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Default How to pass Mirkwood glitch free + Tips for Cult of the Lidless Eye Quest

Hey all. I have posted a bunch expressing my problems with WITN as well as on their personal website. I havnt learned a whole lot in working fixes but through my own personal experience. I I thought i should share what helped me incase someone else comes along in trouble;


I got stuck here 3 times, once on each play through. The piggy backing thing works here. And I can confirm you can do it with people on a lower difficulty.

However I believe the major cause of this bug is is you dont save the Elf from the orc camp in the 3erd section of Mirkwood.

Also I think playing mirkwood solo not in a public match has helped.

Cult for the Lidless Eye

first off, if you want this quest you need to focus on it from the beginning of a playthrough. You cant go back to get them if you missed them because they often wont be there in the second play of the level.
Follow this
Cult Of The Lidless Eye Guide -

Finally I believe the best way to avoid glitches all together would be to not turn of fyour playstation during a quest. PLaying it all the way through will make sure you dont lose any quest info in the log

I hope this is helpfull to at least one person. Cause This platinum was a pain in the neck!
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I'm hoping you can help shed some light on Cult of the Lidless Eye. I'm on my Legendary playthrough, and I really don't want to mess this up. Keep in mind I'm playing on 360.

I've followed the guide and it's glitched for me twice. On my Normal playthrough, I got 6/7 scrolls, and the scroll I was missing was the final one. It just didn't show up when I killed the guy. On my Heroic playthrough, the two scrolls in the Ettenmoors didn't show up. I played the levels again and got the first one (in the river), but the second one never showed up. I thought that maybe I had already gotten it because I didn't actually remember getting scroll #4, but if you replay Mount Gundabad, you can't actually get inside the mountain, so that scroll can't be picked up if you missed it.

Is there anything you can suggest, or should I just keep replaying the missions if they don't show up? I don't want to do another Normal playthrough.
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