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Default Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)

Trophy Boosting Thread

What your post should at least include (but not limited to):

  1. Your PSN ID
  2. Online trophies you're wanting to boost
  3. Your time zone

To make everyone's life easier during boosting, please ensure you're familiar with the methods used to boost this game before you start.

If the boosting method requires a group to be organized and set up, please keep all discussions and planning in the boosting thread. Please do not create another thread.


Boosting Method:

If you feel that there's a much better and more preferred boosting method for certain online trophies not found in this thread or in the Trophy Guide, please post it in the Feedback Forums. Please do not post here, as it will be missed.

Originally Posted by disinformation View Post

Homefront boosting strategies/tips

First off, this game is a pain to boost and requires co-operation from all involved otherwise it falls apart very quickly and it soon will become apparent that you will get the trophies quicker playing legitimately, even if you are sub-par at Shooters (like me).

These steps will assume that you have a Chat room open and all players are invited to keep communication.

First step will be to head to the BOOSTING THREAD and either add your name to a list of 16 people or start one of your own. Wether you go for Full Boat early or not will not matter, if you get the opportunity, jump at it.

Once you've got yourself on a list, keep checking it out to find out about times (make sure you compensate for your timezone) and get yourself onto that game for "Full Boat". You will find that some people won't turn up but you might get lucky and have some people on your list with friends who are kind enough to join for a few minutes to help out.

Now for good Methods for boosting the trophies:

Full Boat

Once your list (read above) is full and the game get's started, your trophy should pop... Not really "boosting" as such, more a case of trying to have everyone organized to be on at the same time. I'd recommend that if the opportunity comes up, you jump at it as soon as possible.

3 Star Threat
5 Star Threat

These don't really require boosting as the easiest method is to use the Parrot drone, fly as high as you can and mark everyone you see and keep moving. Once you hit 45 marks, you'll have got both of them, I got these done in my second Battle Commander match. The only issue you will have is when people get annoyed and start shooting at your drone.

This is boostable if you have trouble, if it becomes a battle commander match (usually the second match when playing "skirmish" mode), just use a drone or get the required amount of kills when it's your turn (see expert of war for what I mean by "your turn"). With kills, this will require a streak of 15 kills which is achievable when boosting is going the right way.

Squad Commander

Ideally, you will want to try and get this one done with "Medal of Honour". you will need at least 4 people, either that, or if your "Full Boat" group starts boosting, split off into groups. It would be ideal to have 8 + people (See medal of honour for why). The person requiring both trophies needs to host the game, invite everyone (or have the others join on them) and then start the game. Soon after starting the game, this trophy will pop - again, not really "boosting" more about having the people there at the right time.

Medal of Honour

Same principle as Squad commander, but the same person needs to be on the winning team to get this one. The reason I suggest 8 + people is that way it will end up being at least a 4v4 match where everyones in on it and you can ensure the correct team wins the match.

This can be achieved without boosting and with only 1 other person in your "squad", but you will both need to keep playing legitimate matches until you win one.

Weapon Expert

See Expert of War and apply that method to any Primary Weapon - unsure if it would work for a secondary, but combined with boosting and legitimate playing, it's unlikely you'll get 200 kills with your pistol before a main gun.

Drone Expert

See Expert of War and apply that method to a Drone, although it's probably quicker to play legitimate matches and spam the hell out of the Parrot marking drone given there will be more players and it's a really cheap purchase anyway.

Vehicle Expert

See Expert of War and apply that method to a Vehicle, although this will be very time consuming in a boosting match to get the required points for your selected vehicle and will likely only come about during the closing minutes of a match.

I would probably reccomend you just use vehicles in legit matches as it's a bit unfair to go nuts in a vehicle when boosting unless you've organized it earlier and all involved are cool with it.

Expert of War

There's a LOT of info to take in here, but it's all very much required. It's ideal to have all players involved to have familiarised themselves with these instructions or it will all fall apart pretty quick.

200 kills with all weapons, drones and vehicles (yes, rocket launchers, air strikes and grenades count towards this one), 100 wins in each mode and all killstreaks...

If your "full boat" group keeps going afterwards, this will be quite easy in theory, but rarely does everyone play fair. I've organized and hosted a couple of these myself and had some good games and some ones where people just don't play fair or they "forget, lol".

So, you will have your group of 16 people, all in a squad together, the leader (host) chooses to start a skirmish match (max 16 players so no randoms will join in and a good mix of all game types).

Once in the game, here's what to do:

-All players run to a central point on the map, once you are killed, go there again.

-Run with your pistol out as this is the fastest running you can do.

-You can fire a couple of shots in the air as you approach to make yourself visible to the other team on their mini map.

-Team U.S.A. (you will see what team you are on by looking at the "flag" above the loadout window when you are spwaning - or you can press select for the score screen and it will have the same thing there) starts.

-First team (U.S.A.) gets 10 kills each (in a deathmatch) or 15 kills each (in ground control - no one is to get a control point until the last minute of the game - team KPA to get it) with their prefered weapon which will allow each player to complete the killstreak for which ever weapon they are using.

- Once all players on team U.S.A. have 10 (or 15) kills each, host sends a message in the chat room to "SWAP".

-KPA team then get's 10 (or 15) kills each.

At this point there's a few things you can do

in deathmatch:

- mop up. If someone missed a streak, use the opportunity to allow that person to get 10 kills with their gun.

- Compete. All go at it as though it's legit match just for a few extra kills and have some fun.

- Airstikes. Try save these for end of matches. Have all on opposing team bunch up, drop your air strike and enjoy. Try and be fair with this and organize it before the match via chat room. If done right and organized, a few people can get 8 kills with an airstrike.

in ground control:

- Alternate teams to keep getting more kills in incremements of 2 or 5 if you're all comfortable with that.

- Compete. Same as before, play legitimately

- Airstikes. Same as above.

More often than not, once every one hit's 10 kills each, all hell breaks loose and everyone goes nuts, but it's usually fun and breaks the monotony of the boosting.

This can be done with less players (I've heard of people doing 1v1 matches on ground control), but you run the risk of random players joining and screwing things up for everyone. If you can get to them quick with a headset or a message, sometimes they'll join in or leave the match, but 85 % of the time, they'll ignore you and end up getting 30+ kills... if this happens, keep going, but try and focus on killing the random players to stop them getting a massive kill count.

Once the match ends, leave, all re-group and start again. Dont leave the game earlier as your killstreaks wont carry through until the end of the match and I have reason to believe that any kills obtained are wiped when you leave a match as well.

Over The Hill

Not really needed to boost, If you are going for Expert of War, you will get this about a 3rd of the way through...

Hope this all helps

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Boosting in 1v1 Situations:

Originally Posted by windsorblue01 View Post
just to let people know the best way to boost is with only 2 people u both end up getting 25 kills each per round on ground control and you only need 2 people to start a ground control map the more you have people boosting the less things you can do if you want to stay in a big group then you should pair off leave the the control points alone and stick with your partner

this is the best way to get your camo kills done aswell as other stuff as long as you dont mess other peoples boosting you should be fine as i said stick with the person your boosting with and leave the other boosters alone then if your fast enough you and your partner will get 25 kills each it has been tried and tested by me and precky66 and it works

also with battlefield 3 out now you should find the maps less crowded

ps__ if you see me on a map tell me your boosting so i dont run around and start killing you and mucking up your session


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The game was released on Friday 11 of this month in Europe...I just playing it now!

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its official release is the 18th in europe so you will have to wait until then for the boosting thread
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Count mr in guys. If theres a solid way to boost in totally in. so of these trophies look hard. Ill be on all day. Add me. Like I said lets knock these online trophies out. XD

Adf me. PSN : Kingsofpain99
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im in add me
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Add me too
ID : nikoss38
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The trophies doesn't look they need to be boosted =\

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don't know how you boost it, but i'm game to try. 5-start threat is a 15 kill streak, 20 kills in a vehicle. that's reason to boost right there. plus, full boat looks to require a boost, a big one. you also appear to need a 10 kill streak with each weapon as part of the challenges.

these trophies are not easy by any stretch. the big question is, can they be boosted?
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Originally Posted by duck360 View Post
The trophies doesn't look they need to be boosted =\
Party trophies are easy but need friends...full boat first!

5 star and challenge are hard only for kills streak (maybe boostable)
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