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Old 03-18-2012, 05:33 PM   #11
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The story really didn't interest me at all, especially after such high-quality storytelling in fantasy RPGs such as Skyrim and Dragon Age: Origins.

I skipped most of the dialogue options (the voice acting was unbelievably atrocious) and really didn't engage at all. When, at the end of the Warsworn faction quest, I was given the option to slaughter all of my Warsworn comrades at the behest of whatever that mad demon was called, I did so without a single feeling of guilt or remorse, because no time or effort had been put into making me care about the characters.

Also, the faction-leader-turned-bad-guy criticism is a valid one, it happens in the both House of Sorrows and Travellers questlines, you battle a possessed version of the faction leader in the Scholia Arcana questline, and you have the option to kill all the faction leaders in the Warsworn questline. The House of Ballads also requires you to kill the Queen and certain other members of the court, but not the King himself.

As mentioned above, you'd think that a much lauded and much published fantasy author would be able to write a fairly decent fantasy story. Evidently not.
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Old 03-22-2012, 10:20 AM   #12
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I tried my hardest to pay attention to the story, but I am not a story person in general, and this one was nonexistent. Skipped it all, no regrets.

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Originally Posted by Goobenheimen View Post
As mentioned above, you'd think that a much lauded and much published fantasy author would be able to write a fairly decent fantasy story. Evidently not.
But he didn't write the story for this game. He had written the complete setting and lore of the world and overarching story for the MMORPG. BHG [I think] were brought on-board and they wrote the story to fit within the world Salvatore had created, fit 2000 years prior to events of MMORPG that Salvatore had written.

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It was dull. So dull that I can hardly remember the key plot elements, and I finished the game yesterday.

And the final boss battle. That was possibly the most pathetic final boss I've ever seen. Basically, dodge crystals, kill ghosts, R1+L1, attack a couple times, rinse-repeat. Such a disappointment.

And why is it even rated 18+? Must be the Banshaen Priestess...
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Old 04-09-2012, 01:45 AM   #15
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I just beat the main story line today just short of 105 hours of game play. I really wanted to enjoy the story, I just feel that it wasn't implemented as well as it could have been. The combat was always a blast, but the Fate Shift mechanic turned out to just be a win button, especially after you learn to make the Fate potion. My biggest complaint was the insane amount of side quests that were for the most part useless.

Overall I hope 38 Studios comes out with a sequel and blows it out of the water because I think the world of Amalur has a lot of potential.
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The story is bland at best. Even tho I loved Elder Scrolls I HATE when they have it where YOUR character is a Mute. Its ridiculous. It makes your character even easier to forget. I loved my lil sexy heroine that I created but the fact she doesnt talk or anything is nonsense. At least it would have added to the story a bit.

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Completed my first playthrough last night as a warrior.

I didn't think the story was too bad, I've experienced much worse in other games and even RPG's. I actually enjoyed it more and more as it went along. I was pretty awestruck by Tirnoch - pretty impresive graphical feat I thought.

I really liked Alyn Shir (apart from obvious reasons). I just hoped that she wasn't involved with Gadflow because I would have been crushed if I had to harm her

The story just felt very rushed in the last 10 minutes, that is all I could fault. BHG/38 Studios should take a leaf out of Bioware's book (Mass Effect) and have the character speak. All you got was a raise of the left eyebrow once in a while.

It is a very good game though.
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Why.....Why would they allow you to bring as many Fate Potions as you wanted to the final boss fight?

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Old 08-14-2012, 04:00 AM   #19
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I found the story mediocre. I tried to follow it for awhile but it never drew me in. I still enjoyed playing the game, I just skipped a lot of the dialogue toward the end.
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Old 12-18-2012, 11:20 PM   #20
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I didn't really like the sotry in this game either and would just spam boxuntil they were done talking then ran drop dot to dot (fast traveling if possible). Factions quests were probably better than the story in my opinion but i still did like the gameplay
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