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Default Chest Locations Quick Guide

Another supplement has been chosen as the preferred supplement for this game.
This thread has been closed and is not maintained and as a result may contain outdated or incorrect information. Please follow the link below for the preferred supplement.

PSN: gpgpgp22

UPDATE - The King of Adventure trophy (Discover all of the treasure chests) may need to be completed on a single playthrough. Just confirmed that with AlexWolfe4. His trophy popped after opening the last chest on the mountain, even though he opened that chest on a previous playthrough.

Chapter # Chests

1-1 # 0 His Greatest Creation
1-2 # 3 Viktor's Challenge
1) after learning + attack, automatically jump gap to brick wall; 2) right wall after killing 3 enemies; 3) after automatically climbing up white wall

The Highland Crags
2-1 # 0 The Adventure Begins
2-2 # 2 Old Crag Mine
1) behind insect on left side; 2) after using relics to open door, turn around and go to other locked door
2-3 # 1 An Unexpected Encounter
1) after meeting and walking with Viktor, they will stand in light (don't slide down the ice to the dart traps below)
2-4 # 2 Over the Lake
1) after fighting insects go through hole, it's next to archers; 2) not long after boulder rolling down hill

The Goblin Fortress
3-1 # 2 Another Way In
1) open gate with lever, pass 3 spinning traps, and the secret room is in area with boomerang enemies and archer; 2) in rocks to the right of bomber, club, & boomerang enemies standing before red gate
3-2 # 2 Abominable Knack
1) left of 1st red gate; 2) after collapsing ice bridge
3-3 # 2 Inside the Fortress
1) after crossing third bridge; 2) after second set of barrel bomb traps
3-4 # 3 Overwhelming Force
1) after 1st tank battle, drop down and turn around; 2) in tank battle arena; 3) after boulders then go up cliff next to 2 tanks
3-5 # 0 The Chieftain's Mech

Viktor's Palace
4-1 # 2 The Escape
1) folllow right hallway after 2 guys behind bars (use lever); 2) outside, end of pathway to 3 doors (MISSABLE - slowly go to lever on balcony to activate it. if you go too far left, a cut scene will start)
4-2 # 2 Some Disassembly Required
1&2) both rooms near back of gardens on either side of palace entrance. the left secret room has a security bot in front of it that you need to kill (MISSABLE - get before killing 19th security bot)
4-3 # 2 Stealth Knack
1) up stairs and through ventilation grate; 2) behind locked green door next to spinning floor laser and 4 enemies. go left at the top of the stairs and you'll see red crates with a skinny path in front of them. use Stealth knack to slip by the crates and activate the lever that unlocks the green door below.
4-4 # 2 The Pursuit
1) thru door after 1st conveyor belt; 2) left of moving crate elevator up some stairs thru door

Trogdo Mine
5-1 # 0 The Doctor's Plan
5-2 # 0 Into the Depths
5-3 # 2 The Legendary Land
1) right-side of floor lasers (HIDDEN); 2) to left of 2 floating rings with 6 triangle relics on floor (HIDDEN - need to open door to shrink in size to fit thru crack)
5-4 # 3 Sleeping Giants
1) in rock wall near 2 bats and a crystal bolt enemy. get it before stepping into the relics in front of the building stairs; 2) top down view of little knack on left of screen (HIDDEN); 3) in area with 2 relic snakes on the right (HIDDEN)

Castle of Clan Viktor
6-1 # 1 Rescue Mission
1) in rock face behind moving ramp located on top of mound
6-2 # 3 Steam Road
1) turn around from 2nd fireplace (after cut scene); 2) cross bridge and melt X'd door; 3) to left of lady bot & fireplace before platforms
6-3 # 3 Rooftops and Ramparts
first 3 areas have secret rooms on the right
6-4 # 2 On a Rampage
1) after fighting enemies in front of gate, enter castle and secret room is not far from the entrance near bottom of stairs; 2) drop down and turn around at airstrip near end of level

Monte Verde
7-1 # 2 The Best Defense
1) in area with many crates and boomerang enemies. destroy stacked crates next to cliff; 2) after being chased by huge circular saw enemy for the first time, drop down to area with more enemies. kill them and enter red door
7-2 # 1 Goblin Invasion
1) after exiting long tunnel
7-3 # 0 Taking the Bait
7-4 # 0 Knack Strikes Back

Goblin Country
8-1 # 0 Back to Basics
8-2 # 0 The Secret Base
8-3 # 1 Heavy Machinery
1) go to the top of platforms and to the right
8-4 # 1 The Goblin Caves
1) behind goblin with shield

Goblin Factory
9-1 # 2 Scaling the Wall
1) smooth white bldg wall as you round the corner; 2) cross bridge with red relic container and enter door
9-2 # 4 The Weapons Factory
1) wall behind 2 axemen; 2) left of 3rd steel pile; 3) left of 3rd machine (MISSABLE - don't fill machine up before getting chest or cut scene will start); 4) turn around after passing thru 4th machine
9-3 # 3 An Unwelcome Surprise
1) green door just past 1st floor bubbles; 2) door by orange floor and narrow pathway; 3) take left path once outside (MISSABLE - even with detector)

The Barren Wastes
10-1 # 2 Desert Ruins
1) jump gap; 2) against far wall after entering caves
10-2 # 1 Message From the Past
1) inside the cave past red gate to the left of bombers

Obelisk Mountain
11-1 # 2 Fire and Ice
1) left once outside of caves; 2) behind bombers at 2nd electrified gate
11-2 # 2 The Labyrinth
1) left of huge circular door; 2) right wall of first green maze
11-3 # 1 Ancient Key
1) after getting trapped in temple, there's a relic box and crystal next to pathway and door
11-4 # 0 Chasing the Key
11-5 # 0 Katrina's Mech

Viktor's Airship
12-1 # 1 Inside the Airship
1) outside ship past the fans there is a door on left with enemies next to it
12-2 # 2 No More Sneaking Around
1) ride tram go left after getting off (MISSABLE - even with detector); 2) take small path to left of two enemies in front of blue door (MISSABLE- even with detector)
12-3 # 2 Within Reach
1) white wall at bottom of stairs near level start; 2) run up stairs with huge orange pipe in background. kill all enemies and go to door on right BEFORE squeezing thru crates. if you get too close to crates you'll enter a cut scene (MISSABLE - cut scene begins before you can get to chest)

The Shattered Lands
13-1 # 1 No Man's Land
1) after second cut scene in rock cliff to the left (get before jumping down to next area - you can see relic stash in background)
13-2 # 0 Bigger and Better
13-3 # 1 The Cliff Path
1) in mountain side as you're climbing path (look for green grass patch in rocks)
13-4 # 0 The Final Guardian
13-5 # 0 The Giant Orb

# 68 Total Chests

Last edited by Darth_Krid; July 10th, 2014 at 11:08 PM. Reason: Added link to stuck supplement.
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Old November 18th, 2013, 11:22 AM   #2
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Thanks Mr.Gp i appreciate it, and Gratz on that Shiny new plat.
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Old November 18th, 2013, 06:51 PM   #3
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So I beat the game on Hard yesterday

If I start on Easy now and go for more treasures, does it count toward my total that I got on my hard playthrough?
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Old November 18th, 2013, 08:44 PM   #4
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No, you have to accumulate crystals using the same Knack and the same difficulty. If you start a new game instead of continue, you start your collections from scratch.

PSN: gpgpgp22
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Old November 18th, 2013, 11:15 PM   #5
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Thanks for this list. I had started making one of my own since I have the secret room gadget, but this saves me a 3rd playthrough. I backed up my save after my first hard playthrough, so I'll just go back with that and playthrough a second time on hard, get all the chests, and hopefully all the upgrades. I'll have to count how many gems I still need versus number of chests and use your farming method as well maybe.
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Old November 19th, 2013, 12:34 PM   #6
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I dont get it. I have the treasure finder. And I've beat the game twice, I'm on my 3rd now. I could swear Ive never missed a single chest and I run EVERYWHERE. yet I still have not got my trophy.
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Old November 19th, 2013, 01:04 PM   #7
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Small correction about the first chest in Chapter 5-4.

There are 4 sets of bats: 2 Bats, 2, 3, and 2. The chest is behind the 4th set, which is 2 bats, not 3.
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Old November 19th, 2013, 01:51 PM   #8
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Thanks Strifey, you're correct. I rewrote the entry to try to make it a little clearer.
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Old November 20th, 2013, 03:38 AM   #9
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Awesome post! Thanks gp
"We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment... and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly."

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Old November 20th, 2013, 08:53 PM   #10
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I think I missed a chest in chapter 1 but figured I could ch select to get it after I beat the game. Is this not the case? You can't miss one in a playthrough? That really sucks if true and I dont see the point.
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