonder, now that the game has finally seen the light of day on the US PS Store, this trophy guide +roadmap will also work with the american version of Malicious ?
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