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Major League Baseball 2K9
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Default Major League Baseball 2K9 - Road Map

Please Note: The servers for this game are now shut down. If you are starting fresh, then the platinum trophy will not be attainable.


-Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 48 (41 5 1 1)
-Online: 2 (1 1)
-Approximate amount of time to Platinum: No longer possible.
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: None
-Number of missable trophies: None
-Glitched trophies: None
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect trophies?: No

Step 1: Stats Trophies
There are 8 trophies that can be unlocked through multiple playthroughs. These are all the stats you need to have to unlock the 8 trophies: 100 homeruns, 100 strike outs, and steal 50 bases.

A homerun is when you hit the ball passed the outfield into the stands. A strike out is when your pitcher throw pitches against the other teams batter. Then he swings and when he misses the ball 3 times, he is out. A stolen base is when you have a base runner on first or second. Then when the pitcher throws the ball they run to the next base, then that's a stolen base.

Step 2: Single Game Trophies
There are 18 trophies that can be unlocked in single games. Some of the trophies are hit 4 home runs, strike out 15 batters, score 15 runs, and steal 6 bases in one game. Play as the Yankees and they already have a really good team so it shouldn't be to hard.

Then we have Man Crush, which involves hitting a home run with Tim Lincecum. This will also get the trophy for driving in a run with a pitcher. Then we have the throw a no hitter which is not that hard. You can save after every perfect inning. Getting a no hitter will also unlock a few other trophy's with it. We then have the steal home trophy which can be easy if just edit the stats and then the catcher will almost never catch the ball.

Hitting for a cycle can be hard but if you use someone like A-Rod on the Yankees. If you don't hit a homerun try for a triple then a double then a single. To hit a walk off homerun is when its the bottom of the 9th, zero outs and the game is tied. That's when you hit a homerun. Next there is hit 3 batters in row. When you are pitching aim right at the batter and then hit him. Do that for 3 straight batters.

Step 3: Player Card Trophies
There are 9 trophies from getting player cards. Unlock all 320 player cards is not hard but it takes time. Use this guide to help unlock all the player cards. Then for the other player card trophy for creating a card team. The game starts you off with enough unlocked cards to complete a team. Go to Cards > Create A Team to select your cards.

Step 4: Online Trophies
There are 2 online mode trophies. The first online trophy is for completing a game online. Use this thread to find a boosting partner. Then the other trophy is a viral trophy. To find someone that has the trophy and can help you. Use this thread.

Step 5: Franchise Mode Trophies
There are 6 franchise mode trophies. Your going to have to actually play 20 games yourself. Make the game 3 innings long. Use a team like the Yankees then max out everyone stats. Then after 20 games are played yourself, save your season so you don't have to re play 20 games. Then simulate to the World Series. Win the World Series and most likely you will have all 6 of the trophy's. If you don't restart your save and start again.

Step 6: Create/Home Run Derby Trophies
There are 2 create trophies. The first create trophy is to create a player. To create a play go under Management, select Create Player. Just save the player and this trophy will unlock. Then you need to create a 2k beats playlist. Go to 2K Beats and edit the playlist. Either switch one song or make sure it only plays the songs you want to hear.

There are 2 Home Run Derby trophy's. The first trophy is to win the Classic Home Run Derby, which isn't too difficult. The next one is harder you have to get to the top of the best of the best ladder. To make these 2 trophy's easier create a player with maxed out stats.

Last edited by Terminator; February 22nd, 2012 at 11:27 AM. Reason: Added a note about Platinum avaliability.
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