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Default My tip for Turn of Tide

After fooling around on both sides for about 3 times trying to figure this part of the game out,I finally got it. I probably could have gotten 100% but it was 6:00 in the morning so I saved. Maybe I'll go back to it later.

This is how it works.

1.Obviously, take the side who has the most credits. ( back up your saves when you complete both sides of the single player stories! So you could load them up again if you accidently save. This happened to me a few times. In my case I had 104,000 and something in Navi credits: you should too when you are completely finished with the story.)
2. Then immediately bulid the troops to 5000 on the first move. ( now you should have around 15500 troops. Don't concentrate on the flying or dragon like units too much. Just take maybe two or 3 of each.You should still have about 86,000 credits or so left.
3. Now conquer the largest RDA units you could find next to you first. ( They are spread out thin to begin with. There may be 3,500 or 2,500 RDA troops per territory. You will win, that territory, so don't worry.)
4. Then add a Navi factory and build 5000 more troops and again 2 or 3 of those flying things and dragons.
5. Rinse and repete. ( note. you will also capture troops along your way)
6.By the time you are about 30% you should have around 28 to 31000 troops.( that felt awesome!) My point here is you want to get all of the RDA's large armies first before they can recoup. We had a saying for this when I was in the military. It's called Shock and Awe!
7. Then go into their lowest or unoccupied territories, and mop up and your done 15 to 20 minutes later!
trophy will pop at 50%
Veni, Vidi, Vici

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